Ikea Floor Mirror With Jewelry Storage

Ikea floor mirror with jewelry storage is a great piece of furniture for those looking for a stylish and organized way to store their jewelry. It is designed with an integrated storage section inside the frame, providing premium protection and integrating functionality with practicality. The Ikea mirror has several advantages over other similar items such as armoires and dressers when it comes to organizing jewelry.

First, the frame of the Ikea floor mirror provides full-length coverage which allows viewers to check how outfits look from head-to-toe; this helps them to plan outfits ahead of time or use the mirror as a dressing aid while wearing.

On top of that, the storage slots in the back of the mirror provide plenty of room for chains, necklaces and bracelets; three height levels; three hook placeholders at different angles; and multiple shelves suitable for earrings, rings, cufflinks, and other small pieces of jewelry.

All these features make this piece of furniture incredibly useful in terms of both keeping jewelry out of sight yet within convenient reach.

In comparison to armoires or dressers, Ikea floor mirrors with jewelry storage are much less bulky and take up little floor space. For those living in smaller households who don’t have much room to spare, this is an attractive quality that often goes overlooked when shopping around for jewelry organization solutions.

As compared to armoires that may include even more compartments but typically take more time and effort in assembly (especially if buying pre-built products), assembling an Ikea floor mirror is usually straightforward following the included instruction manual with required hardware pieces depending on the series purchased.

Overall, Ikea Floor Mirrors With Jewelry Storage offer a modern twist on classic jewelry storage furniture while taking up less space than traditional armoires or dressers. Style meets practicality in these easy-to-assemble products that are perfect for not only protecting delicate items but also providing a healthy dose of convenience – making them ideal solution for those living in tight spaces or want quick access to their most beloved possessions.


  • Jewelry boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be found in department stores such as Walmart and Target. Jewelry boxes have drawers, trays, ring holders, dividers, earring racks and more to keep your jewelry organized. They are a great way to store your jewelry as well as a great decorative addition to any vanity or dresser.
  • Jewelry organizers are pieces of furniture specifically designed for organizing jewelry. Many have slots and straps for hanging necklaces, organizational compartments for small items such as rings and earrings, hooks for bracelets, and a pull-out drawer with removable trays. Jewelry organizers make it easy to find the perfect piece for any occasion.
  • Cubbies are another alternative to the Ikea floor mirror with jewelry storage. Cubbies are open-back stackable units that can be used for storing just about anything-including jewelry. These versatile units have separate compartments and customizable options that make them ideal for both storage and display.


Ikea’s popular Floor Mirror with Jewelry Storage is an excellent choice for stocking up on the necessary items to store jewelry and other personal belongings securely. We all know that jewelry can have sentimental value, making it paramount to protect these precious items with a quality storage piece. The Ikea floor mirror offers a stylish solution with several pricing options.

Tarnish Free Jewelry Storage

Standard Pricing

  • The base-model Floor Mirror with Jewelry Storage retails for $129.
  • It is also available in two larger, more decorative models each priced at $179.

Discounts and Deals

  • From time to time Ikea offers discounts on select items or 10% off if customers spend over certain amounts. Customers should check the company website for current offers.
  • Additionally, customers who sign up for the Ikea Family loyalty program will receive discounted store prices as well as exclusive deals and promotions.
  • Existing customer members may also receive additional discounts directly from their local store upon proof of purchase of previous products.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for an Ikea floor mirror with jewelry storage is essential in preserving the beauty of both the mirror and jewelry drawer. The following tips will help protect your investment while keeping it looking like new.

  • Dust regularly: Use a clean, soft, dry cloth to dust the mirror and frame on a weekly basis. For heavier dust build-up on the jewelry storage drawers, use an air-duster.
  • Wipe gently: Because of the delicate nature of a mirror, use a slightly damp cloth or one treated with glass cleaner to gently wipe any dirt or smudges from the surface.
  • Keep it clean: Avoiding contact with oily fingerprints or abrasive materials is key to preserving your investment. Keep cleaning supplies such as glass cleaners away from both the mirror and jewelry drawer.
  • Organize: Use trays, dividers and other organizers to keep your jewelry in place inside the drawers. Taking precautions such as these will help you maintain efficient organization within the drawers and avoid unnecessary scratches to either surfaces.

When moving your Ikea floor mirror with jewelry storage, be sure to handle it with extreme care so that you don’t damage either piece in transit. Cleaning up spills immediately is also important as many liquids can cause pitting or streaking if left on too long. And every few years, consider applying a thin coat of furniture polish for extra shine and protection against UV rays that may fade its colors over time.

Additional Uses

The IKEA floor mirror with jewelry storage is a great storage solution for those looking to free up countertop or closet space. Not only does it provide space for jewelry and other small items, but the large standing mirror also provides a great way to spruce up any room. In addition, this piece of furniture has numerous other uses that make it an even more attractive option.

Decorative Objects

The open shelves on the IKEA floor mirror offer a unique way to display decorative items. Irrespective of where the piece is placed, these shelves are an ideal surface to show off smaller pieces such as figurines, candles, framed artwork or photographs – all while being highly functional at the same time.


This piece can easily be transformed into a vanity for anyone looking for a luxurious look at home. With its standing design and sizable glass reflection panel, it helps in creating the perfect environment to get ready in.

From keeping cosmetics close at hand wrapped up on one side of the unit – to getting one’s makeup ready on the other side near the mirror – this piece has everything needed to create your own personal beauty station within any living space in one go.

Jewelry Storage Umbra

Space Saver

Despite taking up minimal wall space, this type of extra storage can offer significant advantages in terms of freeing up extra counter or closet space throughout any living area as necessary – without dramatically affecting aesthetics that often come with bigger cabinets.

DIY Projects

The IKEA floor mirror with jewelry storage is a great choice for people looking to improve the style and function of their room. Not only does it serve as a decorative piece, but also offers convenient jewelry storage right at your fingertips. One great do-it-yourself project related to this item would be to add a built-in light strip behind the mirror for added glamour and visibility.

This could easily be done by running LED strips or rope lighting along the frame of the mirror; you can even choose colors that match the rest of your décor. If you’re feeling especially creative, you could even install an extra shelving system above or below the existing jewelry storage, so that you can expand your collection without sacrificing style.

For those not comfortable with electrical wiring, there are many other ways to customize your IKEA floor mirror with jewelry storage. For example, you can use adhesive wall hooks at various intervals along the sides of the mirror in order to hang more necklaces or earrings behind the glass. Alternatively, sticking upholstery tacks against either side of each shelf serves almost like built in knobs and will stop items from slipping off onto the ground below.

You can also re-paint it in any color scheme you desire which is a great way to freshen up an old piece or make it look new again. An added bonus is there are plenty of tutorials available online that will give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to paint furniture correctly – this will ensure your customization looks professional and lasts for years to come.

Of course, there’s always something else one can do when it comes to customizing their IKEA floor mirror with jewelry storage – adding a few accents such as stickers and decals here and there gives it more personality without taking away from its essential form. Taking these small steps adds an interesting detail and texture which really emphasizes its beauty within any surrounding space.

Getting creative and mixing materials like fabric flower patches, marble contact paper or glitter frames are all potential options for fun projects that won’t take too much time but still provide results that look great.

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