Purple Semi Precious Stones Jewelry


Purple semi-precious stones have become popular in jewelry over the centuries, due to their luxurious and romantic nature. They are believed to have been used in decorative pieces from ancient times, when they were largely associated with royalty. Amethyst, which is one of the best known purple semi-precious stones, was particularly favored by Roman emperors for its deep hue and remarkable beauty. Lapis Lazuli was used to bring luck and wealth in Ancient Egypt; while Charoite was believed to bring spiritual growth. In Chinese culture, these stones were thought to embody the energy of royalty and power.

Today, purple semi-precious stones are widely used in jewelry creating magnificent necklaces, earrings and rings with shades ranging from pale lavenders to royal purples. Many of these forms of stone inspire emotional contemplation and awe; while being a fashionable addition to any wardrobe. The varied colors of the semi-precious stones offer a range of pleasing designs that can easily adapt with any occasion or outfit choice making them a perfect accompaniment for a day at work paired with jeans or an evening out paired with something formal.

Purple Semi-Precious Stones and Their Meaning

Purple semi-precious stones jewelry is perfect for a variety of occasions. Formal events are often graced with these pieces, as the lavender and amethyst hues draw attention to the sophisticated wearer. These stones are also an excellent choice for a night out or special occasion. From barbecues to bridal showers, any event can be made more magical by donning accessories that accentuate a beautiful purple semi-precious stone. Amethysts, fluorite and quartz are some of the most sought after pieces in purple semi-precious stones jewelry—ranging from showstopping statement necklaces to timeless gemstone rings. Whether you’re searching for something that sparkles or reflects rich color, there’s something in this collection to suit your style.

Types of Purple Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

Amethyst -One of the most popular purple semi-precious stones, Amethyst jewelry gives off a classic and luxurious look. This stone has been used throughout the ages for its color, clarity, and vibrancy. Amethyst is great for earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more.

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Iolite -Known as the “Viking Compass” Iolite has unique shades of purples ranging from light lavender to deep purple hues. Jewelry featuring Iolite may be found in rings or necklaces and can give beautiful contrast when paired alongside other gems such as quartz or diamonds.


Lapis Lazuli -This gemstone was prized in early civilization for its vivid deep blue with large flecks of rusty iron flakes creating an eye-catching contrast. Today Lapis Lazuli is also available in shades of purple which creates an elegant piece for jewelry designs including bracelets, rings or pendants.


Charoite -This rare opaque stone features swirls and clusters of vibrant purples along with veins of rich violet blues throughout. Charoite is frequently used to make beads and other jewelry pieces due to its interesting texture and pattern.


Care Tips for Purple Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

Earrings – When cleaning earrings with semi-precious stones, use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm water that has been mixed with mild dishwashing liquid. Make sure to only lightly brush the surface of the earrings, being careful not to immerse them into water. After they are clean, store earring in their original box and away from other jewelry pieces.

Rings – To clean rings made out of semi-precious stones utilize a soft-bristled toothbrush along with soapy water. Do not use any harsh cleaners like bathroom or tile cleaner as it can damage specific stones such as pearls and turquoise. Once it has been scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly make sure to dry it off with a soft cloth before returning it back its storage box.

Pendants – Pendants with semi-precious stones require gentle care taking steps when cleaning them. Use a mixture containing equal parts of warm water and dishwashing soap and gently wipe down the pendant using a damp sponge or microfibre cloth. Afterwards make sure you rinse off any remaining residue with clean, clear water and allow the pendant to air dry before storing it in an appropriate box or container which will help keep them dust free and minimize tarnishing due to contact with air

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Design Inspiration

Some of the most popular examples of purple semi-precious stone jewelry designs include amethyst necklaces, rings featuring various shades of purple stones such as lavender and periwinkle, and bracelets with dangling amethysts. Jewelry designers like Kaylie Jones and Coyote Design Studio often use these types of stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will become treasured by their owners. Some other popular semi-precious stones for purple shades are iolite, sugilite, and tanzanite. Dazzling beaded necklaces featuring both amethyst and iolite together always make a great impact as do delicate stacking rings comprising a selection of these beautiful shades. For an even more dramatic touch, bold statement rings featuring clusters of deep violet or periwinkle stones can be quite mesmerizing.


One of the most beautiful pieces of purple semi-precious stone jewelry is an Amethyst and Diamond Necklace. It features a sterling silver pendant with an oval amethyst stone surrounded by a halo of brilliant diamonds. This necklace can be found at many jewelers across the US, and is sure to make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

Another must-have piece is an Amethyst Statement Ring. It features a large 14x10mm oval gemstone in the center encircled by 70 small cubic zirconia stones for sparkle and shine. This statement ring is truly timeless and can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon or Etsy.

And last, but certainly not least, is a pair of gorgeous Purple Jade Earrings. They feature 12mm purple jade cabochons set in sterling silver hoops that will dangle delicately from your earlobes for the perfect feminine look. These earrings are available from several online stores including Etsy, Overstock, and Macy’s.