What To Do With Costume Jewelry Missing Pearls And Stones

Costume jewelry missing pearls and stones is a common problem with vintage or antique jewelry. It may have been broken or lost throughout the years, resulting in a less complete, desirable piece of jewelry. Dealing with such jewelry can be daunting as pearls and stones are difficult to replace. Fortunately, there are still some methods you can use to repair costume jewelry missing pearls and stones, ranging from restringing the remaining pieces together to replacing the missing components entirely.

Repairing by Restringing In certain cases, items of costume jewelry missing pearls and stones can be salvaged by simply restringing what is left together. This is often an effective solution for necklaces that contain multiple beads; if one or more beads are gone, it may not be noticeable after the chain has been restrung properly.

Another option is to add small decorative tassels or glass beads in place of the original gems to bulk up a necklace’s length. With either method, adjusting the clasps so they look authentic can also make a big difference in restoring the look of an old necklace.”

Replacing Missing Components For costume jewels that have more serious damage due to extensive pearl loss or broken links due to rusting metal components, replacing some parts may be necessary if you want the item to look like it did originally. Fortunately, most gem stores sell reasonably-priced pearls and other gemstones that can help bring back some life into your old pieces of jewelry.

If one does not wish to buy new components for this purpose, searching through second-hand shops or online suggested resources could be useful alternatives when looking for replacement piece parts for costume jewels.

Giving Old Costume Jewelry a New Life

Second-hand jewelry is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. So many times, people find vintage jewelry that has missing stones and pearls, and it’s difficult to know what to do with it. Are these pieces just unusable or can they be restored to their original beauty? The answer is yes.

There are lots of ways you can give old costume jewelry a new life. To start off, make sure the metal setting isn’t damaged in any way.

Nicks, scratches, or discoloration need to be properly cleaned before moving on to replace the missing jewels. If your piece contains glue, it may not always be necessary to remove it all – if there’s still a bit left you can use tweezers or a toothpick to safely pick out what remains for a clean look.

It’s important to make sure that the replacement gemstones and pearls are equally beautiful and secure as those originally used in making the piece of jewelry. You can find replicas of genuine gemstones at most major craft stores and online retailers. Make sure that you choose the correct color match for each stone; otherwise, it won’t blend into the design seamlessly like when it was first crafted.

Additionally, make sure that any new pearls you purchase are properly secured within their setting before moving on reattaching them back onto the piece itself. Finally, clean all gemstones and metals with alcohol-based cleaner to ensure they look like new.

Once you’ve made sure everything is repaired back into perfect condition, enjoy wearing this gorgeous revitalized jewelry. With some time and effort put into reviving these items they will again have beautiful sparkle – perfect for adding elegance and classiness to any outfit you might choose.

Identifying What Type of Stones are Missing

Costume jewelry, as the name implies, is not valuable as high-end stones or metals used for regular jewelry. With this in mind, those wearing costume jewelry likely don’t have the same expectations of understanding intricate details of the pieces they are wearing; so when a stone or pearl falls out, many don’t know what to do. The first step in remedying the situation is to identify that type of pearl or stone that has fallen out.

Pearls are most commonly found on costume jewelry and these come in various sizes and shapes; round, teardrop, potato shaped and ovals are some examples of common pearls.

A way to tell if a pearl is real is with a simple tooth test – simply rub it across your tooth and if it feels smooth then it’s probably glass or plastic while a rough sensation would be indicative of a natural pearl, although not an entirely scientific method in differentiating both types.

Stones are also commonly found on costume jewellery (both precious gemstones and synthetic ones). Stones vary greatly from one another – even synthetic categories have multiple variables such as cut, color intensity and clarity.

Unlike pearls though there is no quick test to differentiate between real gemstones and man-made ones when it comes to costume jewellery so usually looking at the other stones around them being used can be helpful.A quality assessment can be done by an experience jeweler should you need more help to finding out what has been lost or replaced.

In short, for those wearing costume jewellery that has missing stones or pearls, the first step recommended is identifying what type of stone it was so that you can look into replacing it with something similar (or something completely new). It may take some trial and error but asking experienced jewelers could point you in the right direction.

Cost Comparison of Different Repair & Replacement Options

Costume jewelry with missing pearls or stones can be expensive and difficult to repair, however it may be possible to restore the items. Replacing a single pearl or stone requires small tools, mailing in a piece of jewelry, and finding someone who can complete the task. While this can sound overwhelming for novice costumers, understanding the different options available and comparing costs will help ensure that you make an informed decision.

Potato Pearls Jewelry

For smaller jobs requiring replacement of one or two gems, contacting a professional jeweler with experience in restoring costume jewelry is usually your best bet. Depending on the design complexity and size of the missing gemstones needed, prices could vary from twenty-five to several hundred dollars.

This is an ideal choice if there are other potential problems such as repairs or polishing before replacing gems. Any additional services from enhancing colors or refreshing finishes should also be included in the final price quote.

If you are looking to replace multiple stone settings it may make more economical sense to purchase all the gems at once and do replacements yourself. Assembling gemstone beads and fastening them into settings requires specialized wire wrapping tools which can cost around $50.

Generally any gemstone color or size is achievable for less than two hundred dollars using this option although care must be taken to ensure proper epoxy setting of each bead before wear or display since nobody wants their jewelry falling apart at a special event.

In summary it is important to weigh all your options when looking to repair costume jewelry missing pearls and stones as each unique situation requires a tailor solution-repairing versus replacing, budget vs quality materials used etc all need consideration when making decisions on how to best achieve desired results. With good research it is possible not only get great value for your money but also end up with wearable pieces of extremely valuable art.

Creative Recycling and Upcycling Ideas

When costume jewelry made of plastic or metal starts to look a little worse for the wear, particularly without pearls and/or stones, the problem often lies with broken fastenings. Replacing these components may be a costly or time-consuming undertaking, but you don’t necessarily need to discard your pieces. Luckily, there are some creative ways to salvage and upcycle your jewelry at home.

Repair and Resize

When jewelry is missing pearls and stones, this can usually be remedied with a few simple tools like tweezers, pliers, scissors and glue. If your item has lost some of its sparkle or looks slightly worse for wear due to tarnish or rusting elements, it could be due to oxidisation which can easily be solved by buffing with cleaning solutions – alcohol wipes work wonders.

By repairing the piece back to its original condition you won’t take away from any sentimental value that it holds while also giving it another lease on life. Your resized or altogether redesigned piece will stand out from the rest at your next party.


Upcyling is key when trying to turn damaged costume items into something new and fashionable. For example if you have dangling earrings missing stones then why not clip them together in the middle using a spare lobster claw clasp thereby creating beautiful drop earrings? You could also turn those same pins into brooches by attaching alligator clips onto the back of them.

Charms from charm necklaces can simply be rearranged onto an existing necklace chain or bracelet string by reattaching jump rings to each one in order to hang them correctly. With endless possibilities all it takes is a little bit of effort and imagination.

Cluster Jewellery

Making use of motifs already present on existing items gives it a whole new lease on life as well as allowing you to create entirely new designs. Clustering smaller jewellery together works effectively by arranging existing materials such as beads, loops and pendants onto stringed strands of leather or ribboning whichever takes your fancy until you have created ethereal objects of wearable art.

Best part? Rearranging some old losses not only saves money but helps give those beloved items longevity while keeping memories alive too – perfect if you want an accessory guaranteed not seen anywhere else.

Tips for Buying New Costume Jewelry with Quality in Mind

When shopping for new costume jewelry, it’s important to note a few key pieces of advice. First and foremost, consider quality when making a purchase-especially if buying accessory pieces for special occasions like weddings or galas. It’s important to understand that cheaper items will have a lower quality in terms of the materials used and won’t last as long over time. Here are some tips on what to look out for when selecting new costume jewelry:

  • Check the seller’s reputation-reputable stores will take pride in offering quality, affordable pieces.
  • Check the weight of the items-heavier items usually have higher quality components than lighter alternatives.
  • Look at metal type-gold-plated or sterling silver are better choices than plastic.
  • Ensure clasps and closures are secure-slip-on closures tend to be of lower quality and more prone to breakage.

In addition, when it comes to faux gems and stones like pearls, make sure they look realistic. The trick is not to just look for shiny surfaces – inspect the texture; its nooks and crannies, too.

High-quality faux pearls will feel more delicate against your skin compared with cheap alternatives which may appear surprisingly lumpy up close. Lastly, make sure faux stones sit evenly in their settings; avoid any accessories with oddly placed imperfections as this often means they’ve been improperly constructed.

Creative Ways to Make Use of Your Old Costume Jewelry

We all have old jewelry items stashed away in our dressers. Pieces of costume jewelry are especially hard to part with, since it was created for a specific outfit or purchased in a moment of nostalgia. For the pieces that are missing stones or pearls, here is a list of creative ideas on how to give them new life:

  • Keep the charm by making earrings and using the current setting.
  • Repurpose as a centerpiece component for a bracelet.
  • Attach several dangles along an existing necklace to create an interesting focal point
  • Create rings from larger pendants with unnoticeable bald spots.
  • Create a paperweight simply by soldering it to a flat metal disc.
Mother Of Pearl Flower Jewelry

Some more idea of how to reuse missing costume jewelry include:

Reversible solutions can also be created. Discarded gems can be replaced with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones or other jewels you may have lying around which better suit your taste.

If replacing stones isn’t in your budget just yet, consider applying paint pens or nail polish to highlight the details of the piece instead. Chain piecing is another excellent way to hide unforgiving areas by grouping together 2-4 necklaces chains then adding small drops at the bottom ends giving it semblance without compromising its original design.

Inspirational Ideas From Around the World

1. Repair it: It may be possible to repair costume jewelry with missing pearls and stones by taking it to a professional jeweler for repairs. Depending on the location of the missing pieces, it may be able to be filled with glue or paint often referred to as “cold enameling”. Depending on the type of stone, replacing it might also be possible.

2. Sell It: Many vintage jewelry collectors are commercially interested in buying costume jewelry that is missing a few pearls or stones. As long as the price reflects the fact that it needs restoration, there could even be some real money to make here.

3. Transform It: Vintage Costume jewelry doesn’t just have to be worn as originally intended either. Using wire wrapping and gluing techniques, items can easily be re-fashioned into something completely new – like cute earrings or necklaces with special meaning or value not seen before. Here’s a list of transformations you can try:

  • Wire Wrapping
  • Casting/Molding
  • Stringing Onto Cords
  • Gluing onto Hats, Purses and other Accessories
  • Adding Charms and Beads

Another great idea is turning pieces of vintage costume jewelry into wall hangings by attaching them to canvas or fabric backings as these look beautiful when hung up in any room. This is an easy way to give old refurbished jewelry a new life in your home décor.

4. Upcycle It: An increasingly popular way to re-purpose costume jewelry with pearls and stones missing is by upcycling it-which means giving worn items new purpose. When it comes to upcycling items that won’t hold their original shape, costumes are especially fun because they can fit into many categories including magnets for the fridge, framed art pieces, keychains, tiny planters for succulents and much more.


Asked an antique appraiser and you’ll hear it: jewelry with missing pearls or stones doesn’t hold much appeal to collectors. Many times, the pieces are considered disposable and not worth restoring. However, this assumption isn’t always true – missing gems can be replaced and oftentimes costume jewelry can be given new life with some creative tinkering. Here are ways to make the most out of a costume jewelry piece without pearls or stones.

The first step is to re-evaluate what purpose you want the piece to serve. If the goal is to sell the item in its original form for a profit, then investing in a professional restoration job might be worthwhile. But if the expectation is only for personal use, there are easier things one can do to refurbish a broken or incomplete costume piece.

For example, some people add beads of various sizes and colors into the empty mountings where missing gems used to reside. This provides added detail and color blocking that result in a unique look that wasn’t intended by its original creators but often looks beautiful nevertheless.

Another option for giving your costume jewelry new life without pearls or stones would be to take advantage of extensive “repurposing” techniques on craft websites such as Pinterest or Etsy. There, you’ll find tutorials and inspirational ideas for turning pieces like earrings into pins, necklaces into bracelets, etc It’s quite amazing how with just some glueing and creative thought, outdated dress trinkets can transform into wonderfully modern pieces of fashion that will turn heads everywhere they go.

Making an old costume jewelry piece useful again doesn’t have to involve pearls or gemstones either; at least not in their original place of origin – all it takes is open mind set and a little bit of imagination. With these tips in mind – your journey towards making something wonderful out of even the most worthless scene begins now – so go ahead and give those empty settings something worthwhile.

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