Spring & Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends

Spring & Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends are influenced by the looks seen on the runway and throughout fashion weeks of many major cities. This season is definitely all about standout and trendy pieces, from chunky and bold statement necklaces to oversized earrings that can hold a room’s attention. For those wanting a more subtle style, layering several thin chains or pairing different types of metals can be very chic and trendy.

Celebrities have been seen rocking diverse jewelry trends this year including Rihanna wearing long shoulder-dusting drop earrings alongside an embellished headpiece for the Met Gala. Another great example is Beyoncé who opted for multiple dainty gold layered chains as her go to accessory for recent performances.

Accessories that glimmer and bear bright colors give off a classy but daring look perfect for your spring & summer outfits. The key is keeping it fun yet still putting together stylish combinations of pieces to capture your unique taste in jewelry, so don’t forget to mix in colored gemstones that really set off an appearance.

Some prominent stones used this season include emeralds, topaz, peridot and amethyst each adding a sparkle to outfits with simple colors or patterns. If you’re looking for something special, try adding charms onto chic bangle bracelets in pastel colors that adds just enough whimsy without taking away from the minimalist look that people are loving right now.

Overall 2017 Spring & Summer trends have put even more emphasis on statement jewelry which has excited many fashionistas ready to take risks with their look without going overboard onto becoming tasteless. Take advantage of the season by incorporating different shapes, sizes, adornments and metals into whatever outfit you desire.

Daring braided Cuffs, Anthropomorphic pendants or dramatic spiked rings have all been seen on celebrities throughout the seasons giving us great ideas on what new items we need in our closets ASAP.

Refined LayeringStatement Jewelry with Delicate Accents

Refined layering is the perfect way to update your existing jewelry, creating a timeless look and making a statement without taking away from your outfit. Some great color combinations are all golds, rose gold and silver, or black and gold. Each with its own style that will complement any season.

  • Monochrome looks of different shades of the same color such as rose gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
  • A mix of golds and silvers with an eye-catching piece being the center focus to set the tone for your look.
  • Colorful enamel pieces in multi-colored tones can be mixed in with current jewelry pieces to add bold flavor.

Statement Jewelry has seen a major surge in popularity this year. Look for delicate accents that pack a punch without overshadowing the rest of your look. Designs range from evil eye motifs adorned with Swarovski encrusted crystals to freshwater pearl chokers. Effortless but meaningful designs like these take subtle cues from nature but still retain a distinctly modern feel. Great examples are:

  • Evil Eye pieces featuring Swarovski crystals perched on sterlin silver backings.
  • Freshwater Pearl choker necklaces made form sterling silver adorned with real pearls.
  • “Y” Necklaces, featuring small hammered pendants made with 14K Gold Vermeil plated brass.

These are just some of the options you have when it comes to styling for spring & summer 2017. Whether looking for something classically elegant or something that stands out among the rest, there’s no shortage of new trends to choose from no matter what type of occasion you’re dressing for. Have fun mixing & matching these styles to create unique combinations and make the most out of each piece.

Statement Earrings with a Colorful Twist

Statement earrings have been a major trend since Spring & Summer 2017 and they show no signs of slowing down. What sets this particular take on the trend apart is its emphasis on color and the different materials used for the earrings.

For those who prefer a bold look without going overboard, stone-studded earrings are perfect; they give off an elegant shine with their sparkles of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious gems set in sophisticated yet stylish gold or silver plating Macramé jewelry also offers an interesting variety to choose from when it comes to statement earrings. With intricate knots mixed with colorful threads, this style is sure to catch attention even when paired with minimalistic clothing styles.

For those looking for something simple yet up-to-date, enamel coated jewelry is your best bet. These earrings feature bright colors outlined in a layer of metal finish that gives them just the right amount of shine that can match any outfit.

  • Stone Studded Earrings
  • Macramé Jewelry
  • Enamel Coated Jewelry

PearlsA Statement Piece for Any Outfit

The Spring and Summer 2017 jewelry trends is all about making a statement. Pearl jewelry is full of timeless elegance and is luxurious in every way possible. This year, oversized pearl earrings are the chicest way to dress up any outfit. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or a bit more impactful, there are many ways to style pearls according to your individual sense of style.

Jewelry Trends 2019 Summer

Designers like Gucci and Dior have included hypnotic, large-sized pearl earrings as part of their spring collections – creating a glamorous look that will inspire the masses. Whether it’s a pair of single giant-sized pearl drops, roped strands of cream colored pearls, simple pearly accessory accents, or an entire bejeweled heart embedded with delicate pearl studs – pairing big statement pieces with feminine details will channel your inner goddess.

It’s not just the classic round shapes being featured in these collections; textures and shapes vary from baroque to crane pearls, reminding us that there really isn’t one definitive kind of style when it comes to wearing the gemstone.

Accessorizing with pearls has never been so easy. Whether worn over bare shoulders underneath summery sheers or layered together with fine gold chains or contrasting colors – raw baroque shapes tend to form especially beautiful compositions when blended together; long strands of flatly lined options bring definition and depth while thinner strings simulated an almost chrone appeal.

Classic stringed clusters can also be found enlivening rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches while other modern takes on this classic item can be seen in drop earrings featuring wildly colorful or sapphire-studded edges that add unexpected shimmer and flair without sacrificing timelessness. Whatever shape or size you prefer; incorporating pearls into your jewelry box is the easiest way to add elegance and sophistication into any spring/summer wardrobe.

Long Pendant NecklacesLayering with a Touch of Elegance

Choosing the right size and type of pendant for different outfits requires some skill and knowledge. To choose a timeless necklace that fits nicely with your outfit, keep in mind the neckline of the clothing item.

If you are wearing a V-neck shirt, for example, then opt for a longer pendant that will draw attention to your collarbone. The exact length pendant should be chosen based on the length of the V-neck; if it is shorter, then select a slightly more elongated pendant so that it gracefully falls onto the cleavage point without being overly intrusive or awkward.

For higher necklines such as a button-up shirt or turtleneck sweater, consider choosing a shorter necklace with one large pendant instead. The sleekness and elegance of simpler designs will help to round out your outfit and create an interesting focal point without competing with other statement pieces in the ensemble. For tailored or structured items like blazers or suits, look for smaller intricate designs as these can easily elevate your look while remaining subtle enough to complement other elements.

Layering jewelry is quickly becoming an essential trend this spring and summer season – Paired with a long single pendant necklace, layering multiple items can be done both simply yet stylishly. Chose multiple short chains in different sizes and styles – such as simple rope chain, cubic zirconia set curb chain, soldered disks chain and more – layer them up according to your preference.

This will help you create snazzy looks during any occasion. Matching sets of earrings and bangles can also give off an effortlessly stylish vibe if you’re looking to make a statement without too much effort.

Oversized RingsTaking Center Stage

The biggest jewelry trend of Spring & Summer 2017 is the oversized rings that are taking center stage. More and more people are opting for bigger, bolder, and eye-catching designs when it comes to this style of jewelry. Oversized rings can come in a multitude of styles, colors, and shapes to suit any desired look and have become increasingly popular over the years as a fashion statement piece.

One example of an oversized ring that is on-trend for the season is the design featuring large gemstones with an array of intricate silver prong details around them. This style can include stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or a combination of two or three stones together in a large setting.

Another example includes oversized rings made from brightly colored semi-precious stones such as opal, turquoise, malachite or lapis lazuli which give off a bold flare when paired with neutral colors like black or stone gray.

The beauty of having an array of oversized rings with different color combinations means you can choose one to match every outfit. If you’re feeling daring you could pair multiple large gemstone pieces together to create your own unique stack from your collection.

For those who want to make more subtle statements, smaller but still noticeable rings will work just fine; with softer gemstones like topaz, quartz and labradorite being very popular choices that tip away at summery vibes without going overboard. All in all this is set to be a trendsetting season full that sprouts plenty of creativity when it comes to pairing these ever-popular big bold pieces together.

Stackable BraceletsLook For Bolder Colors and Patterns

Stacking bracelets has become a major trend for the Spring and Summer of 2017 and is sure to take your look up a notch. Stacking different styles of bracelets allows for an effortless curated arm-party look that can easily transition from day to night. Create texture by varying bracelet material; metal, beads, stones and leather are all excellent complementary options.

Men'S Jewelry Trends 2

In terms of color, play around with bold vibrant hues as seen on runways this season. Jewel tones like olive green, royal blue and reddish-orange make for an eye-catching addition when paired with the more traditional neutrals like tan or cream. For patterns, classic herringbone styles or woven patterns make an excellent addition to any stacked arrangement.

To create the perfect stackable bracelet ensemble consider the following:

  • Choose a primary piece that acts as the centerpiece such as a statement cuff.
  • Layer with assorted bracelets of varying material colors and textures.
  • Be creative/ daring – Opt for unique accents like charms or geometric shapes.

These pieces do not necessarily need to match but should still create harmony when layered together. Choose several bearings at once – thin ribbons, bangles, gems engraved bracelets or crosses – and vary textures in order to assure visual balance by seamlessly interweaving curves and details. If desired add in chain linked anklets with either small diameter charms for a more relaxed feel or chunky charms for extra flare.

Short Beaded NecklacesThe Final Touch to Any Outfit

This summer is all about making a statement with the right accessory: short beaded necklaces are the perfect match. The statement-making trend is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

A lightweight and eye-catching piece can turn a work outfit into something special. A simple strand of gemstone beads in muted colors like blues, greens, or whites makes an understated but noticeable look without being too extravagant. Paired with monochrome office attire, this look will never fail to be noticed.

For a bolder look, such as for dinner or cocktails after work, why not try more vibrant pop of colors? Layer multiple beaded necklaces together for an unmistakably eye-catching style that won’t go unnoticed.

Another way to rock this summer jewelry trend is by pairing it with a casual weekend outfit. A colorful set of tasseled beads makes a great addition to an effortless weekend look.

Match it with sundresses for a romantic bohemian vibe, or throw on an easy tee and jeans and pair it with chunky stone beads for a more edgy look. By adding your favorite short beaded necklace you’ll easily add a touch of sophistication and take your simple outfit to another level.

So don’t let those hot summer days get you down – beat the heat and show some personality with the classic trend through beautiful short beaded necklaces. Whether you choose vibrant gemstones or something more subtle and muted, spring & summer 2017 jewelry trends have something for everyone.

ConclusionCreating a Timeless Look for You

This Spring & Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends report has highlighted some of the jewelry ensembles that are making the fashion scene this year. Whether you opt for classic timeless designs or bolder statement pieces, it is important to find pieces that complement your existing wardrobe and fit your individual style.

When selecting pieces of jewelry to add to your wardrobe, consider several factors. Firstly, ask yourself what type of finish and colors will best match with your clothing.

Do you prefer a sparkling silver or a warmer golden metal? Think about how a certain piece might change over time depending on its care and usage; if you want something that will last for years to come choose metals such as platinum and gold which are stronger and won’t oxidize quickly.

It’s also useful to look at the quality of materials used in a piece before purchasing – gold-plated items tend to be more affordable but they may not last as long as solid gold or silver pieces. Stones should also be selected with care: make sure they have been cut accurately and feature good clarity rating.

Researching the origin of stones can also reveal insights into different cultures and beliefs; many people feel an emotional connection with certain gemstones or crystals which can extract deeper meaning from a piece of jewelry. Lastly, decide whether you would prefer made-to-order items or mass produced alternatives – this could affect cost dramatically but often when ordering bespoke pieces customers receive better quality items due to the attention taken by designers over each individual item.

Overall, individual taste is paramount when compiling jewellery outfits for any season’s wardrobe so make sure to sum up the conditions needed for beautiful jewellery selection based on today’s trends.

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