Youth Jewelry Trends

Youth jewelry trends have changed drastically over the years. With social media, celebrities and fashion influencers all playing a role in how young people dress themselves today, there is no denying that the way the youth chooses to accessorize their look has greatly been impacted as well.

While some pieces remain classic like statement necklaces or charm bracelets, others are less enduring like mood rings and even body piercings. Regardless of what they choose to adorn themselves with, one thing remains constant: The influence of youth jewelry trends is everywhere in fashion.

One youth jewelry trend that is just starting to gain more attention is personalized jewelry. Now more than ever, young people are interested in finding pieces that reflect their individual style.

Customized pieces can range from simple nameplate necklaces to custom engagement rings, making it easier than ever for young consumers to express their creativity and individuality through their wardrobe choices. Another popular trend for young individuals is minimalist jewelry; opting for lighter-weighing dainty pieces crafted from quality materials to give a toned down but stylish look – this trend lends itself perfectly to everyday wear as well as special occasion looks.

As we enter 2021, some emerging trends worth keeping an eye on include shimmery stones, larger-than-life pendants and an increased focus on sustainability within the fashion industry at large. Pendants adorned with vibrant Aurora Borealis crystals add texture and color to any outfit while eco-friendly materials such as silver and brass are becoming more sought after by mindful consumers looking for ethically made products.

These emerging trends speak not only to modern generations’ heightened awareness of ethics within fashion but also their desire to express themselves through versatility of shape and color when selecting jewelry pieces.

In conclusion, there’s no question that youth jewelry trends have shifted due to the influx of new technology and online purchasing options available both today and into the future. The key going forward is finding ways to offer innovative yet timeless designs that appeal not only to a generation data drives digital inspiration but also traditional tastes forged through passing industries as well.

No longer limited by short lived tastes or fleeting styles, modern day accessories now have the potential strive so much further connecting youth from all walks of life around shared passions in fine craftsmanship and complex aesthetics alike no matter where they may be based geographically or across demographics socially.

Country-Specific Trends & Cultural Influencers

The youth of today are fascinated by jewelry trends, and more often than not it reflects upon the country or cultural group they are a part of. Depending on the region, unique styles and designs can be found that showcase the influence of culture and fashion on the youth.

For example, in India intricate meenakari designs are seen paired with bold gold pieces as well as symbolic gemstone rings for good fortune. Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia feature intricate geometric patterns which symbolize ancient cultures and religious values while Russia is renowned for its luxurious-looking diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and gold jewelry.

In North America the popular trends amongst young people today vary greatly ranging from chunky metal cuff bracelets, hoop earrings with a variety of shapes and sizes to plastic smiley faces which have been marketed towards Gen Z – reflecting upon their silly yet edgy personal style. Many of these pieces are inspired by hip-hop culture where iconic names such as A$AP Rocky become a source of inspiration when creating jewelry items.

When looking at South American nations below the equator Brazilian styles tend to be on trend with heavy influences from Afro-Brazilian heritage evidenced in their vivid colors and tribal motifs. Additionally cultural practices originating in local communities such as Argentina’s Bombita community inspire many pieces within the same niche demographic which combine traditional symbols with elements of Christian faith for religious purposes as well as fashionable ones.

Statement Pieces and How to Style & Accessorize

Youth jewelry trends are always evolving, with youth finding new and unique ways to express themselves through fashion. Statement pieces continue to be popular among young trendsetters, from bold earrings and rings to layered necklaces and chokers. To give youth a better idea of how to style their jewelry, here is a quick guide:

  • Layer for Impact
  • Wearing multiple pieces of jewelry can create an impactful statement that reflects the wearer’s individual style. A great way to begin is by pairing two complementary necklaces or wearing stacked rings on one finger. Add additional pieces as desired to layer on even more drama.A good tip for creating statement pieces is understanding the power of contrast – blending cold metal tones like silver and gold can make for eye-catching combinations.

  • Balance Colors & Themes
  • Finding balance with color palettes and themes can be tricky but it’s also the key to pulling off statement pieces in a stylish way. Try matching colors by sticking within one accent hue or create a theme based around shapes or materials like sparkly beads or charms with a vintage-inspired feel. This minimal approach will keep your look timeless and refined while adding an extra bit of creative flair.

  • Experiment with Mix & Match Materials
  • When it comes to experimenting with mix & match materials, there are no rules. Play around with combining different metals like gold or silver, gemstones redolent of nature, even semi-precious stones such as agate or lapis lazuli – the possibilities really are endless.

    For something bolder, try out unique textures like rope chains, chunky beads and leather cording for an edgy yet sophisticated look that will turn heads. Mixing various materials will help create delightful statement pieces that encompass interesting ideas into wearable art pieces that perfectly encapsulate your personal flare.

Fall & Winter Jewelry Trends & Popular Pieces

Every season brings with it a range of fashion trends that evolve and change. This is certainly true for youth jewelry trends. This fall and winter, there are a variety of popular jewelry pieces being worn by younger generations. Here are some of the most popular jewelry trends currently favored by young people:

  • Layering Necklaces: Layering necklaces has been an ongoing trend for some time now, but it remains very popular among young people for this winter season. Layered necklaces add interest and contrast to any ensemble, and come in a variety of styles from subtle to statement making.
  • Pop Of Color Jewelry: Jewelry is the perfect way to add a splash of color to an outfit, so it comes as no surprise that many young people have been opting for bright colored pieces this fall and winter. Anything from bold gemstones to colorful chains can be seen adding some vibrancy to any look.
  • Duet Imitation & Genuine Jewelry: With the rise of minimalistic jewelry from both fast fashion brands and designer houses alike, the duet approach has become highly sought after by younger generations this season. The combination between imitation diamonds or other stones with real diamonds (or vice versa) gives the illusion of more expensive pieces while also staying within budget.
  • Initials Jewelry: Another trend seen on young people this year is personalized jewelry such as initial necklaces or bracelets with their initials engraved on them. Often combined with other trendy items such as monogram earrings or layered necklaces, personalized jewelry has quickly become a go-to-style staple.
1970S Jewelry Trends

Chokers, Stud Earrings, & Friendship Bracelets

Youth fashion has always been about embracing the trends of the moment. One of the biggest trends in jewelry for young people is chokers, stud earrings, and friendship bracelets.

Chokers are a great way to make a statement with any outfit. Chokers come in many styles and materials such as sparkling rhinestones, velvet ribbons, leather cords, colorful beads, and more. Chokers can be dressed up or down based on what they are paired with; whether it’s a casual T-shirt or an elegant gown. These pieces of necklaces offer a unique way to add interest to an outfit while being relatively subtle in comparison with other jewelry pieces.

Stud earrings bring an extra bit of sparkle to any wardrobe choice. They can be found in nearly every material from onyx gems to simple sterling silver studs finished off with colorful gem stones or tiny white diamonds. Stud earring complements almost any outfit and will become an everyday favorite piece of jewelry that is both functional and stylish.

Although it may seem like a thing of the past, friendship bracelets have made their way back into youth fashion this year. Friendship bracelets provide an opportunity for people to connect their personalities through intricate designs, fun colors patterns, or personalized charm bracelets. This trend provides endless possibilities when it comes to individualizing your look by expressing one’s identity through his or her bracelet choices.

    The 3 Most Popular Jewelry Items Among Youth Today

  • Chokers
  • Stud Earrings
  • Friendship Bracelets

Spring & Summer Jewelry Trends & Popular Pieces

The fashion industry is something that changes every season, with new trends and styles being released by some of the biggest places to buy clothes and accessories. One of those areas that often sees a big change are jewellery pieces. Each season the latest collections from top brands make it out and there’s always something ‘in’ for the season.

This spring/summer 2020 is no different with plenty of popular pieces being released from all kinds of stores. Here, we’re going to go through a few of the popular pieces that you should be keeping an eye out on while shopping for your jewellery in 2020.

Statement Earrings

This summer will definitely bring forth a larger statement earring trend than we’ve seen in ages. Colourful, artistic earrings have been big lately, with many people opting for bold prints or fun motifs like fruits, animals, flowers etc. The hoop style is becoming particularly popular with its eye-catching style making it ideal for pairing with plain outfits or dresses which need some extra pizzazz.

Diamond Jewelry

This Spring/Summer diamond jewellery has become particularly popular among the younger crowd as it’s becoming more fashion forward and stylish. Smaller styles of diamond jewels have also become increasingly sought after due to their affordability coupled with luxury looking materials. These pieces can often be dressed up or down making them perfect for day-to-day wear too.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metal jewelry was touted as one of 2019’s huge trends and it looks like it’ll only get bigger in 2020. Perhaps due to the fact if can bring about modern appeal or offer a very stylish look, this combination of gold & rose gold (or even silver.) has become hugely fashionable.

From thick rings to delicate necklaces there are plenty of designs to choose from when opting for mixed metal pieces. Additionally as these colors complement each other so well they look great when you pile together various piece completing any outfit perfectly.


Pearl jewelry is having a moment right now: From oversized statement pearl earrings adorning red carpets through minimalist single studs – pearls are no longer just grandmas jewelry but heavenly accessories that reign over night outs and special events alike this Spring / Summer season. Pearls are mainly bubblegum pink lilac or classic white – all offering evergreen pop glamour whether worn solo or chunky along with other precious stones.

Necklaces, Hoops, & Stackable Rings

Youth jewelry trends have transitioned significantly over the last few years. Many of today’s younger generations are looking for fashionable and modern pieces that also reflect their own individual style. Necklaces, hoops, and stackable rings have become key favorites among the young crowd. These statement pieces make it easy to customize a look that expresses their individuality while staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Necklaces have long been a favorite accessory of many young people. Today they come in various looks such as charm necklaces or dainty pendants with delicate chains, making them suitable for any occasion. Most designs feature minimalistic elements or geometric shapes to give an edge to any look without being too flashy. Plus, many of today’s necklaces are made from recyclable materials or feature special messages as a powerful way to express one’s values.

The traditional hoop earring is another classic piece often worn by youth trendsetters. This timeless piece has been given a contemporary twist in recent years, with multiple variations such as textured hoops and Mini-hoops gaining in popularity. Hoop earrings come in different sizes, making them adaptable across all face shapes and styles. For those looking for an even more expressive look, layered necklace lovers can stack multiple hoop sizes together creating a bolder visual impact.

Trends In Crystal Jewelry

Stackable rings are yet another staple this season amongst young fashionistas that enjoy accessorizing on the fly and switching up their everyday style quickly and easily. As its name implies, these minimalistic pieces enable wearers to create endless combinations of intricate stacks reflecting one’s personality through the colors and textures used in each ring combination.

Perhaps best of all is that these stackables don’t require body piercings like traditional jewelry often does; allowing further flexibility when wearing different looks.

Trending Metals & Accessories

One of the hottest jewelry trends for young people today is surgical steel. It’s extremely popular because it is affordable, stylish, and very comfortable to wear. In addition to being hypoallergenic, it is resistant to corrosion, which makes it ideal for frequent wear. Also, surgical steel comes in a variety of styles and colors that make it an ideal choice for any outfit: from casual everyday looks to more formal events.

Charm bracelets are making a big comeback among the junior set. Whether buying them pre-made or creating your own charm bracelet with your favorite charms and beads, this jewelry trend allows you to express your personality through the design while still looking fashionable.

Layered necklaces are also increasing in popularity with younger audiences as they offer both the opportunity to make a bold fashion statement as well as individualize one’s style with multiple layers of accessories. For instance, one can combine thin gold chains of different lengths and add pendants or charms onto each layer for an eye-catching finish.

List of Popular Youth Jewelry Trends

  • Surgical Steel
  • Charm Bracelets
  • Layered Necklaces

Creative Ways to Wear Youth Jewelry Trends

Youth jewelry trends reflect the ever-changing aesthetic and creative sensibilities of young people, exhibiting an expressive style that is unique and individualistic. Jewelry has become an essential fashion accessory for youth expressing their identity, sense of style, preferences, hobbies, and culture. Youth are becoming more creative with how they wear their jewelry bringing to life endless varieties of looks and styles.

One popular look seen amongst young adults is stacking multiple pieces all together in a bold assemblage of necklaces or bracelets. The purpose is to create visual impact through the clash of different colors, textures and shapes that define the wearer’s individual choice style. Oftentimes stackers keep it casual adding charms that represent their family, hobbies or interests such as a double Egyptian scepter charm paired with an initial tag disk pendant or a sports team logo.

Signet rings have become widely popular amongst youth as they make a major style statement without requiring large amounts of money investment. Signet rings often feature initials, zodiac symbols or gemstones set on silver frames which come in all kinds of sizes adapting to different tastes and budgets.

Further, this jewelry trend has been seen with men proudly wearing signet ring accessories with larger frames holding prefabricated images or textured stones like turquoise giving off an urban look composed by contemporary minimalist aesthetics.

Youth as always have been keen on showcasing their individuality through bolder fashion choices such as mismatching stud earrings consisting two single mounts each with different ornament designs downing one side or both ears depicting how creative individuals can become when playing around with jewelry trends. This particular look has gained great appreciation amongst individuals who want to accessorize but without having to commit themselves to buying a matching pair from the same collection every time.


When it comes to youth jewelry trends, there are several popular choices that young people are looking for. Pieces such as chokers, diamond-encrusted pieces, and minimalist items has been some of the most common jewelry trends in recent years. Chokers have become very popular with young women and add a vibrant edge to any outfit.

Diamond-encrusted pieces help young people show off their wealth and add a touch of luxury to their outfits. Lastly, minimalist jewelry such as small charms, hoop earrings, and geometric pendants provide an effortless look that completes any ensemble without being too much of a statement piece.

Beyond the actual items themselves, certain materials have become particularly popular in the world of youth jewelry trends. Natural materials such as wood or hemp cord are often chosen for their unique appearance and durability which make them essential components for the modern bohemian aesthetic many young people love. Silver is also favored by young people since it offers timeless beauty at more affordable prices than its gold counterparts.

Finally, self-care has been one of the major trends related to youth jewelry in recent times. Many pieces on the market today are designed to serve multiple purposes beyond decoration such as aiding with mental health or acting as reminders to care for oneself when stressors arise during everyday life. This trend reflects an increased focus on wellbeing among younger generations that prioritize treating themselves both physically and mentally above all else.

In conclusion, youth jewelry trends have seen a broad range of items from statement pieces like diamond necklaces to miniature charms designed with self-care in mind. Many prefer natural materials like hemp or silver while others appreciate the delicate beauty found in minimalist designs like those found in geometric pendants or small trinkets strung on thin chains.

All have become widely accepted by those who wish to express something meaningful about themselves through fashion trends that both stand out from conventional ideas while staying true to what’s trendy this season.

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