Art Deco Jewelry Houston Texas

Art Deco jewelry in Houston, Texas dates back to the early 1900’s when it was first found and popularized by the Wright Brothers. Art Deco was a style of jewelry that flourished in France after WWI and quickly caught on overseas afterwards. It has been known for its geometric shapes, stylized plants and animals, idols, bordered decorations, vibrant colors and bold lines.

The modernist take on traditional jewelry designs led to a new era of artistry in fashion and accessories. As the popularity of Art Deco increased around the world, Houston began embracing it more and more.

The city’s embrace of the art form was especially visible during the Golden Age (1920s – 1940s). During this period Houston experienced an incredible economic growth due to oil companies setting up shop in the area. This brought together an influx of people with different tastes which resulted in an increase in demand for all kinds of art forms – fine arts, music, performance arts, etc – including complex artistic jewelry pieces.

With so much creativity being favoured within this time frame many local jewelers took advantage by creating unique Art Deco inspired pieces with dramatic patterns like hourglass shapes or abstract forms such as silhouettes. Thus slowly started a trend that is still quite popular among Texans today.

Houston’s Art Deco Jewelry Today Art Deco jewelry has been gaining momentum in Houston for years now but recently there has been an intense surge of interest towards vintage pieces from this particular era. For instance, many people are whipping out their old family heirloom pieces featuring Egyptian motifs like sitting cats or architectural elements such as ziggurats or stepped pyramids as well as rare gems from around the world that are handpicked for maximum effect.

Individual jewelers operating from small operations or bigger outlets such as Kuhl-Linscomb too host exhibitions every now and then where they put together unique collections rare antique masterpiece pieces along with other items like brooches & necklaces made out classic materials like gold & silver intricate filigree work set with precious stones. These events have been quite successful drawing crowds from all across Houston thereby confirmimng its long lasting love affair with art deco jewellery.

Overview of Different Types of Art Deco Jewelry Found in Houston

Ring Designs

Houston has a wide selection of Art Deco rings to choose from. Most shops specialize in large statement pieces which typically feature unique stone settings or intricate filigree work. The most popular materials used to make these rings are platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

These pieces often have elaborate shapes and designs as well as geometric patterns, which provide plenty of opportunities for personalization. Other ring designs that can be found among the art deco jewelry in Houston include clusters of small stones that form flower or star shapes, combination pieces with two different bands joined together and eternity rings featuring pave set diamonds.

Bracelets, Necklaces & Earrings

Art Deco design can also be seen in the necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are sold in Houston shops. Some popular pieces feature emerald gemstones combined with simple but elegant chains crafted from white gold or silver. The design of these pieces typically includes a smooth polished finish with a vibrant pop of color from the gemstone’s sparkle.

Art deco earrings come in all shapes and sizes ranging from chandelier styles encrusted with bright gems to long dangles perfect for formal occasions. One can even find beautiful art deco bracelets made from precious metals like platinum or rose gold featuring modern geometrical styles along with breathtakingly detailed engravings at the clasp.

Period-Specific Jewelry Pieces

Depending on what era it is meant to represent, some period-specific jewelry items can also be found in Houston stores such as Egyptian Revival inspired necklaces set with carvings depicting ancient gods or Greek goddesses adorned in lapis lazuli stones. For those shopping for something more complex, various Art Deco suites comprising of complementary necklace, bracelet and earring sets usually studded with sapphires and diamonds can be found too.

It is not uncommon for opulent materials such as ivory, onyx and glass beads also to adorn these luxurious ensembles creating stunning looks within whichever shop you decide to visit while looking for original Art Deco pieces in Houston Texas.

Materials Used to Create Art Deco Jewelry in Houston

When deciding on the perfect jewel for yourself or someone special, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Creating Art Deco jewelry in Houston is a time-honored tradition that allows customers to express themselves through symbolism, design, and color. Here are some of the materials Houston-based artisanal jewelers use.

  • Gemstones: Many rare and precious gemstones are used when crafting unique Art Deco pieces. This includes sapphires, rubies, turquoise, jade, and opals.
  • Gold: Not just any gold but different varieties-including 14-Karat gold, 18-karat gold and rose gold-are utilized when fabricating exquisite pieces of art deco jewelry.
  • Silver: Depending on the desired look, artisanal jewelers often incorporate sterling silver for creating Art Deco masterpieces.
  • Diamonds: Certain variations of the brilliant diamond bring out intricate geometric designs when embedded in rings or pendants.

As you stroll along South Loop Road in Houston downtown you’ll find still more shops stocked with beautiful replicas of ancient art deco jewelry as well as contemporary designs crafted from varied materials. Shopkeepers grant customers a chance to witness firsthand their excellent customer service and craftsmanship while inspecting unique designs blending a modern style with traditional approaches.

From everyday creations featuring sleek patterns made out of sterling silver to rarer handcrafted masterpieces comprising diamonds set against gold structures; everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for at local treasure troves that specialize in creating Art Deco jewelry near Houston. Furthermore, some of these shops have been around for decades giving them an edge in finding equally priceless antique pieces that will forever enchant aficionados everywhere.

Antique Art Deco Jewelry

Each type of metal has its own distinct qualities such as weight, texture, flexibility etc., which must be carefully evaluated before commencing work on any project. When intending to purchase a new piece of art deco jewelry it is optimal to spend time examining what’s available because each creation utilizes combinations of these materials differently to give rise to an exclusive aesthetic value.

To ensure your investment is sound ask experienced jewelers about the mean total carat weight (TCW) so you have an idea if it was constructed using standard industry guidelines or not-this helps make sure you get exactly what you pay for without worrying about being taken advantage off.

Tips on Finding Quality Art Deco Jewelry in Houston

When planning to purchase Art Deco jewelry in Houston, it is important for shoppers to familiarize themselves with the basics. This style of jewelry rose to prominence during the 20th century and features bold geometric patterns, symmetrical shapes, and an eclectic mix of materials. Here are some tips to find quality pieces when shopping in the Houston area:

  • Research potential shops.
  • Have an idea of what type of pieces they will consider buying.
  • Look out for reputable sellers online.

Before visiting any shops in Houston that may offer Art Deco jewelry, it is important to do research into the different types available and look at examples of genuine pieces. Doing this can help narrow down search options and make sure that it will be easy to spot a quality piece. Additionally, seeing many different examples before shopping will also set expectations about design, size, and color choices, as well as helping shoppers understand pricing.

When looking at physical stores in the surrounding area, check for reviews on third-party sites like Yelp or Google before making any purchases. Paying attention to customer reviews is essential for any shop since these will show a history of satisfaction from customers which should correlate with the quality of the jewelry they sell.

Checking out social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook can also give insight on how different pieces look when worn by real people. It might be a good idea to find consistency with presentation among different sources as this would provide peace of mind that certain stores take pride in their inventory and make sure to only stock top-notch items.

Another great option is online shopping as there are many platforms that provide reliable Art Deco pieces from both established businesses and individual sellers across the US. When shopping online, keep an eye out for information on past sales which is typically listed on platforms like eBay; this helps gauge how much an item could generally cost within a given market and adjusts expectations when making decisions on specific offerings from resellers or curators alike.

Of course shipping costs should also be taken into account so being aware of any limitations beforehand can also help with budgeting better towards a desired aesthetic overall collection or single signature piece.

Benefits of Investing in Art Deco Jewelry from Houston

In Houston, Texas, art deco jewelry is a popular choice among jewelry buyers. Art deco pieces are specifically known for their unique and bold designs that often feature intricate detailing and high-end materials such as diamonds, pearls, gemstones, gold, and silver. These pieces are extremely exquisite and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

The craftsmanship is also quite noteworthy due to the fact that each piece is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen using only the finest materials available. In addition to this, they also come in a wide variety of styles and colors so customers can easily find something that suits their personal taste.

Variety of Styles

Houston-based jewelers offer both classic and modern takes on art deco jewelry. They stock a range of different styles ranging from chunky diamond necklaces to timeless watch designs. Customers can choose from elegant bracelets featuring colored stones to bold cocktail rings adorned with gold or rose gold accents. This variety means that no matter what your style preference is there’s bound to be something out there that you’ll love.

High Quality Materials

Another benefit of choosing art deco jewelry from Houston is the quality of materials used in their pieces. As mentioned before these pieces often feature precious gemstones or metals like gold or silver which add value to each piece making it an especially good investment opportunity. Additionally, many jewelers source their materials ethically so customers can have peace of mind knowing their pieces weren’t contributed in any way towards unethical practices like human exploitation or environmental damage.

Unique Designs

When it comes down to it customers appreciate Houston-based jewelers for creating unique one-of-a-kind designs for art deco jewelry lovers around the world. Each piece will be completely unique based on its production process using innovative techniques combined with traditional elements giving them an unforgettable look which is why more and more people are looking towards Houston for art deco jewelry.

This level of uncompromised quality combined with dedication gives shoppers quality assurance while browsing these high end pieces allowing them to add a touch of luxury into their personal collections without any doubt about workmanship or quality control.

Showcase of Popular Art Deco Jewelry Designers and their Creations

Houston, Texas has become an increasingly popular location for people interested in the fashion of Art Deco jewelry. This fashion style was first introduced in the 1920s and quickly gained a following from jewelry-lovers around the world.

Houston is home to a number of stores featuring this unique style of jewelry for customers to purchase items ranging from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets. In addition to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, there are also a few well-respected online jewelers who specialize in offering their customers even more impressive pieces created by popular designers.

Anke Firebrace: A Gem Setter with Unique Style

One of the most iconic art deco jewelry designers in Houston is Anke Firebrace, who is best known for her colorful gemstone masterpieces. Her pieces often feature vibrant geometric designs that feature luxurious emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds set in sterling silver or white gold. She also often incorporates traditional motifs like stars and flowers into her stunning creations.

Worn Off Fashion Jewelry

Those looking for more subtle designs can opt for her minimalist necklaces with plain pave diamond pendants or timeless infinity symbols adorned with small diamond accents. Anke Firebrace has made quite a name for herself as an independent jeweler thanks crafting beautiful pieces that combine both classic elegance with modern touches.

The Elegance of Etienne Radcliffe

Another popular art deco designer based out of Houston is Etienne Radcliffe whose elegant creations have captured the attention of many discerning buyers throughout America and beyond. His pieces showcase some truly unique techniques such as his use of enameled designs that offer an unexpected twist on geometric shapes typically featured in art deco jewels.

Whether shoppers are looking for bold statements with colorful gemstones crafted into intricate patterns or simple stud earrings shaped like crescent moons, they will undoubtedly find something special from Radcliffe’s collection. He also specializes in making tremendous engagement rings that couples seeking an alternative option to traditional diamonds can proudly wear as proof of their love story together.

Lauren Jacobs: Bringing Elegance to Vintage Inspirations

Finally, Lauren Jacobs has gained notoriety behind her intricate vintage inspired designs that utilize gorgeous semi-precious stones like pearl cabochon opal set with other colorful gemstones including aquamarine and pink tourmaline. Her cufflinks are one particular favorite among fashionable men as they feature elegant details inspired by butterflies and dragonflies set against a background featuring glittering diamonds and decorative engravings.

Those planning special occasions can find ornate hairpins encrusted with tiny gems or intricately designed tiaras befitting any regal king or queen It should come as no surprise then why so many people flock to Houston seeking out these talented jewelry designers – it’s truly extraordinary how they consistently bring unprecedented beauty both intricately designed antique inspired pieces combined with gleaming statement pieces alike.

Advice on Caring for Art Deco Jewelry Pieces

Houston, Texas is home to a large collection of exquisite Art Deco jewelry pieces, such as vintage brooches and pendants. Maintaining these intricate items can be tricky; however, with patience and the proper techniques, your collection can remain beautiful for years to come. Here are some tips for caring for your Art Deco jewelry pieces.

First, it’s important to understand that Art Deco jewelry often contains stones that were set during a specific time period in history. Because of this, the settings may be fragile and should not be exposed to intense pressure or temperature changes. To avoid harm to any gemstones, always remove your art deco jewelry before performing activities such as gardening, swimming or exercising.

Additionally, when removing Antique Jewelry pieces it is best practice to slide them off rather than pull down on them. This reduces the pressurized strain being put on the piece and keeps it from becoming damaged.

Second prevention is key and taking regular steps to protect your Art Deco jewelry from dirt and dust is essential to ensure its longevity. Wiping down your jewelry with a soft cloth every few weeks helps keep dust buildup at bay which could otherwise lead to tarnish or discoloration over time with exposure and gradual buildup of oils leading onto the surface of the metal.

It is also suggested cleaning items once a month with an appropriate cleaner such as baking soda mixed with warm water or vinegar and dish soap mix-both excellent agents for gently cleaning metal surfaces without damaging any stones set within them.

Finally exposure should be kept minimal; so never wear Art Deco Jewelry 24/7. Taking off pieces before showering or sleeping ensures there isn’t enough accumulated sweat on them over prolonged periods of time, causing damage that could present itself later on as tarnish or breakage. Investing in an anti-tarnish bag will further help protect pieces from moisture or any other airborne debris such as smoke that would cause damage over time.

Keeping items in specialized airtight bags inn conjunction with semi – regular cleanings could even help prevent costly repairs down the line. Following these simple steps will help ensure you get many years of enjoyment out of your Art Deco jewelry collection.

Closing Thoughts

Offering a wide array of styles and unique designs, Art Deco jewelry in Houston Texas offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a timeless piece, an ornate piece, or an accessory with modern flair – there is something to please every taste. With dedicated artisans and craftsmen in the industry, such as Santos Designs, shopping for and purchasing quality jewel pieces has never been easier.

At Santos Designs they predominantly specialize in hand crafting unique pieces of jewelry giving each one its own character. Many find the vintage-inspired styling appealing while adding a touch of luxury and class to any wardrobe.

Pieces rarely go unnoticed and it’s almost impossible to blend in when wearing a custom-designed creation from Santos Designs. Not only do they provide clients with luxurious products, but they also use metals such as platinum, palladium and gold which makes the products even more valuable as time passes by.

The designs provided have elements such as custom letter monograms or beautiful motifs which are created to highlight each individual client’s desires. The look that one can achieve with this type of styling creates memories that will last a lifetime due to its impeccable craftsmanship and level of detail within each product.

Art Deco jewelry in Houston Texas definitely stands out among other jewelry makers, offering something truly special to their valued customers at competitive prices that fit any budget comfortably – leaving people no excuse not to purchase them.

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