Women Art Deco Jewelry

Women Art Deco Jewelry was the epitome of fashion in the 1920s. Its hallmark designs included bold geometric shapes, highly stylized lines, and embellishments featuring angular elements and true-to-nature motifs in a palette of vivid colors meant to be a showstopper on any woman’s wardrobe.

Art Deco jewelry embodied the spirit of the times: a sense of modernity coupled with sophistication and glamour. This was especially important for women at this time period who were often seen as an accessory to their male counterparts but used Art Deco jewelry as a form of liberation to gain some much needed self-expression.

Overview of Women Art Deco Jewelry Women Art Deco Jewelry was often crafted from materials such as platinum, gold, white & yellow gold alloys or sterling silver and had pieces ranging from long tassel necklaces with seed pearl accents to diamond ring shaped like scarab beetles or floral bouquets bands embedded with colorful gemstones.

Popular gemstones used included zircons, sapphires, sapphires glass paste, aquamarine, amethyst and Marcasites – these usually incorporated various shades of green or blue hues that added a dramatic flair to necklaces and earrings combinations.

Materials such as coral, onyx and pearls were also not neglected in designs along with Japanese lacquer which filled in floral and sunburst motifs commonly seen in many pieces.

Significance Of Women Art Deco Jewelry Women Art Deco Jewelry is significant for many reasons; not only does it reflect the modernity movement that characterized this era but it also signifies the growing sense of self which young woman took up during this period.

The introduction of art deco reflections the move away from restrictive traditionalism associated with Victorian era trends into more liberated lives through color contrasting and elegant jewellery pieces; about beauty being independent styled rather than assigned by society increasing emphasis towards women’s rights and freedom expressed through aesthetic choices.

Furthermore Women Art Deco jewelry served as both status symbols expressing success and ambition while also being an emotional outlet where owners could add personal touches to their collections reflecting their own individualistic nature.

A Brief History of Art Deco Jewelry and Its Influence on Modern Trends

The Art Deco period stretched from 1925 to 1940 and was heavily influenced by glamour, sophistication, technology, experimentation and modernism. It is widely considered one of the most beautiful and iconic styles of design ever produced and continues to influence jewelry trends today.

Art Deco jewelry was groundbreaking for its time. The bold designs made use of different materials such as gold, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, semiprecious stones and even jade. Many pieces also included geometric shapes and angular designs that have become typical of Art Deco jewelry.

Women’s Art Deco jewelry at this time featured more playful designs with delicate pieces often featuring flowers and hearts or gemstones added in clusters. This is a style which has been particularly popular over the past decade as modern designers have drawn on the Art Deco ideals of functionality combined with aesthetics for their own collections.

These days a wide variety of jewelry pieces can be found drawing inspiration from this era including rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches amongst others.

Some Examples Of Women’s Art Deco Jewelry

  • Diamond halos: Typically made up of small round cut diamonds in a symmetrical pattern surrounding a larger center stone.
  • Toy box: A rail-style link filled with various precious stones.
  • Zigzag motif: Earrings or bracelets featuring stepped lines leading toward an accent diamond in the middle.
  • Sunburst: A ring featuring rays extending outward; usually lined with smaller diamonds.
  • Cocktail rings: Heavy rings featuring some combination of tourmaline, ruby or diamond.

Key Elements of Art Deco Jewelry and How to Spot Them

The roaring 20s brought forth a new artistic movement called Art Deco which spanned across the world of fashion, furniture design, architecture, and jewelry. Art Deco was often an extravagant symbol of wealth and has been used to represent the vibrancy of the 1920s when the common man or woman could own extraordinary things.

Its themes incorporated many studies from nature such as floral motifs, feathers, insects and tigers. Women’s Art Deco jewelry specifically is known for its bold and geometric designs inspired by modern material culture.


Bold geometric shapes are typically associated with women’s Art Deco Jewelry such as triangles, diamonds or circles in multiple sizes combined with colorful gemstones. The combination of metric geometry patterns with asymmetrical details on women’s jewellery adds a classic elegant touch that can still be found in modern jewellery styles today. Some popular pieces include sautoir necklaces, long bead necklaces, barbell bracelets or lariat necklaces.


Art deco jewellery was also known for introducing new materials that became staples in luxury goods like platinum and white gold alloy combined with precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds in shades of green. Diamonds were also commonly used in this style due to their brilliance which provided an outing contrast against the background colour of either white or yellow gold.

Other popular materials included ceramic and Bakelite plastics, both found in large bangles or earrings during this period of time.


Women’s jewellery during the Art Deco era had a unique flair to it which was attributed to its symbolic iconography often derived from cultural influences around the time. These symbols can range anywhere from hieroglyphic representations like Cartouches and scarabs influenced by Egyptology to romantic nature figures like griffins folded into one another on a brooch or ring created by a master jeweler’s hands using metalwork techniques perfected during this time period.

Other objects denote certain meanings like keys for success or lucky charms; these objects are still found throughout our society today especially when looking for iconic vintage pieces from this era like Van Cleef & Arpels clover necklace line which bears hidden lucky charms within its sophisticated designs.

Common Materials Used to Create Art Deco Jewelry

During the Art Deco period (1920s-1930s), bold designs and vibrant colors were the hallmark of the movement. Women’s jewelry was often intricate in design, with a mix of precious and non-precious stones used to create pieces of subtle elegance. The three most common materials used for women’s art deco jewelry are:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
Art Deco Jewelry Meaning

Each one of these metals is known for its malleability and strength which allowed jewelry makers to craft unique and innovative designs. Platinum was especially favored for creating statement pieces such as heavy geometric shapes or abstract forms that could stand out. Gold was also a popular choice thanks to its malleability, with lighter shades preferred, while silver was an ideal affordable choice due to its affordability despite still providing quality results.

One type of jewelry that became very popular during this time was geometric jewelry which usually incorporated solid shapes; either complete circles, half circles or angular wedge-shaped pieces. This style was often seen in combination with Art Nouveau themes combined with Navajo motifs, a blend referred to as Aztec inspired Art Deco Jewelry today.

Many necklaces would feature large bold gemstones including turquoise, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires among others. In order to add contrast and visual interest curved lines were often carved into gems adding texture as well as extended arcs to both sides of a piece creating balance between detailed design elements on either side.

Other popular choices included diamond solitaire rings as well as rings featuring brightly colored gemstones such as rubies or opals often set within platinum frames forming beautiful patterns and renderings intertwined with thin lines of gold which created a truly classic piece reminding us why Art Deco Jewelry remains so timeless and iconic decades later.

Popular Variations of Art Deco Jewelry

Women’s Art Deco Jewelry was popularized in the 1920s to 1930s as an expression of modernity, luxury and creativity. Its aesthetic value is found in its symmetry, angular shapes and vibrant colors that create a modern look that no other style quite compares to. From bold necklaces filled with colorful gemstones, to geometric earrings resembling miniature stained-glass windows – this era of jewelry is as popular today as when it was first created.

Geometric Designs

One of the hallmarks of women’s Art Deco Jewelry is the use of geometric designs featuring abstract pieces swirling in a flurry of color like circles, triangles, squares and diamonds. These art pieces blended the beauty of nature with human ingenuity crafted into shapes like sunbursts and pyramids constructed from gold, platinum or silver metal. Other geometric pieces featured multi-colored semi-precious stone set between rectangles or square frames, materializing an unbeatable sparkle effect for day or nightwear.

Pendant Necklaces

Many women’s Art Deco Jewelry pieces consist of beautiful pendant necklaces that can either stand alone or be paired with matching earrings for added impact. The most common pendants were shaped as v-dropped curves dripping with diamonds set into gold or platinum wires graduating down into pointed tips usually accented by purple amethysts stones or sapphires for dramatic visual appeal.

Moreover, these types of necklaces often features intricate patterns creating waves underlined with delicate rows of tiny pearls fully wrapped inside sleek gold clasped collarers custom fit for each intended wearer to create a beautiful flowing effect.

Jewel-encrusted Rings

Jewel encrusted rings were also a major part women’s Art Deco Jewelry creations during this period featuring gemstone cabochons giving off sheens that at spots among multiple colored pave diamond surrounding along the body centerpiece giving off example to any envious eyes nearby.

Made out from luxuriously precious material such as Gold and Platinum metals situated around one central diamond framed between multiple smaller diamonds made for an eye capturing sight looking like nothing seen before it or since its heyday either on special occasions on their own much less as part larger collections designed specially for them.

Tips on Choosing the Best Art Deco Jewelry for Your Personality

Art Deco jewelry is recognized for its strong geometric shapes and classiness. Women have a lot of selection when it comes to this type of jewelry, making it easier to find something that fits your style and personality. Here are some tips on finding the perfect Art Deco Jewelry piece:

  • Choose Shape
  • The shape you choose should flatter your outfit and match the look you are going for. Popular shapes include diamond cut stones, long rectangles, and round circles. All of these shapes can provide lots of intricate detail in the jewelry’s design. Consider if you want a large centerpiece or small accents when deciding on what shape will work best with your wardrobe.

  • Set the Tone
  • Colors also play an important factor in Art Deco jewelry. Gold and silver metal tones are popular among woman due to their classic appeal, but other colors such as rose gold or black can bring more modern flair to an outfit. When picking out stones, many opt for earth tones which help bring out detail without compromising on sophistication. Then further express yourself with gemstones like rubies, topaz, sapphires etc., set into your piece making it unique to you only.

  • Be Inspired
  • Think about where your inspiration may come from when choosing an Art Deco design. Historic settings of the 1920’s such as Gatsby scenes draw great inspiration for pieces with classic detailing but updated color schemes; while vintage finds from antique stores might be just the piece to complete any modern art deco design you may have come up with on your own. Use these inspirations to spark ideas that will help create just the right fit.

Benefits of Owning Art Deco Jewelry

The modern world of jewelry has been affected undeniably by the Art Deco period of the early 20th century. Popular and intricate designs from this era provide timeless beauty that their contemporary designs lack. This is why owning an Art Deco piece or pieces makes a woman unique and fashionable. Furthermore, since they are so diverse in designs, they compliment every woman’s style or fashion regime from casual to supremely formal.

A Popular Cultural Choice

Women have been wearing Art Deco jewelry ever since its inception in 1925, but moreso today because of its popularity amongst past generations who appreciated the aesthetic value of the art they created during this era. Art Deco jewelry was seen on many influential women of that time such as Coco Chanel, Lily Elsie and Wallis Simpson, wife fo King Edward VIII.

Following these cultural icons have led to an increase in popularity for Art deco jewelry today in both vintage and newer pieces, as well as materials ranging from sterling silver to gold.

Expanding Your Jewelry Collection

Moreover, while making an investment on any type of vintage piece is deemed expensive by some, owning a relic from the prized Art Deco period guarantees you quality craftsmanship without breaking the bank compared to other luxury diamond jewelry pieces revered by jewellers worldwide.

Some collections include brooches, necklaces, earrings and even cufflinks inspired by classic geometric forms and bold colors that remain ageless yet refined with a modern twist ideal for those who appreciate unique statement pieces sure to last many years with proper care due to their sturdiness over time.

How to Care for and Clean Art Deco Jewelry

Women art deco jewelry is an iconic era of classic glamour. It was first popularized in the mid-1920s and reached its peak in the 1930s. The look is daring yet tasteful and instantly recognizable to many. With its bold yet graceful shape, art deco jewelry is a reminder of a time of luxury and style. Women wore it as an expression of their femininity and as a way to show off their fashion sense.

But in order to keep women’s art deco jewelry looking great for years, it needs to be properly cared for and cleaned regularly-especially if it’s made with semi-precious stones or has a lot of intricate detail work. Here are some tips on how best to clean and care for your art deco jewelry:

  • Remove any dirt, particles or grease build-up with a soft brush.
  • Clean stones separately with warm water and mild soap.
  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the metal components.
  • To shine, use a lint-free cloth moistened in warm water.
  • For harder to reach areas, use an old toothbrush.
  • Store pieces in individual pouches or compartments that have soft lining if possible.

It’s also important to remember not to expose your women’s art deco jewelry to chemicals or extreme temperatures. Even cosmetics can corrode certain types of metals. And even though some pieces may be resistant to tarnishing there are still soaps which contain salts that will react adversely with certain metals.

Keeping clear from beach projects – salt water & dirt – is also highly recommended when wearing these classic pieces of jewellery. For extra security, protect items by handling them carefully when wearing them and storing them away correctly when you’re done wearing them. This prevents accidental damage caused by knocks & scratches against surfaces etc which can gradually wear down delicate designs over time and decrease their life expectancy when not treated well from day one.

Popular Designers for Women’s Art Deco Jewelry

Gaining momentum from the rise of the avant-garde modern movement, Art Deco jewelry designers sought out to create one-of-a-kind pieces for ambitious individualists. This period is one of the most diverse and decorative eras in jewelry making, with its use of eclectic materials such as Bakelite, glass, enamel, gold, and semi-precious stones.

While there is a range of different styles from this time period, the classical icons of the era are definitely unique and innovative. Some styles have become timeless classics that are still sought after today.

One pioneering designer during this time was René Lalique who introduced his own signature technique in which he transformed glass into intricate designs. The themes were often composed of flowers, birds or leaves where each piece had its own individual character. Other remarkable jewelry designers from this era were Suzanne Belperron, Jean Fouquet and Paul Iribe who experimented with early plastic resins and eye popping color combinations that made each creation vibrant and distinctive.

The iconic modern designs by Coco Chanel also took center stage in women’s fashion during this era. She debuted her first costume set consisting of etruscan style bib necklaces paired with long flowing gowns which truly embodied an elite status for any wearer of her creations.

Throughout the years Chanel continued to create pieces that were simple yet incredibly elegant using materials like black onyx, diamonds for a dramatic flair but always focusing on her minimalist design style that has shaped fashion trends for decades.

These historical figures are forever embedded in art history as having created some of the most classic beauty ever seen and their work continues to influence modern day fashion culture even though Art Deco has been classified as a distinct decade over 80 years ago. Each designer brought to life their own interpretations while challenging traditional aesthetics at the same time producing creative masterpieces that remain legendary today decades later.

Where to Buy Women’s Art Deco Jewelry

Women’s Art Deco jewelry is an essential accessory for any woman’s wardrobe. Its unique and timeless designs provide a touch of style and class that can never go out of style.

One of the best places to find these exquisite pieces is online, as it allows you to compare prices from multiple vendors and view many examples of different pieces in one place. Not only can you buy authentic vintage Art Deco items, but new brands are releasing modern inspired designs as well.

When purchasing Art Deco Jewelry online, there are some important factors to consider before making a purchase. The first thing you should do is research the company’s reputation and make sure that they have authentically designed products that will last you for years.

Many websites also offer free shipping on their orders which is an added security against potential fraudulent activity or mishaps during delivery. Additionally, pay attention to the customer reviews, so that if there were any problems with the product or services, it’s easier to spot them right away before making a final decision.

Once satisfied with your selection of purchase, it’s time to start wearing the new jewelry. Caring for your vintage Art Deco jewelry just requires some basic precautions like avoiding frequent contact with rough surfaces such as concrete or stone. Also avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia-water-based soap and water are generally sufficient for day-to-day maintenance.

Be aware of sudden temperature changes from air conditioning or heaters inside when wearing your jewelry as metal materials may become brittle with certain environmental factors over time. Finally, watch out for the everyday wear-and-tear; be sure to store your jewelry away after use in a clean dry place like a box or velvet pouch in order to increase its lifespan and keep it looking at its best.