Platinum Jewelry And Loan Lancaster California

Platinum Jewelry and Loan Lancaster California has been offering premium luxury and affordable loans for the past 30 years. With a wide variety of payment options, from cash to credit, Platinum Jewelry and Loan Lancaster California is one of the best loan providers in the area. It specializes in jewelry and offers a variety of top-quality items at unbeatable prices, providing customers with an incredible value.

Besides purchasing jewelry, customers can also pawn items onsite in exchange for loan money, without having to pay upfront fees or interest rates that can be found at other centers. Additionally, Platinum Jewelry and Loan handles weekly auctions where anyone can purchase pawned items at a fraction of their original cost.

Further advantages include Platinum Jewelry’s exceptional customer service that they truly pride themselves on. All employees are experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge about jewelry, wearing them in style or obtaining qualified appraisals for insurance purposes.

These highly trained staff members help customers make informed decisions about the precious pieces they own or intend to buy. Customers are invited to come check out their vast selection of authentic diamonds, gold, silver and platinum pieces – no matter what type of jewelry they prefer for any special occasion; it’s available at Platinum Jewelry and Loan Lancaster California.

Moreover, in addition to buying/selling/pawning services potential clients may also take advantage of Platinum Jewelry’s repair service for any old piece that may be broken or tarnished due to daily wear-and-tear over time; this includes rings, bracelets links chains and more.

Platinum’s current clients continuously endorse them as a reliable source for retail jewellery industry needs so you can rest assured that from quality products crafted by skilled artisans you’ll be getting precisely what your looking for – be it a watch-face chain or an heirloom ring with a personal story attached.

History of Platinum Jewelry and Loan Lancaster California

Platinum Jewelry and Loan Lancaster California is a family owned business that has been located in the heart of Antelope Valley for over two decades. The store was established in 1999, previously known as ‘Westside Loan & Pawn’, started by 3 generations and now operated primarily by the youngest generation. This is the only pawn shop in Lancaster that offers fair loans to its customers backed up with sound security procedures and great customer service.

Early Evolution of Services

The original mission of Platinum Jewelry and Loan was to offer short-term loans, using jewelry as collateral backed up with no questions asked for anyone who needed instant cash at reasonable terms.

However, since it’s inception this services scope has evolved to meet local demands offering services such as jewelry repair, watches setup and maintenance along with selling both new and pre-owned jewelery at discounted prices adding more value not just for local customers but also across the valley.

Local Outreach Programs

Platinum jewellers have remained deeply committed to their local community by actively participating in multiple social projects such the restoration of an old playground near their premises among other donations to local charity programs in times of crisis such flooding (2015/2016) or wildfires (2020). This commitment to community has been firmly incorporated within our core values, ensuring we will continue contributing with making a inspiring difference where ever possible during difficult times.

Customer Satisfaction

There is nothing more important that client satisfaction when it comes down to what makes a company deserves its long standing success; customers being able to count on Platinum jewels have had access to highly trained experts providing quality advise for whatever their needs might be as well having most precious items insured whenever our services are required (loans, repair etc).

Reward programs available further add value within our loyal customer group that can enjoy 10% discounts through our platinum membership.

Product Offerings

Platinum Jewelry and Loan in Lancaster, California is a great place to find unique jewelry pieces to adorn yourself or someone special. Their vast inventory includes both vintage and modern designs for any budget.

An array of different rings can be found at Platinum Jewelry and Loan, ranging from vintage to modern styles. With carefully crafted designs, including antique-inspired filigree, twisted bands and spectacular solitaires, it’s easy to find something that’s perfect for anyone or any occasion. Especially popular are the intricate diamond settings encircled with engravings, as well as the classic yellow gold solitaire rings.

Necklaces are also an abundant at Platinum Jewelry & Loan. Traditional pearls for memorable birthdays, colourful gems for nights out on the town or sparkling diamonds for an extraordinary wedding gift can all be found in their collection. Sterling silver chains and pendants which feature intricate designs with gemstones make excellent gifts as well. All the necklaces come in a variety of different sizes so you can select a piece that’s just right for you and your loved one.

Platinum Jewelry Price Per Gram

Earrings too have been hand selected by some of the best jewellery experts in the business. These timeless pieces come in both contemporary and classic designs using natural precious stones like rubies and sapphires or luxurious diamonds as well as other high quality stones such as opalite adorning beautiful silver frames, perfect when looking to make a statement.

Smaller stud earrings set with incredibly brilliant white topaz surrounded by rose gold will give more subtle look while large loop earrings comprised of multi-colored South American turquoise beads add a touch of exotic fun.

Quality Assurance

Platinum Jewelry and Loan in Lancaster California is known for taking great care of their customers while offering top quality appraisals, customer service and authentication procedures. The dedicated staff at Platinum Jewelry guarantee their clients the highest level of quality assurance with every purchase. Their commitment to providing clients with an enjoyable experience starts right from the moment they walk through the door.

For the purpose of authenticating each product, Platinum Jewelry and Loan have implemented a strict system that requires each piece of jewelry to be inspected thoroughly before releasing it to the customer. This ensures that all pieces are genuine and meet industry standards. Furthermore, all pieces are tracked by serial numbers so that any faulty piece may be recalled quickly from stores or returned if purchased online.

When it comes to appraisals, customer service representatives at Platinum Jewelry and Loan always aim to provide accurate information regarding the price and value of each item before they are put on sale or purchased by customers. This allows buyers or sellers to get an accurate understanding about the worthiness of a particular item without having to worry about price point manipulation or indebting themselves overpriced fees.

The company also provides free consultations with appraisers who can accurately assess various pieces within a short amount of time enabling customers make smart investment decisions before purchasing potential antiques or collectible items from the store front or online catalogs.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Platinum Jewelry And Loan in Lancaster California has consistently received excellent testimonials from satisfied customers. Carl Stevens, a local resident who visited the store last week, was particularly impressed with the level of assistance he received. During his visit, he found an amazing quality of jewelry that fully met his expectations.

He explained that the staff members were friendly and accommodating and answered all of his questions quickly and efficiently. Throughout his shopping experience, instant helpful advice was always available from knowledgeable employees. Furthermore, they offered him a fair price for a diamond necklace he sold to them.

Other customers have praised Platinum Jewelry And Loan for its beautiful selection of jewelry pieces. Ava Fisher said she was amazed at the exquisite stones and unique designs they had to offer in earrings and rings. Her purchase experience felt like a dream come true as she slipped on her gorgeous emerald ring with so much ease and comfort that it became an instant favorite for special occasions.

The employees at Platinum Jewelry And Loan also earned high marks when it comes to customer service experience. Karen Thomas, another recent patron, noted that the store continually went above and beyond to ensure her needs were fully taken care of during her visit.

She raved about how attentive everyone on staff was and their willingness to provide extra help to find just the right gift she had in mind for her son’s birthday. Most importantly, she commented on how easy the checkout process was – no long waiting lines or time consuming paperwork.

All these positive reviews are a testament to Platinum Jewelry And Loan’s commitment to providing excellence in service throughout whatever shopping experience their customers look forward too each time they visit with them.


Platinum Jewelry And Loan in Lancaster, California provides the ultimate convenience for shoppers to buy jewelry online. Through the website, customers are able to browse through hundreds of high-quality jewelry pieces at their own pace and time without having to go out and visit a store front. The easy to use checkout system makes ordering jewelry with Platinum Jewelry And Loan quick and convenient.

It takes only a few clicks on your computer or phone to make your purchase. Furthermore, people no longer have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash around with them as there are many ways to make contactless payments such as credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and more.

The company also goes above and beyond when ensuring that their products arrive safely thought its secure delivery process. After placing an order with Platinum Jewelry And Loan, buyers can rest assured knowing that their items will be treated with care thanks to its signature wrapping service and delivery tracking system which keeps a close eye on the package during each stop of its journey from leaving the shop until it reaches its destination.

Platinum Palladium Jewelry

The customer service provided by Platinum Jewelry And Loan in Lancaster is also top notch as all inquiries are answered professionally in record time by knowledgeable staff members well experienced with their product range. From helping customers pick out items from their catalog all the way till the package arrives at its final destination, they are available conveniently 24/7 throughout every step of the buying process.

All questions are answered fast so that customers can feel comfortable placing their orders knowing that they will get reliable assistance when needed.

Financial Services

Platinum Jewelry and Loan in Lancaster, California is a local pawn shop that specializes in buying, selling, and loaning on pawn items. This one-stop shop has something to offer for everyone ranging from video games to jewelry. The staff at this shop are friendly, respected survivors that make sure the customer is always taken care of while providing honest pricing.

Loan services through Platinum Jewelry and Loan in Lancaster include a variety of items such as electronics, instruments, tools, gold & loose diamonds. Whether you are looking to sell them outright or just loan against them you can trust these professionals to provide an honest assessment on getting you the best value possible. They can loan up to 1/3 of the item’s estimated value over 3 months with 2 free 10-day grace periods.

They also offer shorter term loans under 30 days for special circumstances like travel emergencies or medical bills. Payment options consist of cash or cheque and they will even accept e-transfers should the need arise.

For those interested in selling their items outright rather than risking a loan against it they also offer consignment services so that your items can be exposed to more potential buyers instead of being forgotten at the back of a drawer somewhere. They have trusted local partners who become active buyers on their site which helps get you the best value possible for your items without having to do all the legwork yourself trying to find buyers online or elsewhere.

With payment options like PayPal and Bitcoin available it makes it even easier for your goods to reach global clearance online quickly and securely in return for maximum profits in no time.


Platinum Jewelry and Loan Lancaster California is a great place to go for both buying and selling jewelry. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always willing to help customers with any questions they may have. They offer an extensive selection of jewelry styles ranging from antique to contemporary, and their prices are competitive so customers can get the best value for their money.

Customers who wish to purchase jewelry often find that Platinum Jewelry has items that fit within their budget, allowing them to curate a stunning collection without breaking the bank. Additionally, they offer repair services on many of the pieces offered in store and can restore old pieces into wearable treasures once again.

The unbeatable strength of Platinum Jewelry is its ability to buy and sell jewelry with ease. Customers who wish to make money off of old pieces can do so at fair market rates with no hassle. Those looking for unique vintage finds can browse through a vast selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other timeless pieces at attractive costs.

The store also offers payday loan services for those in need of quick cash solutions. This makes it easy to take care of expenses without worrying about eligibility requirements or credit checks associated with banks or other loan offices.

Finally, Platinum Jewelry excels when it comes to customer service excellence; clients will be delighted by their thorough yet attentive approach when selecting pieces or enrolling in financing arrangements. The team is always available for inquiries both before and after purchases are made-this level of dedication sets them apart from competition and makes certain that all guests receive the assistance they need from start to finish.

Ultimately, anyone looking for quality selections and efficacy should consider Platinum Jewelry Lancaster California as their first choice when shopping for beautiful jewelry items or financially secure loans needed in times of emergency.

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