Where To Find Jewelry Crafting Materials In Eso

Jewelry crafting in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a skill that players have enjoyed using to craft unique pieces of jewelry for many years. Jewelry crafting enables players of all levels and backgrounds to create specialized items from rare materials collected from dungeons, as well as other available sources. In this guide, we will explore different methods for players to find jewelry crafting materials in ESO and eventually create their own powerful pieces.

Exploration – Areas that can yield valuable materials

The best way to acquire jewelry crafting materials is by exploring the neighborhoods of Tamriel. As with most other craft-able items in the game, certain areas offer more valuable resources than others.

For example, delves are always a good source, since they often contain nodes of ore specific to jewelry making as well as other valuable resources such as hides and plants. Additionally, world bosses occasionally drop Jewelry Crafting Stations that can be used to combine ingredients at an accelerated rate depending on the level of the station, allowing players to create powerful weapons more quickly than they would if they had crafted each component separately.

Acquisition – What are some alternative sources?

For those who wish to avoid exploration but still want access to quality jewelry crafting materials, there are several marketplaces scattered throughout the game world marketing their wares. Guild traders located at multiple points throughout Tamriel may offer everything from raw materials such as ore or ingots all the way up to completed rings and necklaces depending on your reputation with them.

Furthermore, trading with friendly guilds gives you access to customized workshops and recipes which can prove invaluable when it comes time for serious refinement or experimentation with your items. Finally, bartering for these goods is also possible through certain underground channels that allow parties of adventurers to acquire powerful gear without ever having to set foot in a dungeon or risk themselves trigger dangerous mobs that may be lurking nearby.

What Materials Are Needed for Jewelry Crafting?

Jewelry crafting materials in ESO are the individual components necessary to craft jewelry items such as rings, necklaces and amulets. These materials consist of metals, crystals and precious stones. The type of material needed will depend on the type of item being crafted, as well as the quality required.

Metals are arguably the most common materials used in jewelry. These include iron, gold and silver, commonly found in mines and dungeons across ESO’s world.

Iron bars dropped by monsters can also be used in jewelry crafting recipes, while rarer precious metals such as Platinum and Orichalcum Ore can be purchased from rare vendors or obtained from fishing or other activities. Jeweled rings require Adamantite Powder which can be extracted from Adamantite ore by using grinding discs at any smithing station or an NPC grindstone found around Tamriel’s worldsmithing stations.

Crystals are used for creating jewels and crystals for ESO’s jewelry pieces such as Corundum powder forcutting jewels or rubies required for colored jewels. Gemstones like Garnets are mainly obtained through clearing locked chests with a lockpick or purchasing them at a rare vendor throughout Tamriel’s Jewelry stalls.

Precious Stones such as Emeralds and Sapphires may also be purchased at special vendors located throughout the world who have access to rare consignments of raw gems and ores not typically publicly available. Jewels are mainly purchased at Grandmaster Vendor locations scattered throughout the continent but they may also be looted from unique boss fights occasionally encountered while exploring Tamriel’s regions, collected form dead adventurers’ corpses or bartered form merchants in isolated townships.

Where to Find Refined Malachite

Refined Malachite is a resource used to craft jewelry in the Elder Scrolls Online. There are various methods of acquiring it: by mining ore veins, by collecting Refined Malachite off the ground as loot, and by purchasing it from a vendor.

Mining Ore Veins – Explain where to check for Refined Malachite on Ore Veins

Mining ore veins is one of the primary sources of obtaining Refined Malachite. When searching for ore veins, you should look in the wild and hidden away places throughout Tamriel – caves, mine shafts, dungeons, and even forgotten ruins can all contain precious minerals. Some locations may require an Mining Pickaxe to break through the surface layer of rocks and stones.

Once you have found an ore vein, use your pickaxe to harvest it for materials including Refined Malachite. It’s also worth noting that some monsters such as Daedra may drop a small amount of Refined Malachite upon death.

Looting Locations – Explain where players can go to collect loot in game (fishing spots etc)

Gathering loot from different areas is another way of acquiring Refined Malachite material to craft jewelry. These areas will include general containers such as crates, barrels or urns which you will find scattered around Tamriel in addition to locked chests that need unlocking with lockpicks or keys before they can provide access to their items within.

Fishing spots may be an especially rewarding place when looking for valuable resources such as Refined Malachite since they often yield rarer loots compared to other sources like general containers or urns. You can find these spots on water edges within cities and settlements or out in the wilderness near streams and larger bodies of water; requiring bait of various types whilst fishing.

Types Of Jewelry Materials

Where to Find Refined Moonstone

Refined Moonstone is a jewelry crafting material that can be found in Elder Scrolls Online. If you are looking for Refined Moonstone, it can be acquired from multiple sources such as loot drops, enemies, and public dungeon bosses throughout the Tamriel world. Most of these methods require hours of grinding and repetition to get your hands on these valuable materials.

In addition to grinding out the world, Refined Moonstone is also available from various vendors across the land. Jewelry Crafting centers often sell this rare material but they often have limited quantities and are willing to part with it only at a high cost. This means you will likely need to look extensively to find a vendor carrying this item for an affordable price or rare enough stock to make your purchase worth it.

Finally, another way players have been able to get their hands on Refined Moonstone is through ESO Plus membership plans. Players who partake in ESO Plus memberships receive additional materials each month free of charge after their plan expires which gives them access to various refinements including Refined Moonstone.

Players can either use these materials for personal crafting or store them away since they do not expire once obtained until used. Either way, being an ESO Plus member keeps one supplied with all the jewels necessary craftsman needs.

Where to Find Jute

Jute is a type of crafting material found in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It can be used to create various pieces of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and bracelets. Jute is one of the most sought-after crafting materials in ESO due to its versatility, as it can be refined into much higher quality items. To acquire jute, there are a few different approaches you can take.

One way to get jute is by harvesting it from plants found throughout Tamriel, the game world in ESO. Certain types of plants have a chance of yielding jute when you harvest them with appropriate tools, such as an Arcam Sewing Needle or Water Bucket. This method is time consuming and the yield rates for jute from these plants are fairly low.

A second option for getting your hands on Jute is buying it directly from other players who already have some in their inventories. You can find plenty of people willing to part with their supplies by searching the marketplace section on reputable trading websites; alternatively, the auction houses within the individual Alliance cities all trade in Jute too.

Buying directly from another player may actually end up being cheaper than going through official vendors because all purchases made through these sites incur taxes, cut into any profits you may make through trading them onward again yourself.

A less conventional alternative could be participating in fishing tournaments hosted at specific locations across Tamriel as well; Fishing Containers have a chance at dropping Jute when caught in rare loot cases during these events.

This would certainly require thorough research on where and when these tournaments are held however – this information can usually be gathered from fellow players via word-of-mouth or social media forums exclusively related to ESO – and good luck since more experienced fishing competitors tend to dominate these sorts of events.

Where to Find Silver Style Materials

The Elder Scrolls Online, or ESO, allows players to craft jewelry from a variety of materials. Silver style materials are the most sought after and valuable, but can be hard to find due to their rarity. The most reliable method for acquiring silver crafting materials is through trading with other players.

The best place to begin searching for silver style materials is in the Guild Stores located in major cities like Mournhold, Elden Root, and Wayrest. Players often post rare items such as silver-style materials on these stores for sale at vastly discounted prices. The numerous specialty merchants spread all over Tamriel also frequently stock rare items, so visiting them all can be rather time consuming.

Player vendors are another great way to get your hands on rare crafting supplies such as silver style material. Player vendors aggregate items available in nearby guild stores and allow you to purchase through a central system without having to run across town looking for the right item like before.

Furthermore, player vendors serve as a convenient way of obtaining silver-style material with no hassle since they buy directly from other players instead of buying directly from store owners. Player vendor services are nice because they charge only a small commission fee on each transaction.

Lastly, looting is also an option when it comes to acquiring silver-style material. Although less efficient than merchant options like the guild stores and player vendors, picking up random loot drops for different monsters you encounter during your adventures may result in unexpected rewards once an armor piece is disassembled or a creature skin is processed into raw material.

In the end, using a combination of these methods can help any serious blacksmith acquire what he needs quickly and efficiently without having to sacrifice too much real money out of pocket.

Where to Find Hides and Pelts

If you’re looking to acquire hides and pelts for Jewelry Crafting in the Elder Scrolls Online, consider a variety of options. As these materials are essential components to the crafting of a variety of items, it’s important to plan out exactly what and where you want to obtain them. These leather items are mainly found by splitting loot from both humanoids and animals, but depending on your location there may be a few different sources worth considering.

In terms of humanoids, killing bandits always tends to produce great returns for jewelry crafting needs. You can find groups of several bandits in almost all clefts and passageways around the world so keep an eye out for them during your travels. The loot they drop tends to contain mammal pelts and hides which are useful in making trinkets and other jewelry equipment needed in crafts.

Where To Buy Materials To Make Jewelry

Another option is hunting down various dangerous animals. Since hide drops vary depending on creature type and level, utilizing this source is more complicated than slaying human enemies as certain creatures may yield better results than others. Nonetheless, defeating bears wolves or other wild beasts often produces small but valuable rewards such as leather scraps or hide pieces that can be crafted into ornaments with the use of using special recipes across Tamriel.

Exploring monster lairs also provides an easy way to find suitable hides – though their composition will depend on the type of dungeon being explored. Largely populated underground mines by undead mobs tend to possess protein heavy loots with valuable elements like chitin scrap or leviathan scale that offer outstanding benefits when crafted properly into trappings and adornments such as necklaces or rings.

Other Sources of Jewelry Crafting Materials

There are many sources to find jewelry crafting materials in The Elder Scrolls Online. One of the best places to look is at vendors and general suppliers throughout Tamriel. These vendors usually offer basic supplies such as beads, metals, strings, and leathers used for jewelry crafting.

Many cities also have a higher concentration of merchants since gold is more abundant in these areas. It is wise to browse through different vendors in each city to find the items you need for your projects.

In addition to basic supplies from merchants, some rare materials for jewelry-crafting can be found throughout Tamriel. These include rare stones such as Gems, Soul Gems, and various minerals that can be found from nodes scattered across the world. To find rare gems or minerals that can be used in creating powerful jewelry pieces, it is best to venture into delves or public dungeons; as these locations typically contain higher-level materials than those sold by merchants alone.

Additionally, certain monsters often drop special items known as “gems”; although they are hard to come by and require a great deal of hunting around deep underground or dungeon areas. Rare quests also present opportunities to acquire such high-level ingredients off defeating unique opponents or completing certain objectives throughout your travels.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping instead of venturing out into monster – filled zones in ESO, there are some reputable websites with a vast selection of jewelry and crafting materials for sale on TSOD Marketplace. Here players can purchase rare stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds; plus a variety of metals including silver and gold as well as leathers like dragonhide or cowhide all from the comfort their own home.

The prices offered on TSOD Marketplace vary depending on many factors; however, shoppers can usually expect a fair rate when shopping here compared to what’s offered on other platforms.


In Elder Scrolls Online, players have the opportunity to craft their very own pieces of jewelry from various raw materials and components. Crafting jewelry in ESO can be a rewarding experience for crafters, allowing them to create unique and personal items for their character or to sell or trade with other players. There are a variety of sources available for gathering materials to craft jewelry in ESO.

One common source is harvesting raw gems from ore veins in-game. This means traveling to any of the many mines located across Tamriel, searching nearby ore deposits and then refining the ores found there into the desired base ingredients.

Particularly rare and precious stones such as “Star Rubies” or “Grand Topaz” must first be unearthed before they can be used as crafting resources. Additionally, mineral nodes like churning earth, glimmering dust, refractive crystals and crystalline distractions can also be gathered from certain environments throughout the game world as well.

Another great source of jewelry crafting materials is through player trading at in-game vendors such as Grand Exchange Merchants or Guild Traders. At these locations players can purchase nearly every kind of component item needed for crafting jewelry including gemstones and various alchemical reagents like Powders of Xericin and Fire Salt that increase the effectiveness of particular enchantments when applied during creation processes.

Players may also find rare components available from some vendors that you cannot normally find elsewhere in the game world; this makes these merchants invaluable when stocking your supply of jewelry crafting resources.

Crafting jewelry in Elder Scrolls Online can offer players a great way to customize their character’s appearance and have fun experimenting with different combinations of materials. Although there are several sources available for gathering resources to make one’s own unique pieces of jewelry, taking advantage of both harvesting operations in mines as well as player trading locations will help ensure your supplies remain plentiful no matter what type of creation you choose to pursue.