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Platinum Jewelry & Loan is the perfect choice for anyone looking to purchase jewelry, secure a loan, or pawn valuables. Not only do they offer premier jewelry and loan services, but their knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is second-to-none. With an exquisite selection of jewelry guaranteed to meet the needs of all types of buyers, Platinum Jewelry & Loan is sure to have something special that you’re looking for at a price point that won’t break the bank. Moreover, their competitive lending policies allow them to provide some of the most competitive lending rates in the market. If you need money fast and don’t want to sell off your family heirlooms or items taken decades to accumulate, then Platinum Jewelry & Loan has the ideal solution for you with their short-term loan opportunities. And if you’re selling items rather than borrowing against them, then platnum Jewlery & Loan has ample experience with appraising valuables and will ensure fair pricing on all items purchased from their store. With Platinum Jewelry & Loan taking care of your needs, customers are guaranteed quality service every step of the way.

A History of Platinum Jewelry & Loan

Platinum Jewelry & Loan was founded in 1978 by current owner, David Letosa. Originally a small store on the corner of Market and Beale Streets in San Francisco, it has since grown into a booming success that stretches around the globe.

David saw an opportunity to offer an alternative to the high-end jewelry stores that were becoming ever more popular in his neighborhood, so he decided to open his own store and fill it with pre-owned jewelry from different sources. He eventually opened more stores in the Bay Area and expanded online with a website to reach a larger customer base. Thanks to his extensive knowledge about jewelry and expertise with each piece he sold, word began to spread quickly about Platinum Jewelry & Loan’s unique offerings.

Over time, David expanded his business further into international markets, opening specialized locations in countries as far as China and Japan that allow buyers around the world access to his products. In addition, he also started offering loan options for customers looking to purchase jewelry but unable to make full payments upfront. This helped expand Platinum Jewelry & Loan’s potential consumer base even further due to their originally low-cost pricing compared to other brick-and-mortar stores. With its convenient services and discounted prices on popular pieces, Platinum Jewelry & Loan is now one of the leaders in the jewelry pawn market across multiple continents!

Our Services

Platinum Jewelry & Loan offers customers a wide variety of services. From pawn loans to jewelry sales, we have everything you need to make your financial dreams come true.

Pawn Loans: This is our primary service. Our pawn loans provide customers with access to fast, short-term cash advances based on the value of items they bring in. We offer no credit checks required and flexible repayment plans so you can get the money when you need it.

Jewelry Sales: We offer a large selection of jewelry items for sale that range from gold and silver rings to diamonds, gemstones, watches, necklaces and more. Our expert staff is also available to evaluate pieces you may already own and help you find an appropriate buyer if desired.

Jewelry Repair: Our skilled jewelers provide on-site repairs for broken or damaged jewelry items or those that have become dull over time due to wear and tear. They will assess the condition of the item and find the best solution for restoring its original beauty and sparkle.

Gift Certificates: We also offer gift certificates which are redeemable for merchandise at our store. They are available in many denominations and make great gifts for any occasion!

Gold Buying: We accept gold, silver, platinum, coins and other precious metals as payment for merchandise or loan collateral at competitive rates. Our experienced staff can evaluate your pieces for an accurate estimate of their value prior to sale or purchase.

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Why Platinum Jewelry & Loan

Platinum Jewelry & Loan is a leading pawnbroker in the United States, catering to customers from all walks of life. With decades of experience and expertise in the industry, they provide access to short-term collateral loans as well as purchasing precious metals and jewelry items at fair market rates. Below are just a few advantages of working with Platinum Jewelry & Loan:

1. Convenience – Platinum Jewelry & Loan is committed to providing convenience to their customers by operating locations across the country, offering convenient hours of service, and an easy application process. Additionally, they accept applications over the phone or online for even greater convenience.

2. Flexible Terms – Customers can take out loans for up to six months with payment terms that are based on individual needs and circumstances. Furthermore, certain pieces of jewelry or metal can be used as collateral for larger sums of money and interest may qualify for tax deduction in certain cases.

3. Security – All forms of aging gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry are kept secure in Burglar Alarm systems monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week by professionals on staff and monitored offsite remotely by responsive safety officials . Additionally, all products purchased from customers undergo evaluation and verification before purchase to ensure quality assurance standards have been met before the sale is finalized.

4. Variety of Offerings – Platinum Jewelry & Loan specializes in buying diamonds without having customers seeking liquidity needing sell entire sets or full sets including crowns; however they also buy watches , gold coins , fine silver , antique collections , high-grade coins just added currency telling bills barrels cash notes more modern jewelry like pandora offering options far beyond discounted rate’s regular stores provide when liquidating assets .

5. Experience – Their team actively works with dozens of prestigious buyers around the globe enabling them to offer competitive daily prices For established vendors such clients leverage volume higher returns creating fortunate cycle where sellers benefit more favorable repayment rates thereby creating mutually beneficial relationships between both parties resulting in overall prosperity satisfaction end result their friendly knowledgeable staff years combined experience industry access safe trusted advisors offer expertise recommendations guidance any questions concerns may have regarding processes related transactions inclusive reparations refurbishments appraisals benchmarking pricing strategies etcetera ensuring obtaining most desirable results given particular client’s unique situation conditions budget needs timeline constraints understanding dynamics involved assisting navigating difficult terrain property divisions family trusts etcetera develop goals move forward within scope desired financial framework achieve best outcomes possible to maximize profits revenue return investments time

Legal Requirements and Standards

At Platinum Jewelry and Loan, we take our legal requirements very seriously. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations at the federal, state and local levels as a business operator. All employees of Platinum Jewelry and Loan must have an understanding of the basic legal concepts that govern the way our organization operates.

When it comes to financial matters, we follow stringent standards that protect the privacy of our customers’ sensitive information. Specifically, those standards include compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), preventing identity theft by monitoring customer data in accordance with best business practices, protecting customer’s confidential information through secure storage systems, and training our personnel in secure data management procedures.

Additionally, we make sure that our staff is educated on anti-discrimination practices when lending out money which includes providing equal opportunity to all potential borrowers regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Furthermore, we invest heavily in safety protocols used to store jewelry and money in safe deposit boxes that are monitored 24 hours a day security cameras for extra protection. Furthermore any sort of purchase made within our store follows proper jurisdiction policies outlined both by the state of California Trust Deeds (DEC) and federally mandated rules regarding secured lending activities such as pawnbroking.

Finally, when hiring employees we perform full background checks to ensure they are suitable for employment such as prior experience with financial institutions or other backgrounds related to law enforcement. This helps us hire personnel that can understand not only how financial transactions work but also how to operate with propriety following all applicable guidelines within their job operations.

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Part of the Community

Platinum Jewelry and Loan is committed to giving back and making a positive contribution to our local community. We understand that there are so many individuals in need of help, so we’ve set up initiatives to support them any way we can. We provide back-to-school supplies, food boxes, and holiday meals to those who may not have access or resources to acquire life’s necessities on their own.

In addition to this, Platinum Jewelry and Loan makes donations to local non-profit organizations such as shelters for victims of domestic violence and animal rescue centers. We also regularly participate in clothing drives for those who cannot afford basic wardrobes for themselves or their families, as well as toy drives during the winter months when families may not be able to purchase gifts for their kids.

At Platinum Jewelry and Loan, we believe in building strong partnerships within our community, building relationships with other local businesses and individuals that share our passion for improving the lives of our neighbors. After all, it’s only by working together that we can make a lasting difference in today’s society.

Customer Testimonials

The customer testimonials found at Platinum Jewelry & Loan are truly remarkable. From a wide variety of individuals that range from local residents to city tourists, it seems there is unanimous agreement that this establishment offers top-notch customer service and unbeatable craftsmanship. Customers have gone out of their way to share stories about how helpful the staff members were in helping them find exactly what they were looking for, whether it was a small item or large purchase. Other patrons have reported feeling secure and comfortable thanks to the unparalleled tight security measures in place at Platinum Jewelry & Loan. Many more customers have even come back for additional purchases due to the sheer quality of both products and services offered by this jewelry haven. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind pieces or simply want to browse through some spectacular handcrafted items, be sure to visit Platinum Jewelry & Loan and experience why so many others have given them such glowing reviews!


Q1: Does a Pawn Shop Take in Jewelry that is Not Precious Metals?

Yes, pawn shops typically accept jewelry that is not made of precious metals such as Platinum or Gold. Many will even buy items made from stainless steel or other base metals. You can usually find out what metal your item contains by reading the inside of the band or taking a peek at the hallmark stamp usually found on the inside.


Platinum Jewelry & Loan is an excellent choice when it comes to purchasing jewelry, or securing a loan. Whether you’re looking for a piece of fine jewelry, or need quick money to pay off an unexpected bill, Platinum Jewelry & Loan has the solution. The company offers high-quality jewelry at competitive prices and convenient and flexible loans with low interest rates and no hidden fees. Their customer service is fast, friendly and professional, always striving to make each customer experience enjoyable and hassle-free. With their transparent policies and wide variety of services to choose from, Platinum Jewelry & Loan is sure to have something for everyone. Now more than ever, it makes sense to explore what Platinum Jewelry & Loan has offer and why it’s the finest choice for your jewelry or loan needs.

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