Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Earrings

The Art Deco movement has had a lasting impression on jewelry design, and vintage art deco jewelry earrings are one of the most iconic examples of this. This movement began in Europe around the early 1900s and was heavily influenced by concepts from different cultures, such as the Egyptians, Chinese, and Latin American cultures.

These influences grew over time throughout Europe until the Jazz Age when it moved to America’s shores – first New York City and then spreading across the country.

It was during this period that artists truly began to gain inspiration from foreign designs and create their own unique pieces of jewelry. The goal was to create colorful pieces with geometric shapes, beading, precious metals, thin lines of decoration, intricate designs – all characteristics that mark Art Decojewelry today.

Vintage-Inspired Characteristics Throughout fashion history, vintage art deco jewelry earrings have been one of the most popular pieces for women looking for timeless style. Many vintage earrings are designed with platinum or white gold settings combined with colorful gemstones, which provide an invitation for bold colors and out-of-the-ordinary combinations.

Asymmetrical styling is a common feature included in these antique-inspired designs, making them perfect for those who want something unique but still appreciate classic beauty. Additionally, many vintage-style art deco earrings are created using materials like jade or lapis lazuli that add a touch of exotic beauty to any look – making them ideal for adding elegance to any wardrobe.

Mixing Vintage With Modern Elements Incorporating modern elements into vintage art deco jewelry can make your look extraordinary while remaining true to its original style intentions. Pairing simple metal studs or huggies with diamond encrusted drops adds an element of sophistication that shows off intriguing details like triangle outlines or engraved decorations on both sides even after you take your outfit off after a long night out on the town.

Moreover, there’s a new wave of designers reviving old styles by mixing classic gemstones with contemporary accents like sleek black CZ stones or pyramid shapes to give 1920’s inspired looks a modern twist. This allows you to wear these stunning works of art without restrictions as timeless masterpieces never go out of style.

History of Art Deco Jewelry and Its Relevance in Modern Jewelry

Art Deco jewelry has an illustrious history, dating back to the art would form of the 1920s and 1930s. This era was globally known for its creative and bold design. As such, Art Deco jewelry represented a sleek combination of modernity with powerful geometry in unexpected ways.

The true beauty of Art deco jewelry lies in its subtlety, complexity and unique beauty; it transcends any single style or fashion movement. Art Deco offered two distinct pathways – this figure towards traditionalism with romanticism and more metallic work, while the other moved away from it towards modernity, minimalism and angular shapes.

These designs are often characterized by asymmetrical lines, which were married to geometric forms combined with a variety of bright colors – yellow gold rubies combined with black onyx or citrine paired with sapphires for an eye-catching design.

Below are some common features found in Art Deco jewelry:

  • Geometric shapes and patterns
  • Asymmetrical compositions
  • Mix of Colors – pastels combined with vibrant hues
  • Mix of Materials – diamonds mixed with pearls or jade rings
  • Square-cut stones

These iconic designs have been recognized worldwide as trendsetters in modern times as well. Many contemporary designer brands today are inspired by the unique style elements that appeared during this time period. The bold silhouettes often seen in popular fashion earrings or cocktail rings mimic classic Art Deco motifs like chevrons, daisies and crescents frequently seen during this era’s heyday.

Furthermore, there has also been a resurgence in luxury diamond jewellery resembling intricate Art Deco influences being used today for special occasions including wedding engagement rings, luxury watches, necklaces and pendants but also everyday jewellery such as earrings that can debut at family celebrations or birthday parties alike.

Like so many artistic styles born out of early 20th Century Paris salons revived due to their fashion staying power between each passing era of fashion trends; Art Deco remains one of the most timeless styles for vintage jewellery fans all around the world today.

Discussion of Different Styles of Art Deco Earrings

Art Deco jewelry earrings come in a variety of styles, often featuring geometric designs and bold colors. The iconic style of the era, Art Deco earrings typically feature intricate details such as diamonds, gemstones, or unique shapes that make them stand out. This style of jewelry was popularized by the roaring twenties and has become an integral part of fashion since that time.

Clip-on vs Pierced Earrings

The two primary types of vintage Art Deco earrings are clip-on earrings and pierced earrings. Clip-on earrings were first designed around 1910 and were available in various materials including gold, silver, and enamel. Clip-on earrings often had detachable clasps which allowed for easy on/off use without having to pierce the ears.

Pierced earrings, on the other hand, were designed during the late Art Deco period and feature a hole through which a thin wire is threaded to hold the piece onto the wearer’s lobe. They usually have curved lines or rhombus shaped backs that fit securely against the back of the lobe when worn correctly.

These can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, silver, or stainless steel with semi-precious stones often featured in settings for these pieces as well.

Summary Of Common Design Elements

One common design element found in many pieces of vintage Art Deco jewelry is Grecian influence; there’s an obvious nod to Ancient Greek culture with its sharp lines and geometric shapes found throughout these collections. Colorful stones like rubies or sapphires are also used to add extra impact to shots of drama. Whether worn alone or paired together with other pieces like bangles or necklaces, they look fantastic when dressed up for special occasions or just everyday wear.

Other classic features include faux pearls mixed into metals such as copper for subtle contrast between porcelain and gold tones; beaded rows set off delicate settings which are perfect for more romantic looks; large scale colored crystals used to bring pop against the darkly set clusters; and chevron patterns inspired by contemporary Art Nouveau trends found also in furniture design at this time period.

Antique Spanish Diamond Jewelry

Materials Traditionally Used in Art Deco Earrings

Art Deco Earrings are undeniably popular and highly sought after accessories. Whether you prefer the stately sophistication of a classic Art Deco-styled style, or a modern interpretation of design, one thing is certain: Art Deco earrings will always command attention. So, what materials are used to create these beautiful and timeless pieces?

Precious Metals


Gemstones are a common feature of many Art Deco designs as they add vibrant flashes of colors when combined with precious metals. In particular diamond-shaped gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are commonly seen on vintage Art Deco Earrings to add glamour and sparkle to a piece.

In addition to this colored stones such as aquamarine, amethyst and topaz can also be used. These stones can often be found in round cut’s as well as other intricate geometric shapes which really compiments the elegance of an Art Deco style jewellery design beautifully.


Pearls have been iconic within jewelry since the beginning of time for their delicate beauty that has both classically glamorous yet understated aesthetic appeal. They can also be found adorning vintage art deco earrings adding an extra layer luxury thanks to their shimmery finish that contrasts nicely against any other gems used within a piece. This makes them suitable for any occasion providing timeless glamour effect that won’t date over time no matter how many trends come and go.

Discussion of How to Choose Vintage Art Deco Earrings

When considering the purchase of Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Earrings, there are a number of factors to take into account. To begin with, it is important to determine an individual’s own aesthetic taste.

When browsing pieces, be sure to look for the perfect balance between ornate and simplistic designs that can draw attention as well as create an elegant statement. Once a style or design has been chosen, it is necessary to determine the alloy type and carat weight or purity of the metal in question when selecting vintage earrings.

Additionally, certain vintage jewelry may contain gemstones such as diamonds or other precious stones like turquoise. Before purchasing such pieces one should note if these stones have any special properties such as birthstone dates or healing powers associated with them. The authenticity and value offered by each piece should also be scrutinized as some earrings may not be guaranteed genuine old-fashioned items despite their luster and description; assessing reseller reviews may help determine trustworthiness from sources.

Finally, shoppers must examine the fastening mechanism on each pair of earrings to ensure they provide proper closure when worn as opening and closing mechanisms could possibly deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. In summary:

  • Determine your preferred style
  • Scrutinize alloy type/carat weight
  • Watch for special properties (qualities eg birthstone)
  • Evaluate authenticity & value
  • Inspect closure mechanics & durability

Guide to Wearing Art Deco Jewelry Earrings

Art Deco jewelry was designed in the early 20th century and is known for its geometric patterns and bold colors. Its characteristics feature cubist designs, pointed curves, floral motifs, bold angles, flapper-style graphics, and a variety of decorative materials such as enamels, semi-precious stones, glass beads and intricate metalwork. Art Deco earrings are the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a retro flair to your everyday wardrobe.

Choosing Art Deco earrings

When choosing an art deco earring design there are many factors to consider such as size, weight, material and shape. For example, you may want to opt for a more lightweight and dainty pair of earrings if you find large or chunky designs too overwhelming.

Art Deco era jewelry typically features low hanging designs which increase the sense of elongation created but can sometimes feel heavy on the ears when worn over long periods of time. You should also think about whether you prefer pierced or clip on earrings; this will often depend on the style that best suits your face shape.

How to wear them

The beauty of art deco earrings lies in their timelessness – they never go out of style. They provide an adjustable level of sophistication that complements almost any look from casual weekday outfits to formal evening gowns.

Paired withe vintage clothing items such as dresses or blouses with ties around the waist create a classic look that exudes a timeless quality that is perfectly suited for professional settings too. Alternately, cool statement pieces matched with some modern pieces including ripped jeans rugged boots make for an off-beat yet stylish vibe that exudes both casualness and glamour at once.

Maintaining them

It is important to keep your vintage-inspired jewelry well maintained so it doesn’t tarnish or fade over time. If cleaning is necessary use a soft cloth lightly dampened with lukewarm water before gently drying it off again with another soft cloth afterwards (avoid soaking).

Additionally be sure never to expose Art Deco jewellery to chemicals which cause tarnishing – always make sure any products used in close contact with them do not contain ingredients which could accelerate deterioration if left in contact for too long (such as perfumes).

Different Ways to Style Art Deco Earrings

Art Deco jewellery is characterised by geometric patterns, geometric shapes and bold lines. This type of jewellery is inspired by the Art Deco movement that was popular in the early 20th century. Vintage earrings with an Art Deco design offer a timeless look that can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are looking for dainty studs or elaborate drop earrings, there are several different ways you can style Art Deco earrings to elevate your outfit.

Laying The Foundation

When styling a vintage-inspired look, it’s important to start with the right foundation pieces and accessories. Bold colours, soft neutrals or classic black-it all depends on what kind of vibe you’re trying to achieve.

Start by picking out a few statement pieces like a colourful blouse that complements the colour palette of your earrings or pick out a modest yet elegant dress to create a classic look. If you’re going for an edgier feel, add some trendy items like patterned trousers or a leather jacket.

Accessorise Strategically

Although accessories aren’t necessary when styling Art Deco Earrings, they can help elevate the final look. For elegant occasions such as parties and weddings, consider wearing hair accessories like hairclips or beaded headbands also in an art deco patterned. These subtle details will add depth and texture to your overall ensemble and create a timeless aesthetic.

You could also try wearing bracelets and necklaces with matching art deco designs for an extra dose of luxury. Keep your rings simple and minimalistic so that they don’t compete with the bold lines from the earrings.

Make It Fun

Don’t be afraid to express your personality when styling Art Deco earrings. Have fun mixing prints and materials such as faux fur, velvet or sequins alongside vibrant colours.

Worn Off Fashion Jewelry

Metallic accents such as gold hoop earrings, metallic skirts or sparkly dresses will help draw attention to the vintage art deco earrings from across the room. Otherwise if you’re wearing dangly earrings opt for hairstyles like high ponytails or half-up/half-down dos that will show off their intricate design even more.

Where to Buy Quality and Authentic Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Earrings

Vintage Art Deco jewelry earrings are some of the most sought-after and collectible pieces of jewelry available. They have been popularized by films and TV series such as the Great Gatsby and Downtown Abbey. However, not all vintage Art Deco jewelry earrings are created equal. Knowing where to buy them from can ensure that consumers get genuine, well-made jewelry at a reasonable price.


One of the best places to find quality vintage Art Deco jewelry earrings is Etsy. Although it is mostly known for its homemade goods, Etsy has an impressive variety of vintage beauty ranging from costume jewelry to fine antique pieces.

Etsy offers customers a guarantee on its products, so customers can be assured that their purchases will be authentic and fairly priced. Selling vintage jewelry on Etsy also provides much needed income for small jewerly business owners who often struggle in big markets like eBay or Amazon.

Auction Houses & Estate Sales

Another great source for quality pieces is auction houses or estate sales which can usually have larger inventories than retail stores. At these events, buyers can often snag rarer items as there’s no one else bidding yet prices tend to be higher due to competition (particularly when dealing with designer brands).

It also helps if the buyer goes in armed with pertinent knowledge about the item or brand they want prior to purchase, as this will give them an edge over auctioneers and other bidders who may not know the true value of certain pieces.

Online Shopping

Finally, those looking for something particular might want to consider online shopping websites such as eBay or Amazon where one can search for exactly what they are looking for using various filters and preferences, enabling a more focused search than what estate sales and auctions offer. Online shopping also allows buyers to compare prices easily, ensuring that they get the best deal possible without having to jump through hoops trying different locations.

Care Tips for Art Deco Jewelry

Caring for antique and vintage jewelry can sometimes be nerve-wracking, as most pieces are fragile and prone to breakage. The same goes for Art Deco jewelry earrings, which often take the form of delicate carved filigree and detailed designs.

The good news is that with a little elbow grease you can give those gems a second chance at taking center stage in your outfit. To ensure your Art Deco earrings remain in pristine condition, here are some easy care tips:

  1. Avoid exposing the earrings to water or moisture leading to rusting or tarnishing.
  2. Store the earrings separately in cool and dry area away from sunlight.
  3. Clean them regularly by using a polishing cloth.

One way to prevent wear and tear on your Art Deco jewelry is by keeping it properly stored away when not wearing it. Placing these small fragile post earrings into separate storage compartments can help avoid scratching or breaking them as they get jumbled together. A good tip for anyone using multiple layers of metal such as sterling silver combined with gold is to place a closure between them reducing the contact causing tarnish on each other.

When cleaning Art Deco jewelry earrings it is important to use only soft material cloths like microfiber as these will not scratch their shiny surfaces due to their rounded shape edges. It’s also recommended that any non-waterproof components not be subjected to water during the cleaning process as this could harm them further. Those opt for mild soap mixed in warm water can also be used but thoroughly rinsed off after cleaning with lukewarm water afterwards.

For any difficult spots on the earring design, try dabbing an organic cleaner onto the spot – using very little product – then buff lightly with a cloth before lightly rubbing clean off any residue left over. For even tougher stains one may need special cream designed specifically for antique jewelry needs removing residue stubbornly clinging back onto hard surfaces gently without harming it too much in the process.


Art Deco jewelry earrings are a gorgeous example of vintage accessory choices and have a long history of popularity in the fashion world. These style choices add an air of elegance to any look, as they feature delicate detailing and a timeless design.

As one of the leading forms of jewelry during this time period, many Art Deco earrings contain high quality stones on bold metal settings. Whether you’re pairing them with a formal dress or something more casual, these pieces make for a beautiful statement and can be used to accentuate your outfit.

Because there is such an abundance of different styles within Art Deco earrings, it is essential to know how to spot original designs from replicas. Original pieces feature signature materials like diamonds or rubies embedded in white gold or platinum metal frames for a classic look.

Popular shapes can also help identify certain Earrings; for example, triangular designs were the peak of fashion during this time period. Furthermore, gemstones like peridot are often used to represent this era because of its abundant visibility during that time period.

An appreciation for Art Deco jewelry has remained consistent since its first introduction in the 1920s and ’30s, even evolving through the years to perfectly compliment current trends. Today, the craftsmanship and eye-catching detail found in these Earrings makes them perfect for adding some decorative flair to any outfit without overpowering it.

Vintage refashioning has also been gaining traction among modern fashion enthusiasts who want to authentically incorporate pieces like Art Deco necklaces into retro inspired looks without breaking the bank on pricey antiques located online or in auctions. With all these factors taken into consideration, Art Deco jewelry earrings can be considered among some of the most fashionable items available today – just as they were decades ago.

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