Chest Of Drawers With Jewelry Storage On Top

Chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top is a beautiful combination of practicality, sophistication and contemporary design that stands out from the crowd. This piece of furniture combines two essentials: a set of drawers to help keep your life organized and an attractive display shelf at the top for your jewelry. Jewelry is often treasured, with memories associated with it. Now it can be displayed proudly and safely with this stylish new piece of furniture.

In addition to helping you organize your everyday life, this unique piece adds style to any room. It can be used in both traditional or modern décor and comes in a variety of materials and finishes, so no matter what style you are looking for there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Whether you choose an elegantly designed antique style or one meant specifically for displaying jewelry, the chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top will look stunning in any setting.

The best thing about a chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top is that it utilizes space very efficiently – while having all necessary pieces in one convenient place. In general, they do not take up much more floor area than regular dressers because they stack up higher – giving their owners more storage options aside from using their interior spaces for trinkets or other accessories.

This also enables them to serve as accent pieces which add a hint of whimsical elegance to any home. Plus, even if you already have built-in closets, shelves or cabinets elsewhere in your home, this type of furniture can provide additional storage space without taking up more valuable real estate.

Identifying Jewelry Storage Solutions That Work For You

When it comes to keeping your jewelry pieces organized and looking good, a chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top is an excellent option. This type of storage solution is often overlooked, yet it can offer numerous benefits that you won’t get with other choices. Here are some advantages that make this type of storage solution stand out:

  • It provides a safe way to store jewelry in one place.
  • This type of storage unit usually has several drawers, which makes it easy to organize individual items.
  • The closed-top design offers an additional layer of protection from dust and other elements.

One big advantage of this type of jewelry storage is that it takes up far less space than more traditional storage options such as armoires or dressers. The multiple drawers provide ample room for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and other baubles without overwhelming the room or taking away from the overall look. You can choose from various sizes to fit any area you have available.

The top part of the chest also adds extra convenience when accessing items as you can easily grab what you need without moving around too much furniture. It also acts like a safe box allowing you to store more valuable items securely outside standard view. Furthermore, because most chests come with mirrored tops, they double up as a vanity table or console giving the room an added flair if placed strategically at a corner or by the wall.

Decorating With Your Chest Of Drawers That Include Jewelry Storage

The chest of drawers with a storage on top for jewelry can be a fabulous multi-purpose furniture piece. Not only does it provide storage for clothing items, such as sweaters and jeans, but it also provides a convenient location to hold necklaces, rings, and other types of jewelry. Here are some great ways to decorate your room using this amazing piece:

  • Add a Table Runner or Place Mat: A great way to give the jewelry chest an extra personal touch is by adding a table runner or decorative place mat on top. Choose one that matches the colors and/or patterns in your room for best results.
  • Mount Floating Shelves Above: If you really want to make the jewelry chest stand out, consider mounting floating shelves above it. Not only will this provide additional display space for your favorite accessories, but it will also draw attention to this unique furniture item.
  • Include Mirrors As Accessories: Mirrors can add some visual interest and create the illusion of more space in your room. Place small totems or mirrors on both sides of the jewelry chest to complete the look.
  • Plant Life: Adding a few plants is always a good idea when decorating any room. Consider finding a plant that will go nicely with your jewelry chest.
  • Personal Artwork & Photos: Finally, why not display some of your favorite artwork and photos on top of the unit? Personalize this special furniture item even more by including meaningful mementos from renowned events in your life.

When shopping for a dresser with integral jewelry storage, be sure to keep all these ideas in mind so you can envision how the piece will integrate into your home’s overall décor scheme. Whether you choose an antique-inspired wooden cabinet or one with modern details like chrome accents and glass panes, pick something that makes you smile every time you enter your bedroom oasis.

Modular Jewelry Storage

Types of Storage Solutions That Complement a Chest of Drawers

Chests of drawers offer an attractive and practical storage solution for a variety of spaces. However, depending on the needs of the homeowner or property owner, they may not provide enough flexibility in terms of different types of storage options. To improve the storage capabilities of a chest of drawers, certain solutions can be used to increase its versatility.

  • Drawer Inserts
  • Hanging Hooks
  • Removable Shelves

Drawer inserts can allow for more specific organization within drawers while saving space. Furthermore, hanging hardware such as over-the-door hangers and hooks are great for organizing hats, jewelry, belts and other accessories. Lastly, adding removable shelves and dividers increases the vertical storage capabilities of a single chest.

Customizable Storage

A common way to maximize the storage potential of a chest is by opting for customizable pieces. Many popular furniture styles now offer customizable options that allow homeowners to tailor their chests’ designs to fit their exact needs and store anything from clothing to special items with ease.

  • Creating additional cubbies inside drawers with divider pieces
  • Opting for customizable heights
  • Installing adjustable shelving units

Jewelry Storage On Top Of The Chest

For an added touch of sophistication, some chests come with a display surface on top such as an estate jewelry box or watch winder drawer which provides an effective way to store and display small items like jewelry or watches. This type of display case usually provides multiple levels offering both open and closed compartments as well as removable lids with locks so that valuable items can be stored safely while being showcased.

Creative Jewelry Placement Ideas For Your Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top is a great solution for organizing the smaller items in your home, such as jewelry. With enough space to house many different pieces, it is possible to find additional ways to make use of this innovative storage solution. Here are some creative jewelry placement ideas that can be utilized with a chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top:

Organizing Using Divider Drawers

Using dividers in each of the drawers is an effective way to organize your jewelry pieces. You can easily divide different types of earrings, necklaces, and pendants into various compartments by adding organizers such as cardboard or fabric boxes.

This makes it easier to quickly grab what you need from the chest without having to search through several different piles. Additionally, you can also create labels for each divider so that you will always know where specific pieces of jewelry are kept.

Use Ties For Necklace Storage

Ties are great items for keeping necklaces organized and tangle-free in your chest of drawers. All you have to do is attach one tie (the thinner variety) at one end and thread longer chains through it. Then pull up both ends and fasten the necklaces around a hanger, which should be placed behind one of the drawers. The ties will securely keep the necklaces twined together and neat while not taking up too much room inside the drawer itself.

Maximizing Storage By Decorating On Top

The top surface of your chest of drawers provides ample storage potential if used effectively. Instead of leaving it empty or displaying large pieces on top, try placing several framed pieces that resemble art or photographs along two sides while dedicating one side for expanded jewelry display options, such as necklace hangers and colorful trays that serve as catch-alls for other accessories like bracelets, rings and earrings.

This will help keep everything organized while showcasing items elegantly in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Making the Most of Your Jewelry Storage Space

Using a chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top is an efficient way to store and organize your jewelry collection. It can help eliminate clutter and keep your valuables secure and within reach. Here are some helpful tips for keeping wear-and-tear at bay and keeping your rings, necklaces, earrings and more shining brightly:

  • Invest in a good quality set of wooden drawers with compartments for neat organization.
  • Place a small tray, bowl or nestable organizer on top of the chest so it is easy to access in just one spot.
  • Cover the bottom of each drawer with felt cloth to protect jewelry from scratches.
  • Fold larger items like scarves or additional tray organizers underneath the drawers.
  • If you have limited space, stack two small chests together to create strong organization towers.

For extra glitz and glamour, opt for mirrored doors which bring sparkle and shine into your bedroom or dressing area. Dress up the existing glass door frames using plain curtains or beaded garlands for a vintage look. Choose colors that are pleasing to the eye such as pink, blue or green. Additionally, when hanging earrings consider using a clear nail-polish bottle lid where you can conveniently store them.

Be creative with colorful ribbon for looping your choice of necklaces around so they can easily be taken off without tangles. Another important step would be making sure that any valuable heirloom pieces are stored separately from everyday accessories which will prevent scratches and dents over time.

For an organized flair, use coordinating transparent jewelry boxes with color coded tops like red for necklaces or yellow for bracelets. When finished don’t forget to spritz a light mist of cloth sanitizer every few months to keep dust mites away.

Makeup And Jewelry Storage

Room Design Ideas for a Chest Of Drawers With Jewelry Storage On Top

The chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top is a stylish piece of furniture that can be used in any room to give extra storage. Not only can it store items such as clothes, towels and linens, but the top provides an easy way to store valuable jewelry items. Here are three creative room design ideas for using this multi-functional piece of furniture:

  • The first idea is to use the top jewelry storage section to create a vanity station in a bathroom or bedroom. Place a mirror and makeup supplies above the jewelry tray, along with decorative scented candles or diffusers below. In addition, add a chair or bench beneath the chest to complete this beautiful look.
  • A second option is to use the top compartment as a side table in the living room. Place decor pieces such as books, curios, succulents and candles on top of the storage tray for an interesting yet functional display. In addition, magazines and other essentials can be stored away inside the drawers below.
  • Lastly you could use create a display area for collectibles in an entryway. Store additional items you may need when leaving your home in the drawers below while placing small sculptures or mementos on display in the jewelry tray above. This will make displaying your favorite knick-knacks easier than ever.

Cleaning and Care Tips For a Chest Of Drawers With Jewelry Storage

It’s not difficult to care for a chest of drawers with jewelry storage if you follow the right steps. Doing so will ensure your piece of furniture looks beautiful and remains free from dirt, dust, and other debris all year long. Here are some tips on how to keep your piece looking its best.

Avoid Placing Heavy Objects On The Top Surface

The top surface of a chest of drawers should never be used as a table or work surface since it may damage the wood or other material it is made of. Additionally, putting heavy objects like books or lamps can leave indentations on the wood that may be impossible to remove without refinishing or replacing the entire piece.

Dust Regularly

Dust is one of the most common enemies of furniture and can dull their shine over time if neglected. To prevent this from happening use a soft cloth to gently wipe down the entire chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top once every few weeks. This will ensure that buildup does not cause any wear and tear to the surface material over time.

Use Wood Polish

Using a good quality wood polish can help keep your chest of drawers in good condition by protecting it from water damage and fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Make sure to apply an even layer once or twice a month depending on how often you use your furniture and avoid using too much which may cause streaking or discoloration instead.

Final Thoughts For A Chest Of Drawers With Jewelry Storage On Top

When it comes to deciding on a chest of drawers with jewelry storage as an addition to your bedroom, there are a few things to consider. The first is the number of drawers you will need – by assessing the pieces in your collection and considering what type of accessories you plan to store, you can get an idea of how many drawers you will need.

Additionally, this choice also depends on yours lifestyle and storage preferences; if you like everything neat and easily accessible, two or more small drawers is likely to be best for your system.

Next is the choice between choosing an integrated or freestanding option. If installed correctly, both options should provide secure protection for jewelry and other items. That said, if space is limited in the bedroom, then perhaps consider looking into integrated solutions such as built-in chests with cabinet doors which could provide extra safety while saving floor space at the same time.

It’s important to not overfill drawers as this may lead them to get heavier and potentially create strain on hinges that are not designed for heavy weight bearing. But if one drawer does become too full, adding dividers or trays can help section off items stored within it; this way you won’t have too worry about pieces becoming misplaced in a jumble at the bottom of the drawer.

Plus, adding dividers can also make it easier to separate different types of items from each other as needed and keep things well organized at all times.

Finally when selecting a chest of drawers with jewelry storage on top, think about details such as color finishes, materials used and even decorative details – depending on how much existing furniture is in your bedroom already; these usually play an important role in tying rooms together aesthetically speaking while both protecting belongings and creating a pleasant ambiance all at once.

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