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Welcome to Shadowfen! We are a local jewelry crafting company that has been providing quality custom pieces to our customers since 1971. Our craftsmen take pride in combining old-world craftsmanship with modern innovations in order to seamlessly create custom-made jewelry that is sure to bring joy and light up any special occasion. From one-of-a-kind bridal sets to gorgeous, timeless engagement rings, we can help you design the perfect piece of jewelry for your special someone. Aside from jewelry crafting, we also provide repair services and reworking of existing pieces, as well as full appraisal services for insurance companies and personal needs.

Overview of Survey Questions

Question 1: What is your age?

This question is to gather information about the respondent’s age. Respondents will be required to select from a range of ages from 18-96.

Question 2: Where do you live?

This question is meant to assess where respondents reside. Response options will include selecting from a list of the countries, states and provinces, and cities around the world.

Question 3: How many years of experience do you have with jewelry crafting?

This question will give insight into each respondent’s familiarity with jewelry crafting by asking them to select a response option ranging from 0 (no experience) to 10+ (expert).

Question 4: On average, how much do you spend each month on purchasing or crafting supplies for jewellery projects?

This question aims to gauge the amount respondents typically spend on related supplies. The response options range from $0-$1000+.

Benefits of Taking the Survey

Filling out the Jewelry Crafting Survey Shadowfen is an excellent way to participate in something important, meaningful and make a difference. By taking part in this survey, you can provide insight on jewelry crafting trends and feedback on your experiences as a customer, designer or crafter. This valuable information will help our team to guide the development of services, products, curriculum and techniques that meet the needs of current jewelry makers — fostering stronger communities around crafting jewelry. Plus, at the end of the survey there will be a raffle for those who participate with a chance to win special gifts! So don’t wait– take some time to fill out the survey today and help shape the future of jewelry making!

How Can I Create My Own Jewelry

Examples of Responses

Q: What do you think should be improved about the Jewelry Crafting Shadowfen experience?

A: The waiting time was sometimes moderately long, which is frustrating when all I wanted was a few pieces of jewelry. I suggest having more staff or making processes more efficient to reduce waits.

A: Some of the options for jewelry design were limited, so I couldn’t get what I had envisioned. I think it would be beneficial to have an expanded selection of choices in order to accommodate different customers and tastes.

A: There was confusion at first on how everything worked since the shop has moved online due to Covid-19 regulations, although helpful instructions were eventually provided. Making tutorials available online sooner could help customers better understand how it works with minimal effort from employees.

A: Jewelry available at the store seems to focus mostly on traditional styles; offering more modern designs would attract a younger customer base and provide them with more choices.

How to Access Survey

The Jewelry Crafting Survey Shadowfen can be accessed through various platforms, such as:

– Social media: Post a link to the survey on your business page or in an ad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and invite followers to participate.

– Websites: You could create a website to host the survey and include a link to it in your blog posts or newsletters.

– Email: Create campaigns in your email marketing software that include a link people can click on to access the survey. Make sure to target specific segments of your audience so you can collect valuable insights about different types of jewelry crafting habits.

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– Offline promotions: Place flyers and/or posters around your community for people to access by scanning a QR code with their smartphones that links directly to the survey.


Thank you for your participation in our Jewelry Crafting Survey! We hope that you found it informative and enjoyable. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us to improve our craftsmanship and create the perfect jewelry for our customers.

To show our appreciation, we’d like to offer you an exclusive discount on all orders over $50. Simply use code WELOVESURVEYS at checkout to qualify for 10% off. Alternatively, if you share this survey on any of your social media channels, you will also be entered into a draw to win a free piece of jewelry from Shadowfen*.

We wish you good luck and thank you again for taking part in this survey.

*T&Cs apply