90’S Jewelry Trends Come Back

90s jewelry trends have resurfaced and are making a statement on the streets of fashion like never before. From chunky necklaces to dangly earrings, fashionistas are taking 90s style jewelry to a whole new level.

The trends have been inspired by the likes of big stars from that era such as Madonna, JLo and X-tina who were driving forces behind those small but impactful pieces of adornment. Nowadays, 1990s jewelry has been given the spotlight yet again and it’s expected this trend will make waves in the coming months.

What is interesting about these styles is how diverse they are despite individual preferences being so varied. 90s jewelry has been brought back with bold colors and vibrant designs that will fit with any ensemble; be it in the form of a single hoop earring for an edgy look or a brightly colored sequin choker for more classic attire.

The styles can be tailored accordingly through statement pieces such as massive gemstone rings, crystal bracelet cuffs or even charm anklets for a bohemian flare – adding an extra sparkle to modern-day fashion staples regardless of what genre people prefer to rock.

Platform sneakers might have gone out of style since then but now thanks to designers such as Dean by Danielle Quartz, Raquel Diniz & Bohten Eyewear there’s always one last resort which should keep us celebrating our 90s loved ones all year round – which is no other than 90’s jewelry trends themselves.

Whether it’s coral beads you don’t want to pass up or thick gold chains you must own now, every accessory serves as a reminder of why we miss our beloved decade so much and why its modish aesthetic continues to stay alive till today’s time.

How Bold Hair Accessories Are Making a Comeback

The ’90s were an iconic era when it came to fashion. From wide legged jeans and slip dresses all the way to our favorite jewelry trends. Now, those trends are making their way back, though they’ve been given a modern update. One of the most popular jewelry trends is bold hair accessories, from pins and clips to combs and barrettes.

Modernised Pieces

These modernised accessories have been updated with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs that make them stand apart from other items in your wardrobe. While some pieces look like they’re straight from the ’90s, others have been updated with a bit of edge for a more contemporary style. These pieces not only add a bit of whimsy to any look but also bring attention to your hairstyle-which can be a great confidence booster.

How To Style

When styling hair accessories, you don’t need to overthink it. A simple way to make a statement is by wearing one of these pieces on its own – either singly or doubles depending upon the size of your hair – in the middle or at the side of your head with half-up or updo hairstyles.

For those who prefer more subdued looks, simply give your regular everyday style an upgrade by securing small accessories that could range from pins and clips to bandanas and scarves (depending on how edgy you want to go). You could even pair multiple pieces in always fun combinations for an even bigger impact.


Keep in mind that these pieces come in all shapes, sizes and colors – as well as materials and embellishments – so there’s something out there for anyone looking for a bit more oomph in their hairstyle this season. From sparkling clips to pearled slides, don’t be afraid to express yourself through bolder hairpieces.

By keeping the overall look minimal while layering clothes or hair styles with daring sets of clips creates an interesting juxtaposition between chic sophistication and edgy trendiness at once.

Serving Unexpected Style With a Side of ’90s Nostalgia

The ’90s are back in a big way, this time as a new wave of nostalgia inspired trends across everything from fashion to home decor, and now jewelry. Life in the ’90s was all about minimalist shapes and pieces that were trendier than ever before. Jewelry designers are bringing back these trends with their own unique twist and modern take to create a balanced yet eye-catching look.

One of the jewelry trends that has made its way back into the spotlight is chunky statement pieces. From necklaces to earrings to rings, these bold designs make any outfit stand out with style. Large and bold silver, gold or copper pieces are all making waves this season as they offer an effortlessly chic look.

Along with statement pieces, layered rings have also made their return. Not only are they perfect for stacking and adding texture and sparkle, but multiple smaller rings convey a delicate charm that accentuates most outfits beautifully.

Another popular trend from the ’90s is hoop earrings. Although many classic styles still remain such as the gold hoops with diamond accents, there have also been some contemporary updates as well resulting in an array of hoop styles available now including:

  • Layered hoops
  • Colored metals
  • Oversized metallic hoops
  • Hoop threader earrings

Hoops have become very versatile for anyone looking for subtle yet memorable pieces. Cuff bracelets are also having a revival in 2020 due to their adaptability; they work great by themselves when looking for just a hint of edge or layer them up when going full ’90s vibes.

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Last but not least, anklets. Whether it’s shells chains or delicate gems – ankle accessories can go hand in hand even when you choose something dainty instead of statement-making; A tiny detail can complete any look giving it that personal touch.

Necklace Layering

Necklace layering was a major jewelry trend of the 90s and has recently made an epic comeback. Layering necklaces of varying lengths creates a unique look that complements any outfit.

The good news is that longer necklaces are trending right now, so filling your jewelry box with long layered pieces is essential for achieving a modern look, without having to spend entirely too much money on fashion jewelry. By adding a few signature pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll be sure to make heads turn no matter where you go.

Here’s a list of items you’ll need for necklace layering:

  • Numerous layers of various metallic chains
  • Gold or silver necklaces
  • A variety of stones
  • Various colors and shapes
  • Layers featuring several pendants

Mixing and matching different styles is key when creating the perfect layered necklace look. The sky is the limit when it comes to colors and variations; from long strands of colorful beads interspersed with charms or multi-strand gold versions detailed with colorful gemstones, your options are countless.

Experiment by playing around with length, pairing various types of metals together and experimenting with large statement pieces versus delicate choker necklaces. You can easily personalize your look further by opting for vintage-inspired imitation pearls or bohemian inspired feathers strung around a dainty chain – countless ideas for personalizing according to your taste.

Retro Earrings Are Trending Again

2020 has seen a resurgence in 90’s fashion – chokers, hip-hop graphic tees and combat boots to name a few. Naturally, jewelry trends have followed suit, with many looking back to the 90’s for inspiration. One of these is retro earrings. A variety of retro earring shapes and sizes are making their way back onto the runways and into people’s wardrobes.

Butterfly Designs

Out with the chandeliers; butterfly designs have been regaining popularity from the late 80’s through to 2020. This trend was made especially popular by Phoebe Waller-Bridge when she wore custom-made butterfly shaped pearl earrings on her Emmy acceptance speech in 2019. These designs are pleasingly playful as they flutter around the ears, and easily transition from day to night looks without straying too far from classic styles.

Statement Hoops

Who can forget statement hoops? An iconic part of 90’s culture, they come designed in numerous materials, textures and colours – think gold or silver metal hoops with intricate patterns such as gemstones or diamonds accompannonied by brightly coloured stones all culminating in show stopping pieces. Be it a day at work or an evening gathering, you can always count on statement hoops to add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Pearl Accents

Pearls too were extremely popular during this era and retain that same charm today – if anything they look even better than before. Most commonly found as small frills or accents on dainty earrings – think small pearl balls dangling off gold chains creating an ethereal elegance – these timeless pieces will guarantee to get you a host of compliments along with turning heads.

Vintage Glasses Meets Modern Jewelry

It’s a great time to be alive because modern jewelry is mixing with vintage 90s style. This fashion trend has been popping up all over the internet, whether it’s through social media or vintage stores. It seems like every trendy millennial out there loves this look, but why?

It turns out there are lots of reasons for this new trend. The first reason is that vintage glasses and jewelry make even the simplest outfit look stylish and fashionable. In addition to looking more stylish, wearing these items also adds a touch of personality and flair to any outfit.

For example, those who wear glasses can find frames that perfectly fit their face while still representing their unique style or captivating attitude. Meanwhile those wearing jewelry will find that they provide an added level of creativity to creating a look that is sure to turn heads.

The other key reason why people are embracing 90s Jewelry Trends comes down to nostalgia. Many millennials grew up in the 90s, giving them fond memories of their childhoods during that decade. They enjoy bringing a piece of their past back into modern times by combining nostalgic pieces with modern trends.

Key Takeaways

  • Vintage glasses and jewelry add style and personailty to an outfit.
  • Mixing vintage pieces with modern trends creates truly unique looks.
  • This trend provides millennials with a way to incorporate nostalgic pieces from their childhoods.

The Beauty of Statement Chokers

Statement chokers were a popular trend in the 90s due to the rise of grunge and hip hop music. They quickly made a comeback in 2020 when celebs began sporting bold, modern versions of these necklaces. Here are just some of the fun ways to style statement chokers:

  • Colourful Combinations: Mixing and matching various colour beads and ribbons can create a fun, eye-catching look that will draw attention. White and black beaded multi strand chokers also work well with bold coloured outfits.
  • Statement Piece: Balance out an outfit with one strong statement piece paired with delicate jewellery pieces such as dainty necklaces or rings.
  • Subtle Metallics: For those who prefer a more subtle look, there are many golden and silver statement metallic chokers that come in all shapes and sizes.

Once referred to only as costume jewellery, statement chokers offer both fashionistas and jewellery lovers alike an opportunity to make their own unique fashion statement. The versatility of these pieces is unmatched – they can easily be dressed up or down depending on your desired look. Whether you prefer large geometric pieces or small delicate designs, there’s something for everyone.

Where Is Everyone Getting Multicolor Jewelry Trend

When styling choker necklaces you can mix and match with different types of clothing pieces such as jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and tops. For an edgy look, layer multiple pieces like layered silver collar statements for an effortless chic look. If you want to keep it streamlined but stylish then combine single metal band collars with crisp cotton shirts or off-the-shoulder tops for a sleek modern effect.

Chokers are also great for those days when you want to take your style up a notch without being too overstated – slip on a single coloured velvet ribbon around your neck paired with long gold earrings for subtle yet alluring twinkle. Alternatively try mixing petite diamond studded beaded chains with pendant hearts featuring gemstone accents – perfect set to sparkle night away.

When and Where to Shop for the Best ’90s-Inspired Jewelry

The ’90s is making a comeback in fashion, and jewelry is no different. Jewelry trends from the ’90s are back with a vengeance; chunky necklaces, dainty beads, and colorful charms all set to become the standout pieces for any outfit. The great thing about 90’s jewelry is that it can be found in a variety of locations, from online stores to thrift shops. Here are some of the best places to look for your own ’90s-inspired accessories:

Online Stores

  • Vintage Alley
  • Poshmark
  • Etsy
  • Amazon

These online stores offer a range of ’90s-inspired jewelry pieces that are both affordable and unique. You’ll be able to find chunky necklaces, tiny colorful earrings, dainty pendants and much more. Plus, many of these sites provide reviews and photos so you can get an idea of what each piece looks like before you purchase it.

Thrift Shops and Flea Markets

Thrift shops and flea markets are treasure troves of unique vintage jewelry finds from the 90’s. Many thrift stores have lots of costume jewelry from this era – there’s sure to be something for everyone. And you never know what kind of one-of-a kind gems you may find while browsing these collections – so it’s well worth checking out these sources if you want something truly special.

Boutiques & Local Shopping Malls

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money on high quality pieces – then shopping at local boutiques or malls might be just what you’re looking for. Many local stores have beautiful creations made by independent designers that perfectly capture the spirit of the ’90s but with modern touches. There’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to finding just the right piece – maybe even something custom-made.

Final Thoughts

The ’90s have made an unexpected return in the form of vintage-inspired jewelry trends. From costume necklaces and chokers to iconic ring sets, the decade’s old styles have quickly become modern hits with millennials, influencers, and Hollywood A-listers alike. The resurgence of ’90s jewelry is representative not only of its own nostalgic fashion statement but also a bold statement about self-expression.

Jewelry helps people express their personalities and beliefs with simplicity and style that pairs well with any outfit choice. It can be seen at the biggest catwalks in Paris to the humblest shelves of local boutiques.

Now more than ever, ’90s jewelry provides a refreshing look for individuals who are bored of mainstream trends. By turning to memorable designs from the past, these pieces help people add just enough personality to their daily ensembles.

Additionally, by incorporating accessories from different eras into modern outfits-what has been coined as “the retro remix”-people can create unique looks that set them apart outside of clothes choices alone. This fashionable way of mixing-and-matching offers a wide range of accessories for those looking to put together something special each day.

Accessible platforms such as Instagram are providing unprecedented levels of exposure for niche industries like vintage jewelry sellers around the world. In that sense, social media acts as both an artistic platform to spread tips on creative ways to style outfits and an accessible marketplace full of diverse options from around the world (like costume necklaces or unique rings).

These efforts are bridging stylistic divides while giving crafters access to broader audiences they previously cannot reach before tech advancements made these connections possible.

As it stands now, classic 90’s jewelry trends offer something fresh while helping bridge any stylistic gaps between decades that once seemed distant in fashion’s timeline; it’s more than just another trend; it’s also a way for people around the world to express themselves through wearing items that transcend finance and cultures alike – a truly timeless trend.

Whether shopping online or visiting an antique store for retro gems, ’90’s jewelry is sure to make life a bit sparklier while never misleading on its roots: what was born decades ago in style can live on forever with creativity.

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