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Eastern Trends Jewelry has been on the market for over two decades and it maintains a coveted place in the accessory landscape. Their jewelry pieces offer a distinctive blend of Eastern and Western trends, with intricate designs and quality materials that make their creations stand out against other brands. Eastern Trends has established itself as a leader in the niche of Asian-inspired jewelry, crafting items with unique gems and traditional motifs to create timeless masterpieces.

While their designs are all uniquely made, they commonly feature Motifs such as dragons, tigers, bamboo trees, characters from Chinese mythology, phoenixes, flowers and more. This sort of pattern is generally seen as representing strength and resilience in Chinese culture. For those looking for something a bit less elaborate, Eastern Trends also crafts accessories ranging from classic pearls to contemporary shapes like twisted hoops or drop earrings.

When compared to other brands of contemporary jewelry on the market today, Eastern Trends stands out for its core focus on authentic representation of traditional East Asian style while incorporating modern influences. Whereas many other high fashion jewelers rarely include topicless pieces featuring Eastern aesthetics in their collections, this is not only one of Eastern Trend’s specialized styles but are often used as the centerpieces of their entire lineups.

The customer response to Eastern Trends Jewelry has been overwhelmingly positive across multiple platforms; with shoppers continuously raving about the quality craftsmanship and amazing design execution by the company’s artisans. The response from fashion bloggers have also helped increase the brand’s popularity and spread awareness about its unique appeal among customers at home and abroad who appreciate handmade jewelry featuring Southeast Asian motifs.

Reviewers consistently remark positively on even small details like customer service or delivery time which goes well beyond what most people would expect from companies in this industry segment.

Product Categories

Eastern Trends Jewellery reviews a variety of jewellery products in detail. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets are some of the items included in the collection. Customers can learn all about the different types of products that Eastern Trends Jewellery offers before making an informed buying decision.

  • Rings – Explore our range of silver, gold or white gold rings with precious stones such as diamonds, pearls and sapphires.
  • Necklaces – Choose from several styles including pendants, collars and chains for formal or casual occasions.
  • Earrings – Browse a collection of small studs perfect for everyday wear or statement chandelier designs to make your evening glamours.
  • Bangels – Our selection features intricately crafted pieces with gemstones to give your wrists instant sparkle.
  • Bracelets – Opt for classic chain designs or surprise yourself with our unique beaded options available in various shapes and sizes.

Enjoy shopping at Eastern Trends Jewelry where every purchase is designed to express your distinctive sense of style. Furthermore, we offer free shipping on all orders over a certain amount so you can shop without any extra worry.

The reviews from Eastern Trends Jewelry will help customers find their ideal piece of jewellery while making sure they are totally happy with their purchase. With detailed descriptions regarding metal type, stone details, size options and more customers can get accurate information they need for an amazing shopping experience. Customers will also receive guidance on how to care for their jewellery properly so they can enjoy it for greatly extended periods of time without losing any shine or sparkle.

Moreover, customer service is unbeatable as staff are knowledgeable and helpful in assisting customers with queries related to product selection, delivery info & returns process. We strive to do our best in order to deliver a great overall buying experience each time.

An Exemplary Piece

Eastern Trends jewelry is an exemplary line of fashion pieces and accessories that are aesthetically pleasing and high-quality. Recently, my fiancée purchased a beautiful diamond necklace from their store which I would like to share with you.

The diamond necklace is encrusted with sixteen brilliant cut diamonds. They are set in a secure four-prong setting, each of the diamonds are set far enough apart to exteriorly view each sparkling facets. The security of the individual setting keeps the stones securely stalled while catching and reflecting any light that hits it, making the jewelry piece even more radiant.

The 16″ 14k white gold chain that accompanies this exquisite solitaire pendant adds to its overall beauty, enhancing its modern elegance. The length of the chain provides simplicity which allows for versatility when it comes to how it can be worn; whether dressed up or down. With only a single diamond at its centre point, full attention goes directly towards its beauty without any distractions. It’s this unvarnished beauty that makes it so special.

2014 Jewelry Trends Fall

I must say Eastern Trends Jewelry really outdid themselves in crafting this exquisite piece of art. It is obvious they take great pride in their work, and as someone who cherishes every piece of jewelry he purchases; this necklace was definitely worth every penny spent. With such attention to detail put into their craftsmanship, Eastern Trends Jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts for close family and friends alike.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Eastern Trends Jewelry has garnered many positive reviews from customers looking for stylish, high-quality jewelry options. Customers have praised the wide range of jewelry styles available at Eastern Trends, ranging from earrings, necklaces and bracelets to rings and charms.

The materials used in Eastern Trends jewelry are also highly sought-after as they feature gorgeous gold, silver and platinum metals, as well as breathtaking gemstones such as diamonds and rubies. Many customers are attracted to the modern yet timeless designs that offer something for everyone.

The Quality

Customers have always raved about the exceptional quality of Eastern Trends Jewelry. From the dazzling stones to the intricate details of each piece, customers say that Eastern Trends offers pieces that exude luxury without being overly flashy. The craftsmanship behind all of their pieces is impeccable, ensuring that they last a lifetime when regularly cared for and cleaned. Customers also appreciate the fact that many pieces can be customized with different stones, metals or sizes.

The Price

Price is often an important factor when considering any type of purchase so it’s no surprise that it’s at the top of most customer’s lists when deciding between one piece or another. Customers are pleasantly surprised by Eastern Trends competitive prices despite their items being made with precious metals and gemstones. With many individual pieces costing less than 200 dollars shoppers can easily find something beautiful whilst staying on budget.

The Customer Service

Finally customer service plays a huge role in persuading customers to buy from a particular store or brand. With years of experience providing excellent customer service, Shoppers at Eastern Trends know they can count on good customer service every time they shop there whether online or in person. Orders arrive quickly and any issues or returns are dealt with timely and politely which really stands out against some other companies who lack quality customer service skills these days.

Social Media Presence

Eastern Trends Jewelry has an impressive social media presence on both Instagram and Twitter, with over 50,000 followers on the former and 20,000 on the latter. They use their social media accounts to showcase new products and designs, as well as interacting with customers, posting fun content or providing behind-the-scenes glimpses of their design processes.


Their most active platform is Instagram, where they post almost daily and enjoy over 20K engagements per post. This level of engagement is sustained by engaging content that features both influencers wearing ETJ pieces and fan generated photos. Visuals are highly professional – cleanly photographed product shots against plain white backgrounds in celebration of their brand’s statement minimalist aesthetic.

They also have two other main streams of visuals: lifestyle photos (outfits featuring their jewelry) and user generated content (UGC). UGC is effective at showing a personal side – inviting fans to tag pictures wearing ETJ pieces increases emotional investment from users. As well as using stories to document fun staff outings or drawing in followers with giveaways that often require a regram/share strategy.


With over 400+ hashtags used across all posts despite the #easterntrendsjewelry hashtag being engaged by the least amount (only 6%). The vast majority of hashtag use were not branded which keeps their feed fresh and allows posts to reach new audiences each time one hash tagging trend gives way to another emerging one.

Their use of strategic positioning when using certain hashtags ensures they make it into top collections created by Instagram users while capitalizing on trending ones can bring in some quick engagements without slowing the inspiration behind the brand’s imagery down.

Engagement Quality

Though there may be high engagement numbers for ETJ’s posts, due to a socially savvy audience they cultivate this doesn’t always equate into significant sales leads or conversion rates; rather organic comments such as ‘love’ or ‘gorgeous’ take precedence due to little encouragement from Eastern Trends Jewelry team to actually encourage users buy jewelleries instead of just admire them like pictures.

One way they try encouraging purchases is teaming up with influencers who regularly post these products on their stories giving immediate exposure opportunities for Eastern Trends Jewelry items alongside potential clickbait links that can drive further attention deeper within the feeds.

Expert Opinion

The Eastern Trends Jewelry collection is an impressive display of quality craftsmanship and unique design. With a long history of creating both fashion and functional jewelry, they have a wide range of pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Fashion Trends Jewelry 2018

As a professional jewelry expert, I appreciate the attention to detail that goes into each piece. The materials used consist only of the finest quality gems and metals, so you can be sure that these pieces will be with you for years to come. The intricate design on each individual piece gives it an elegant yet sophisticated look, which add an extra layer of quality and class.

Not to mention, the customer support provided by Eastern Trends Jewelry is astounding. They make sure to listen carefully to each customers’ requirements in order to provide the right product for them – this level of care is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering any type of jewelry purchase.

Customer Reviews

  • I recently purchased a bracelet from Eastern Trends Jewelry as a gift for my grandmother and she absolutely loves it. It was so well received because it was unique yet classic in style.
  • I got two necklaces from Eastern Trends Jewelry for my birthday last year – I couldn’t believe the gorgeous designs and colors. They’ve been getting lots of compliments every time I wear them.
  • My fiance proposed with a ring from Eastern Trends Jewelry and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect – it’s so beautiful. It’s clear that they put their heart and soul into every single piece they create.

Current Promotions & Offers

Free Shipping

Eastern Trends currently offers free shipping for orders totaling over $100. This applies to customers within the United States and Canada, regardless of order weight. Customers outside of these countries may need to check with Eastern Trends for information about their international rates. Additionally, smaller orders may be eligible for discounted shipping rates, making it easy to save on all types of purchases made through Eastern trends.

Discounts & Coupons

Customers can find some amazing discounts on jewelry products through Eastern Trends. Several sales are regularly active and feature unique coupon codes that can provide more savings on everyday items like necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Depending on the offer, cash-back opportunities and additional discounts are occasionally available for special days like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check back frequently as new promos become available all the time.

Loyalty Program

When customers make multiple purchases through Eastern trends they have the opportunity to join a loyalty program that awards them points as they shop. Once enough points have been gained customers are able to redeem them in exchange for gold or silver pieces from the store’s exotic collections.

Customers receive 20% off their purchase when using loyalty points as payment, providing plenty of incentive to become a returning customer. They can also take advantage of an additional 10% off by subscribing to Eastern Trends newsletter for exclusive promotions and deals sent straight to their inbox.

Final Thoughts

Eastern Trends Jewelry has positioned itself as an affordable jewelry brand with an eye-catching collection of styles and designs. The plethora of styles they offer don’t only focus on the traditional styles but also make modern jewelry accessible to trendsetting fashionistas.

From mermaid-inspired pieces, pearls, studs, earring jackets and geometric shapes, Eastern Trends sources high quality in their materials as well as the overall craftsmanship of the pieces. For every budget and style preference, Eastern Trends Jewelry has something for everyone.

Their customer service is top-notch and each piece delivered when promised or earlier were packaged with care and attention to detail assuring it was protected from damage during shipping. Queries sent to their customer service team were replied quickly with detailed explanations about returns and exchanges within a couple of hours or less. All refunds and replacements are handled with processing time that doesn’t impact their customer’s satisfaction negatively.

In conclusion, Eastern Trends Jewelry is the perfect place to go for all your fabulous jewelry needs. Not only do they have a wide variety of styles at prices anyone can afford, but they feature some pretty amazing deals throughout the year for special occasions like Black Friday/Cyber Week and Valentines Day too.

For ultimate convenience when browsing or buying any item from their website, customers have free access to US processing options such as PayPal which make shopping online a stress-free experience. Recently the company announced exciting new offers through loyalty programs that reward customers’ purchases made over multiple visits even more than existing discounts so that you can become a trendsetter no matter what your budget is.

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