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Located in the heart of Albany, New York, Roberts Fine Jewelry has been providing exclusive jewelry designs and creating innovative pieces for more than a decade. With their award-winning collections and meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, they have positioned themselves as one of the region’s most respected artisan jewelers.

Built on a foundation of family tradition and uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service, Roberts Fine Jewelry specializes in creating unique pieces tailored to each individual customer’s taste and style. With an exceptional team of renowned designers, master craftsmen and gemologists, each piece is handmade with utmost dedication and care. Their collections include artfully created rings and bracelets made from diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and more. From subtle sophistication to bold statement pieces, Roberts Fine Jewelry has something special to offer every kind of jewelry lover.

In addition to leading the industry in crafting fine jewelry pieces individually tailored for customers, they also specialize in remodeling older pieces while preserving personal movie memories that come attached with them – truly making each piece one-of-a-kind. Plus they offer expert appraisals so each client can be certain of the value of their investment in fine jewelry. As a trusted source for beautiful jewelry crafted with the highest level of integrity and accuracy, Roberts Fine Jewelry is a key part of the Albany NY jewelry scene – delivering consistently exemplary products that send clients overjoyed at their purchase every single time .


Roberts Fine Jewelry has been a part of Albany, NY since the early 1960s. It was founded by David Roberts and his wife Doris who brought their passion for exquisite crafting and superior customer service to the city they grew up in. They began with just a small boutique store on State street and soon, word got out that they made some of the best jewelry in town. Many Alabamians came to Roberts Fine Jewelry for their custom pieces and jewelry repairs. Customers were always impressed by how the store created something using age old techniques of hand-craftsmanship and goldsmithing, combined with the latest technology available in modern jewelry-making.

Since opening its doors, Roberts Fine Jewelry has committed itself to being at the forefront of fashion trends, offering an extensive selection of jewelry from leading brands as well as contemporary designs developed in-house. As alumni from gemology schools across America joined their team, David and Doris began to experiment with unique concepts in customizing fine jewelry pieces such as white diamond necklaces or personalized pendants for newlyweds looking for a gift commemorating their special day. This commitment to excellence and innovation is still seen today as Roberts continues to create one-of-a kind pieces only found at their store since 1962.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Roberts Fine Jewelry in Albany, NY brings together decades of expertise and the latest jewelry-making technology to craft timeless pieces of exquisite beauty and fine quality. With exacting attention to detail, artisans at Roberts use techniques that celebrate traditional hand-craftsmanship, such as creating custom settings for each individual stone using millimeter precision for perfect alignment as well as shaping each stone before setting to ensure its beauty is maximized. Each piece is carefully inspected at every stage of production so only those pieces that meet their exacting standards make it out of the studio. Each creation showcases a passion for design and philanthropy, often featuring unique vintage materials like gems or jewels set in one-of-a-kind designs crafted from sterling silver or gold. The dedication to quality craftsmanship infuses every piece whether large or small with a classic elegance. Collectors can be assured they are purchasing a family heirloom worthy of its legacy.

Unique Design

Roberts Fine Jewelry in Albany, NY is renowned for their ability to perfectly balance traditional designs with modern trends. Their pieces feature a unique blend of vintage and modern elements that reflect the city’s own retrospective and contemporary flair.

When it comes to unified design, Roberts Fine Jewelry excels at combining classical style with new wave inspirations. Stone cuts, metals, and intricate details found in Victorian-era pieces are carried over to sparkling rings, necklaces, and bracelets crafted from trendy materials like rose gold or titanium—handmade from some of the most talented artisans in Albany.

The craftsmanship and unique design of each piece strikes a beautiful cohesion between yesteryear elements and modern stylings which pay homage to the glorious days while looking toward the future. From family heirloom replicas to bold statement pieces; Roberts Fine Jewelry has something for everyone interested in expressing themselves through fashion forward accessories.

Personalized Buying Experience Roberts Offers

At Roberts Fine Jewelry Albany Ny, we understand that customers are looking for a personalized and engaging experience when shopping for jewelry. That’s why when you visit our store, you will be welcomed by one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Our team takes great pride in getting to know each customer, understanding their budget and style preferences and helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry for the occasion. We also offer an array of services such as custom design, engraving, appraisals, repairs, sizing and more.

In addition to our personalized service experience, we are always striving to bring in the latest fashion trends selecting only fine quality items made with precious metals and gemstones from respected designers so customers can rest assured they are getting exceptional pieces at affordable prices. We also have a fantastic collection of vintage finds which make unique gifts or keepsakes.

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No matter what type of jewellery you’re looking for or what occasions calls for it- whether it be an engagement ring, a birthday gift or just because- Roberts Fine Jewelry Albany Ny has something special for everyone. Our passionate sales team is here to work with you every step of the way to create your own unique story through exquisite jewellery while offering a personal touch that’s not found anywhere else in town!

Reputation for Excellence

Roberts Fine Jewelry in Albany, NY has become renowned for its level of excellence. For over a decade, their customers have experienced incredible customer service, exquisite craftsmanship, and priceless items that have been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. The team of highly skilled artisans at Roberts work passionately to provide customers with a personalized experience to create jewelry with an array of sophisticated styles and intricate details. Every piece purchased from Roberts is made with superior quality materials and inspected to meet the highest standards of quality craftsmanship. Whether it be an engagement ring, necklace, or bracelet they can create something truly stunning that will bring joy for generations. They also carry an array of classic pieces that take one back in time without sacrificing quality or style. With its dedication to customer satisfaction and skillful craftsmanship, it’s no wonder Roberts Fine Jewelry is held in such high regard throughout Albany.


Roberts Fine Jewelry in Albany, NY is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase quality jewelry. The store carries a wide selection of both modern and classic styles of jewelry that are sure to fit the needs and tastes of anyone. Furthermore, the staff at Roberts Fine Jewelry has been servicing customers for over 50 years and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to helping their customers find the perfect piece. Additionally, Roberts Fine Jewelry offers some amazing deals on their jewelry, making them a great value for money. All in all, Roberts Fine Jewelry is a terrific place to purchase your next piece of fine jewelry and should be commended for its dedication to customer service and quality products.

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