Semi Precious Stones Used In Jewelry

Semi precious stones used in jewelry have often been mistaken for many of the more valuable gemstones. From centuries, semi-precious stones have been seen as special objects of beauty and power. The range of semi precious stones comprises agates and jaspers, turquoise, coral, quartz and many other decorative rock crystals. Depending on their color hues and shapes they are divided into different varieties.

Agate is known for its subtle beauty and strong traits while Turquoise has been used to craft stunning pieces of jewelry from ancient times. Both Agate and Turquoise come in a number of colors like red, yellow, green and blue which makes it perfect for making colorful items of décor or jewelry.

Quartz is one of the most popular semi-precious stones that can come in various colors like grey, brown & pink. Once cut to create faceted shapes or cabochons needed to make a ring or pendant they look spectacular.

Jaspers are also some very common semi-precious stones used in jewelry with unique patterns due to its sortings along with porcelain jasper that gives off an amazing porcelain effect as opposed to traditional jasper salt & pepper effects. These beautiful stones exhibit variations in colors when enhanced through heating techniques which adds even more flair to these jewelries.

Coral also comes in a huge range from firey reds to sky blues; making them highly sought after for crafting elaborate pieces of artworks such as necklaces or earrings too.


Semi-precious stones have been used to make jewelry dating back thousands of years. Traditions surrounding their use vary with different cultures, but the practice itself is an ancient one.

In some cases, semi-precious stones were used for decorative purposes, while in other cases they were used as protective amulets or talismans which ward off evil spirits and bad luck. As a result, throughout history many cultures have come to associate these extraordinary materials with spiritual protection and good fortune.

The popularity of semi-precious stone jewelry has seen an uptick over the past few decades. Many people are drawn to these unique pieces for their aesthetic beauty and natural color, as well as the exotic symbolism that comes along with each individual stone.

Semi-precious stones offer a unique way o accessorizing that lends itself to various occasions and outfits due to its versatility in shades and shapes. Furthermore, collectors also recognize it’s value additionally brings a sense of satisfaction when wearing semi-precious stone jewelry such as turquoise or jade pieces knowing that their true value goes far beyond monetary worth.

Today all around the world, many countries take part in making this incredible type of Jewelry including India where emeralds are highly regarded as bringing luck and success; China where jade is believed to bring about long life and prosperity; South East Asia who celebrates Opal stones; Egypt who historically has celebrated Turquoise; and Brazil for its ​famous blue tourmaline gemstones:

  • Emeralds – Known as bringing luck and success (India)
  • Jade – Believed to bring long life & Prosperity (China)
  • Opals – Celebrated Stones (South East Asia)
  • Turquoises – Historically Celebrated Stones (Egypt)
  • Blue Tourmalines – Famous Gemstones (Brazil)

Varieties Available


Agate is one of the most popularly used semi-precious stones, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It can function as a subtle eye catcher in jewelry or act as a statement piece due to its unique color and visuals. Symbolizing success and protection from harm, agate makes an excellent gemstone for both everyday wear and special occasions.


Aventurine is another semi-precious gemstone found in shades of greens ranging from pale seafoam to deep olive green. Its iridescent flashes of golden or silver striping make it highly desirable gemstone for jewelry makers and wearers alike. It is often used to bring luck, money attracts the world’s abundance or generally increase fortune. In addition to this, Aventurine also helps promote inner strength, healing, confidence downsize anxiety and depression.


Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone, form of quartz crystal which has become popular for both fashion jewelry as well as for its spiritual properties. Not only does it add an interesting visual charm but has also been known throughout history for its healing properties with Ancient Greeks believing it promoted sobriety.

The spiritual aspect that comes with Amethyst is that it encourages soberness over intoxication while promoting good sleeping habits by calming anxiety-ridden thoughts. It can also be useful in protecting against negativity while increasing intuition which makes it much sought after gemstone especially in creative communities.


Semi precious stones are the perfect addition to any jewelry piece. They provide unique beauty and qualities that set them apart from other options. Some of the benefits of semi precious stones include:

  • Beauty: Semi precious stones are known for their captivating beauty, with natural luster and compliments that draw attention to their wearer.
  • Durability: Semi-precious stones are durable, meaning they can last a lifetime if treated with care.
  • Uniqueness: As each stone is completely unique, no two pieces of jewelry will be the same.
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Not only do semi precious stones look great in jewelry pieces, but they possess many properties that promote holistic health and well-being. By wearing or carrying semi precious stones, you can reap great benefits such as:

  • Stress Relief: Certain semi precious stones such as moonstone help to reduce stress levels and provide emotional balance.
  • Spiritual Connection: When it comes to grounding yourself; tigers eye and amethyst have spiritual properties that reinforce connection between soul and body.
  • Cleansing Properties: Stones like turquoise are known to cleanse various energy centers in our bodies which allow us to stay calm and focused.

With plain metals used so often in jewelry designs today, the added sparkle from a semi precious stone can bring brilliance to any accessory. Semi Precious Stones not only bring out an individual’s beauty, but their powerful energies can also add great value to trinkets too. It’s easy to see why this type of stone has been adorning people for thousands of years throughout history.


Semi-precious stones are the less expensive alternative to precious stones and have become increasingly popular in jewelry design. They are similar to their pricier alternatives on a number of fronts; namely color, hardness and chemical composition, however there is one key difference – price. The cost can vary between different types of semi-precious stones, but the vast majority remain much cheaper than their more expensive counterparts.

Comparisons between Semi Precious & Precious Stones

The five classic precious stones – diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and opal – are extremely rare and therefore tend to be individually priced higher than any single semi-precious stone. However collections of semi-precious crystals can often be pitched similarly to a single piece of preciosu gemstone.

This is largely due to the relative rarity of certain semiprecious gems like turquoise or lapis lazuli which can provide a unique aesthetic that remains just as eye catching as an item featuring any single precious gemstone.

Factors That Impact Pricing

In addition to availability factors like size and quality which affect pricing (with larger/ higher quality gems typically costing more), mined or artificially created sources also impact final prices when it comes to semi precious stones.

Natural forms tend to be more expensive than man made designs because they are very difficult and time consuming, if not impossible for most shallow geological regions, meaning they have limited supply which drives up prices in proportionally higher demand for these items over those produced in a lab.

Trends & Availability

Over the past decade there has been a noticeable surge in popularity in fashion jewellery featuring semiprecious materials resulting from its affordability compared with pieces laden with diamonds or other precious crystals. As demand increases so will the corresponding prices, however for now shopping for items featuring semi precious materials is still relatively affordable for most consumers.

In terms of availability, wholesale marketplaces represent some of the best places where buyers looking for trend pieces or unique items favorable upon by novices may find greater variety. Online vendors also provide good options for exploring selections beyond what retail stores offer while maintaining fair pricing structures.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of semi precious stones is essential to keep them in good condition, and to ensure that their beautiful features remain in tact for a long time. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to properly care for semi-precious stones:

1. Know Your Stones

It is important to understand the characteristics and qualities of different semi-precious stones before you purchase them or use them for jewelry. Being aware of the most common methods used to clean and polish each type of stone helps you determine how best to treat it, as well as which materials should be avoided when cleaning it.

2. Avoid Household Cleaners

Household products may contain chemicals that are harmful to semi-precious stones, so it is best avoided when cleaning these pieces. To create an effective cleaning solution that won’t damage the stone, mix warm water with a few drops of natural soap or mild detergent and lightly rub the stone with a damp cloth or soft brush. Finally, rinse off any residues with clean water and dry gently using a soft cloth.

3. Take Preventive Measures

In addition to proper cleaning method, there are other ways that you can take preventive measures to protect your stones from damage:

  • Always store semi-precious stones away from direct sunlight.
  • Store each individual stone separately from other trinkets, as they could scratch each other.
  • Protect your pieces by storing them in an airtight container if not wearing them.
  • Polish your stones regularly using a jewelry cloth or jewellery polishing machine
  • Avoid wearing jewelry with delicate designs while exercising or taking part in activities.
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Semi precious stones are high quality and vibrant-colored gemstones which make them ideal for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. Creating designs that weave together different semi-precious stones can help to create aesthetically pleasing looks. Here is a list of ideas for incorporating these glorious gems into jewelry pieces:

  • Earrings: Feature single stones, duos, or multiple stones in an array of sizes
  • Necklaces: Layer 3-5 smaller stones in multiple varying lengths for maximum appeal
  • Rings: Create a statement piece with one large focal stone accompanied by several smaller accenting ones

It is important to consider the type of stones being used as well as their combination when designing with semi precious stones. Warm colors such as those found in garnets, rubies, and sapphire evoke feeling of passion and love making them perfect for engagement rings and other types of sentimental jewellery.

On the other hand cool tones like aquamarine or jade will have a calming effect perfect for everyday wear. It can also be a good idea to combine crystals and semi-precious stones in your designs to maximize an individual’s style and desired aesthetic.

Depending on the occasion and type of pieces you are creating various combinations can enhance the stone’s visual appeal. Contrasting colors in bold combinations work beautifully in statement pieces while gentle harmonizing hues should be reserved for more delicate jewellery like chokers or tennis bracelets.

Additionally complimentary colors that share similar undertones look stunning when used together or mixed with metal components such as silver or gold made wire wrapping techniques. Styling semi-precious stones creates endless opportunities that will bring out any design’s unique personality.


Semi precious stones present a beautiful alternative to traditional jewelry with their unique shapes and colors. Semi-precious stones should be appreciated for more than simply their aesthetic beauty.

They have the potential to be more than just an accessory; they can actually help promote self-care and self-love practices that stimulate positive emotions such as joy, respect, love, and gratitude. The following outline briefly explains the different types of semi-precious stones available in the market, as well as why they are so popular among jewelers and craftspeople alike.

One of the most popular semi-precious stones is amethyst. It offers clarity of thought and inspiration, in addition to purple hue that captivates viewers at first glance. Amethyst works well when paired with other gemstones such as citrine or quartz because its vibrantly colored hues bring out the best qualities of its counterparts.

Similarly, moonstone has become a popular stone among actors and artists who believe it brings good luck and creativity to those who carry it. This delicate stone is very captivating with its blue shimmering hue that shimmers off of whatever it is placed upon.

Highly sought after for its ability to reorient thoughts towards acceptance, turquoise is a powerful ally for personal transformation due to its many healing properties as well. Turquoise’s popularity isn’t limited exclusively by artists or healers; everyday consumers often opt for this stone because it adds an element of adventure and exoticism into any look without much effort on their part.

Its main characteristic being that it goes well with almost any outfit within seconds, making it a cornerstone piece in any worldly travel wardrobe set-up one might come across on their travels.

In conclusion, semi precious gems are largely prized across multiple cultures for both their aesthetic appeal as well as spiritual power – understanding how these pieces may increase personal peace and emotional stability offers insight into why jewelers go above and beyond searching for these beautiful pieces all around the world.

Whether they are used for grounding energy back into one’s life or just keeping fashion balanced throughout seasons – wearing semi precious jewelry can create powerful reminders of mindful presence both physically & spiritually no matter what color gems youa re drawn to.