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Rex Jewelry is a unique business that specializes in handcrafted jewelry made of rare and precious metals. The jewelry created by the skilled artisans at Rex Jewelry is one of-a-kind, featuring intricate designs and elegant craftsmanship. As the premier jewelers in the industry, they have gained widespread recognition for the quality of their unique designs.

Rex Jewelry has a wide range of offerings, from classic pieces to innovative creations. Their pieces stand out due to their innovative use of materials – from sterling silver and gold to precious stones and crystals – which give each piece its own distinctive look. Each piece is carefully crafted with precise attention to detail, ensuring that every piece will be a treasured forever keep-sake or gift.

In addition to offering stunning pieces of jewelry, Rex Jewelry offers exclusive custom pieces crafted according to customers’ exact specifications. Their staff works closely with each customer to create pieces that perfectly capture their individual personality or aesthetic tastes. What’s more, their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help customers find the perfect gift for any occasion – from engagements to anniversaries and beyond!

Design and Product Development

At Rex Jewelry, our experienced designers and artisans are passionate about creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. Every item is carefully crafted from the highest quality materials and designed with the utmost attention to detail.

Our team begins the design process by researching existing trends in fashion, jewelry and popular culture in order to create pieces that appeal to our customers’ tastes. From there, we use a combination of new and traditional techniques such as hand-sculpting, creating prototypes out of wax, modeling with computers and 3D printing to produce designs that best suit the client’s needs. We can also use advanced production methods such as casting or laser cutting if necessary.

Once a design is finalized, all components are put together manually in order to ensure quality control. To add an extra level of craftsmanship, we refine each piece through additional polishing and etching done by our highly skilled artisans. Lastly, each item undergoes a rigorous quality check before being given a sign-off by our team of jewelry experts and sent off for packaging and shipping. This way, every customer receives a one-of-a-kind product they will treasure for many years to come!

Showcasing Rex Jewelry

Rex Jewelry has quickly become a covetable label for today’s celebrities and influential figures. From highly-coveted design collaborations to innovative collections from A-list stars, Rex Jewelry pieces have been spotted on the wrists, fingers, and necks of numerous stars.

The wide range of Rex Jewelry designs feature a selection of fine jewelry crafted from 18k gold, vermeil and sterling silver, while other collections bring elements such as diamonds and semi-precious stones into play. Each piece offers something unique; whether it be an exclusive designer collab or robust signet rings that feature exotic gems or raw organic motifs.

A big name in Hollywood was caught wearing one of their famous rings recently: singer-songwriter Justin Bieber. Bieber wore one of Rex’s luxurious full-diamond signet rings at the iHeartMusic awards, dazzling fans with its round white diamonds set into polished yellow gold. He completed the look with two matching diamond earrings—which were more subtle than his eye-catching ring but sparkled brilliantly when he took to the stage.

Meanwhile, supermodel Bella Hadid was seen wearing several pieces from their campaign earlier this year: a chunky silver hoop earring with multi-colored moonstone accents, plus a delicate lariat necklace with dainty pink sapphires and a contrasting white pearl. The combination was edgy yet sophisticated and she looked simply stunning wearing them down the runway.

Overall, some popular pieces include their signature charm bracelets featuring crystal charms that come in different colors and styles; bold chokers featuring oversize crystals; geometric diamond studs that are perfect for day or night looks; and whimsically delicate layering necklaces adorned with precious gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds that add a touch of luxury to any ensemble.

Strategies On How To Get The Right Jewelry


Rex Jewelry specializes in beauty and luxury, creating stunning pieces that often become treasured family heirlooms. Their timeless jewelry is crafted with great attention to detail, both aesthetically and technically, making the perfect choice for a special occasion.

Their pieces are commonly used as gifts to celebrate engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones. Engagement rings feature gemstones nestled among detailed designs of sparkling diamonds or precious metals, bringing an extra touch of luxury to mark the happy day. Wedding rings are made with care and artistry for couples who want a truly unique piece that can be passed down for generations. Rings also make wonderful anniversary gifts created with symbolism of love from years gone by.

In recognition of personal accomplishments such as graduating from college or excelling at a hobby or talent, presentation rings and necklaces from Rex Jewelry help add prestige to the celebration. Pieces like these often come with fine prints featuring inspiring words of wisdom to signify the special moment in time for years to come.

No matter what important occasion you have in mind , several pieces from Rex Jewelry will make ideal companions that bring joy and meaning to life’s most beautiful moments.

Signature Pieces

Rex Jewelry is known for its innovative and modern designs. Some of their most iconic pieces include the Starburst Cluster Stud Earrings, Aqua Drop Necklace, Nova With Diamond Pendant, and Orbit Cuff Bracelet. The Starburst Cluster Stud Earrings feature a unique cluster of vibrant diamonds set in 18kt Gold that creates an eye-catching starburst design. The Aqua Drop necklace consists of six diamond drops set in 18kt gold with two different sized pearls suspended from each drop. The Nova With Diamond Pendant is a mix of both classic and contemporary styling with a square pendant made up of small round diamonds and a central diamond in 14kt rose gold. Finally, the Orbit Cuff Bracelet combines three thick bands with nested circle designs that perfectly encircle your wrist with a hint of sparkle. All these signature pieces make Rex Jewelry creations stand out from any other jewelry collection.

Custom Design

At Rex Jewelry, customers can personalize their pieces of jewelry in a variety of ways. Customers can choose from a broad selection of metals including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. They can also select any type of gemstone, diamond or crystal for their desired piece. To further customize the jewelry, customers can choose any special engraving or design to add to their item. For a truly unique experience, customers have the option to design their own piece with the help of one of our experienced jewelers. With their guidance, they’ll be able to create something that is both meaningful and creative.

Pricing Range

The fees involved when purchasing Rex Jewelry depends greatly on the type and style of jewelry being purchased. Generally speaking, prices for Rex Jewelry range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, though the exact amounts will vary depending on the specific piece of jewelry and its market value. In addition to paying for the item itself, customers may be required to pay taxes or processing fees, depending on what state they live in. For example, many states have a sales tax that is applied to each purchase. Additionally, if an item needs to be shipped, a customer will likely be required to pay for shipping and handling as well.


Rex Jewelry can be found in a variety of locations including department stores, jewelry stores, online jewelry retailers, and independent boutiques. Department stores often have the most comprehensive selection of Rex Jewelry, from classic staples to modern pieces. Jewelry stores typically specialize in fine jewelry and precious metals and may carry various collections from Rex. Online jewelry retailers offer a wide range of styles from the brand and may offer special discounts or sales based on the time of year. For one-of-a-kind pieces or limited edition pieces, customers can also check with independent boutiques that specialize in luxury pieces for higher end clientele.

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Rex Jewelry offers a variety of styles ranging from modern and contemporary designs to vintage and timeless pieces. They specialize in unique engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, as well as earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry items. Their collections also include designer creations crafted with conflict-free diamonds, gemstones and pearls. As an online retailer, they offer custom-made jewelry from classic to avant industrial looks that are always on-trend and ethically sourced.


Investing in Rex Jewelry is a great way to acquire beautiful and unique jewelry pieces that offer great quality and lasting value. Investing in Rex Jewelry comes with many advantages, including:

1) Durability: All of Rex Jewelry’s products are made with the highest quality materials, making them strong enough to last a lifetime. The craftsmanship of each piece is second to none, ensuring that you will have a product that will retain its beauty and strength for years to come.

2) Variety: Whether you are looking for classic designs or something more modern, Rex Jewelry has something for everyone. Their collections feature rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches – all available in a variety of styles and colors for any taste or budget.

3) Care: At Rex Jewelry, customer satisfaction comes first which is why they provide a complete care program with each purchase. You can rest easy knowing that your jewelry is being looked after by experienced jewelers who understand how to best maintain your piece and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.


Customers largely report being pleased with Rex Jewelry’s products. They say the store offers a wide variety of beautiful, unique jewelry pieces at reasonable prices. People comment that they have never experienced such great customer service from any other jewelry store, and that the staff are incredibly friendly and attentive to their needs. Customers also mention how impressed they are by the quality of the items – noting that most of them feel remarkably well-made for the price paid. Additionally, many customers remark on how quickly items can be shipped and received, praising Rex for its fast delivery system. All in all, reviews for Rex Jewelry are overwhelmingly positive with customers finding it hard to find something negative to say about the store or its products.


The Rex Jewelry experience is one that is unparalleled. From its stunning selection of unique and timeless pieces to the personalized service from their knowledgeable staff, Rex Jewelry creates a shopping experience that is truly extraordinary. Their vast collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more allows customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, while also inspiring them with interesting new ideas. With professional cleaning and repair services available on site, Rex Jewelry ensures that every piece can be looked after properly. Customers leave knowing they have purchased quality jewelry pieces that hold lasting value.