Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray makes it easy to organize and store beads, findings, and all your jewelry making supplies. With seven drawers and dividers, this compact storage tray is ideal for any crafter. Measuring only 10” long and 7” wide, it’s just the right size to fit on an average desk or counter top.

The drawers open up so you can have access to all of the contents easily. Additionally, each tray is customizable with 23 removable dividers that fit into any position within the drawer making it easy to set up individual slot sizes according to what you need for fast access.


One of the great advantages of the Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is its versatility when it comes to organizing jewelry making supplies. It has seven compartments that serve different purposes so a crafter can store whatever their needs require without having to worry about whether or not that item will fit in the designated spot.

Furthermore, those 23 dividers make customizing how you organize your items fast and simple – no more wasting time trying to figure out where best to put those small pieces. You can also add labels or pops of color such as washi tape along the edge of drawers for aesthetic appeal or use colored bead bags and bright packaging ribbon as decorations depending on personal preference while still keeping everything neat and easy-to-reach.


The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is designed with durability in mind; with high grade plastic construction its strong enough to handle life’s bumps and knocks while remaining lightweight. This makes carrying it around convenient while also increasing its lifespan even if you move things around frequently between workspace areas which is pretty common amongst crafters who multi-task techniques between projects as often as possible.

It also helps protect valuable jewelry materials from damage due to rough handling as well as keeping dust from getting inside each compartment – plus any scrapes or bumps are unlikely clued in naturally due it being made from an expertly crafted impact resistant plastic material.

Description of the Tray

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is a crafty jewelry storage solution for anyone interested in convenient, yet stylish organization. This tray is made of lightweight clear plastic, making it simple to identify the contents within. It contains several individual compartments, with three removable dividers so that the user can rearrange and customize their storage options to suit their preferences.

Due to its expansive design, users have plenty of room to store beads, charms, and other small crafts with ease. The compact size makes it easy to store in any drawer or cabinet without taking up valuable space. To get even more out of this tray, users can also utilize the lid when they’re wanting to keep their items extra secure or easily transport them somewhere else.

One of the greatest features of this tray is its versatility. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy way to organize your supplies or a seasoned creator wanting to protect their components from jumbled piles, this tray is perfect for either job. Artists who enjoy creating necklaces and bracelets will appreciate how fast and efficient this storage solution makes their projects due to how it keeps each component together and visible at all times.

Additionally, crafters can also use this tool for sorting coins or stamps as well. With its convenience and affordability, upgrading your craft storage has never been easier.

Organization Tips

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is a great way to organize and store your jewelry collection. This tray has two levels with adjustable dividers, allowing you to easily separate and organize different types of items. It also has an easy-to-carry handle, so you can take it on the go for when you need to access your jewelry quickly. With just a few simple steps, you can maximize this tray’s storage potential in no time.

To start, determine which type of jewelry items you want to store in the tray such as necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets. Then divide the top section of the tray into sections based on type. The bottom portion of the tray offers additional compartments for storing more intricate pieces such as charms or chains.

When organizing each section, use the adjustable dividers along with clear labels to indicate what type of jewelry resides in each compartment. That way everything will be easy to find when grabbing pieces while getting ready almost like having a mini boutique at our fingertips.

Now that your jewelry is separated in organized sections, are there any still any additional ways you can make it easier to access? Of course.

To maximize organization and convenience try adding decorative containers that fit into designated spaces like smaller jars filled with earrings or flat alligator clips hung onto a wall panel inside the tray-they make perfect holders for everyday necklaces. Or better yet add anti-tangle devices like foam board rolls or tangle tamers-great ways to keep delicate clasps from tangling and easily gathered up when ready to go out.
You’ll be amazed at how much less time organizing takes when pairing these pro hacks alongside your newly divided Bead Landing Jewelry Tray sections. Go ahead and get creative; choose accessories or materials that best suit your collection.


The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is a great tool to help you store and organize your jewelry. Not only can it keep your collection neat and tidy, but with its versatile compartments, this tray also has multiple other uses.

This tray features several different compartments; allowing you to store necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more within easy reach. The removable insert also provides easy access to smaller items such as beads and charms. With its lid tightly secured, the tray’s contents remain safe from dust and damage. Additionally, the jute handles make it easy to transport your favorite accessories from room to room.

Aside from storing jewelry however, this multi-purpose tray can be used for much more. For starters, you can use this convenient storage tray for arts and crafts supplies such as markers or glitter glue as well as office essentials like scissors or highlighters.

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This sturdy compartmentalized shell can even be used for household items like screws, nails or cords so they won’t lie scattered across your work desk. While the options may seem endless, some everyday uses might include reorganizing your pantry shelves with spices or tea bags sorted into individual sections while keeping them easily accessible at all times.

Whatever the task may be this jewelry storage tray is up for the job. Its versatility makes it a great addition to any space; allowing you get creative without breaking the bank. Whether you fill it up with your favorite trinkets or supplies; you certainly won’t be disappointed with the Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray.

Types of Jewelry the Tray Can Store

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is the perfect way to organize and store your jewelry. It’s a beautiful, decorative tray that has five compartments for storing your jewelry collections. The compartments come in different shapes and sizes so you can easily fit different sizes and types of jewelry inside them. From rings to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins and more, this tray can hold all sorts of jewelry with ease.

The material that this jewelry tray is made out of is very durable, so it’ll be able to stand up against constant use over time. Not only does it look great with its glossy finish but it’s also water resistant too.

You won’t have to worry about any damages or rusting if you accidentally leave your wet jewelry on the tray – it will stay safe from harm. And when you need to dust or clean the trays compartments off – don’t worry – it’s easy to do since the entire tray wipes clean effortlessly.

More than just being functional for organizing and storing your jewelry collection – there are many other practical uses for this storage Tray too. It makes a great workspace area for when you’re creating new projects – simply spread out beads onto each compartment and get creative. If you need extra space while crafting but still want everything organized neat & tidy?

Then use this Tray as an additional work surface – either place tools or materials on top of the Tray while you’re working or pull paper & fabric products through each compartment like a makeshift loom. And lastly – if you ever need to gift someone special some of your handmade pieces – wrapping them delicately in one of the Tray’s compartments prevents loss & damaged while they’re transported in shipping envelopes.

Design Ideas

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is a multipurpose accessory that is perfect for all jewelry-lovers. Not only does it provide organized and efficient storage space, but it can also be personalized in various ways for any occasion or style. With some creativity and a few design ideas, this tray is the ideal base for customizing to your tastes.

One of the simplest ideas for decorating your jewelry tray involves adding color and texture with paints, fabric, and ribbons. Acrylic paint is easy to work with and comes in a variety of vibrant colors that can be brushed all over or used to create patterns, designs, or letters. Fabric scraps are an excellent choice for covering larger sections of the tray, allowing you to coordinate the item with your wardrobe or home decor in an eye-catching way.

Likewise, cute ribbons can also be used to add accents along the edge of the tray or as decorations around compartments. Transforming a plain jewelry tray into something special couldn’t be easier.

Of course, there are more intricate decoration options available too. For example, gemstones like flatback rhinestones make beautiful additions either scattered over surface areas on their own or arranged in geometric shapes when glued down together. Looking to build up texture?

Glue down tiny beads like freshwater pearls at varying angles; they sparkle delightfully against sunlight yet will comfortably handle lengthy exposure due to their durable nature. Word charms could also be added using jump rings; metallic charms serve especially well as accent pieces that draw attention from further away much like glimmering gems do.

All things considered, you are sure to surprise yourself with how amazing your newly-upgraded Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray turns out. Make sure you keep each design idea driven by your own personal preference – – that’s what’ll make truly distinguishable artwork out of the whole undertaking.

Care and Maintenance of the Tray

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is an excellent way to store and organize a variety of jewelry items. With its sleek, modern design, it adds a stylish touch to any collection.

The tray features eight compartments of different sizes, making it easy to separate and organize beads, findings, charms and other small items. Although the tray is made from durable materials that are designed for long-term use and storage, it still requires some basic care and maintenance for optimal performance.

First and foremost, it’s important to regularly clean the tray with warm water and soap. Gently scrub the tray, then dry it off with a soft cloth or rag. This will work to remove any lingering dirt or dust that may have gathered over time.

After cleaning the tray, store it in an area away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures as this can cause fading or warping to occur more quickly. It’s also vital to examine the tray before each use; in this way potential damages such as cracks can be easily spotted before they become more serious issues that could potentially ruin the storage solution itself.

As a final measure against wear and tear, applying periodic coats of sealant or polish should be done every so often according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When using these products its essential to carefully follow all safety precautions provided within their directions; additionally cover up any surfaces you don’t want exposed with either newspaper or a cloth before beginning as this will protect them from accidental exposure/damage caused by sprays drifting across them during application processes.

This additional effort pays off in terms of maintaining its attractive appearance for longer periods of time-providing users with reliable service from year-to-year without having worry about replacing any parts due to dents, warps or corrosion-related damages occurring unexpectedly throughout use.

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Pros and Cons of the Tray

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is a great item to have in any jewelry making enthusiast’s toolkit. This product helps organize multiple types of beads, findings, and charms. It is versatile enough for the professional jewelry maker and beginner alike. Making organization easier than ever, the tray has thirty-four compartments that are perfect for decluttering your crafting space.

One of the biggest pros of the tray is its versatility. The tray can be used in multiple different ways including holding large materials such as stones or small objects like earring backs.

With the labeling options available with each of the compartments, you can easily customize it to meet your needs based on what type of projects you are working on. Another benefit is that it is made from a durable material and can easily be washed off if any spills occur during your next crafting project.

One downside to consider before purchasing is that some items may not fit snugly if they’re too large for one compartment. Additionally, due to its many compartments, striking out a color among all those sections could become tiresome for larger projects, requiring time and patience to find what you need quickly.

Depending on your bead choice and style of beads, some won’t fit well into this tray as there may not be room to move them around between multiple compartments while searching through colors or placing them away after use.

All in all, however, this Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray offers a great solution for sorting through various components of jewelry pieces due to its added versatility and easy organization capabilities making it a useful tool for jewelers both big and small. Anyone who likes styling their own creative pieces will enjoy having this helpful tray at their disposal.


The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is popular among jewelry makers as a cost-effective way to store and organize small beads, findings and other items. But it’s not the only jewelry storage option available. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives.

One alternative is the REV-A-SHELF Rollout Tray System. This system consists of an 18” x 26” drawer lined with removable dividers and trays that can be reconfigured to each user’s specific needs. The tray has a neutral grey finish so it will fit well into any workspace while still providing ample storage space for jewelry supplies such as beads, pliers, wire cutters and more.

Another option is the Stanley Professional Portable Parts Organizer. This organizer has 23 removable bins ranging in size and is designed specifically for organizing nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners and nails but could also be used to store smaller jewelry items such as beads or charms. It also comes with a built-in handle which makes it easy to transport from one workstation to another or on the go when you travel for craft shows or conventions.

If you are looking for something that blends style with function then take a look at ArtBin solutions like the Super Satchel Double Deep Box or Magna Carta Tray Organizers. These are both made out of sturdy plastic but offer much needed convenience and stylish aesthetic appeal when storing your jewelry pieces or supplies.

The Super Satchel Double Deep Box has separate compartments inside that keep small elements like tiny beads from becoming lost in open trays while the Magnacarta sets come with drawers designed uniquely to hold large amounts of components all in one spot while keeping them protected from harm such as dust or dirt accumulation during long term storage periods.

No matter what your requirements may be when it comes to jewelry storage, there are plenty of options available that provide maximum organization capabilities and great looks all at the same time.


The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray is the perfect storage option for anyone looking to organize their jewelry. The hinged lid allows users to easily keep jewelry pieces safe and organized, while the three compartments provide ample space for various trinkets. Depending on what type of jewelry you’re looking to store, the tray accommodates both small and large items with ease.

Moreover, the tray is crafted from beaded aluminum wire in a variety of stylish metallic finishes that give off a classic yet sophisticated look. With its generous size and durable construction, it’s easy to see why this tray is a great storage solution for your treasured pieces.

The Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray offers users more than just an attractive appearance. Each compartment comes lined with felt-like fabric to provide cushioned protection of items while they’re being stored inside the tray.

This feature prevents any friction or wear and tear on delicate jewelry pieces that could cause them to become damaged or tarnished over time. Furthermore, the stiff lower frame ensures stability when opened or closed shut so nothing slips out when transporting or storing items.

Lastly, cleaning this product becomes effortless as most of its components simply require easy dry-dusting or light wiping with damp cloths which can be done within minutes due to its lightweight design. It even features rubber feet on base make it perfectly suitable for tables and nightstands so you never have to worry about scratching any surfaces when using this convenient storage accessory.

With its quality craftsmanship, abundance of protective materials, organization options and appealing design – having the Bead Landing Storage Jewelry Tray makesowning an ideal storage piece essential for anyone who values keeping their jewelry safe.