Precious Stone Body Jewelry

Precious stone body jewelry has been used for centuries as a fashionable accessory and way to show wealth or status in society. From ancient royalty to modern day celebrities, precious stone jewelry is seen as a luxury item that serves both practical and symbolic purposes.

For centuries, people have worn gemstone jewelry to adorn their bodies and add an air of regality or elegance. The symbolism dates back to pre-historic times when gems were believed to contain spiritual powers, which many people still associate with certain gemstones today.

In current fashion culture, precious stone body jewelry is highly popular among men and women who appreciate its beauty as well as its symbolism. Women often wear it to adorn their ears, necks, wrists and other parts of their bodies while men can be seen wearing such pieces on their neckties or cufflinks.

The range of styles available allows one to choose from simple dainty pieces or bold large stones depending on the occasion. Not only does wearing this type of jewelry add flair to any outfit but it also helps give an individual’s look more personality and uniqueness.

Common misconceptions about precious stone body jewelry include beliefs that it is expensive or too fragile for everyday wear. Although some gemstones may be quite expensive due to limited availability, there are many different varieties of gems available in various cuts and sizes which makes them accessible even to those on a budget.

Despite being made from naturally hard materials like diamonds or sapphires, they are actually quite sturdy when set in quality metal frames so they should easily last through daily wear and tear with proper care.

Overall, precious stone body jewelry adds beauty and sophistication no matter what your style may be while helping you feel special at the same time. With the wide range of designs available featuring different stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires among other options, the possibilities are truly endless.

Types of Precious Stones Used in Body Jewelry

Precious stone body jewelry is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world despite its luxurious, often expensive reputation. This type of jewelry typically features precious stones that are authentically mined and cut for use in ornamentation. While the origin of its popularity can be traced back centuries, precious stone body jewelry is still widely used in many cultures around the globe today.

There are three main categories for stones used in body jewelry: semi-precious, precious, and synthetic stones. Semi-precious stones are the less expensive option out of the three due to their lower rarity and availability. They are usually formed out of quartz or calcite, as well as some other minerals such as mica, aventurine, jasper, agate, turquoise. Semi-precious stones generally lack more complex colors compared to their fellow counterparts; often featuring more earthy tones and opaque qualities.

Precious stones on the other hand tend to contain rarer color combinations which gives them their higher current price tag. These include gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds among others; all with varying hues that bring out eye catching glamour when set into different pieces of jewelry. All these gemstones have been naturally formed over hundreds and thousands of years deep below ground under immense pressure and extreme temperatures before being uncovered by miners during excavation activities.

Lastly there is synthetic gems which are man-made jewels crafted from chemical components that replicate most aspect found within natural gems except for authenticity which is very hard to imitate perfectly given all the different attributes present across each individual stone’s unique structure. Lab-created synthetic gems represent much cheaper alternatives to real diamonds without sacrificing too much in terms of looks (the differences between real and fake typically not visible by any naked eye).

Popular types of synthetic gemstones include cubic zirconia, moissanite, spinel etc

  • Semi-Precious Stones – Includes quartz or calcite with mica, aventurine, jasper or agate
  • Precious Stones – Includes rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds
  • Synthetic Stones – Includes lab-created items like cubic zirconia or moissanite

Positive Affirmations Empowered By Each Stone

Precious stones have long been used to bring good luck and good fortune, particularly in jewelry. This is due to their ability to empower wearers by adding beneficial vibrations and energy. The most popular stones for body jewelry are those that can be used as a reminder of positive affirmations – these include evil eye, turquoise, agate, quartz, tiger’s eye, amethyst and many more.

What Kind Of Body Jewelry Material

When worn as body jewelry near to the body they have the potential to produce healing energies. These stones absorb the negative energy from people’s thoughts and replace it with uplifting vibrations. This gently encourages wearers and helps them set positive goals. An example of this is turquoise which has been used over centuries as an amulet for luck and strength; often known as a ‘protection stone’ ideal for encouraging self-expression without fear of judgement.

The effects will vary depending on the individual qualities of each stone, such as; color spectrum or cut shape & structure etc. Natural crystals usually offer a more powerful influence than artificially grown versions due to their embedded age-old knowledge & connection with earth energies.

The natural vibration created has the ability to increase wearer alertness & decrease everyday stress levels or bouts of anxiety whilst creating an overall sense of harmony and peace within its owner – something that many other form of jewellery do not offer.

Whichever crystal is chosen its main purpose should always be kept in mind when being worn – Which is why the use precious stone body jewellery holds more value than other decorations or fashion accessories; becomes it increases positive wellbeing by triggering physical & spiritual balance every time it is worn.

Benefits Of Precious Stone Body Jewelry

  • FashionablePrecious stone body jewelry is one of the most popular trends for both men and women. Whether it’s a nose ring, a necklace, or an anklet – adding precious stones to any outfit will take it up several notches. Smallstones like diamonds, turquoise, rubies, or quartz will add subtle yet noticeable touches that make your look unique.
  • Lasting Accessibility – Jewelers are always finding new ways to innovate using precious stones in jewelry. This means that you can always find something fashionable that suits your individual style and you can also keep coming back for more pieces when you feel like you need an update in your collection.
  • Affordable – Most people think of expensive gems when they hear the term “precious stones”. However, there are many options available that cost very reasonable prices making such body jewelry quite affordable.
  • Energy Properties – In some cultures wearing a particular kind of precious stone is meant to realign energy. Depending on the kind of stone used it could have different effects from purification to protection against negativity. In such cases use care if experimenting with this.

Tips for Selecting the Best Precious Stone Body Jewelry

    1. Understand the Different Types of Precious Stones

Precious stone body jewelry can be crafted from a wide variety of stones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many more. It’s important to research various gemstones to find out about their properties and determine which type would best suit the desired jewelry piece. Stones such as diamonds represent luxury while other stones like rubies tend to be associated with passion and romance.

    2. Consider Jewelry Setting Options for Precious Stones

The setting of precious stones is an important factor when selecting body jewelry. Prong settings are often used for diamonds and larger gemstones since they hold the gem firmly in place and provide enhanced security, but bezel settings can work best for those looking for added protection or wanting something subtle with their necklace, earrings or bracelet.

Besides prong/bezel settings, there are other choices such as three-stone settings that can prove attractive for people seeking variations on the usual designs.

    3. Select Appropriate Color for Precious Stone Jewelry

When choosing precious stone body jewelry it’s useful to explore the options available in terms of colors. Diamonds come in several different colors including yellow, pink and silver, rubies usually range from bright red to purplish red hues while sapphire blue is very popular choice due to its strong color contrast against gold or white metal jewelry pieces. Furthermore emerald green can add an interesting vibe when compared to traditional precious stone colored jewels like diamond or ruby pieces.

Trends of Precious Stone Body Jewelry

Statement Pieces

Precious stone body jewelry has become increasingly popular over the past decade, particularly among young fashion-forward women. One of the newest trends in precious stone body jewelry is statement pieces, which are often large and bold and immediately grab attention. For example, many celebrities have been spotted wearing statement pieces made of precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires.

Genuine Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

These pieces often come in unique designs that make them stand out from traditional jewelry. Plus, these luxurious pieces offer an eye-catching sparkle without being too overwhelming or overpowering.


The rising popularity of precious stone body jewelry has also seen a surge in designer brands offering these stylish and timeless pieces. Some of the most notable designers creating beautiful body jewelry designs include Cartier, Bulgari, Chopard, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Michael Kors and Versace. Each brand offers its own unique twist on classic styles making it easier than ever to find something special for every occasion.

New Styles

As well as timeless classics such as bracelets and necklaces made from diamonds or other gems, new styles of precious stone body jewelry are emerging all the time. Whether you’re looking for contemporary hoop earrings or an opulent ankle bracelet made with semi-precious gems, there are plenty of designer options available.

More daring fashionistas can push the boundaries with large chokers made up of multiple smaller stones such as rubies or emeralds set into intricate patterns for a truly striking look.

Tips on Maintaining the Quality of Precious Stone Body Jewelry

Cleaning Body Jewelry

It’s essential to care for and preserve the quality of precious stone body jewelry on a regular basis. To keep them clean, use a soft cloth dampened with fresh water and a small amount of mild soap. Then use a second cloth dampened with plain water to rinse off any remaining soap residue from the stones. For better results, gently rub each stone along its facetted edge with a soft toothbrush to ensure all dirt is properly removed.

Storing Jewelry

When not being used, it’s best to store precious stone body jewelry away from direct sunlight or high heat conditions. This will help protect the stones from becoming discolored due to fading or oxidation caused by heat or light exposure. Any silver or gold components should also be stored separately and placed in an airtight container lined with anti-tarnish paper.

Polishing Jewelry

Although cleaning can usually restore the beauty of jewels, over time they may need some extra sparkle that regular cleaning can’t provide. A good way to sparkle up your body jewelry is by creating a paste made out of baking powder and warm water and then use gentle strokes to polish it onto the piece. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse off any remaining baking soda paste before finally wiping off any excess moisture from the pieces with a soft cloth.


Precious stone body jewelry is a fun way to add an extra sparkle to your wardrobe. Whether it’s earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, they are sure to draw attention and make you stand out. Not only will they look beautiful, but wearing a precious stone will also symbolize something special, as each material has its own meaning. It can be an ode to the Moonstone for intuition or the Diamond for courage and strength.

All these jewelry pieces are also easy to mix and match between different materials depending on the occasion. You can opt for some elegant rose gold earrings with diamonds for formal occasions or go all in with a statement necklace loaded with colorful gemstones for a more creative look. No matter what type of precious stone jewelry you choose, when wearing them it is important that you pair them with appropriate clothing so as not to overpower your entire outfit.

Overall, precious stone body jewelry is an eye-catching accessory that if used correctly can become part of one’s personal style. Not only it does look great but it also carries meaningful values behind its subtle sparkles which makes it even more special to wear. From classic black diamond studs to sparkling opal cufflinks, there are endless possibilities available in the world of precious stones jewelry, waiting to be discovered.

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