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Charles Grace Fine Jewelry is a high-end jewelry store offering customers a wide range of exquisite pieces. From elegant evening earrings to statement diamond necklaces and unique wristwear, each piece from Charles Grace Fine Jewelry is sure to shine. They use only the finest materials to create stunning designs, whether it be timeless sterling silver or dazzling diamonds. Clients can choose between custom-made pieces or exclusive limited collections that guarantee exclusivity. With a commitment to service and uncompromising quality, Charles Grace Fine Jewelery is the perfect source for creating cherished memories and lasting impressions.


Charles Grace Fine Jewelry is a family-run business that dates back generations. Founded by Charles Grace and his wife Ella in the late 1800s, the business originally started as a modest watch repair shop in their town of Dublin. Over the years, it has grown into one of the most well-respected jewelry stores in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Charles’ sons Jack and Thomas inherited their father’s vision and passion for crafting beautiful pieces of fine jewelry. They expanded the operations beyond watch repair to designing custom jewelry pieces with jewels from around the world. The entire family is involved in all aspects of running the business from sourcing precious metals and stones to handcrafting each piece with old-world techniques.

In recent years, Charles Grace Fine Jewelry has established itself worldwide by selling online as well as through retail stores scattered throughout Europe. Their focus on working exclusively with small scale suppliers has earned them a reputation for quality craftsmanship and unique designs that have endured for generations. The family also maintains their commitment to artistry by continuing to collaborate with local sculptors, painters, woodsmiths, and jewelers to create stunning custom pieces.

The Grace family hopes to continue passing on their knowledge and expertise so that future generations can benefit from owning truly special jewelry items. With this mission in mind, they plan on launching a program that teaches traditional goldsmithing skills at universities in different countries across the globe. This will ensure that their legacy lives on while providing many aspiring craftsmen with skills they can use later down the road when creating their own pieces of fine jewelry.


Charles Grace Fine Jewelry offers a variety of collections for customers to choose from. Our sterling silver collection features styles that range from simple intertwined bands to elegant filigree rings, pendants, and bracelets. Each piece is crafted with intricate detail and made with high-quality materials for lasting durability. We also offer a selection of gold rings, necklaces, earrings, and charms in different shades, including rose gold and yellow gold; many pieces come with sparkling diamonds or other precious stones. In our semi-precious gemstone collection, you’ll find designs featuring genuine amethyst, citrine, turquoise, and more set into uniquely shaped pieces that are sure to make a statement. For something truly special and luxurious, our pearl collection includes items like necklaces with freshwater pearls in white or pink hues, accented with diamonds or 14k gold beads on delicate chains. With these collections as well as more contemporary options like stainless steel jewelry with unique shapes and bold colors available at Charles Grace Fine Jewelry, we have something for everyone’s taste!

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High-Quality Craftsmanship

Charles Grace Fine Jewelry takes pride in its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. All of the pieces are carefully crafted to exact standards, with an emphasis on attention to detail, precision and durability. The metals used are carefully chosen and expertly cut, ground and polished before being assembled. Strict quality checks ensure that every piece has been crafted accurately according to the designs specified.

High levels of craftsmanship have been employed throughout each step of the process, from casting and fabricating to hand carving, engraving and setting stones. The jewelry is hand-crafted using cutting-edge technology combined with traditional goldsmithing methods for a one-of-a kind product. State-of-the art laser welding facilities are used to precisely join elements together, while intricate metal work is perfected by experienced professionals under magnification. Semi precious gemstones are all set to strict guidelines using specialist tools, so customers know that each gem added offers their own unique beauty and sparkle when set into place. Finally each piece is individually inspected once more before being fully polished back up to final sheen finish ready for presentation or dispatch.

By utilizing such careful procedures during the creation process customers can be confident that Charles Grace Fine Jewelry offers only the very best pieces backed up by a commitment to superior quality and skillful craftmanship shapes around the individual designs which makes truly singular works of art for those who proudly wear them

Testimonials and Awards

Charles Grace Fine Jewelry is one of the leading jewelers in the industry and numerous customers have been delighted with their fine jewelry pieces. Over the years, they have received many glowing reviews from customers praising them for their beautiful diamonds, intricate designs and stunning pieces. They have also been featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers for their craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. All of this has lead to the prestigious awards that Charles Grace Fine Jewelry has won, such as being honored with The Top Jeweler Award seven years in a row by renowned consumer ratings magazine Consumers’ Choice. Customers who purchased jewelry from Charles Grace Fine Jewelry consistently express how satisfied they are with their purchase, which makes them proud each time they look at it. Many happy customers spread word of mouth about Charles Grace Fine Jewelry making them one of the most renowned fine jewelers around.

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Customer Service

A great customer service experience at Charles Grace Fine Jewelry starts before the customer enters the store. This can include sending a thank you email for scheduled appointments, welcoming clients warmly over the phone when they make inquiries, maintaining a website that accurately reflects their range of products and services, and providing information about current sales and promotions.

Once inside the store customers should be greeted with a smile from friendly staff who are knowledgeable about their product range. Their questions should be answered professionally and customers should have an opportunity to explore all options without feeling rushed or pressured. Payment options should also be clearly stated before any purchase is made to ensure transparency between the customer and the store.

The customer’s post-purchase experience should feel special too; this could include presenting items in exclusive gift wrapping, handwritten thank you cards, follow-up emails offering discounts off future purchases or maintenance tips on how to take care of their jewelry. These extra touches will show customers they are valued beyond just making a sale and that they can expect excellent quality service every time they come into the store.


At Charles Grace Fine Jewelry, we strive to combine quality and craftsmanship with timeless pieces that will become lasting keepsakes. Our exquisite selection includes engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more that you can guarantee your friends won’t be able to find anywhere else. Celebrate the special moments of life with a gift from our luxurious collection. Whether it’s for an engagement announcement or the arrival of a new baby – nothing compares to a beautiful and timeless piece from Charles Grace Fine Jewelry. Visit us today and let us help you find the perfect piece for you or your loved one! And now for a limited time only; take advantage of our exclusive offer: Get 25% off your entire order when you purchase 2 or more items!