Retro 80’S Jewelry For Men

Retro 80’s jewelry for men has seen a major resurgence in recent years as more and more men are looking to accessorize their look with vintage pieces. From bold necklaces to colorful rings to statement bracelets, the style of the 1980s is making an impact on modern fashion trends as it makes its way back into public consciousness.

To understand why this trend is so popular, it’s important to look at the history of 80’s jewelry and how it has changed over time.

When it comes to understanding the early popularity of 80’s jewelry, it’s important to remember that this period represented immense changes in technology, culture, and lifestyle. With a newfound obsession with video games, cult television shows like Miami Vice, and flashy pieces from iconic designers such as Armani and Gucci hitting the scene in a big way-it was no surprise that fashionable men would want to add some of these elements into their everyday looks as well.

Back then jewelry such as thick metal bangles or layered necklaces were popular among men who wanted to make an impression-and soon everyone from rappers to Wall Street CEOs started wearing pieces with extravagant showmanship. And while many opted for expensive items made out of gold or platinum, there was also a democratization of fashion that saw cheaper materials such as plastic being used effectively by brands like Swatch.

However by the end of the decade much had changed; mainly due to economic recessions and changing tastes-as well as a transition away from ‘yuppie’ clichés. During this period simple designs gained greater appeal as they transitioned towards understated pieces like watches which sought appeal through their utility rather than ostentatious display.

Nevertheless there were still some daring artists working during this era who embraced creating eye catching pieces such quartz turtle chokers or wolf pendants made out of enameled steel often being worn by clients at special events as representations of wealth or status. Eventually these items fell out of favor but eventually they were discovered again by today’s generation who have found them new life in an updated ‘streetwear’ aesthetic now seen across cities worldwide.

With more contemporary interpretations cropped up alongside classics from yesterday-retro 80’s for men has become a popular choice and continues to dominate our streets enabling us all to embrace nostalgia and bring contemporary relevance back into our lives once again.

Trends in 80’s Jewelry for Men

The 80s was a decade that celebrated its own eccentric fashion sense. Those bright colors, shoulder pads, big hair, and of course jewelry – it was all part of the look.

While women’s jewelry often takes the spotlight in modern fashion movements, men’s jewelry is also worth a second look for retro 80s trends. Whether you want to follow in the direction of some of the most legendary stars – think Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson – or you just want to add something eye-catching to your everyday look, these pieces pull influence from classic designs while looking squarely forward into 2020.

Statement Pendants

One trend from the 80’s that is making a huge comeback are statement pendants. From cuban links and Jesus pieces to cat heads and butterfly shapes, large pendants can be found on necklaces strung with leather cord or small chains in either gold or silver.

These big pieces make a major statement when worn towards the center of one’s chest like they were worn back in the day but also stand out against whatever top you may have on. Of course they come in all sizes so don’t feel like you need to go too big if it’s not comfortable for you; pick something proportional to your body type.

Layering Chains & Charm Bracelets

Another big trend form 80’s Jewelry for Men are Chain layered necklaces and charm bracelets which implies multiple chains being worn together creating an eclectic look while still retaining classiness. For this trend think slim gold rope chains paired with Cuban link chains and Herringbone-style chains for an elegant yet bold appearance when layering them together.

If charms aren’t really your thing but layering chains is then try using connector bars in between each chain creating a unique flavor without having to wear multiple charms at once. Lastly, charm bracelets add a little extra flair because you can show various reflections of yourself by taking influences from current pop culture items like anime characters, animals figures, personally made charms etc.

Signet Rings

Last up we have signet rings which are beautiful solid rings that feature some sort of logo/image (usually 1 letter but can be more). Signet rings came about during medieval times where they signified belonging to an important family or organization as well as being used for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies.

In modern times however signet rings are absolutely trending as you can both use previously meant symbols on them such as family crests or fraternity symbols etc OR design something more modern and personalized like initials of your first name finished off with raised dots which adds texture to the piece giving it extra life and shine as light reflects off each dot.

Retro Gold Jewelry

Popular Materials Used In 80’s Jewelry

Men’s accessories in the 1980s took on an added dynamic with the prevalence of modern jewelry in the form of bold and flashy costume pieces. Many people associate this era with ornate, gold-plated earrings and necklaces featuring gemstones such as glass crystal and plastic pearls. This jewelry was often crafted from brass or silver alloy materials which allowed for greater detail in designs.

While some designs featured more traditional motifs, like crosses, hearts, and skulls, there were also plenty of other shapes and sizes to choose from as well as an array of bright and vivid colours. Silver chains were also popular among men, often worn layered with crucifixes or medallions.

Jewelry Trends Of The 80’s

In addition to a variety of different styles drawing inspiration from contemporary music and fashion trends, jewelry pieces from the 1980s also drew heavily on a range of symbols that signified these cultural movements. Popular motifs included references to rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC as well as referenced to blockbuster films like Star Wars or ET the Extra Terrestrial.

Skull rings became increasingly popular during this decade thanks to influences from punk culture while contemporary TV shows like Miami Vice greatly influenced apparel choices for men particularly Cuban link chains.

Where To Find Vintage 80’s Jewelry

Vintage jewelry can be found through online vendors like Etsy or eBay who specialize in retro items including brooches, pendants and rings from this period. Additionally there are many brick-and-mortar retail stores that have specialty sections devoted to vintage costumes pieces including necklaces, earrings and bracelets making it easy to curate a look that is both unique and stylish no matter where you reside.

Many vintage retailers also make custom orders so if you’re looking for something specific they can likely craft an item just for you with your supplied measurements or design choice in mind.

Benefits of Wearing 80’s Jewelry

Retro 80’s jewelry for men has been making its comeback for some time now; offering men the fashionable look that they’ve been seeking. Although these pieces of jewelry range from necklaces, to earrings, to even rings and bracelets, they all offer similar benefits in style, comfort and versatility.


Retro 80’s jewelry can offer men great style. The vintage pieces are made using quality metal such as silver or gold and can therefore provide a high-end look that is sure to turn heads. Men can also tailor their jewelry collection to reflect their own personal style – from classic elegance with simple links chains or chunky necklaces and rings – dressing up or down to achieve different effects.


In addition to looking stylish, wearable retro 80’s jewelry provides much needed comfort. The pieces are designed using quality construction techniques and fine materials such as sterling silver or 14k gold which ensure strength, durability and lightness.

As such, they are lightweight not only on the skin but also on the budget when it comes into play. Also being hypoallergenic at times with the option of utilising nickel-free material – makes wearing retro 80s’ Jewelry suitable for all skin types too.


The versatility that comes with wearing retro 80s Jewelry is unmatched. Whether you want an everyday accessory piece or a statement piece – there will always be something available that fits your individual style & taste; from subtle stud earrings to ornate signet rings – versitility reigns supreme. What’s more, the versatile nature of these pieces means they can easily be mixed & matched allowing you to find a variety of interchanging pieces with ease

    Benefits of Wearing Retro 80’s Jewelry

  • Stylish
  • Lightweight Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatile Accessory Pieces & Statement Pieces Available
  • Where to Buy 80’s Jewelry for Men

    Retro 80’s jewelry for men is making a major comeback in the fashion world, with designers such as Gucci and Saint Laurent leading the pack. The popularity of this era is due in part to its ability to exhibit classic glamour yet still look contemporary. For those on the hunt for classic-with-a-twist pieces, consider the following options:

    • High End:
      1. Gucci Medusa Bling Necklace
      2. Saint Laurent Classic Silver Pendant
      3. Versace Lion Head Earrings
    • Streetwear Options:
      1. Kanye West Necklaces : A favorite among hip-hop fans and aficionados alike, these necklaces offer bling with a message.
      2. Hats by Supreme : Founded in 1994 in New York City, Supreme immediately rose to fame thanks to its streetwear accessories like hats, beanies, neck warmers, scarves and more.
      3. Modern Chains : Gold or silver chains with pendants have been trendy since at least the mid-1980s. These days, oval links are popular along with minimalist styles.

    Men’s jewelry from this era often puts an emphasis on bold designs and statement pieces that can be worn both casually or casually dressed up. Many luxury jewelry brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Omega and Bulgari focus heavily on vintage pieces from this period.

    Some notable designs from these brands are their cufflinks made from gold or precious stones and watches either made with goldsmith techniques or fit with quartz movements. Other high end brands include Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin whose creations invoke a timeless appeal while keeping up with modern trends and technology.

    Accessorizing With 80’s Jewelry

    Retro rings and other jewelry from the ’80s era are more popular than ever. Men are now not afraid to glam up their look with some of these bold and eye-catching pieces. Whether it’s a Lyle Reimer bracelet or a vintage necklace, there’s something for everyone in the world of 80’s baubles. The key is to accessorize tastefully for each occasion, so one doesn’t overdo it.

    Retro Rosin Jewelry

    Casual Days

    For a casual everyday look, one can choose to wear any type of 80’s style jewelry such as colorful wooden bead necklaces, thick and chunky gold rings, or edgy silver hoop earrings. These classic pieces can be paired with neutral tones such as blue jeans or khakis pants for a lowkey but stylish statement.

    If you prefer to dress things up slightly, you could try wearing several delicate multi-colored stone bracelets around your wrist – this will create a bold and confident avenue express yourself.

    Semi-Formal Events

    When attending semi-formal occasions like an evening party or executive dinner, the right kind of 8o’s style jewelry can really help elevate your outfit. Shiny geometric rings in bright colors are always great choices to pair well with tailored tartans or collared shirts – these small touches will instantly set you apart from the crowd and show that you know how to accessorize perfectly for the occasion.

    For necklaces, go for longer lariats that make quite a statement – they should have delicate pendants like crosses or an abstract shape attached at the end for added flair.

    Colors & Patterns

    Men who don’t want all their accessories to match and coordinate perfectly should be sure to experiment with different types of shapes, patterns and colors when wearing 80’s style jewelry pieces. A few mismatched items here and there can reflect your individuality without making the entire look appear too overdone.

    Bright blues set against silver earrings work nicely together – turquoise against sterling silver is also highly sought after blend that will bring out an expertly put together ensemble that has been polished off correctly with retro 80’s accents.

    Care and Maintenance Tips for 80’s Jewelry

    Retro 80’s Jewelry for men adds an edgy statement to any wardrobe and bears a timeless style. Anyone who owns retro jewelry needs tips on how to care for it in order to ensure it lasts for years to come. To keep your vintage jewelry looking as good as the day you purchased it, be sure to follow these tips on cleaning, polishing and storing.

    • CleaningClean metal jewelry with a soft cloth and a mild soap solution. Avoid tarnish removers or metal polishes that contain harsh chemicals because they can strip away the protective coating of plated jewelry.
    • Polishing Polish goldwork with a soft jewelry cloth. Silverware may be polished with a treatment such as Serpico silver polish or Goddard’s silver cream Wash before use and then buff with a clean soft cotton cloth afterwards.
    • Storing Store jewelry in a cool, dry place. Separate chains from other pieces of jewelry if possible. Metal earrings should be placed in tissue paper-lined boxes before being stored away, and plastic containers should be used when necessary.


    The 80’s was a unique era for fashion, especially when it comes to jewelry. Men that donned the styles worn by iconic figures like Temptations lead singer David Ruffin and hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur caught the attention of many people with their large chains and statement pieces.

    While this trend has resurfaced in recent years, the charm of true 80’s jewelry remains unmatched. For men looking to stand out among peers and take some risks with their style, retro 80’s jewelry is destined to be the perfect choice.

    To start off, 80’s jewelry truly exemplifies self expression and individuality. During this decade men were dressing up more than ever before in order to show off their character – whether it be subtle or loud – and the right piece of jewelry finished off any look in an unforgettable way.

    From sparkling diamond encrusted crosses to heavy gold-toned pendants featuring popular motifs from rams horns to engraved scriptures, what made this type of jewelry so special was its ability to tell a story about each man wearing it.

    As far as longevity goes, concerning both quality and style points, 80’s jewelry is a winner on countless levels. While cheap knockoffs flood the market today giving shoppers no shortage of low-cost options when they look to make some bold statements with their wardrobe choices, nothing beats authentic 80’s jewelry as these pieces are second to none regarding raw quality.

    Furthermore they will always remain timeless within modern wardrobes due their historic nods while simultaneously having just enough flavor the match current trends with ease – making them items anyone would want for short term use or for long term keepsakes alike.

    Rocking retro 80’s jewelry has become one of the most influential ways men are upholding their style today as not only do these pieces have something distinctive about them but also usually mean something special for those wearing them; showing personality without a doubt while staying one step ahead when it comes all things fashion related.

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