What Jewelry Store Has Red Boxes


Many jewelry stores across the globe offer customers a red box option if they wish to purchase something special, such as an engagement ring or wedding band. Necklaces, rings, earrings, and even watches are all popular options that can arrive in a decorative red box with velvet lining. These boxes can often be custom-engraved with special messages or designs. Additionally, some larger jewelry stores have digital gift cards that come in red boxes for added convenience.

The History of Jewelry Store Red Boxes

The iconic red jewelry boxes that many major jewelry stores use to package their items was an invention of the luxury brand, Tiffany & Co. In 1939, when the store’s leadership decided that the packaging for their products should be as exquisite as the pieces themselves, the head designer devised a special turquoise blue box with a white ribbon. This beautiful design became so popular and synonymous with high-end jewelry that in 1999, pantone color 1797 was officially designated by Tiffany & Co as “Tiffany Blue”.

In 1969, Tiffany & Co filed a trademark application that extended its “Tiffany Blue” designation to include its new gift packaging. Red became a distinct associated color with Tiffany & Co when they introduced their second version of packaging in 1997 – distinctively color-coded red box tied up with a white satin bow. Since then, over all major stores have adopted this convention and red colored boxes adorned with white ribbons are now a standard way to present jewelry pieces from any jewelers or luxury brands.

Types of Jewelry Store Red Boxes

Jewelry stores with red boxes typically offer a variety of materials, sizes, and colors of jewelry boxes. Materials commonly used for these boxes include velvet, faux leather, leatherette, satin, polyester fabric, or cardboard. Red jewelry boxes range from glossy fire engine red to tones as subtle as rosy pink or burgundy. Envelope-style cases are available in vibrant solid colors while larger cases often showcase a mix of different shades and textures such as metallic accents or sequins. Furthermore, many of the luxury brand red gift boxes have the option to have them custom imprinted with company logos or other special touches.

Who Uses Jewelry Store Red Boxes

The most popular jewelry store with red boxes is Tiffany & Co. They have been associated with the iconic blue boxes since the late 1800s.

Tiffany & Co’s customers tend to be those looking for luxury and special occasion jewelry, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary gifts, and other high-end pieces. Individuals that would buy items from Tiffany & Co often have a range of budgets ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars or more. Red box purchases vary from clients who want to just pick up something small like a necklace or bracelet to ones purchasing extravagant diamonds for anniversaries and other special occasions.

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Benefits of Jewelry Store Red Boxes

Jewelry store red boxes offer a level of luxury and sophistication unmatched by other options. Red boxes are typically associated with high-end items and can convey a sense of specialness to customers who purchase items from the store. When customers purchase a jewelry item in a red box they know they are getting something extra special as part of their purchase experience. Customers may also appreciate that most jewelry stores that offer red boxes typically offer exclusivity – meaning less people will have access to the same jewelry item if it is packed in a qualitatively distinct packaging. Additionally, many red boxes are oftentimes elaborately designed to further distinguish them from other offerings, which allows customers to show off their purchase aesthetically even when they’re not wearing it.

Popular Jewelry Store Red Box Brands

Tiffany & Co. has been popularizing red boxes since the launch of their signature robin’s egg blue box in 1973. The iconic little blue boxes have become a symbol of quality diamond jewelry and even more recently, exquisite engagement rings from the company’s bridal collections. Kay Jewelers also uses red boxes for some of its diamond and gemstone jewelry. Pandora has also made a name for itself with its trademarked pale apple-green boxes, which contain silver and gold charms, earrings, bracelets and necklaces made with precious metals and stones. Other jewelry stores that use red packaging include Helzberg Diamonds and Zales. The color red has historically been associated with love and passion, which is why many couples choose to get engaged with a ring presented in a beautiful red box.

Pros and Cons of Buying Jewelry Store Red Boxes


• The red boxes are typically associated with luxury and premium content, so buying from a jewelry store that has red boxes can make the customer feel pampered and special.

• Red boxes often come packaged with additional features such as velvet lining, extra security features, or personalized engraving.

• Buying jewelry in a jeweler’s branded box can increase its resale value as buyers will be more enticed by an original packaging than other alternatives.

• Depending on the quality of packaging and quantity of items, it’s possible to spend a lot of money on buying a jewelry box from an expensive jewelry store.
• Jewelry that comes in a fancy red box may look nice but could contain cheap pieces or be poorly made which could lead to significant problems down the line if not inspected properly before purchase.
• Some high-end stores have limited selection when it comes to their premade/branded boxes making it difficult for customers to find something that fits their needs perfectly in terms of style and size.

Creative Uses for Jewelry Store Red Boxes

1. Gift Boxes: Jewelry store red boxes provide an elegant way to give gifts. Simply add a personalized card, bow and ribbon and you have the perfect present!

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2. Home Decor: Place several red boxes along shelves or counters as a unique way to add a bit of jewellery store shine to your room decor.

3. Craft Projects: These little red boxes make the perfect blank canvas for holiday-themed crafts, such as wreaths made of different sizes of boxes strung together with ribbons. They’re also great for gift wrapping, when adorned with ribbon and gift cards!

4. Desk Organizer: Give your desk a jewelry store makeover by using various sizes of red boxes as organizers for paper clips, stamps, and other small office supplies. This stands out from traditional desk organizers and adds a touch of glamour to your workspace!

5. Gift Bags: Red jewelry store boxes can be used to make beautiful and creative gift bags! Add handles or colorful tissue paper for an added touch of flair!

Where to Buy Jewelry Store Red Boxes

When it comes to buying jewelry store red boxes, there are several physical and online retailers to choose from. For brick-and-mortar options, consider well-known national jewelry stores like Zales or Kay Jewelers. These stores carry selection of high quality jewelry in classic red boxes. Regional jewelry stores may also carry red boxes”check your local phonebook or do an online search for a reputable shop near you.

When shopping online is your preferred option, Amazon offers an assortment of both luxurious and entry-level jewelry boxes in a multitude of colors including classic red. eBay can be another great source for quality jewelry store red boxes in one place”simply use the appropriate category filtering tool to narrow down the available options for easy comparison shopping. Finally, if you’re looking for something especially unique or have difficulty finding what you need, specialty retailers like AmericanBox and JDevlin Glass Art specialize in keepsake trunk style trunks and wooden cases that make statement on their own.


1. Many top-tier jewelry stores use red boxes to package their products.
2. Red boxes can be a sign of quality and sophistication for the jewelry store’s customers.
3. Some famous jewelry stores that use red boxes include Tiffany & Co, Bulgari and Chopard.
4. The color red is usually associated with luxury, making it a popular color choice for packaging expensive jewelry items like engagement rings and watches.

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