Mirror With Jewelry Storage Groupon

Mirror With Jewelry Storage Groupon is a unique offering that can help individuals make the most out of their limited living space. This product is a great choice for anyone who needs extra storage space in their bedroom, living area, or any other room that could benefit from increased storage solutions. It features a full-length mirror with two side compartments which can be used to store jewelry and other personal items with ease.

Moreover, the product comes with an included discount on Groupon allowing customers to benefit from further savings. The Mirror With Jewelry Storage Groupon option is an innovative way for all demographics to take advantage of affordable storage solutions, without sacrificing style or quality.

The Mirror With Jewelry Storage Groupon model provides customers two different options depending on how much jewelry and accessories they would like to store. The larger model includes six multi-purpose drawers while the smaller measures up with four drawers which have been designed specifically to hold chains and earrings separately.

Each feature chic silver knobs that give the product a modern yet timeless feel; perfectly suited for those wanting convenient access to their jewelry at any given time. In addition, each of these models come with additional premium features such as being wall mountable and having built-in vanity lights which provide sufficient illumination draped across the mirror ensuring perfect visibility every time you check your appearance while getting somewhat ready at home.

The best thing about this Mirror With Jewelry Storage Groupon offer is it offers users an effective way of increasing storage capacity without having to sacrifice their much-loved décor details around their homes.

Additionally, apart from offering maximum convenience in organizing one’s items (including jewelry), the product also serves as a standalone full body floor mirror providing users with the opportunity to check out the overall look right after dressing up or putting on makeup; all in one place.

Even better, there’s no need for traditional screwing methods when mounting it onto walls as its quick fix bracket makes installation so easy; enabling people in a matter of minutes have it safely secured and functional again not forgetting some measuring tape are also included just in case if needed.

Features and Benefits

This Mirror with Jewelry Storage Groupon is a fantastic addition to any room in the house. Not only does this product come with a beautiful mirror design, but it also delivers a great storage option for jewelry and other small items. Its sleek and stylish look are designed to match any décor, from classic to modern. This stylish mirror can be wall mounted or standing as desired to best suit your individual needs and space.

The Mirror with Jewelry Storage Groupon measures 60x50cm and comes with 4 hooks on the bottom for hanging necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Additionally, there is an additional 8 slots for smaller jewelry items such as pearl necklaces or stud earrings.

The black frame of the mirror is both durable and attractive so it can stand proudly in any bedroom or bathroom. As an added benefit, each groupon includes LED lights around the edge of the mirror which provides perfect lighting while you try on different pieces of jewelry or get ready in front of the mirror every morning.

The Mirror with Jewelry Storage Groupon is truly a multifunctional piece – not only does it provide excellent storage solutions and illumination but also the reflections makes it useful for professional makeup, hairstyling, prepping and grooming tasks too. In terms of cleaning this product just requires some dusting when necessary or a simple spray cleaner to bring back its original glow as needed.

With a one-year warranty included as part of every purchase you’ll have peace of mind that your mirror will last for many years without losing any of its functionality or beauty.

Sizing and Colors

Finding adequate storage for personal items such as jewelry can often be difficult. Jewelry tends to take up a lot of space and its difficult to find the right kind of storage that looks good and still serves its purpose. Fortunately, with this convenient mirror with jewelry storage from Groupon, you can have a great looking piece of furniture that fits your style and still provide an adequate amount of space.

The mirror comes in a variety of sizes so there is something available to fit whatever area you need it for. There are both full-length mirrors and tall ones so whatever you desire most will be available. Additionally, the mirrors come in different colors to make sure that it goes perfectly with the décor of your home. Whether you want one in black, white or brown, there is an option to fit your needs perfectly.

On top of having these options for size and color availability, this great piece also offers ample storage space as well as a mirror surface. It’s an ideal solution for not just storing jewelry but also small accessories such as scarves, gloves or hats if desired. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry about overcrowding the mirror because it offers plenty of practical compartments behind it for extra items too.

You can have quick access to all the necessary items on hand without needing several pieces or organizing racks that take up more space than needed. With this mirror with jewelry storage from Groupon, stylishness and practicality come together.


The mirror with jewelry storage Groupon is a great purchase for any home. The mirror itself is a decorative and stylish piece, perfect for hanging in a living room or bedroom. Buyers can choose from two finishes, either cherry or white, that will fit almost any decor. Additionally, the mirror has plenty of storage behind it. It is made with four separate compartments perfect for storing all types of jewelry, watches and more.

In addition to providing plenty of storage space behind its beautiful frame, one of the unique features about this mirror with jewelry storage Groupon is the easy installation process. All that is required to mount the mirror securely are wood screws and wall anchors (sold separately). With just these parts and the included instructions, anyone can set up and hang their new mirror quickly and without too much effort.

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It’s not only important that your new purchase looks good in your living space but also that it functions properly as well. So when it comes time to mount your new mirror, be sure to install it securely following the instructions carefully provided by Groupon so you don’t have any regrets down the line.

Make sure to use screws of an appropriate size based on the weight of both the mirror itself and what’s inside it; this along with firm anchoring elsewhere will ensure you don’t risk anything falling off or worse yet coming loose. With proper installation and care, you’ll enjoy your beautiful new accessory many years into the future.

Care and Maintenance

Like all furniture, protecting a mirror with jewelry storage requires adequate care. The most important measure to protect the mirror is to keep it away from direct sunlight as this can damage both the frame and the surface of the mirror itself. It should also be kept away from sources of excessive heat or moisture.

If cleaning is necessary, one should avoid any harsh chemicals, instead using a soft damp cloth and mild soap or soapy water solution. To avoid scratches on the surface of the mirror and to protect its finish, one should always use a soft material such as felt when handling or moving it.

A common issue when owning furniture items with any type of built-in storage is avoiding dirt accumulation in those spaces. With mirrors that have jewelry storage compartments, this can be achieved by making sure that each item goes back into its designated slot after use and by taking advantage of lining its interior with protective fabric or velvet bags if necessary. This will help reduce dirt buildup and maintain a neat look for longer periods between cleanings.

It is also recommended to coat Jewelry Storage Mirror surfaces occasionally with some sort of clear waxing product in order to give them protection from day-to-day dust and grime, as well as preserving their luster over time when combined with regular wiping for dust removal purposes.

As for the wooden components associated with large mirrors, providing protective layers of wood sealant every few years will help maintain their durability against possible damages to the wood finish due to wear and tear over time.

Taking these measures into account will not only extend your mirrors life span but will also ensure maximum shine year-round while providing you with peace of mind that your jewelry pieces are kept securely within a high-quality product.

Creative Uses

When it comes to creative uses for the mirror with jewelry storage offered by Groupon, there are limitless opportunities. Having an attractive full-length mirror that doubles as a functional piece of organization is always a great addition to any décor. This type of unique and stylish mirror can be used in bedrooms, hallways, entryways, or even bathrooms. Here are some ideas on how to put this mirror to use:

In the bedroom, the mirror with jewelry storage can serve as a stand-in for full-length mirrors that are often placed in closets – thus freeing up more closet space for clothing. Whereas most large mirrors tend to just have an empty frame, this type of design offers both form and function at once; there is no need to simultaneously hang two items when you can get double the storage capacity within one product.

Additionally, many of these designs use a full surface backing so you can safely store and organize jewelry while creating easy access – making it perfect not just for vanity’s but everyday morning and nighttime processions.

In a hallway or entryway, the mirror with jewelry storage could act as an eye-catching focal point – adding much needed charm to what is usually considered dead space.

Not only could it offer people checking out your home a sneak peak into your own style, but this versatile piece allows them (and you) to conveniently store items while they come and go like scarves, keys , hats etc without taking away from the décor too much which keeps clutter at bay.

Finally,for those lucky enough to have larger bathrooms ,the mirror with jewelry storage would make an ideal addition if properly framed into something unique such as a cabinet or hanging wall-shelf situation. Allowing additional visibility and light control ,it would offer better visibility for those needing extra lighting when getting ready; along with loads of organized space inside the cabinet area. Conveniently dual purposes like this have been proven time again to help de-stress everyday routines.

Shopping Tips

When it comes to selecting the perfect mirror with jewelry storage, there are many things to consider. First, assess your space and decide what size mirror would work best. Wall mirrors come in all sizes and shapes, so you need to make sure that what you choose properly fits in your room without overcrowding it. Consider if you will be using the mirror more as a statement piece eligible for conversation among your guests or more of a practical use.

Additionally, when shopping for mirrors with built-in jewelry storage, think about the type of storage that is right for you. For example, if you have small items like earrings and rings, then go for a product that has individual earring holders or ring rolls; however, if long necklaces or watches are more your style then make sure that the selected product can accommodate such items as well.

The weight capacity is also important to take into account because some pieces may not hold heavier items – like bracelets – due to its construction materials’ limitations.

Moreover, modernize your look by selecting a wall mirror design with LED lights. They provide excellent lighting for applying makeup and finding accessories easier in the dark compared to traditional designs without lights. Mirrors with LED lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience features and unique designs that give off an aesthetic look in any room they’re placed in – making them great additions in any home décor project.

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Groupon Membership

The Groupon membership is a great way to save money on the many items available in the marketplace. Not only able to access discounted prices on thousands of products ranging from clothing, pet supplies and apparel, you can also take advantage of special features offered exclusively for members.

One such feature that appeals to many shoppers is the ability to store jewelry inside your mirror purchase through Groupon. With this deal, you get both; an aesthetically pleasing full-length mirror with multiple compartments in which to store your valuable jewelry items.

A real time saver when trying to find that special piece of jewelry for the next event or evening outing, users have rave reviews about this item as it is effective and very useful in helping them wax organized. You don’t have to search through drawers and boxes anymore to find what you’re looking for instead; everything is within easy reach.

This mirror with multiple storage compartments allows you optimize urban space so that your home remains clutter-free while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look.

The different compartments allow users organize their jewelry more effectively and efficiently according to size, shape or color groupings. Aside from storing items like necklaces, earrings and bracelets, individuals also can store their daily essentials in these drawers such as cosmetics and make-up items. This saves time hunting for essentials every morning before heading out for work or other events.

Moreover, this product requires minimal assembly – making set up convenient even for those not particularly handy with putting things together themselves; essentially plug and play. Lastly, this product ships within 48 hours of purchase directly from Groupon making it ready upon arrival in no time without having to wait longer than necessary.

Quality Materials

This mirror with jewelry storage is a high-quality product that has been built to last. It features an MDF frame and glass mirror, making it both reliable and durable enough to suit any purpose. This product is available in various sizes, so it can be tailored for any space.

The lightweight frame construction allows for easy movement and installation, while the thick frame can support the mirror even when stored upright. Additionally, each of the different sized mirrors is enhanced by its own jeweled embellishments, providing a touch of elegance that makes this storage solution attractive as well as useful.

The solid MDF material used to construct the frame has been treated with a protective coating that increases durability and helps protect against spills and other damages. The edges are also sealed using a heat-sealed technology that provides additional protection from damage or dust particles. Even after extended use, this products will continue to look great and provide you with years of reliable service.

In addition to being extremely durable, this product includes many features which ensure your items are safely stored. The mirrored sections feature multiple drawers with anti-tilt latches which keep them securely closed while the contents remain safe from prying eyes or any liquids spilled on top or sides of the unit.

There are also backboard holders installed behind each drawer which help prevent items like necklaces or earrings from getting tangled inside while they’re tucked away in storage. Furthermore, this item can also act as an extra place to hang necklaces thanks to its built-in hooks on each side of the main body which allow for easier access whenever needed.

Overall, this mirror with jewelry storage is a great option for anyone looking for an elegant yet functional way to store their belongings without sacrificing quality materials or design aesthetic. This product guarantees years of reliable service due to its heavy duty MDF frame, protective coating, heat sealed edges and secure drawers installed within each drawer section – all at an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

The mirror with jewelry storage offered by Groupon is a popular item. Customers have given it a four-star rating due to its modern design and versatility. Storage compartments are conveniently placed on the sides of the mirror, allowing users quick and easy access to their jewelry. Additionally, the frame is made of durable materials with a contemporary feel that looks great in any room.

Many customers love the ample storage space on offer – there are separate compartments for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as spaces for nail polishes and other small items. Not only is this highly practical but also helps keep all jewellery in one place – no more mixed up boxes or piles of stuff.

One customer was particularly impressed with how spacious the compartments were, saying that she had previously used an old box to store her items and now she can display them neatly in her bedroom without worrying about misplacing them.

Another highlight mentioned by users was the full length mirror which provided a good view so they can check how their outfit looks before stepping out of the house. The fact that it’s wall-mounted also ensures that it takes up minimal floor space – something which is ideal for small apartments or bedrooms with limited space.

The sturdy frame also guarantees it won’t wobble or get shaken when trying on different pieces of clothing, making getting dressed even easier and quicker in the mornings.

Overall, feedback from customers suggests that this product from Groupon is well worth considering if you need to organize multiple types of jewelry and require maximum visibility when getting ready for special occasions or just another day at work.