Jewelry Trends In The 70S

The 70s was a time when it came to fashion, style, and accessories. Jewelry trends in the 70s saw some of the most memorable and fashionable pieces in history. Some of the most iconic styles seen in this decade included long necklaces, chunky statement pieces, and large hoop earrings.

Chunky Statement Pieces In the 70s, jewelry trends went bold with statement pieces taking center stage. Chunky necklaces were popular among fashion-forward women searching for something with a bit more sparkle than traditional items. Bejeweled collars, pendants with colorful gemstones, and charm bracelets filled with symbols from foreign cultures were all celebrated at the time. This is commonly seen today as modern versions of these trends are adapted to fit current aesthetics.

Long Necklaces Chic long necklaces were one of the top jewelry trends in the 70s that put an emphasis on femininity and glamour. These elegant pieces created a bohemian vibe that made them even more sought after during the decade. Strings of beads accented with tiny charms or delicate coins adorned many a woman’s wardrobe back then and still remain popular today both for everyday use or special occasions alike.

Large Hoop Earrings Textured metal hoops were everywhere back then-from punk rock shows to formal gatherings-representing rebellion yet accessibility alike. The sheer size of this trend made it alluring for those looking to make a fashion statement overnight without too much effort or investment. Recently we are also seeing an uptick in vintage inspired hoops too which further prove that this classic look will never go out of style.

Statement Pieces

The 70s was a decade full of statement pieces and Bold accessories. Both women and men experimented with bold jewelry trends that were reflective of the tastes and cultural norms of the era. This trend revolutionized the way people wore jewelry, making for dynamic fashion statements that still have an impact on what is considered fashionable today. Below are some of the striking jewelry trends in the 70s:

  • Multicolor Jewelry – A popular trend in the 70’s, multicolor jewelry highlighted bright, contrasting colors paired together offering a similarly striking effect. Popular designs included East Indian inspired chunky necklaces with other intricate multi-color jewelry pieces.
  • Hair Accessories – Large hair accessories became a favorite amongst women during this period as they accentuated their already daring hairstyles. Feathers, bows, flowers, pins studded with jewels were all part of this look.
  • Chains as Accessories – Chains came out from being just part of an outfit to becoming a major accessory. They could be worn by both men and women in all sizes and forms. Long chains piled around your neck gave you a dramatic bohemian look that was quite popular at the time.
  • Tassels – Another fashion trend worn by both men and women alike were tasseled accessories. Tassels, feathers and leather adorned shoes, hats & handbags giving them an exciting edge.

The King of Peace Frog

The 70s were an era of jewelry creativity, and the King of Peace Frog was one of the most unique trends. The frog figure became popular among both men and women as a symbol of peace. Its bulging eyes, jeweled brows, and exaggerated body gave it a recognizable style that mirrored other iconic pieces from the decade.

Reasons Why People Loved the King of Peace Frog

  • It Represented Positive Ideals: Wearing the King of Peace Frog was a way for people to express their commitment to peace during a time when military tensions were at an all-time high.
  • It Was Distinctive: With its two gemstone eyes and exaggerated detailing, the frog figure stood out from other jewelry pieces in the 70s.
  • It Had Versatility: The necklace could be worn with casual outfits or elegant evening gowns. It was also available in multiple colors, allowing customers to customize it to their preferences.

Manufacturing Process Of The King Of Peace Frog

To create a King of Peace Frog necklace, jewelers started by cutting green jade into the shape of a frog. They then polished the jade until it was smooth and added engraved details such as facial features so that each frog had its own personality.

Finally, they set two ruby or sapphire stones into place for its eyes and added a gold chain for people to wear it around their neck. Every piece was handmade with meticulous precision in order to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Popularity Of The Piece

Due to its unique design and significance, the King of Peace Frog necklace became immensely popular during the 70s. It could be found on celebrities at prestigious awards shows, at lavish parties held by influential figures, or simply adorning someone’s neckline at their favorite hangout spot; wherever you looked you could spot one these elusive pieces gracing someone’s presence.

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Furthermore, many music legends paid homage to this symbol by wearing it during performances or using artworks featuring frogs in their album covers or music videos. All these factors increased its notoriety as well as its demand across different demographics throughout America.

Nature-Inspired Pieces

The 1970s saw an increase in nature-inspired jewelry trends. Jewelers, inspired by the beauty of precious stones and natural shells, created stunning pieces that showcased their workmanship. Popular combinations of stones and shells included:

  • Tiger’s Eye and Abalone Shell
  • Faceted Agate and Cowrie Shells
  • Smoky Quartz and Turban shells
  • Hematite and Freshwater Pearls

These pieces were primarily crafted with silver or gold settings, depending on the type of stone or shell used. They were versatileenough to be worn day or night for casual or dress occasions. Some popular jewelry items included necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets.

The combination of nature-inspired stones and shells added a unique touch of originality to every piece crafted in the 70s The benefit of these over cheaper mass production jewelry was in the quality craftsmanship each artisan put into creating each piece.

To source the best materials possible various sources would combine resources like mines for precious stones from different parts of the world partnering with local abalone shell artisans from Indonesia for example so customers could get truly unique one off pieces they wouldn’t see anywhere else for distinctive style statement.

Aside from the sentimental value behind these vintage pieces, they remain timeless trend pieces until today – despite material cost inflation over time – since no two pieces look exactly alike due to subtle variations in the design and pattern for each stone or shell. To this day you can still find modern variations of 70s-style jewelry made with these materials.

Precious Gems

During the 70s there was a wide range of jewelry trends that became popular, however, the most common elements included classic gold, rose gold and colorful precious stones. Gold had a luxe look to it and was a symbol of status and wealth during this period. It was possible to find large and bold pieces such as necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets made from simple golden metal or with colorful gemstones added in for an extra sparkle.

Rose gold was also very popular during this decade. This type of gold has pink undertones giving it a warmer tone which looked beautiful when coupled with precious stones. Large chunky rings were made of solid Rose Gold with intricate designs set into them as well as delicate necklaces featuring small pendants encapsulated in Rose Gold setting.

Glamor Jewelry

Glamor jewelry was also fashionable during the 70s with pieces featuring big sparkly crystals such as glass beads, sequins and strips of crystal creating works of art on more ornate items such as shoulder chains, belts, necklaces and headbands. Glamor jewelry could be found in all shapes and sizes allowing people to customize their accessories according to their own individual style.

Other types of jewelry that became modern during this era were Ethnic-style pieces such as wooden geometric shapes or silver coins adorning long necklaces or the rise in popularity of amulets which were used for protection or luck charms.

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian StyleJewelry with delicate beaded drops emanating a carefree vibe were worn by many women during the 70s and could be seen embellishing capes, scarves or even loose blouses which caught onto the trend quickly.

On top of this leather jewelry incorporating rawhide shapes tied together by strings made up another iconic look from the era where people could buy striking colors such as orange and yellow against blacks and browns for statement aesthetics ideal for those influenced by rock music who wanted something edgier than what mainstream society offered at the time.

Chunky Accessories

The 1970s were an influential period for fashion and jewelry trends. Many people rocked the popular chunky accessories, which included wooden jewelry and statement chains. These types of jewelry made a bold statement with their larger than life size compared to delicate pieces that had been seen in previous decades.

Women would often wrap a heavy link chain around their necks or stack multiple necklaces with wooden clasps. The chunkier look was associated with the disco scene of the decade – making a powerful statement when worn to dance clubs in the evening.

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Hardware-style jewelry was also popular in the 1970s. Often plated in gold or silver, these pieces had mixed media looks comprised of various metals and accents such as cogs, circles, connectors and more. Styles included tiny dangling earrings and intricately wired hand bracelets and rings.

The popularity of wooden beads throughout the ’70s extended far beyond everyday accessories like necklaces and earrings; fashion designers quickly picked up on its potential for clothing adornment as well. Bohemian-style maxi dresses were seen throughout the decade, usually finished off with long strings of colorful wood accent beads pulling together patterned fabrics or simple solids.

Whether paired confidently with jean flares or layered beneath five hundred other 70’s fashion style details, this accessory quickly became a must-have among trendsetters who sought out unique modernized looks from just a single addition to any ensemble.

Eclectic Style

The 1970s was a time of experimentation and transformational decisions in terms of fashion, and jewelry was no exception. 70s jewelry was bold and eclectic, with influences from art nouveau styles as well as abstract geometric shapes dominating the look.

It was a time of gathering inspiration from nature, cultural symbolism and natural materials such as wood, gems, shells and croc. Particularly popular amongst 70s jewelry were modernist enamel items that combined futuristic geometric shapes along with floral designs for a unique update on the classic flowery jewelry style.

Statement Pieces

Asymmetrical statement pieces were incredibly popular during the 70s era. Large chunky necklaces, rings and earrings created from sterling silver or chunky wooden beads – often combinations of both – could be seen everywhere creating beautiful layered effects and making quite thestatement when worn together.

Usually these pieces incorporated gem stones or more solid shapes such as hollow metal balls which added to their bold impact but also gave off an effortless style that could be worn for any occasion – dress it up for an evening out or dress it down for a relaxed casual look during the day time hours.


In addition to statement pieces, subtle embellishments on clothing became very popular in the 70s. Here thin chains mixed with bright colors became most associated with this era’s fashion moment; Mexican inspired looped embroidery belts wore over a floral maxi skirt being a perfect example here.

Turquoise stone jewellery was another trend during this period adding just enough texture and detail without going too over the top; long teardrop pendants paired with bohemian styled dresses completing looks effortlessly during summer months while smaller delicate piercings kept things subtly stylish at other times throughout the year.


The seventies was a decade of unexpected fashion and cultural trends. Jewelry in the 70s was no exception. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the seventies is the sunflower-worn in rings, necklaces or even earrings.

The flower made use of materials like rhinestones, semi-precious stones, enamel and metal to create stunning and unique pieces that were both eye-catching and fashionable. Other popular jewelry pieces included Coonskin caps, peace signs, tie die pendants, elephant charms and animal print jewelry like tigers or zebra which could be found in assorted sizes and styles.

A defining feature of jewelry during this time period was its maximalism. Bold and massive chunky necklaces were often paired with many other daring accessories such as hats with feathers or collars full of medallions or coins to form an unconventional yet astoundingly beautiful ensemble.

Macramé bracelets crafted from yarn were all the rage in this decade too. Due to their delicate knotting technique using one continuous strand they could be fashioned into bangles, wraps or even anklets creating a hippie-style statement piece that personified the revolutionary fashion movement.

The 70s also saw a resurgence of Art Deco-inspired designs through intricate cocktail rings crafted from precious stones set into ornamental gold casings featuring geometric patterns such as pyramids, triangles, octagons or squares to mimic designs synonymous with glamorous flapper attitudes from the 1920s Jazz era.

This fashion trend continues to dominate present day magazines and red carpets globally as Hollywood icons revive the devastatingly stunning jewelry designs that marked a cultural highlight in the 70s still resonating today in our vibrant society thousands of miles away and four decades further on.

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