2018 Spring Summer Jewelry Trends

2018 spring summer jewelry trends are quickly becoming popular among fashionistas everywhere. Jewelry has been a fashion staple for centuries and is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe to accessorize with. From chunky statement pieces to layered necklaces, the possibilities when it comes to jewelry are endless. The cool part about this new season’s trends is that anyone can incorporate them into their own look regardless of age or style.

The trendy pieces this Spring/Summer season include boho-inspired beaded necklaces, layered rings, geometric shapes, and charms. By combining multiple items and layering them together, any outfit can be taken to another level. You could layer single-strand necklaces to create a longer length, or you can go for an edgier look by stacking multiple stacked rings with unique textures and gemstones like moonstones or opals.

Long earrings with bold shapes such as stars, animal print designs or ethnic motifs are also making a massive comeback this season. Anchoring your outfit with one larger piece of jewelry such as a statement necklace or bracelet allows you to express your individual style and add flair to any ordinary outfit.

A great way to stay on trend while also being conscious of your budget is by shopping vintage stores or thrift stores for one-of-a-kind items that don’t cost too much money but still make a major statement in your wardrobe. Alternatively, investing in precious metals and fresh stones is never a bad idea since they don’t go out of style even when new trends come along each season.

If purchasing genuine gold or silver pieces isn’t an option for you then opting for high quality costume jewelry should do the trick nicely instead; good brands often feature styles similar to those made from more expensive materials but still at more reasonable prices. No matter what type of jewelry you choose, having some bling will undoubtedly give your look an instant update.

Chunky Statement Necklaces

Chunky statement necklaces are set to be everywhere this Spring and Summer as one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2018. Each piece captures the eye with large, bold bracelets, juicy pendants and chunky chains. Incorporating a range of outstanding colours and metals into its design, statement pieces boast style and sophistication in abundance.

Traditionally statement necklaces evoke an image of opulent or antique art due to their large size, making them immediately stand out against everyday jewellery items seen on the High Street. The pieces are available in a variety of styles ranging from intricate detailing to chunky yet subtle designs, making them suitable for any special occasion.

For example if you wanted to make a real impact at the races or a night out, there are plenty of larger-than-life pieces that will add serious sparkle to your outfit – whilst for more modest tastes there is something for everyone.

The key to pulling off this look is coordinating it with the other elements of your outfit: if your necklace is particularly heavyweight then choose lighter textures elsewhere; opt for block colours instead of prints; or match it with an equally bold bag or shoes. The following list includes some great tips on how to wear statement necklaces while still looking stylish:

  • Focus on just one ‘statement’ piece at once – one striking necklace looks better than pairing multiple accessories.
  • If you’re wearing a plain dress or top then go for something ornate with lots of detail and dimension.
  • Be fearless when trying new combinations – daintier pieces can amp up dark shades whereas stronger tones act well with lighter accessories.
  • Keep everything else relatively simple – don’t overload yourself by matching too many outfits around one accessory
  • Be aware that silver and gold metal should only be worn together if both metallic tones have been deliberately combined in the design.

Delicate Dainty Jewelry

As the spring-summer season has arrived, it is time for us to begin thinking of trendy jewelry pieces to pair with our outfits. The hot trend this season happens to be dainty and delicate jewelry. These feminine pieces come in all shapes and sizes, from minimalist necklaces, bracelet and rings. With the likes of silver chain necklaces combined with various petite pendants like, a sm.

Semi-Precious Stones

As jewelry designers move away from the fine and icy sparkle of diamonds to embrace more organic designs, semi-precious stones have become a popular choice. With their softer colors and illuminated beauty, they add an element of natural warmth to any piece that many other materials are unable to replicate. Here are some of the ways semi-precious gemstones are being used in this season’s jewelry trends:

  • Crystals – Crystals may be lab-created or naturally mined but either way offer an interesting reflection when set in jewelry.
  • Pearls – Pearls have always been popular for their opalescent luster and organic shape.
  • Emeralds – Emeralds add an elegant sheen with hues ranging from darkest green to lighter shades of aqua.
  • Turquoise – Turquoise adds contrast to any setting with its vibrant blue hues against a black matrix.
  • Carnelian – Carnelian is a semi-precious stone known for its reddish orange color and swirling white streaks.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst consists of several shades of purple and is often used as birthstone decorating sets.
Rose Gold Jewelry Trend

A perfect combination, semi-precious stones when paired with other elements bring out dramatic beauty. Popular accents used with these attractive pieces include sterling silver, gold, brass or copper settings. Semi-precious stones also look stunning on their own giving prominence to just one captivating feature in each piece. From drop earrings studded with crystals to long multi strand necklaces draped with turquoise nuggets, jewelers can select what works best for their collection.

These fashionable yet affordable materials are versatile enough to suit any occasion making them suitable personal investments as well as commercial options for a store display. Whichever the case, semi-precious stones present unique styles that stand out clearly above the mundane offerings that become so accessible each season.

Bright Colors and Patterns

The trends for jewelry in the 2018 spring and summer seasons are wildly varied, from classic and luxurious to playful, bold colors. Bold statement pieces can make an incredible fashion statement anytime – not just when spring and summer arrive. Among some of the prevalent trends this year include:

  • Bright colors and patterns
  • – Since these season’s fashion consists of predominantly pastel tones such as baby pink, lavender, spring green, deeper shades of blue, and soft yellow – be sure to include a few pieces of bright jewelry to give your outfit a fun pop of color. Consider handcrafted items featuring bright turquoise or even neon yellow. Pendants with exciting geometric shapes are also popular at this time. Ripple effects achieved through special texturing on the metal surfaces are highly desirable choice too.

  • Finger Rings
  • – Show off this season’s boldness with daring finger rings. Completely customize your accessories by wearing a combination of an array of styles whether it be classic silver or something vibrant like multi-colored enamel over sterling silver with blue zirconia inlay stones or gold vermeil micropave Cubic Zirconia designs. Turn heads as you switch up multiple unique combos each day – nobody has to know that you’re wearing the same piece.

  • Long Necklaces
  • – Long necklaces are also life savers in this heat because they can dress a plain white t-shirt yet still be light enough to wear all day without breaking into a sweat.

    With so many new designs being released all year round there is a lot of variety to choose from no matter what your style is; but during this time period it will be worth considering shoulder grazing neckchain/pendant combos adorned with colorful gems such as rose quartz or aquamarine that will help you standout against floral backgrounds come photo time.

    Natural Fibers

    Stepping away from traditional necklace and earring styles, this season we have seen a move towards jewelry crafted from natural materials. From wood beads to jute threading; colors inspired by Nature, such as greens and browns, are popping up everywhere.

    Natural fiber jewelry carries a unique touch of personality often lacking in man-made pieces. Its timeless appeal exudes an aura of calm and tranquility, allowing its wearer to stand out in a crowd in a dissonant way. The incorporation of elements like shells also allow for a hint of etherealism to be woven into the piece without being overbearing with its presence.

    This season’s selection of creative jewelry stands out due to its layering potential, allowing you to pair different items together for an overarching effect – something that is invaluable during the spring and summer months when dressing for events with prominent themes often becomes tricky. Worn separately or together, here are some modern trends you can incorporate into your next outfit:

    • Threaded bracelets
    • Wood bead necklaces
    • Beaded headbands
    • Shell inspired earrings
    Hot New Jewelry Trends 2018

    In addition to giving you freedom of expression, these pieces do not lack durability due to their prolonged life cycles. This is due to the heavy use of renewable resources found in nature which makes them increasingly easy to keep up and take care off regardless of climate or seasonal changes. They are also easily matched with any style – contemporary or traditional – and can instantly add flair without requiring deep pockets.


    Pearls have been around for centuries, and they’re just as popular today as ever. As one of the top jewelry trends of 2018, pearls have a classic charm that transcends time. They’re seen everywhere from celebrity red carpets to old Hollywood movies. A pearl necklace is a timeless accessory that will never go out of style – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

    For Spring and Summer 2018, many designers are experimenting with unexpected touches for their pearl pieces such as intricate designs inspired by nature like flowers or leaves. This new twist on pearls makes wearing them feel fresh and exciting.

    Pearls can also be paired with other materials such as metal and jewels to create eye-catching statement necklaces with an elegant vibe. This season designers are taking the classic pearl necklace up a notch with modern flair so you can stand out from the crowd.

    Another trend this season is layering multiple pearl necklaces at once for a chic boho look. This style is perfect for anyone wanting to make an effortless yet stylish statement – while still staying true to the iconic pearl charm we all love. It’s also great for experimenting with different lengths, colors and textures while still having an overall cohesive look hassle-free.

    You can also mix in charms or pendants like initials or zodiac signs for extra visual interest. Layering your favorite pieces together creates unique combinations you wouldn’t find in store bought jewelry – making each design one-of-a-kind and stylishly bold.

    Gold Accents

    Gold accents are becoming increasingly popular this spring summer season due to their sheer luxury and elegance. They are perfect for adorning outfits, helping to complete the look without overpowering or distracting from them.

    Jewelry designers have been incorporating gold into their designs with earrings, necklaces and bracelets taking everything from simple geometric shapes to intricately designed statement pieces that make a real fashion impact. From minimalist cuffs that can be worn day in and day out to light-catching statement earrings and elaborate necklaces that instantly take an outfit up a notch, adding a touch of gold is the perfect way to accessorize your look.

    In addition, the combination of gold with other traditional metals like silver and copper has become particularly popular in recent years as blending different tones creates an intriguing result. Asymmetrical designs also continue to be on trend this season as they bring plenty of texture into the equation and add multi layered depth for a more interesting effect.

    Whether you’re aiming for chic minimalism or bold maximalism, there are plenty of choices when it comes to gold jewelry this spring summer season so it’s certainly worth considering investing in one or two golden pieces for your wardrobe.

    Finally, another key look that will be making waves this season is the use of colored gemstones set in yellow gold – such as emeralds with rubies or sapphires – which creates an unexpected contrast that makes for an excitingly creative piece of jewelry.

    Stacking jewelry is another great way to incorporate some color into your looks yet still maintain cool elegance with minimal effort so make sure you experiment by combining different colors and styles together when curating your selection of pieces.

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