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Take this quiz to find out what jewelry color suits you best!


Compare and Contrast

Jewelry, like clothing, come in a variety of colors. Each color can have different effects when worn and completing an outfit. It’s all about understanding the impact that each color can have and recognizing which shades work best for you.

White Jewelry is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make a subtle statement. It pairs well with earth tone clothes and can help accentuate neutral palettes. On the other hand, Gold jewelry is often used to create an eye-catching look and will brighten up duller apparel choices. Silver goes particularly well with darker clothing shades and provides a great contrast against them.

When it comes to softer tones, Rose Gold has become very popular in recent times due to its delicate appearance. This warm hue goes incredibly well with pinks, blues, and purples ” making it an ideal choice for spring/summer themes! Meanwhile Pastel Jewelry is great for layering and offers more adventurous individuals access to plenty of colorful options. Finally, vibrant colored stones such as turquoise or lapis lazuli provide a unique touch and pair beautifully with whites or grays for that perfect pop of color!

No matter what your style choices are ” BOLD or SUBTLE – there’s sure to be a shade of jewelry out there that’s perfect for you. The key lies in experiementing until you find one that fits your individual style best!

Combining Colors

When combining jewelry colors to create an individual look, it’s important to consider both your skin tone and the shades of the jewelry pieces you are using. When wearing cooler tones like silver and white gold, pair them with light blues and greens to create a modern feel, or add metallics such as bronze for a bolder look. To warm up your jewelry, try pairing reds and yellows with warmer metals like yellow gold or rose gold. You can also mix-and-match earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings in two or more different shades or metals ” the choice is yours! Layering is also a great way to add colorful dimension to any outfit; layer multiple chains with charms or pendants of varying hues. Regardless of the way you choose to combine colors when selecting jewelry, just be sure that what you wear looks natural on you and fits your personality ” after all, fashion is about expressing yourself!

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When deciding what jewelry color should be worn for different occasions, it is important to consider the occasion and dress code. This will help ensure that you choose a color that not only looks good with an outfit but also expresses who you are. Below are some helpful ratings to help determine which colors suit you best for different occasions.

Work: When dressing for work, opt for neutral yet stylish jewelry options such as gold, silver, bronze/copper, or white antique/distressed metals. These colors look professional and go well with most office ensembles.

Evening: When attending an evening event or special occasion, Jewelry in bolder hues has more impact. Rich tones of red & blue jasper can add drama and elegance for evening occasions; various shades of green like peridot & tourmaline can create a luxurious look; and sparkling aquamarine gems can create an eye-catching twinkle essential for those special evenings out!

Casual: For days when comfort reigns supreme and still staying true to your personal style is the goal, try combining bright statement pieces with muted pieces in earthy tones. These bold hues in semi-precious gemstones like chalcedony & opal will help make a statement without seeming too extravagant. Silver & brass are also great accents to complete any casual look!


From glamorous statement pieces to simple yet chic accessories, knowing how to accessorize with jewelry colors is key for any good wardrobe. Depending on your style and body type, the right combination of metals, stones and materials can take an outfit from average to extraordinary. One way to determine which jewelry color suits you the best is by taking a quick quiz. In a jewelry color quiz, you’ll usually be asked basic questions about yourself such as your age range, skin tone, hair shade and lifestyle preferences to help narrow down diamond ring cuts or necklace designs that best suit your needs and desires. Once you’ve answered these questions, the quiz will then generate results of jewelry items or pieces in certain shades based on your previous answers. To further level-up your accessorizing strategies, experiment with different pieces and get creative ” bold necklaces, dangling earrings and stackable bracelets are all good options ” add multiple layers of silver rings or mix various shades of gold rings together; finding out which combinations work best for you may take some trial-and-error but will pay off in the end!

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