Retro Inspired Costume Jewelry

Retro inspired costume jewelry has been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. From classic 60s-style hoop earrings to shimmering 1950s lockets, today’s style-savvy shoppers are looking for ways to add vintage chic to any outfit.

Popular online stores such as Etsy and ASOS have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to retro inspired costume jewelry. Whether they’re going for a more subtle look with antique gold hoop earrings or making a bold statement with brightly colored acrylic necklaces, modern fashionistas know the best way to spruce up any wardrobe is with some classic pieces that never go out of style.

This jump in vintage inspired jewelry sales provides insight into consumer preferences shifting away from traditional costume jewelry popularized by designers like Chanel and Tiffany & Co. Traditional costume jewelry is often made with precious metals or synthetic diamonds, which can be expensive for budget shoppers. With the rise of affordable retro pieces on the market today, people don’t have to break the bank while keeping up with the latest trends.

The positive reception of these alternative materials paired with vintage designs reveals how clothing today is being used as a way of self-expression. A form of artistic styling prompted by accessibly priced items like retro inspired costume jewelry allows customers to express their unique personalities without having to commit heavily financially.

With posts featuring these products appearing on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, companies are better able to respond quickly to market demands and supply more affordable fashionable pieces than ever before.

It’s clear that retro inspired costume jewelry is becoming an increasingly important factor within the fashion industry today; from classic Audrey Hepburn necklaces harkening back to the 50s all the way through vibrant 80s-inspired hoops; there’s certainly something for everyone at an accessible price point for every customer. But perhaps most importantly, this trend showcases how powerful self expression can be when everyone has access to quality fashionable products no matter their budget.

What is Retro Inspired Costume Jewelry?

Retro inspired costume jewelry is a fun and playful way to update a classic style. With its vintage feel, it gives the wearer an essence of old-world elegance. Retro inspired pieces are often bright and colorful, making them the perfect statement piece for an outfit.

While traditional costume jewelry often features intricate designs, retro inspired pieces offer wearers simple textures and shapes that give it an exciting charm. Many designers offer this type of jewelry in various tones, styles, and materials to provide something unique for everyone.

Unique Styles

One popular style of retro inspired costume jewelry is bold and oversized hoop earrings. These unique hoop earrings often feature bright hues like gold or silver with a matte finish for extra texture and dimension. Another trendy take on the traditional hoop is thin, open-ended hoops that add length to any look – perfect for styling a subtle yet feminine updo.

Necklaces are another staple of retro inspired jewelry – look for loud beaded necklaces made up of colorful glass gems or pendants shaped like flowers or abstract motifs reminiscent of the sixties or seventies eras. Reflective materials paired with geometric shapes are also popular choices when it comes to necklace design options as they can easily dress up an outfit without much effort.

Statement Pieces

Retro inspired jewelry has the potential to completely elevate a wardrobe while being budget friendly. Look for long chain necklaces encrusted in colorful beads featuring various shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching focal point when wearing all black outfits – this contrast adds a dynamic touch to wardrobe staples like plain black shirts or pantsuits that would otherwise look rather plain alone.

By choosing statement pieces specifically designed as casual accessories adds personality and life into your everyday look while also offering you creative streetstyle possibilities not available elsewhere beforehand.

For those trying to complete more glamorous ensembles, lighter arm bracelet sets are a must-have addition as it will bring attention the arms without overwhelming them with too many details; many of these feature vibrant stones embedded in filigree metal links for maximum vintage glamour appeal. For even more shine choose from crystal cluster rings featuring chunky clusters with big enough presence on any hand size (especially those who don’t usually wear big rings).

Finally, no retro-inspired ensemble would be complete without adding some sparkle around wrists through shimmery rhinestone bracelets – this accessory will instantly transport any average getup into something luxurious looking.

Origins of Retro Inspired Costume Jewelry

Retro inspired costume jewellery is unique in its vibrancy and colour, as it takes inspiration from many decades of styles and fashion trends. This accessory has been a staple part of any wardrobe for decades, with references dating back to the 1920s.

Its presence has been felt in pop culture since then, through film, theatre and television. Retro inspired costume jewellery can be interpreted in different ways today as people seek a more specific vintage look or borrow characteristics from some of its more contemporary interpretations of the past.

This accessory stands out in particular for its versatility. It allows wearers to adopt various looks when pairing it with certain clothes or styles.

For example, a piece of retro-inspired jewellery paired with an outfit that embraces the bourgeois look could create an interesting visual contrast between two seemingly opposing ideas. Conversely, one can choose to create a harmonious marriage between an ensemble that fuses modern concepts and classic aesthetics through period jewellery pieces – something which complements other old-school apparel such as waistcoats and velvet jackets well.

Retro Lovebright Jewelry

The lasting influence behind retro inspired costume jewelry can be down to iconic figures from the ’50s onwards who have used these pieces to enhance their style or evince their personal fashion statements. From Hollywood sirens such as Grace Kelly to soul singers like Aretha Franklin, celebrity icons have all had their tenure with retro accessories – spurring trends through exposure in the media outlets of various eras throughout history’s journey thus far.

WidespreadPopular Examples

  • Classic pearls: probably one of the most timeless forms of jewelery within this family
  • Funky brooches: embellishing every day outfits without being too overpowering
  • Statement earrings: ranging from oversized hoops that draw attention immediately among classic quilted designs
  • Vintage necklaces: including chokers that add transfixing elegance
  • Colours: playing with various hues that come together to make bolder designs

Meaningful Impact On Modern Day Trends

In modern day society, the appeal behind this style spans numerous generations as it continues to retain its relevance today; blurring generational boundaries through heirlooms passed down from older relatives which are integrated into personal wardrobes or vintage finds acquired in second-hand stores Many contemporary jewellers take influence from this idea by creating new interpretations from these enchanting objects.

As technology progresses and certain manufacturing methods become automated, wearing written pieces of art provides an opportunity for self-expression that is more unique – one which merges culture and craftsmanship unlike anything ever seen before.

Key Design Features of Retro Inspired Costume Jewelry

The resurgence in popularity of retro inspired costume jewelry has brought about a rise in buyers seeking the unique features, colors, and materials of these pieces. Many vintage styles of jewelry that once were thought to be outdated or gauche by the more elite fashionistas are making a comeback. With creative designers creating a mix of new and old looks they have created modern takes on vintage jewelry pieces that nod to yesteryear.


Retro inspired jewelry often combines vivid colors and playful patterns with classic shapes to give them an eye-catching appeal. These pieces range from subtle shades to daring hues such as electric blues, tomato reds, and bright yellows.

All the pieces are usually finished with stamped metal finishes that give them an antiqued vibe reminiscent of the early 1900’s. By putting modern twists on these traditional color schemes, retro costume jewelry can transcend time and trends and become timeless accessories for any occasion.


Retro jewelry is crafted from a variety of materials including glass, rhinestones, acrylic beads/sequins, and lucite. They all feature heavily in necklaces, earrings and bracelets alike but each material has its own unique characteristics that make it stand out compared to others. Glass chips are popular for their vibrant look while acrylic beads/sequins provide plenty sparkle at low cost prices; both are excellent choices for statement pieces.

Lucite may be less flashy than its counterparts but it offers a subtle sophistication with lightweight comfortability which makes it great for everyday wear. Rhinestones provide clear crystals a hint of sparkle which no other gemstone can provide.


Retro inspired adornments also feature different styles such as fringes, tassels or flowers making for feminine details that enhance any ensemble regardless of its shape or color palette. Additionally charms dangling from bracelets is also another popular design element giving a whimsical feel with their adorable motifs such as stars, hearts, flowers etc.

; Not only have they become symbols used universally but they also signify personal taste when it comes down to expressing one’s style uniquely. No matter what trinket or bauble one desire there is sure to be something perfect for them among this diverse collection.

Notable Makers of Retro Inspired Jewelry

Retro inspired costume jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many renowned designers and makers having based beautiful pieces off of the vintage designs of past decades. From statement necklaces to designer earrings, clever rhinestone accents to opulent costume bracelets, there is something to suit all tastes and styles.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the designers that have had an impact on the retro costume jewelry industry, however a few notable ones stand out for their incredible designs. These are:

  • Erwin Pearl
  • Jenny Packham
  • Kenneth Jay Lane
  • Alice Caviness
  • Eisenberg & Sons

Erwin Pearl, better known as ‘The King of Bling’, has made some of the most recognizable pieces in contemporary costume jewelry amongst today’s celebrities. He has invented an entirely unique look which can often be seen incorporated in his classic bangles and earrings. His pieces demonstrate an excellent craftsmanship and are characterized by high-quality materials such as Austrian crystals and gemstones set into gold plated metal.

Jenny Packham also stands out for her exquisite vintage-inspired takes on her fine jewelry collections. She creates beautiful pieces that often incorporate colored stones realized in traditional settings like sterling silver or rose gold band rings, brooches and necklaces. Her elegant creations imbue a unique modern take on classic design with luxe details making them exceptionally stunning and timelessly stylish accessories for everyday wear.

Kenneth Jay Lane is another well respected name within the fashion world whose glamorous costume jewelry have been flaunted by many movie stars since his emergence in 1950s New York City. His eye-catching jewelry offers elegance with a dash of eccentricity illustrated in bold statement necklaces comprised of faux diamonds set into golden frames, oversized rings encrusted with colorful gems and dainty floral inspired earrings crafted from pearls or red crystals strung together along brass links.

Alice Caviness is widely known for her striking yet delicate designs created by merging antique elements such as faceted gems as well as newer components like printed glass cabochons embedded in intricate mosaic settings combined with rich textures such as 24k gilt plate or tarnish proof rhodium plate metalwork designs resembling intricate trees or hearts made from intertwined vines.

Retro Tiffanyy Jewelry

Her pieces come in various colors – each one oozing sophistication and glamour which make them perfect additions to any outfit she puts together.

Many fashionistas still turn to her brand when it comes to wearing retro costumes with headpieces that command attention but still retain the vintage charm.

Eisenberg & Sons is a 4th generation family run business that creates extremely detailed performance pieces covered in sparkling rhinestones set against gold plated foundations – creating lifetime heirlooms that can be passed from generation onto generation. Their collection includes cocktail rings dripping with crystal accents created using traditional European techniques; suspending cascades of brilliantly cut gemstones around smooth metal edges producing dazzling effects reminiscent of glittering auroras lighting up space.

Styling Tips

1. Layer necklaces for a colorful and eclectic vibe: Combine pieces with different lengths, colors, and textures to make an impact in your outfits. Wear ribbons of various colors and styles – red velvet, blue satin, gold chains – for a look that is simultaneously timeless yet unique.

2. Mix & Match Earrings: A great way to have fun with your wardrobe is to pair earrings that are not necessarily the same style or color but coordinate well together. For example, you can combine an elegant single drop pearl earring with a dazzling multi-colored chandelier earring for an eye-catching look.

3. Statement rings: When it comes to retro inspired costume jewelry, bold statement rings complete any outfit while emphasizing the impact of other pieces such as vintage watches or pearls. Opt for intricate designs such as champagne-colored diamonds set in rose gold; these can be worn alone or paired with other rings on the same finger for maximum effect.

4. Brooches: Brooches designed in the shape of flowers or animals are absolute classics when it comes to retro fashion accessories and will add just enough vintage flair to any ensemble without looking too kitsch or overdone.

  • Layer necklaces for a colorful and eclectic vibe
  • Mix & Match Earrings
  • Statement Rings
  • Brooches

How to Take Care of and Clean Retro Jewelry

Protect and Store Jewelry with Care

The surface of vintage jewelry will easily tarnish over time, so it’s important to take extra care when storing them. Before you place your retro pieces in their container, make sure to wrap it in a soft cloth or jewelry pouch to protect it from dust and moisture. It is also best to store the jewelry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Remove Jewelry When Doing Certain Activities

Depending on the materials used for the piece, it is important to remove your jewelry before doing certain activities as some stones may be delicate or susceptible to stains when exposed to liquids or moisture. So avoid wearing retro-inspired costume jewelry when washing dishes, engaging in physical activity like exercise, swimming, and showering can cause unnecessary damage to these beautiful accessories.

Jewelry Cleaners and Products

If regular cleaning is needed on your vintage pieces, opt for commercial jewelry cleaners specifically made for costume jewelry rather than using household products that are too rough on these fragile items. Additionally, if artificial stones were used on the piece make sure there are no abrasives included in these commercial cleaners as this could cause scratches as well as discoloration of the stones.

Furthermore, dipping gold-plated pieces in polishing liquids should also be avoided since it will strip the original finish from the piece and expose its base metal material.


The popularity of retro inspired costume jewelry is on the rise and for good reason. This type of jewelry speaks to a person’s individual style, offering more unique pieces that could never be mass produced. Wearing vintage or retro inspired costume jewelry can provide more than just a fashion statement, it also elicits an emotional connection.

For those who have been wearing vintage or retro inspired costume jewelry for years, these pieces often come with memories of great times from the past. Whether they were worn on special occasions such as proms, garden parties, or anniversaries, simply touching them can instantly evoke old stories and shared moments with friends. Thinking about all the people who wore this same piece before them gives wearers another layer of appreciation for its history and brings on feelings of nostalgia.

These emotions go even deeper when those wearing vintage or retro inspired jewelry passed down by someone special in their life. Not only does this connection pass along memories and family stories, but it offers inspiration through heirlooms while also becomes a source of strength through challenging times.

Those wearing a beloved grandmothers earrings or watch will not only have a sense of beauty but they’ll also know that loved one is always close at hand because they are sharing their piece of history with each other.

Aside from passing down sentimental value, wearing vintage jewelry allows today’s generations to stay connected with the past styles and trends that worked so well in earlier eras so easily forgotten today – while encouraging creativity in how these pieces are mixed and matched with modern looks.

Therefore, whether done out love for family or a fascination with fashion from yesteryear, there is much to be said for investing in great pieces like retro inspired costumes jewelry – aside from great conversations it will provide.