Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Set

An art deco wedding jewelry set is a stunning collection of pieces coordinating in color and style, typically complete with a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The design has become incredibly popular over the last few years due to its timeless glamor and classic lines.

Art deco jewelry features angular geometric shapes, bright colors and elegant motifs that are created by hand for a unique look each time. They use precious metals such as gold and silver combined with sparkling glass stones, diamonds or pearls which give the pieces an exquisite finish that stands out from the crowd.

The Beauty of Art Deco Design

Why Choose an Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Set?

The best part about choosing an art deco wedding jewelry set is how unique it truly is, as no two are alike. Handcrafted art deco pieces also come at a much more affordable price than some other types of fine jewelry sets.

They usually have a vintage quality feel to them due to intricate lines that adorn both necklaces and rings alike; these dainty details create interesting textures while maintaining a classic yet modern aesthetic. Moreover, these sets make great graduation gifts since they offer a timeless expression of achievement in addition to being beautiful on their own.

A Brief History of Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Sets

Art Deco wedding jewelry sets have become quite popular recently and the style is quite unique. For many, these items embody all the glamor of the Art Deco movement which started in the 1920s. But what exactly do we mean by art deco?

Simply, art deco was a movement that spoke to modernity, with an emphasis on geometry and structure. It saw a rise in technology, reflected through influences from a variety of different cultures including French and Greek. The style saw designs that were bold and geometric with motifs of intricate shapes and patterns.

The 1920s was truly a time for the growth of modernism which influenced not only fashion but also jewelry designs, prominently featuring prominent Art Deco motifs such as chevron, sunburst and abstracted floral designs. Alongside this period when materials such as silvers, diamonds or cabochon stones were used heavily in creating Art Deco pieces there was also a rise in white gold settings for accessories to further enhance their shine and beauty.

Famous houses such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co were some of the main creators of these pieces; however due to the rising popularity in recent times more recently established designers are using these iconic designs to create their own unique takes on Art Deco Jewelry Sets.

With highly sought after sustainability detailed into the contemporary pieces they offer new ideas while still maintaining traditional Art Deco marriage accessories with gemstones often featured around edges to add further drama along with delicate filigree work with textured metal surfacing to elevate any set even further.

In present day designing jewels, incorporating traditional elements along with newer trends it’s no wonder why these pieces have become some of most wanted wedding sets around current brides-to-be. From rose gold setting like those from high end designer’s Harry Winston or perhaps custom order designed pieces from smaller jewelers you have access range styles for your special occasion making sure there is something everyone can find to make your wedding day one extraordinary event.

Different Types of Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Sets

When it comes to picking the perfect bridal jewelry, one popular option is Art Deco wedding jewelry sets. Art Deco pieces are characterized by bold geometric design and a mixture of unusual materials such as glass, shell and precious gems. These vintage-inspired pieces bring a modern touch to any bridal look. There are many different types of Art Deco wedding jewelry sets that range from subdued subtle designs to opulently eye-catching pieces.

The most iconic type of Art Deco jeweler set is the 1920s flapper inspired necklace and earring combo with long strands of multicoloured beads or pearls accompanied by long cascading earrings with turquoise gems. This type of set exudes old-world glamour combined with modern style and sophistication. For brides looking for something simpler, but no less elegant, there are many varieties of clean-lined bracelets featuring intricate settings and details crafted from rose gold or yellow gold metalwork.

Metals Used In Art Deco Fine Jewelry

For a more traditional look, a delicate sterling silver necklace featuring a geometric pendant adorned with gemstones such as pink tourmaline or amethyst will work perfectly for those seeking contemporary vibes for their bridal look. To complete the set couples may opt for complimentary bands featuring detailed cutouts like crescents or stars as well as encrusted diamonds for an added sparkle on their special day.

No matter what type of bride someone may be, there seems to be an art deco wedding set perfect for any vision.

Defining Features of Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Sets

Art Deco wedding jewelry sets were popular in the 1920s-1930s and have seen a recent comeback in popularity. These types of sets usually feature bold geometric shapes, vibrant yet soft-toned colours and generous beading. The jewellery is often inspired by traditional Egyptian ornaments as well as natural symbols like birds, stars and butterflies. The metal used is typically either gold or platinum, perfect for making sure your wedding look stands out.

The most defining feature of Art Deco wedding jewelry sets is their unique use of geometric shapes. From long rectangular lines to circular hoops, each piece works together to create a beautiful overall look. This chic silhouette produces an eye-catching result that looks elegant without compromising on boldness.

Other signature design elements include oversized center stones encrusted with small diamonds, layered chains and intricate filigree work. Jewels like rose quartz and opal add a touch of color, keeping the design from looking too plain or monochrome.

For centuries, brides have symbolically worn something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue on their special day. With an Art Deco wedding jewelry set you can combine all four.

Pieces like necklaces can be given to you directly from a family member, while rings can be bought brand new for the occasion but reflect antique styles with intricate detailing and smaller gemstones than modern designs. You can also treat yourself to some vintage earrings if you’d like a more subtle representation of tradition for your wedding look – just remember to bring a blue sapphire necklace for luck.

Benefits and Reasons to Choose an Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Set

When it comes to deciding on a jewelry set for your wedding day look, the Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Set is an ideal option. The bold octagonal shapes and distinctive motifs of this period make it easy to create a timeless piece that stands out in a crowd. The set features colorful gemstones such as Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds which add a unique touch of personality to the overall design.

The Art Deco jewelery set is also renowned for its intricate designs using various enamel techniques that involve inlaying colored glass into depressions in gold or silver to create polished looking ornamental pieces. These unique elements ensure you stand out from the crowd yet still remain timeless with classic lines that won’t ever go out of style.

Another great benefit to choosing an Art Deco Jewelery set is its ultra-feminine appearance. With soft curves combined with bold geometric accents, these sets suit any color theme for your special day and are sure to draw attention from those around you.

Not to mention, each stone used is handpicked based on its exceptional clarity and color for a more sparkly and vivid look. This combination also allows for more flexibility when designing customized pieces as you can choose gems that best represent your personal style and budget.

How to Clean and Maintain an Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Set

It is not always easy to maintain an Art Deco wedding jewelry set. It requires some extra care, but it can be done easily if you follow the proper steps. With some careful maintenance and cleaning, your Art Deco wedding jewelry set will last for years as a beautiful reminder of a special day.

The first step to properly cleaning and maintaining your Art Deco wedding jewelry set is to gently wipe it down with a soft lint-free cloth. This will remove any dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the pieces. After this, you can use a mild non-abrasive soap and warm water to wash any other residue away from the jewelry set.

Make sure to completely dry the pieces afterwards before storing them in order to prevent any further damage from moisture. In addition, for more intricate silver and gold pieces, use a small brush or cotton swab with an anti-tarnish solution so that the metal does not corrode over time.

For long-term storage of your Art Deco wedding jewelry set, store each piece separately in acid free paper inside a sealed container or box with silica gel packets (to absorb moisture). Additionally, contact the appropriate professional if any repairs are needed in order to ensure that your antique jewelry stays intact and maintains its beauty over time.

Art Deco Jewelry Settings

As you take these precautions, your heirloom can eventually be passed down so that future generations will once again be able to appreciate its breathtaking aesthetics.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Set

An Art Deco wedding jewelry set is the perfect way to complement your 1920s-inspired style. Whether you’re having an old-Hollywood themed marriage ceremony or dressing up in a vintage outfit, Art Deco adornment will add a dash of classic glamor and fun. Get creative with how you accessorize and make sure your details shine bright by following a few handy tips.

The most important tip for choosing a fabulous jewelry set for your wedding is to focus on what type of metals and stones go with your gown and colors, this is the key to helping everything come together seamlessly. Start by considering shapes that enhance the features of your dress and look for elements like geometry so that each piece follows the primary design concept and coordinates with everything else going on.

If you opt for something in white gold or platinum, these cool hues can provide an interesting contrast when paired with bolder colors.

A classic Art Deco styled wedding ring is often crafted from a single metal-brass, silver or gold-but modern variations can be found that incorporate several different materials into one style statement. Think things like mixtures featuring yellow gold, rose gold and diamonds or even antique-cut gems.

You could also consider intricate opal pieces inspired by the artistry of Native American silversmiths if you’re feeling especially daring. Whatever route you take, get inspired by layering coordinating pieces to create a unique bridal look that truly stands out from the crowd.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to go all-out when accessorizing your big day look: smaller embellishments such as crystal earrings can be used throughout the day without taking over the aesthetic of your dress or makeup overall. Not only will these subtle additions draw attention to more delicate details like intricate beading but they’ll add the perfect amount of sparkle for all those special photo ops too.

Finally, think about stocking up on dainty brooch pins which can be used to further customize any ensemble before finally getting hitched – no matter what era you decide to channel.

Summary and Takeaways on Art Deco Wedding Jewelry Sets

Art Deco jewelry sets have become a popular choice for wedding parties in recent years. Art Deco pieces possess unique quality and elegance that makes them stand out from other wedding jewelry styles. Typically, these pieces feature bold colors and abstract designs inspired by the 1920s art movement. The classic design of Art Deco pieces easily blends in with any traditional or contemporary wedding look, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the occasion.

What makes Art Deco wedding jewelry so special? For starters, it’s entirely distinct from mass produced jewelry that is widely available. Each piece is usually handmade and customized to fit the wearer’s individual style and preferences.

Furthermore, this type of jewelry contains precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and sapphires which make it more valuable than regular wedding bands or pendants. Additionally, some Art Deco pieces can be decorated with enamel work which adds texture to a piece like no other material can.

The “opus” quality that comes along with Art Deco wedding jewelry sets makes them the ideal choice for any couple celebrating their special day. They are not only timelessly beautiful but also highly sought after for their unique craftsmanship and designs.

Not to mention that when cared for properly, these elegant pieces will hold their value well over time. With proper maintenance and cleaning techniques they may even increase in value making them a wise investment for those looking to preserve sentimental memories of their special day forevermore.

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