Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage With Mirror

Do you want to organize all your bling without taking too much space and make it visible simultaneously? If yes, then wall mounted jewelry storage with mirrors is the perfect option for you. Not only can they be hung up onto a wall, but they also provide a mirror so that you can better visualize how certain accessories would look on you.

Moreover, depending on the purchase, there might even be additional features such as wall mounted shelving or even pieces such as a lovely chalkboard. Wall mounted jewelry storage with mirrors are a great and inexpensive solution for jewelry organization and accessorizing yourself with ease.

Detailed Features Of Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage With Mirrors One of the main elements of wall mounted jewelry storage with mirrors is their mirrored aspect. On some models it’s displayed on the inside as a single mirror, while others will have two doors that open up to display each side of yourself undistorted thanks to very large well made mirrors.

Additionally, some of these units may also come with several shelves or dividers for further organization within its interior part.

They often don’t take much space; sometimes measuring roughly 40×28 inches making them ideal to hang in virtually any room without compromising on functionality or occupancy. Also, many products will feature attractive frames cutting out snazzy shapes found either in wood or metal materials adding an extra aesthetical flavor into your decoration scheme.

Benefits Of Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage With Mirrors If this wasn’t enough already, many modern versions include special additions that will definitely draw in customers who need more functionality when storing their precious jewelry items such as lockets or earrings stuck on tiny hooks without falling off.

Therefore, these fixtures could provide slots to hang necklaces from holders engineered onto their designs eliminating annoying knots formed by long chains that once assembled never seem to unravel nevertheless no matter how hard one tries.

After all this is said and done we absolutely cannot forget the added benefit of having a unique interior piece that will add sparkle into any given home setting making it look good while keeping track of items easily within eyesight although still allowing access to limited areas only by specific individuals possessing keys.

Cost and Budget Considerations

When it comes to purchasing a wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror, cost and budget can be a major factor. It is important to set an achievable goal and plan accordingly so as not to overextend yourself financially.

When shopping around for the best deal on jewelry organizers, consider these options:

  • Online Shopping – Search for items online from a range of reliable stores. This will help you get the most competitive prices while you compare different products.
  • Second-hand Stores – Check out second-hand stores for pre-owned items. These jewelry organizers may have minor damages but if your skillful enough in setting up one, these might work just fine.
  • DIY Projects – Many DIY projects offer tutorials on how to build wall mounted jewelry storage with mirrors fairly easily and cheaply too. Gather tools such as screws, nails, hinges and other materials needed to complete the project.

In terms of quality, another key factor when buying this type of product should be durability. Pay attention to what material has been used when manufacturing it – is it made from strong sustainable materials? Is it easy to clean and maintain? These factors can rapidly increase its longevity when used correctly.

The width and dimension of the unit should also be taken into account depending on what type of metal ornaments are being stored. Choose a size that allows heavy pieces such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets to be hanged without occupying too much space. Adding separate compartments for trinkets is also useful in separating different types and sizes of jewelry pieces.

Finally, think about potential security safety features such as locks which may suit your needs if you’ll need extra assurance that your jewelries ones are kept secure inside the cabinet away from intruders or kids at home. Installing hidden locks is one way to achieve this without compromising design aestheticism of the piece itself. However not all wall mounted jewelry cabinets come with built in security safety features so make sure you check beforehand before making your purchase decision.

Size and Design Possibilities

Wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror offers many unique design possibilities. Depending on the individual’s preference and needs, there are a few things to consider when choosing a wall-mounted jewelry storage product.

Firstly, the size of the unit has to be taken into consideration; larger units will likely offer more storage options for heavy items like necklaces and watches, while smaller wall-mounted products may not be able to hold as much apparatus. Additionally, available space should also be inspected before making the purchase, as it is important to ensure that the piece fits in with any current décor or design scheme.

Different Storage Functions

Various types of wall-mounted jewelry storage with mirror provide different functions. Some are simply mirrors while others consist of drawers and compartments for easy organization. In addition, some models come equipped with trays or racks for necklace storage and pegboard systems suitable for hanging bracelets or accessories. Moreover, many are equipped with lockable doors providing peace of mind by protecting valuables against theft and dust accumulation.

Versatile Finishes

There is an abundance of finishes to choose from when it comes to wall-mounted jewelry storage with mirror products; from cherry wood frames to stained pine and even mirrored surfaces. Depending on personal tastes, single-drawer units may suit bedrooms best while office spaces might benefit from double-door models finished in metal or stainless steel.

Popular frame colors include gold, silver, black and antique white; all these coordinate well against neutral colored walls resulting in a stylish interior setup for any room in the home or workplace setting.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage

Wall mounted jewelry storage with a mirror is a great way to store jewelry and keep it organized. Being able to hang your jewelry on the wall allows for maximum space optimization in your bedroom or bathroom, freeing up more floor space.

Wall mounted jewelry storage also gives you the added bonus of integrated mirrors, so you can get a full view of yourself while wearing and selecting items from your collection. Many wall mounted jewelry storage units come with an anti-tarnish coating, meaning that all your necklaces, bracelets and earrings will stay looking brand new for years to come.

Having a wall mounted jewelry storage unit is especially useful when needing to quickly access accessories before leaving the house. The neatly organized compartments make selecting matching earrings or necklaces fast and easy – perfect if you’re running late. It also eliminates the frustration of rummaging through piles of costume jewellery only to find out you lost an earring back or damaged a bracelet link when trying to take it out from the tangled mess.

With the pieces individually hung in their own compartment, these instances will be avoided altogether. Not only is this storage solution aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly practical in ensuring that all they precious baubles remain safe and untangled.

The addition of wall mounted jewelry storage not only tidies up an area but provides an artistic touch as well. This type of storage comes in many different designs such as antique brass frames topped with cracked mirrors, shabby chic frames with air-dried roses and classic fairytale inspired illustrations – just to name a few. These elegant traditional or whimsical displays provide a decorative feature which would bring any empty wall to life.

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No matter what kind of home decor theme you have set for yourself, there will be multiple unique options available suited just for you. Wall mounted jewelry storages are sure to add that extra touch of glamour in any room.

Functionality and Storage Options

The wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror is a functional way to store a variety of personal items. This type of jewelry storage allows users to easily access items which may have otherwise been tucked away in drawers, boxes or on dressers.

The array of hooks, rods, holders and compartments gives users the perfect way to organize their personal possessions in an organized manner. It makes for easy access when quickly changing outfits, adding jewelry and accessories or grabbing essentials for a night out.

In addition to functionality, a wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror also offers up plenty of storage options and customization opportunities. For example, you can choose from several types of frames – wood, metal or plastic – that match your existing décor scheme.

Furthermore, there are shelving units available that give you even more organization options other than just hanging items on hooks or rods. These shelving units give you the ability to display pieces such as necklaces on trays below the mirror and add little touches like picture frames and decorative accents above the mirror as well.

Design Options

Furthermore, there is no shortage of design options for wall-mounted jewelry storage with mirrors. You can choose from a variety of different styles including classic, rustic, modern and contemporary depending on the overall look you want to achieve in your space.

Plus there are several sizes ranging from small single door designs perfect for those tight spaces all way up to larger double door models that offer plenty of room for everything you need to store indoors or outdoors with ease.

Finally, another great thing about these wall-mounted jewelry storage solutions is how versatile they truly are; not just offering up good looks but real functionality too by keeping most pieces off the floor making them easier to access and manage even when limited on space inside your home or apartment living area.

Organizational Capabilities

A wall-mounted jewelry storage with mirror offers many organizational capabilities. These can help keep your jewelry organized in a systematic manner. Some of the features that wall-mounted mirrors offer are:

  • Separate compartments for different kinds of jewelry: Your wall mounted mirror can come with several separate compartments for different types of jewelry like necklaces, rings, earrings and brooches etc. This helps to keep them organized and easily accessible.
  • Hooks for hanging necklaces or other jewelry pieces: Many wall mounted mirrors come with hooks built right into the surface of the mirror that make it easier to hang necklaces or larger pieces without taking up too much space.
  • Bells and whistles: Most wall-mounted jewelry storage mirrors come with bells, whistles, timers and other features that can help you set reminders so you never forget to accessorize yourself.


Wall-mounted jewelry storage mirrors are made from high-quality materials such as wood, metal and glass. All these materials lend durability to the product which makes it extremely long lasting. The glasses used for creating such a mirror are shatterproof which simply adds another layer of protection. Furthermore, when properly sealed or laminated the mirror is also waterproof which allows for an extended lifespan even in humid environments.


Wall-mountedjewelry storage offers great accessibility when compared to other products such as cabinets or drawers. Since this is placed on the walls it lies at a focal point in any room which makes it easier to access items within it without having to rearrange furniture or search through multiple drawers or cabinets that may be located elsewhere in the room.

On top of that you’re also presented with a full view that allows you to quickly scan all your items before deciding on what complements your outfit best on any given day.

Complementary Products

1. Jewelry Boxes: These can be the perfect storage solution for those who don’t quite have the space for a wall mounted jewelry cabinet or armoire. Jewelry boxes come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any jewelry lovers storage needs. They are easy to store away and some even came with compartments built in so that their contents can stay sorted.

2. Jewelry Armoires: These are ideal for large collections or those who need significant storage space for their jewelry collection. Jewelry armoires typically come with multiple drawers and plenty of room to hang necklaces and earrings. Additionally, they often feature specialized features such as ring holders and pouches to transport jewelry pieces on the go.

3. Standing Mirrors: An elegant standing mirror is a timeless addition to any jewelry lover’s home decor that provides both function and style. Standing mirrors provide an opportunity for wearers to check out what their full ensemble looks like before heading out the door each day, as well as serves as an eye catching centerpiece in any room regardless of design aesthetic.

4. Organizational Trays & Cases: This type of product provides organization for smaller collections, especially when paired with its own dedicated surface space such as a vanity table or dresser top display tray Standalone trays allow jewelry items to be easily visible without taking up valuable countertop real estate – perfect for sinkside placement. Additionally, there are many cases available which can house all sorts of necklaces, rings, and bracelets safely while also offering easy access when needed.

Wall Mounting Tips and DIY Ideas

Wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror is the perfect solution for organizing and displaying precious pieces. With its space saving design, functionality and elegant look, it’s easy to understand why this type of storage has become so popular. Whether you prefer to hang armoires, floating shelves or customizable displays, there is a wall mounted jewelry option for everyone. Here are some tips and DIY ideas for getting the most out of your wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror:

  • Look for pieces that provide customizable storage options such as tall armoires, sliding racks or drawers to best suit the number of items you need to store.
  • Consider mounting several pieces together for a larger display and plenty of room for all your favorite accessories.
  • Choose a wall mount with dual-purpose functions like a secret door or a lockable box which have both security and aesthetic features.

Creating Storage Solutions at Home

For an affordable yet stylish way to store your items, build the unit yourself. Jewelry storage systems are highly customizable and easy to DIY. Here’s what you need: wood boards, screws, hinges, metal rods, knobs and paint/stencils.

Once you have everything put together in an organized fashion, choose the color palette that works best for you and start painting. To give it some extra style add decorative elements like fabric panels or fabric baskets at the base of each shelf. This will give your piece personality and make it stand out even more.

Organize With Smaller Features

If you don’t have enough room in your bathroom or entryway for a large wall-mounted display, consider adding small organizers instead. You can use trinket dishes made from ceramic material as modern key holders near an entranceway door, or opt for cube-style organizers perfect for holding rings on either sides of a vanity sink.

For added convenience chain hooks can be attached on top of larger organizers making them ideal as towel hangers near bathroom mirrors when not storing jewelry pieces. Lastly don’t forget about pottery vases which can also be transformed into statement-making jewelry sacntuaries by simply planting faux flowers on the inside.

Works With Your Decor Tips

Wall mounted jewelry storage with a mirror is an excellent way to store your favorite pieces and create an attractive display in any room. This type of storage allows for keeping items out of the way yet still easily accessible.

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The design also offers additional functionality through the mirror, allowing you to see how pieces look when worn or try on different combinations as needed. When considering incorporating wall mounted jewelry storage pieces into your decor, there are several tips that should be kept in mind.

Incorporating Color

One way to give a wall mounted jewelry storage piece personality and tie it into the existing decor is by adding color. Whether a bright bold hue or a soft neutral shade, painting the frame or selecting decorative wallpaper can make the project all your own.

Additionally, if you choose a piece with a mirrored door, take advantage of this feature by mounting artwork behind it. Not only will this prevent dust from settling on the pieces inside but it’s also visually stimulating every time you open it.

Soft Lighting

Lighting is another important factor when choosing these tactical fixtures for space saving options and displaying items. With items like necklaces that often times can be challenging to find amidst piles of jewelry, having LED lighting or even modern chandeliers above the jewelry piece can help you quickly find everything you need without straining your eyes in darker spaces.

For an eye catching effect try pairing unique pendant lights with dimmer switches so you can adjust based on whether you’re trying on different necklaces or simply glancing at what’s inside the box each morning before leaving for work.

Details that Matter

When selecting wall mounted jewelry storage pieces make sure to pay close attention to detail and fine craftsmanship of each product that’s part of the collection chosen for purchase. Paying attention to detail such as ornate handles, intricate carvings featuring traditional Chinese symbology will not only add life and style to your living area but are complementary to any upscale interior design plan already in place.

Lastly, don’t forget about functional details like drawers that slide open without effort and extra pockets within each compartment specifically designed for different types of jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets etcetera.

Personalization and Customization Ideas

Our jewelry collections are often filled with pieces that evoke emotional connections – whether they’re gifts, tokens of love or reminders of a special place. So when it comes to organizing and displaying jewelry, we want a storage system that is equal parts practical and personal. Wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror provides just such an option. This type of jewelry storage allows you to have personalized and customized pieces throughout your home that will accommodate all of your needs.

Variety in Finishes

Wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror come with a variety of different finishes that makes it easy to match any room décor. Whether you’re searching for something simple and streamlined or full of intricate detailing, you can find exactly what you need so that it reflects your unique style. From contemporary and modern finish options such as glass-fronted wall mounted cases to more traditional wood-finished styles, there’s something available to fit every taste and space.

Adjustable Shelving

The adjustable shelving on many wall mounted jewelry organizers makes them even more versatile. Depth can be adjusted so that thick necklaces or long earrings will fit easily as well as shallow compartments for lighter items like chains and bracelets. Having the freedom to design up to two different depths helps create a tailored appearance that fits your space perfectly while providing plenty of organization solutions at once.

These adjustable shelves also allow for easy access, making it simple to switch out pieces as needed from season-to-season or whenever the mood strikes for something sparkly new. For people with larger collections, having the ability to use both lower level floor racks and upper wall hangers simultaneously present a great way to save space without compromising style in the process either.

Examples of Other Customers Wall Setups

  • Susan – Susan bought a jewelry storage cabinet with bottom drawer for her earrings and necklace holders on either side of the mirror. For the top of the cabinet, she added hooks for her rings and other accessories as well as tiny drawers in order to store small items like bobby pins, elastics and other tiny trinkets.
  • Elizabeth – Elizabeth purchased an ornate wall-mounted storage unit with tall cabinets made of wood. She attached a wooden hanger that can hold many necklaces at once and left plenty of space between slotted shelves in which she stored bracelets, watches and rings.
  • John – John wanted something custom-built to match his home’s aesthetic. He designed a unit where he could mount both regular jewelry boxes as well as slides for his more expensive pieces. The biggest piece was a mirror shaped like an oval which featured designs on the edge that matched his home decor perfectly.

The appeal of wall mounted jewelry storage is its ability to transform any dull wall space into being extra useful while still looking decorative. It can fit even in small bedrooms or bathrooms and offers flexible and adjustable solutions to suit individual organization needs.

Choose from full length mirrors, modern designs or traditional frames all designed with features such as sliding drawers, shelves or convenient phone charging ports. Natural wood is also widely available from most brands if you’re looking for more texture.

Depending on your budget, there are different materials available; there are some great faux leather options if you’re conscious about animal welfare or even better impact synthetics made from recycled plastic bottles. You can also get pieces in tempered glass or even heavier metals too if you want longevity.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

A wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror is an ideal and practical solution for those who are looking to store their jewelry and keep it organized. This type of storage is perfect if you want to hang your necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and other pieces neatly in one spot. In addition, it also looks stylish and can look great either in your bedroom or bathroom.

The fact that such a piece comes with a built-in mirror makes it even more convenient for users since they can quickly try on their pieces before going out or even use it as a part of their daily beauty routine. Furthermore, this type of jewelry storage is very affordable when compared to regular jewel boxes due to its easy installation and the fact that they usually have fewer moving parts.

One key feature that should not be overlooked when investigating wall mounted jewelry storage with mirrors is its size. We suggest focusing on the dimension so you can ensure that the product would fit well in whichever space you want to install it according to your needs.

Additionally, most modern options come with adjustable hooks which means that you can position each piece separately as this will allow you to make sure each necklace or bracelet fits perfectly and securely. It might also be beneficial if you opt for models which have soft velvet background or some kind of cushioning material as this will protect delicate items from damage during daily use.

Finally, as a conclusion let us emphasize the fact that wall mounted jewelry storage with mirror offers significant functionality bang for your buck when it comes to jewelry organization and at-home convenience. Nevertheless, we recommend taking into account features such as dimensions, hook size adjustment options and protective background before making your purchase in order ensure that you get exactly what works best for you and your collection.

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