Where to Sell Handmade Jewelry in Los Angeles

Are you a jewelry artisan wondering where to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles? Look no further.

Los Angeles is a thriving market for handmade jewelry, with a diverse and fashion-forward population that values unique and handcrafted pieces. In this article, we will explore the best avenues for selling your handmade jewelry in the City of Angels, whether it’s through local artisan markets, boutique stores, online platforms, pop-up shops and events, networking with local jewelry designers, or participating in craft fairs and street fairs.

Los Angeles offers a wealth of opportunities for jewelry artisans to showcase and sell their handmade creations. From the vibrant art scene to the fashion-forward community, there is a demand for unique and handcrafted jewelry that reflects the city’s diverse culture and style. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your reach, Los Angeles provides an ideal environment to connect with potential customers who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind handmade jewelry.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different options available for selling handmade jewelry in Los Angeles. From physical locations such as artisan markets and boutique stores to online platforms that cater to a global audience, as well as pop-up shops, networking opportunities with other local designers, and effective marketing strategies – we have everything covered to help you succeed in selling your handmade jewelry in this dynamic city.

So let’s explore the various avenues and make your mark in the thriving market for handmade jewelry in Los Angeles.

Local Artisan Markets

Los Angeles provides a thriving market for selling handmade jewelry, with its diverse and fashion-forward population. Local artisan markets are an excellent avenue for artisans to showcase and sell their unique creations. From the bustling Grand Central Market to the trendy Melrose Trading Post, there are numerous markets across Los Angeles to choose from.

One of the most popular artisan markets in Los Angeles is the Artists & Fleas market, located in the vibrant Arts District. This market is known for featuring a curated selection of local artisans, designers, and vintage collectors. It attracts a hip and creative crowd, making it an ideal location to sell handmade jewelry. Another notable market is the Echo Park Craft Fair, which brings together a community of artists and makers in a beautifully curated space.

Selling at local artisan markets allows craftsmen to connect directly with their customers, gather valuable feedback, and build a loyal following. Additionally, these markets provide exposure to both local residents and tourists, increasing the potential customer base for handmade jewelry. For artisans wondering where to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles, participating in these artisan markets is definitely a top choice.

Artisan MarketLocation
Artists & FleasArts District
Echo Park Craft FairEcho Park

Boutique Stores

High-end boutique stores in Los Angeles provide a great opportunity for local jewelry artisans to showcase and sell their handmade creations to a discerning clientele. These boutique stores often curate unique, handcrafted pieces that appeal to customers looking for one-of-a-kind items. If you’re wondering where to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles, consigning or selling your pieces in high-end boutique stores can be a lucrative option.

Here are some of the best boutique stores in Los Angeles where you can consign or sell your handmade jewelry:

  • Roseark: Located in West Hollywood, Roseark is known for its collection of artisanal jewelry and fine art. The store features a carefully curated selection of handcrafted jewelry pieces, making it a prime location for local jewelry designers to showcase their work.
  • Broken English: With locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, Broken English specializes in luxury and designer jewelry, including unique handmade pieces. Artists looking to sell their handmade jewelry at this boutique store can benefit from the exposure to an upscale clientele.
  • Ten Women Gallery: This cooperative gallery in Venice Beach showcases the work of local female artists and designers. The gallery’s focus on supporting women artisans makes it a great place for female jewelry designers to display and sell their handmade creations.

Consignment opportunities may vary among different boutique stores, so it’s important to research each store’s consignment policies and reach out to inquire about the possibility of selling your handmade jewelry in their establishment.

By exploring these high-end boutique stores as potential venues for selling your handmade jewelry, you can tap into a market of discerning customers who appreciate unique and artisanal craftsmanship. Networking with store owners and building relationships within the local artisan community can also open doors to new opportunities for showcasing and selling your handcrafted jewelry in Los Angeles.

Online Platforms

When it comes to selling handmade jewelry in Los Angeles, there are numerous online platforms that can help you reach a global audience. These platforms provide an opportunity to showcase your unique creations and connect with customers from all around the world. Here are some of the best online marketplaces where you can sell your handmade jewelry from Los Angeles:

  • Etsy: Etsy is a popular online marketplace known for its focus on handmade and vintage items. It provides a platform for artisans to sell their unique creations, making it an ideal place to showcase and sell your handmade jewelry in Los Angeles.
  • Amazon Handmade: Amazon Handmade is another great option for selling handmade jewelry online. With its vast customer base, this platform allows you to reach a wide audience and expand your business beyond the local market in Los Angeles.
  • ArtFire: Artfire is a marketplace specifically designed for handmade goods, including jewelry. It offers various tools and features to help artists and designers promote and sell their creations worldwide.
How to Start a Small Handmade Jewelry Business

In addition to these major marketplaces, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can also be powerful tools for promoting and selling your handmade jewelry. By creating an engaging online presence and using targeted advertising, you can attract customers who appreciate unique, handcrafted pieces.

Overall, utilizing online platforms is essential for reaching a global audience as a jewelry designer in Los Angeles. These platforms provide the visibility and accessibility needed to grow your business beyond local markets, allowing you to showcase and sell your handmade jewelry to customers around the world. Whether through dedicated artisan websites or social media marketing, these online avenues offer endless opportunities for success in the handcrafted jewelry industry.

Pop-Up Shops and Events

Pop-up shops have become a popular trend in Los Angeles, offering a unique and temporary retail space for artisans to showcase their handmade jewelry. These pop-up shops often attract a diverse crowd of art enthusiasts, fashionistas, and tourists looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind. Participating in a pop-up shop can provide exposure to a new audience and potentially lead to sales and future opportunities.

One way to find pop-up opportunities is to keep an eye on social media, local event listings, and artisan market websites for announcements of upcoming pop-up events in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, reaching out to event organizers or joining local artisan associations can provide insider information about upcoming pop-up opportunities.

When participating in a pop-up shop, it’s essential to create an eye-catching display that highlights the uniqueness of your handmade jewelry. Consider using props, signage, and creative lighting to make your booth stand out from the rest. Engaging with customers and sharing the story behind each piece can also help create a memorable experience for potential buyers.

Participating in pop-up shops not only allows you to sell your handmade jewelry but also provides networking opportunities with other artisans, designers, and potential collaborators. Building relationships within the local art community can open doors for future collaborations or even lead to invitations to participate in exclusive events. This networking aspect can be just as valuable as the sales generated from the pop-up shop event.

Overall, participating in pop-up shops and events is an excellent way for artisans selling handmade jewelry in Los Angeles to gain exposure, connect with potential customers, network with other artists, and increase sales. Whether it’s through traditional craft fairs or trendy temporary retail spaces, exploring these options can lead to great success in the competitive jewelry market scene within Los Angeles.

Networking With Local Jewelry Designers

Networking with other local jewelry designers in Los Angeles can be a valuable strategy for building connections, cross-promoting, and selling handmade jewelry. By collaborating with other designers, you can tap into their customer base and expand your reach in the local market. Here are some ways to network with local jewelry designers in Los Angeles.

Attending Jewelry Design Meetups and Events

One of the best ways to connect with other jewelry designers in Los Angeles is by attending meetups, workshops, and events specifically tailored to the jewelry design community. These gatherings provide opportunities to exchange ideas, share experiences, and potentially collaborate on projects or promotional activities. Keep an eye out for industry-specific events where you can meet like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of selling handmade jewelry in Los Angeles.

Collaborating on Pop-Up Shops and Trunk Shows

Teaming up with fellow jewelry designers for pop-up shops and trunk shows can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. By pooling resources and sharing costs, you can collectively host an event that attracts a larger audience than if each designer were to host their own individual show.

This not only increases exposure but also allows for cross-promotion among the participating designers. Look for opportunities to collaborate on these kinds of events to showcase and sell your handmade jewelry.

Utilizing Social Media Groups and Forums

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for networking within the creative community. Joining local jewelry design groups on platforms like Facebook or participating in forums related to handmade crafts can help you connect with other artists in your area.

These online communities often serve as a source of support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities where you can share your work and learn from others while also promoting where to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angelesurchasing handcrafted pieces from your peers.

Ultimately, networking with local jewelry designers in Los Angeles is not just about selling more handmade jewelry; it’s also about fostering a sense of community within the artisan market and supporting one another’s creative pursuits. By building meaningful connections with fellow artisans, you can gain insights, inspiration, and potential partnerships that will benefit your business in the long run.

Craft Fairs and Street Fairs

Los Angeles is a vibrant city known for its love of art and creativity, making it an ideal market for handmade jewelry. Craft fairs and street fairs are excellent opportunities for jewelry makers to showcase their unique pieces to a diverse audience. These events attract local residents as well as tourists, offering a prime location to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles.

One popular craft fair in Los Angeles is the Renegade Craft Fair, which takes place multiple times throughout the year in various locations across the city. This event features a curated selection of local artisans, including jewelry makers, providing them with a platform to interact directly with customers and make sales. Additionally, Unique LA is another well-known event that showcases independent designers and artists, making it a great place to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles.

Handmade Jewelry Farmer'S Market

In addition to craft fairs, street fairs are also an avenue where jewelry makers can connect with potential customers. The Echo Park Craft Fair, held biannually in the Echo Park neighborhood, attracts a large crowd of attendees looking for unique and handcrafted items, making it an ideal setting for selling handmade jewelry.

The Melrose Trading Post is another popular destination for artisans to set up booths and sell their creations, including handmade jewelry. These events provide exposure to a wide range of customers who appreciate artisanal goods, creating ample opportunities for sales.

Marketing Strategies

When it comes to selling handmade jewelry in Los Angeles, having effective marketing strategies is crucial for success. With the multitude of options available for selling handmade jewelry, it’s important to stand out and attract potential customers. Here are some tips for effectively marketing and promoting your handmade jewelry business in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

One effective marketing strategy for selling handmade jewelry in Los Angeles is to utilize social media platforms. Instagram, in particular, is a powerful tool for visually showcasing your unique pieces and reaching a wider audience. By regularly posting high-quality photos of your handmade jewelry, engaging with followers, and using relevant hashtags, you can increase brand visibility and attract potential customers who are looking for where to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles.

Another important aspect of marketing your handmade jewelry business in Los Angeles is to participate in local events and markets. This could involve setting up a booth at artisan markets or street fairs, as well as participating in pop-up shops around the city. These opportunities not only allow you to showcase your products but also interact directly with potential customers and other artisans. Networking with other local designers can lead to collaborations or cross-promotion opportunities.

Additionally, creating an engaging and user-friendly website where customers can browse and purchase your handmade jewelry is essential for reaching a global audience from Los Angeles. Utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve visibility on search engines and consider investing in online advertising to further promote your brand.

Building an online presence allows you to connect with customers beyond the borders of Los Angeles while still maintaining a strong presence within the city’s thriving market for artisan goods.

By implementing these marketing strategies, you will be able to effectively promote your handmade jewelry business both locally and globally from Los Angeles. With dedication, creativity, and strategic planning, you can successfully navigate the competitive landscape of selling handmade jewelry in this bustling city.


In conclusion, Los Angeles offers a wealth of opportunities for selling handmade jewelry. Whether it’s through local artisan markets, boutique stores, online platforms, pop-up shops and events, networking with other designers, or participating in craft fairs and street fairs, there are plenty of avenues to showcase and sell your unique creations. The city’s vibrant and diverse community provides a perfect backdrop for reaching a wide audience and connecting with fellow artisans.

For those wondering where to sell handmade jewelry in Los Angeles, the options are varied and abundant. With the rise of online marketplaces, it’s easier than ever to reach a global audience from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, the city’s thriving artisan markets and bustling craft fairs provide excellent opportunities to engage with local customers and gain exposure for your brand. By leveraging these different channels effectively, artisans can establish a strong presence in the market and grow their business.

Aspiring jewelry designers in Los Angeles should take advantage of the rich resources available to them in this creative hub. Building connections with other local designers can lead to collaborative opportunities and cross-promotion efforts that benefit everyone involved.

With the right marketing strategies in place, such as social media promotion and email campaigns, artisans can make a lasting impression on their target audience. Overall, by making use of these resources and taking action within the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles, creators can thrive in the handmade jewelry market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Place to Sell Handmade Jewelry?

The best place to sell handmade jewelry can vary depending on the target market and personal preferences. Online platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and social media are popular options, as well as local craft fairs and boutique shops.

What Kind of Handmade Jewelry Sells Best?

When it comes to what kind of handmade jewelry sells best, unique and one-of-a-kind pieces tend to attract more attention. Jewelry made with high-quality materials such as sterling silver or semi-precious stones also tend to sell well.

How to Start Selling Handmade Jewelry?

To start selling handmade jewelry, it’s important to first create a cohesive collection of pieces that showcase your style and skill. Then, consider setting up an online store or creating a presence on social media platforms to showcase and sell your jewelry.

Networking with other artisans and exploring local craft fairs can also help in getting started in the business.

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