High Point Queene Anne Vanity With Jewelry Storage Top

One of the most beautiful pieces of furniture designed to bring an elegant and luxurious feel to any room is a High Point Queene Anne Vanity with jewelry storage top. It exudes a classic yet opulent vibe that will add sophistication to your space. Each piece is meticulously crafted to last for many years, ensuring that it is a cherished piece in your household.

In addition to providing incredible beauty, the Vanities also provide valuable storage solutions to store items such as toiletries and jewelry. The High Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is specifically designed for both style and practicality, making it one of the most versatile and sought-after pieces available.

Key Features – What makes High Point Queene Anne Vanity unique?

The High Point Queene Anne Vanity presents an abundance of features that enhances its appearance and provides necessary functions for households. Apart from its attractive styling, this glamourous vanity comes equipped with hidden drawers and compartments that enable it to maximize its storage capacity while keeping a discreet look.

These hidden compartments provide roomy spaces for storing items such as jewelry, makeup supplies, small accessories, watches or bracelets, or anything else you may need during your daily routine. And when utilizing the holster frames at the top of the vanity along with the separate two-piece jewelry box, your trinkets can remain safe while you go out and take on the world.

Additional Benefits – What are some other added benefits?

The usefulness of High Point Queene Anne Vanity doesn’t stop there–it even offers additional benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal and function capabilities. The durable traditional handcrafted hardwood frame construction ensures years of comfort and stability so that you can use this vanity again and again without worry.

Plus, select models come available with an optional pullout desktop mirror which will further assist in providing convenience onto future users by allowing them to easily check their appearance in a flash before walking out in confidence every day. Furthermore, all finishes used are non-toxic water-based stains so environmental safety isn’t taken lightly either.


The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is a great addition to any bedroom. This vanity is made of quality wood and durable materials, making it stable and long-lasting. It comes in multiple colors which are perfect for adding an elegant touch to the room.

The main benefit of this vanity is its jewelry storage top. It includes two felt-lined drawers and three compartments covered with dust-proof lids, so you can keep all your jewelry in one place. The layout of the drawers has been carefully designed for efficient use and easy access to your collection – you won’t have to rummage through cluttered boxes anymore.

Another big advantage of this vanity is that it saves space in the bedroom. Its compact design ensures that it fits nicely even into smaller areas. Plus, due to its superior craftsmanship this product requires minimal maintenance and cleaning – just some occasional wiping here and there should be enough for keeping it looking new for years to come.

Beyond these basic features, this vanity stands out due to unique details such as beveled edges, curved legs, decorative wreaths on each side, a mirrored front panel and caster feet in the back. Bringing together all these elements makes it look especially attractive while also providing convenience with its functional storage capacity.


The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is crafted from beautiful, durable wood. Featuring expertly crafted details like an elegant curved swooping foot and traditional winding surfacing, this vanity is sure to make a statement in any bedroom or bathroom. Soft close hinges open to reveal the spacious two-door cabinet, which can be easily filled with all the essential items for your morning routine.

On top of it, a discreet pullout drawer reveals 11 jewelry compartments and additional storage space. This vanity has a classic whitewash finish that not only brightens up the piece but also helps preserve the wood and create a warm neutral look that easily fits into any home decor.

The attention to detail in this vanity is evident in its construction and materials used. The designers put special care into making every aspect of this piece durable and able to withstand everyday wear-and-tear.

Starting at the oak frame base, heavy duty silver plated hardware pulls off satin aluminum support rods which hold together each joint securely with ease of assembly and disassembly when needed. The outside of the vanity body has been decorated with intricate designs which have been handcarved with precise detail providing an eye catching focal point that sparkles as light reflects off of it.

The drawers have sturdy European birch dovetailed drawer boxes, fitted flawlessly into the sides of the cabinet body creating lasting durability that will last through years of use even when subject to everyday wear-and-tear scenario’s such as humidity changes, liquids spills , high density heat sources etc.

Each interior compartment has been painted out with a protective water based lacquer coating ensuring high levels against moisture penetration will help preserve its material functionality from everyday damage.This protects not only jewelry but other items stored there as well from decaying over long periods of time adding perfect value for years to come.


The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is a popular item that provides all the luxury of an elegantly appointed vanity while taking up minimal floor space in your bedroom. This vanity offers a stylish design with all the features you expect, such as a comfortable cushioned seat and spacious tabletop for primping and prepping.

Dimensions are also listed for various sizes, from single-level to extended heights, giving consumers plenty of options when selecting the perfect vanity for their room.

The most noticeable aspect of this vanity is its natural wood finish, giving it a timeless look that blends effortlessly into any room’s decor. Feel free to add some of your own accessories to make it truly your own.

Additionally, the Queen Anne style features ornate detailing in its construction, making it both elegant and sturdy. No matter what size room you’re working with or how much storage you need, this particular vanity will provide not only charm but ample storage options as well.

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The storage options within this stunning piece do not disappoint either. With two full-length drawers – perfect for stashing away jewelry – plus two additional side drawers that can hold brushes and other supplies neatly organized, you won’t be short on storage space when placing this furniture in any area of your home.

The clean lines and understated styling coupled with the jewelry storage top create an attractively sophisticated look that will last the test of time while adding a touch of modern class to your bedroom decor scheme. Even if you don’t plan back using our purchase as a vanity regularly, this piece is still a great addition to any dresser or bedside table – keeping precious pieces tucked away safely without compromising fashion choices for display at another time.


The High Point Queene Anne Vanity With Jewelry Storage Top is an elegant combination of form and function. It would be a perfect fit for any contemporary or modern bedroom, teenage room, or small bathroom. With its sleek lines, ample storage spaces, and jewelry storage top this vanity provides the perfect accent to any room.

Pairing furniture with the High Point Queene Anne Vanity can easily be achieved by choosing complementary colors and textures that suit your individual style. For example, if you prefer a more classic aesthetic then pairing this vanity with an ornately upholstered seat or armchair will create an opulent statement in the bedroom or den.

If you are after something a little more modern then combine this piece with a simple stool or ottoman finished in neutral tones to bring a modern touch.

In terms of colors it is best to stick to monochromatic shades when working around the High Point Queene Anne Vanity. A rich navy velvet on the vanity combined with light blues on the seating could provide a luxurious contrast while creating a subtle yet sophisticated look overall.

Other colors like black, grey, white and pastels could also be used to create different moods and vibes in the space; just make sure that all color choices work together harmoniously for maximum appeal.


The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is an elegant piece of furniture that can be a wonderful addition to any bathroom. It features exquisite wood carvings, a rich mahogany finish, and several secret compartments for hidden storage solutions. Installing the vanity unit in your home is easy with the provided instructions.

First and foremost, you will need to consider the area where you want your vanity installed before moving forward. Measure both length and depth to ensure that you have enough room for the unit as it comes fully assembled and does not require additional construction. It must fit into place without force or gaps in order for it to fit securely and look attractive when finished.

When selecting where to install the vanity, keep in mind its environment such as ventilation, location of plumbing fixtures, or electrical outlets if needed. Once the location is settled on make sure the flooring is level so that it can be properly secured; if the flooring isn’t level shims may be used to even out each corner of the vanity before secure placement.

Using screws specifically sized for drywall connect subfloors six inches away from each corner mounting point. Position brackets onto marks over studs keeping at least three-quarters to one inch away from wall edges Then attach tab into place on pre-drilled holes of bracket using appropriate screws size for support While standing behind vanity top attach plate directly onto screw below pick hole. Finally secure each side by screwing through tab holes Tighten all screws until firmly secure

This step by step guide should help make installing your High Point Queene Anne Vanity With Jewelry Storage Top straightforward and hassle-free experience; giving you a stunning sense of pride every time you enter your bathroom.

Design Inspiration

The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is an exquisite and luxurious piece of furniture, perfect as an addition to any bathroom or bedroom. The vanity offers a warm and inviting design, incorporating traditional elements like curvatures and elegant Queen Anne-style feet, while also combining a modern touch such as recessed drawer pulls and subtle mocha finish.

Designed with modern convenience in mind, the vanity features an exquisite jewelry storage top which allows users to easily keep their treasured pieces safe and organized.

The beauty of this vanity lies in its versatility; it’s perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere or for making a statement in any home decor. Adding the High Point Queene Anne Vanity to a bathroom adds both style and convenience; its size is ideal for smaller bathrooms where it fits cozily against the wall without taking up too much floor space.

The mocha finish fits well with almost any style scheme, allowing you to have an elegant piece of furniture without having to worry about clashing colors. Moreover, if you prefer other finishes like cherry or espresso, those options are also available.

Clients who desire a more classic look can also take advantage of this vanity’s versatility by pairing it with breezy curtains or billowing sheer drapes against the walls. The extra glamour will bring out the jewelry box’s unique curves, which contrast perfectly against straight lines that help create a sense of balance in the room.

Whether placed alone at one end of the room or part of an ensemble group in one area of home decor, this piece always stands out as the focal point. Furthermore, clients often complement theming around their nature-inspired artworks or add patterned towels to match pop art decor around them – providing options on how they choose to incorporate luxury into their homes.


While any bedroom vanity can be the perfect accompaniment for perfecting your morning routine, there’s no doubt that it can take a stylish turn with a High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top. This gorgeous antiqued white vanity is just begging to be part of any home decor, while also offering enough space to store all your makeup and bathroom essentials.

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In addition to three drawers and plenty of counter space, it features removable jewelry storage along the top edge. Its antique gold hardware and hand-carved accents truly set this vanity apart from others on the market.

The jewelry storage feature is one of the main advantages of this vanity, turning it into more than just somewhere to store makeup. The removable storage trays are made from durable materials, making them resistant against moisture and water damage that can occur in a bathroom setting.

With two rows of hooks on each tray, you’ll have ample room for hanging necklaces and bracelets without mix-ups-or tangles. The trays are also easy to remove if you don’t need them at certain times of day or you prefer to keep your jewelry stored elsewhere in the bedroom.

In addition to its impressive looks and enclosed storage capabilities, the High Point Queene Anne Vanity also offers various accessories that make it even more practical. If you want morelighting for makeup application or grooming routine tasks such as tweezing eyebrows, adding lights above and below gives you better visibility for these details during those moments when natural lighting isn’t available.

Mirrors provide additional insights into your reflection so that you can inspect specific elements such as hairstyles closely without moving forward and backward from different angles.

Additional drawers give extra organizational spaces for items such as nail polishes and compacts by providing designated spaces instead of cramming everything together in one drawer where it may become difficult to find what you need quickly. With all these added extras, this beautiful vanity will become an integral part of any woman’s dressing table setup.

Care & Maintenance

The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top can provide a great look to any bedroom. The rich cherry wood and intricate detail of the piece will give any room an elegant look. With this vanity, you can also store your jewelry pieces in the convenient jewelry storage box found at the top of the vanity.

Caring for a vanity like this is important in order to maintain its beauty and functionality. Below we will discuss some tips on how to properly care for your vanity.

When cleaning your High Point Queene Anne Vanity, it is important first and foremost to only use products that have been recommended by the manufacturer. Cleaning products should not contain abrasive particles or harsh chemicals as these can damage or scratch the surface of fine furniture.

Soft cloths such as micro-fiber are ideal for wiping down the surfaces in order to remove dust, dirt and other debris which could lead to scratching over time if left unattended. For tougher stains, a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner should be used followed quickly by warm water and wiped with a cloth until all soap has been removed afterwards.

In addition to proper cleaning with recommended products, regular maintenance should also be done on your High Point Queene Anne Vanity in order to keep it looking its best. Be sure to check the finish regularly for scratches, dents or other signs of wear and tear that may need attention.

If you find any scratches, lightly sand them out before applying a polish such as furniture wax that matches your existing finish color in order to bring back luster and shine.

Additionally, hardware (i.e., handles) should be periodically checked for tightness so that nothing gets loose as well as staying aware of pests such as silverfish who may have decided to make their home inside any crevices or drawers of your vanity that might not get sealed completely shut when closed correctly.

These tips will help ensure that you get long lasting satisfaction out of your High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top while still keeping it looking great within the context of whatever room it’s located in.


The High Point Queene Anne Vanity with Jewelry Storage Top is a stunning piece of furniture that any homeowner can be proud to display in their home. This unique piece features a bright, upholstered top that provides ample storage for jewelry, makeup, and other small items. The top comes in two colors, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your interior decor.

The vanity also boasts a solid-wood drawer frame along with adjustable feet for ease of use and convenience. The classic Queen Anne style allows this vanity to blend easily into any traditional design aesthetic.

The standout feature of this vanity is undoubtedly its innovative jewelry storage system. It has four separate drawers along the inner side of the vanity’s top which have specially designed compartments and trays specifically made to organize necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. This way you can find just what you’re looking for quickly without having to rifle through piles of pieces.

Finally, the vanity is sure to provide years of enjoyment due to its tough construction. The frame has been built out of made-to-last solid wood with a durable lacquer finish for added protection against scratches or water damage so you can enjoy it for years to come.

It isn’t just highly functional but looks great too – perfect for adding the finishing touch to any room in the house. All in all, the High Point Queene Anne Vanity is an ideal choice when searching for durable yet elegant furniture for your home.

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