Plastic 24 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box Case

The Plastic 24 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box Case is the perfect storage solution for your jewelry. It has a convenient 24 individual adjustable slots, allowing you to organize your collection easily and keep it separate from other pieces. The slots each fit up to 27mm size rings or earrings, and feature a thickened slot design that prevents sharper pieces from squeezing together.

The entire case is made of durable plastic that is transparent, giving you a clear view of your items without having to open it. Additionally, the simple yet modern design provides easy stacking which increases the amount of storage space you have available for any space.

Functionality The adjustable slots add flexibility for the user to organize their accessories in any style they desire; whether it be by type of accessory, color scheme, favorite items, etc. Furthermore, this convenience helps to protect delicate jewelry items from potential snags or damage that could arise when stored within a traditional box or drawer.

Not only does this product have customizable slots, but the entire case can also be expanded and contracted as needed with a simple slide latch mechanism.

Its secure lock protects against dust and dirt on all six sides – an important factor when considering long-term storage solutions – so that even if stored over an extended period of time you will never experience tarnishing due to dust collection on the contents Convenience & Portability The light weight material makes portability incredibly easy, while its slim design maximizes transportability possibilities wherever you go.

This allows you take it with ease when travelling away from home whether for business or pleasure purposes as well as storing large numbers of smaller jewelry items safely at home without occupying too much space when not in use. Besides being transportable hence convenient for short trips away from home, its versatility ensures there is more than one way to hang it up.

Whether put on a wall or placed atop furniture as it will stay upright due its self standing ability at all times – completely removing any need for screws/nails/brackets.


This plastic 24 slots adjustable jewelry storage box case is designed to keep your valuable items secure and organised. It is made of high-quality anti-knock PVC material which provides a more stable and reliable structure, making it resistant to drop shocks.

A single zippered closure ensures that your items remain in their place until you are ready to use them. Its sleek black design also gives it a stylish look that adds a modern touch to any room or work area.

Organization of Jewelry

The adjustable slots provide plenty of space, allowing you to organize your jewelry according to their sizes and types. The two handles on either side make it easy for you to grab and move the box when needed without having to worry about spilling out its contents. Furthermore, its transparent lid makes it easy for you to identify the stored goods without ever having to open the case.


  • Made from high-quality anti-knock PVC for increased durability.
  • A single zippered closure keeps your items securely in one place.
  • Sleek black design adds a modern style touch.
  • Adjustable 24 slots provide plenty of room for storing various size jewelry pieces.
  • Two side handles make its movement easier.
  • Transparent lid allows you identification without opening the case.


The plastic 24 slots adjustable jewelry storage box case offers several incredible benefits for consumers. This storage solution is highly space-saving, and can be adjusted to fit a wide array of items and accessories. As a result, it provides your precious pieces with protective casings in a compact size.

This jewelry storage box features 24 slots, each designed specifically for earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches or any trinket that you may possess. Inside the individual compartments there are soft padded linings, adding luxury as well as extra protection to your possessions. Each slot also helps those looking to sort their items easily and quickly. This prevents digging and searching for minutes just to find one ring or bracelet.

Additionally, the plastic adjustable jewelry storage box has an easy flip-up lid which stays open during use thanks to magnetic closures – this allows users access all their products without having to tediously line them up multiple times after use. Features like these prove that this trinket holder has been designed with convenience in mind.

It also makes travelling with jewels simple; The lightweight and ultra-slim design of this case ensures ease of portability when on the go or for the vacation enthusiast.

To sum up the major benefits:

  • Space saving design
  • Adjustable slots
  • Individual compartments featuring soft padding
  • Easy flip-up lid with magnetic closers
  • Lightweight + ultra slim design made for travel


This Plastic 24 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box Case is an ideal way to store and organize your jewelry and other accessories at home. It has a sleek and modern design that looks stylish in any environment. The case comes with a lockable system, which is great for those who value their items’ safety and security.

Jewelry Storage Display

Additionally, its clear acrylic look allows you to easily find what you need quickly without having to rummage through drawers or cupboards. Some of its best features include:

  • Transparent acrylic look
  • Lockable system
  • 24 slots adjustable organization panel
  • Compact size with plenty of compartments
  • Designed with stackable tabs for extra space efficiency

The 24 slots adjustable organization panel was especially designed to make sure you can easily see and access all your items efficiently. And storing small pieces won’t be a problem either, as each slot can fit more than one item inside – making it easier to organize rings, earrings, brooches, watches etc.

The panels are stackable too, so if more space is needed due to increased quantity of items stored in the tray, the compartments can be easily adjusted or added as required. You’ll enjoy staying productive here since there’s no need for searching around while looking for something because it will all be neatly organized on this tray.

Finally, another great aspect about this Plastic 24 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box Case is its compact size – perfect for bringing anywhere should the need arise. Thanks to its light weight construction and comfortable handle design, carrying this case won’t be much effort even if there’s an abundance of heavy jewelry inside – ready to be displayed at shows.

Versatile Usage

This 24 slots adjustable plastic storage box is the perfect way to organize a variety of items. From jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, to crafts like beads and buttons, this storage box can also accommodate larger items like sewing needles and even craft supplies such as brushes and glue.

With 24 compartments of various sizes that lock securely, you can mix and match your items to create customized storage solutions. The clear plastic drawers make it easy to identify what you are looking for at a glance.


The adjustable feature allows the user to customize the storage size according to their specific needs. The 24 slots are adjustable up & down by 1.8cm each, so you can decide how many of each item type you need in a particular slot.

This storage box also comes with 2 edge lock clasps that ensure the box stays closed when not in use, making it convenient for travel or carrying around on errands. The vibrant pink color with soft rounded corners makes this storage box aesthetically pleasing no matter where it is going.


This storage case has been built to last with thick durable plastic walls that protect your items from damage when being carried around or stored away. Not only does this provide peace of mind when storing valuable fragile items within it but also ensures longer product life expectancy due to its superior strength & quality build material components that will last long enough to protect your precious keepsakes from damage over time whether kept in a home or vehicle.

Ease of Use

This 24 slots adjustable plastic storage box is designed for convenience and ease of use with smooth surfaces & ergonomic handles making it comfortable & hassle free when transferring from place to place as well as simple manipulation upon opening & closing. Each compartment has its own lid making sure that no dust enters into while remaining securely locked not allowing any accidental spilling of contents during transportation too.

The lightweight feature allows for mobility without requiring much effort from the user either which makes organizing easier than ever before.

Advantages Over Regular Boxes

The Plastic 24 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box Case offers many advantages over traditional boxes and cases. This highly functional storage box features a durable construction with 24 adjustable sections, allowing for the optimization of space and organization for any size collection of jewelry.

This versatile box is equipped with a non-slip base to ensure that it stays in place while users select or return their accessories. The tight lid closure and secure snap locks further ensure the contents stay safe inside. There’s no need to worry if this case is dropped or tipped over because its tough plastic shell protects everything from getting damaged.

  • Removable dividers: Perfect for organizing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings with ease
  • Translucent design: Quickly identifies the contents by just glancing at the case
  • Plush velvet lining: Protects jewelry from scratches and dust

Customizable Compartments

The Plastic 24 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box Case is an ideal storage solution for organizing jewelry. This box features an optional grid system which allows you to customize the compartments to suit your particular needs. With two adjustable panels, the case can easily convert into 24 slots, 18 slots, 10 slots or 8 slots in order to accommodate a variety of jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Storage For Dangle Earrings In Jewelry Box

This intelligent design offers a wealth of benefits including:

  • Flexible Configuration – adjust the grid walls according to your jewelry and accessories;
  • Secure dividers – safekeeping for small jewelries; and
  • Practical Design – efficient storage space with no wasted area.

You can easily store multiple items according to size using this box by rearranging the compartments. It comes with a unique mountable design so that it can be fitted into furniture units and other shelving systems in order to save space and keep things organized. Furthermore, when placed in an open space, its sleek and stylish look will add charm to any decor theme while serving its intended purpose.

Clean-up Tips

1. Start with an Empty Storage Box: To ensure a thorough clean-up, start by emptying out all items from the plastic 24 slots adjustable jewelry storage box case.

2. Prepare Cleaning Solutions: Prepare a two-part solution composed of one-part water and one-part white vinegar into an empty spray bottle. This is a natural cleaner that can help loosen dirt and grime inside the box without damaging its interior and exterior surfaces.

3. Spray Inside & Outside Surfaces: When ready, make sure to start spraying both inside and outside surfaces of the box with the cleaning mixture. Allow mixture to sit for five minutes until it begins to bubble or foam in areas where dirt and residue have been trapped in the crevices.

Cleaning Tools You Will Need

  • Empty Spraying Bottle
  • Cleaning Mixture (1 part water, 1 part white vinegar)
  • Dry Towel or Cloth
  • Soft Toothbrush (with soft bristles)

4. Use Toothbrush & Towel To Clean Surfaces: After allowing bubbling to take place on surfaces, use a soft toothbrush dipped in the prepared cleaning solution to scrub all parts of the adjustable jewelry plastic storage box case where dirt is visible.

Make sure to move the brush gently around as not to damage any delicate parts of the box during cleaning process. Once done scrubbing, wipe down entire surface with dry towel or cloth until visibly cleaner than before starting this process.

5.Check For Further Cleaning Needs: After wiping down surfaces, check for further need for cleaning in other parts before reinserting all items back into their original places in the plastic 24 slots adjustable jewelry box case. If additionaltime is needed to clean any other parts of this accessory box case, repeat steps 2 – 4 until desired results are obtained on all areas of this item for your complete satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

The plastic 24 Slots adjustable jewelry storage box case is an excellent way to store a variety of accessories from earrings and rings to necklaces and bracelets. The removable dividers are perfect for customizing the compartments to your desired sizes in order to fit all types of larger or smaller items. It’s also pleasingly stackable, making it an ideal choice when you have limited counter space available and want to maximize your storage capacity.

The lightweight design of this jewelry storage box case makes it easily transferrable and portable, so if you ever need to move it around or travel with your jewelry, it will be simple and hassle-free. Aside from the convenience factor, the box is also beautiful enough to proudly display on any dresser or wardrobe shelf if desired.

The faux leather finish looks great and goes well with any kind of decor. It integrates easily into almost any room without standing out too prominently or detracting away from any other furniture pieces you might have in the area.

Not only does this storage solution look good but it also ensures that all of your things stay safe and secure inside without being scratched or broken due to its soft velvet material interior that keeps jewellery from moving around while transporting or storing. Furthermore, the metal lock gives added security against theft as well as peace of mind knowing that everything is safely locked away in one place until needed again.

Overall, the plastic 24 Slots adjustable jewelry storage box case offers a great combination of style alongside efficiency when needing both portability as well as adequate protection for jewellery pieces. It has become one understanding why many choose to make use of such a practical container when making sure their precious items remain organized throughout every occasion without compromising on quality craftsmanship at an affordable price point; a true luxury winner combining superb eye-catching aesthetic appeal along versatility.