Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray W Lid

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray is an elegant piece of decor that is also functional. Its luxurious leather makes for a classic, timeless look and its spacious interior ensures that your prized jewels are kept safe and secure. The lid provides extra protection from dust and dirt while keeping the tray stylish. The lid can be securely fastened to keep your jewellery secure as well as providing a cover if desired.

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray is made with high quality materials. It is crafted from genuine top grain leather of the highest grade which gives it a luxurious feel, making sure all of your jewels stay lovely in this durable heirloom-quality item. Its plush lining also helps protect delicate items such as rings or earrings while keeping them organized in individual compartments for easy access.

Style & Durability: Although this tray has utilitarian qualities, it does not suffer from form being sacrificed for function – it looks sleek and stylish, perfect for displaying along with other beautiful pieces in any bedroom or living space. It’s constructed with exceptional craftsmanship and designed with heavy stitching to ensure durability over time although the leather itself is more than robust enough to stand up to everyday use if needed.

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray provides both security against dirt, dust and accidental loss thanks to its protective lid as well as accessibility; high-end organisation without compromising appearance or style – perfect for sensitive or treasure items.

Overview of Benefits

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with a Lid is an innovative product that helps to keep users’ jewelry safe and secure. This unique tray offers a number of benefits that set it apart from other storage trays. Not only does it allow users to keep their items organized but also keeps them both dust-free and protected in hard times.

Protective Case

One of the main benefits of this jewelry tray is its protective case. It is made of leather, making it durable, and will not be easily damaged when used for long periods of time. The lid of the jewelry tray also provides additional protection, preventing any dust or dirt from settling on your items. The case also comes with handles for easy portability and carrying around the house or office.

Organizational System

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Tray also has an efficient organizational system to help users store their items securely and safely. With four levels available, users can easily categorize their pieces by color, style, type or collection.

There are three velvet dividers available that make separating items easy while protecting each piece as well. Additionally, two snap clasps at the base securely hold earrings or other small jewelry items in place for easy access while using the tray for storage purposes.

Variety Of Styles

For those who aren’t satisfied with traditional storage trays, there are a variety of styles available in this collection that add a touch of individuality to each piece stored in them. Whether you go for the classic black leather option or prefer something more colorful like blue leather with rose gold detailing; there’s something to match anyone’s style and personal preferences when looking for storage solutions for jewelry pieces large and small alike.

Unboxing Experience and Aesthetic Appeal

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is an elegant and stylish way to store and display your favorite jewelry. As soon as I opened the luxuriously crafted box, I knew this product would take my collection to the next level. The tray presentation was detailed in craftsmanship, with quality stitching all across the black pebbled leather exterior. Even before opening it up, the royal blue velvet interior was a nice touch of luxe.

Interior Details & Features

  • • Eight cozy compartments: Perfect for holding rings or earrings; and four small accessory slots in the center
  • • Non-tarnish silver suede inner lining: Highly protective and long lasting
  • • Anti-tarnish efferette pads: Reduces tarnishing from occurring due to moisture or acidic agents
  • • Magnetic closing lid: Ensures items stay securely stored away when not in use
  • • Attractive polished hinges featured on lid’s exterior: Classy touch that highlights design’s sophistication
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Overall Quality

Overall, the Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is a great piece for jewelry storage. All components are high-quality built for durability and longevity. The soft outer leather provides resistance from minor scrapes while preventing dust and debris from getting inside the box. Besides having ample storage space within each compartment, the organizer strikes a balance between fashion and function – it truly brings a new level of elegance to any dresser top or vanity shelf.

Materials and Durability of the Tray

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is made of a soft grained leather. The depth of leather has been designed to provide an attractive appearance while also being durable enough to stand up to everyday use and abuse.

This tray is perfect for the avid jewelry collector as it allows them to store their rings away in one easy tray that will stay safe and secure no matter what kind of environment they may encounter throughout their life.

The tray itself is lined with a faux fur lining that helps cushion any jewelry pieces and keeps them secure in the tray, even when taken on the go. Additionally, the lid also shuts down securely on top of the tray with clasps so you can rest assured that your jewelry pieces will remain safe from potential thieves or curious hands.

The faux fur lining is also removable if desired, allowing you to clean it slowly or replace it at anytime without costing you money.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure longevity for the Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid, it is important to handle this product with care regularly. An occasional polishing will help maintain its shine while eliminating dirt and debris which tends to collect over time. As mentioned previously, the faux fur lining should be removed gently when necessary for cleaning or replacing; doing so can ensure its integrity in order for it last longer than expected.

Aside from handling this tray gently while cleaning and replacing its parts when needed, it’s essential to note that sharp items such as pins, sharp jewellery pieces or anything else should not come in contact with this tray as these may cause irreparable damage over time. It’s best practice to keep all metal items stored in separate cases or boxes when storing them within this wolf london collection leather jewelry tray for added protection.

Capacity and Dimensions of the Tray

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is designed with the user in mind. It provides an attractive way to keep your jewelry organized and secure. The box measures 6.3 inches (width) by 4.7 inches (length) by 2.4 inches (height), making it the ideal size for keeping small tokens such as rings, earrings, and other accessories safe.

This jewelry tray also features a black leather finish that exudes sophistication and elegance while remaining very durable and practical for everyday use.

The tray also includes a lift-off lid, which slides easily open and closed with one hand operation that keeps your precious items stored securely out of sight when not in use.

  • Size: 6.3in x 4.7in x 2.4in
  • Leather Finish
  • Lift-Off Lid
  • One Hand Operation

Ease of Use

  • Step 1: Take the tray out of the box and gently remove it from its wrapping.
  • Step 2: Unlock the clasps on the sides of the tray lid with your fingertips.
  • Step 3: Lift up the lid and place items such as jewelry, coins, or other small trinkets inside.
  • Step 4: Secure the lid in place by pushing down on each clasp with your thumbs until they click into place.

Overview of Wolf London Tray Design

The Wolf London Collection Jewelry Tray is designed to elegantly store a range of jewelry pieces and other precious items. The design features a leather cushioned base that is lined with multiple compartments for easy storage and organization. The interior space is among the largest available in similar models, providing ample room for all types of jewelry.

Additionally, users benefit from an airtight lid that opens easily with two easy-to-access clasps. The sophisticated look and feel will certainly bring an extra touch of elegance to any dresser top or vanity.

Maintenance and Care of the Tray

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is crafted in England from luxurious leather and makes a perfect bedside companion. It is a handsome, stylish addition to any bedroom or dressing area. The tray includes compartments for rings, necklaces, and earrings, and is topped by a cushioned lid to protect its contents.

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The leather jewelry tray requires very little maintenance and care. To clean the exterior of the tray use a mild detergent such as soap and water or cleaning wipes. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents as these may cause discoloration. For deep cleaning, apply a quality leather conditioner that does not contain wax or silicone.

To prevent damage to the interior lining of the jewelry tray, it should be inspected regularly for peeling, worn spots, scuffs, etc. If any damage does occur, it can be easily replaced with something suitable from Wolf London Collection.

Maintenance Tips

  • Use mild detergent (e.g soap and water) or wipes when cleaning exterior of Tray.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents on leather surfaces.
  • Apply quality leather conditioner with no wax/silicone.
  • Inspect interior lining regularly for signs of wear/damage.
  • Replace damaged parts with Wolf London Collection accessories.

Creative Uses for the Wolf London Jewelry Tray

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone that enjoys beautiful and stylish accessories. The tray is crafted from luxurious leather and features an intricate embossed lid design. With its classic lines, this jewelry tray adds sophistication to any vanity, dresser, or dressing area in the home. It’s perfect for neatly displaying necklaces, rings, earrings, and other small items of jewelry.

But this jewellery tray offers more than just a stylish design – it can also be used in creative ways around the home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Organize knick-knacks: Put pouch coins, spare buttons or keys into the compartments of this jewelry tray.
  • Decorate with spices: Place herbs or spices in the compartment of the tray to give your kitchen a unique look.
  • Display small items: Arrange figurines, mementos and even seashells on each tier of the tray to create an interesting display.

With its classic styling and creative uses, the Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray is sure to be treasured by anyone who appreciates decadent home accessories. It can easily be displayed on bedside table countertops and dressers to bring contemporary elegance to any room without taking up much space.

As it boasts dividers to keep things organized as well as side loops for attaching larger pieces of jewelry like chains or bracelets – you get more than just a statement piece with this storage solution.


The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray with Lid is the ideal choice for keeping your precious jewelry secure and organized. The lid prevents dust from accumulating on your jewelry, while the interior velvet lining ensures that each piece is securely nestled into place.

The tray features plenty of room for adding more rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces as your collection expands. Plus, with its sleek contempory design you can be sure this storage solution perfectly accents any décor.

For convenience, the tray comes with a removable lid that allows easy access to stored items inside. Whether you need to quickly grab something or want to inspect your pieces closely without getting distracted by the rest of your collection, it’s much easier than having to rummage through individual boxes or bags.

Furthermore, since there’s enough space within each section for multiple same-type items within one compartment, all related jewelry can remain together in one place which lessens time wasted searching through different sections of storage boxes.

The Wolf London Collection Leather Ring Storage Jewelry Tray has also been designed with style and durability in mind; made from smooth and supple leather material it offers a sophisticated yet modern look sure to fit right in any stylish home setting for years to come.

If that weren’t enough this premium easy-to-clean tray can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth when needed without leaving any scuffs or scratches behind so you can maintain its pristine condition over time.

In addition, thanks to its low-profile design you don’t have worry about it taking up too much space as this compact tray can easily fit on dressers or bedside tables and still look great.