10 Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory

The 10 Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory is a contemporary product that provides an elegant and luxurious way to store jewelry. It features 10 drawers available in solid wood construction with a white finish, giving this piece of furniture a classic and timeless look. To ensure that it retains its beauty and remains in top condition, proper care must be taken when cleaning or maintaining the product.

For simple dusting, use a dry microfiber cloth or duster to remove any dirt or debris from the surface. If necessary, dampen the cloth with water and gently rub away any remaining residue. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on the drawer as this can damage the finish or dull the natural color of the wood.

It’s important to regularly check each drawer for splinters or other signs of wear as well as examining the hardware for proper alignment. In addition, never force metal objects into grooves or other tight spaces as this can cause unsightly scratches.

When cleaning more difficult spills, such as waxes, gels, oils, creams, etc., spot clean with warm water and mild dishwashing soap solution or rubbing alcohol. Wipe the affected area gently and repeat if necessary until completely removed before drying immediately with a soft cotton cloth.

Doing so will keep bacteria and mold spores from building up inside the drawers and ruining any jewelry stored within. Lastly, wax polish can be used once every few months to retain luster in order to prevent discoloration from prolonged exposure to sun light.


The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory is a great choice when looking for stylish and functional jewelry storage. This product offers the following features:

  • 10 spacious drawers so you can store all your jewelry in one place
  • Durable white wood construction perfect for a modern look
  • Made with quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • A dusting lid to protect jewelry from damage

Compared to similar products on the market, the Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory stands apart in terms of practicality. While other products may offer larger drawers or cheaper prices, none provide 10 spacious drawers made of durable white wood. Additionally, these drawers retain their shape and original appearance over time, meaning they won’t lose their shape or wrinkle like other products do.

Furthermore, having a dusting lid included ensures that your jewelry won’t be scratched or damaged while stored away – a feature that many people overlook when shopping for jewelry storage solutions. Finally, this product is made with quality workmanship and attention to detail – something not found in many similar products at this price range.


The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory is available in one shade, white. The manufacturers of this product also produce similar models which come in different shades such as mahogany and cherry. They also offer a range of sizes that can be customized depending on the user’s needs.

What are some uses for this product?

This product is ideally suited for the storage and organization of jewelry and watches. It is designed with beautiful, solid wood drawers, lined with felt, to keep your valuable items organized and out of sight. This type of drawer cabinet can also work well for other types of small objects such as sewing supplies or small tools. It is a perfect solution if you want to keep an organized workspace without compromising on style or elegance.

Accompanying Features

This product features 10 individual drawers, each equipped with its own secure closure to ensure the security of your belongings. Each drawer is adjustable for differing heights so that diverse jewelry can fit inside; they are all nicely sized at 4 inches high and 10 inches wide by 5 3/4 inches deep, allowing users to separate pieces into specific categories (e.g by color or shape).

Additionally, these drawers have convenient pull out compartments that make it easy to access items without having to take out multiple pieces at once. Finally, the Jewelry Drawer Cabinet has metal handles and knobs that enhance its visual appeal whilst ensuring durability and convenience when using the product.

Style Benefits

  • Tailored Look With Clean Lines: The 10 wooden jewelry drawer storage white West Emory provides a tailored look with its sleek design and clean lines. It will add an elegant touch to any room in the house, from the bedroom to the living room. The timeless classic design will fit in with nearly any style.
  • Great for Organization: This product is great for decluttering and organizing jewelry, accessories, hair ties, scarves or any other small items that may be around the house. It allows you to clearly see all of your items while still keeping them contained and organized. Now you won’t have to worry about sorting through drawers of jumbled jewelry.
  • Stylish Design In Addition To Practicality: Not only does the 10 wooden jewelry drawer storage provide practical organization benefits, but it also adds beauty and style to any room it is placed in. Its chic white finish makes it versatile enough to fit into nearly any décor. Its three drawers provide plenty of space for storage while its small size makes it perfect for placing on a dresser or desk top.
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    Materials – What type of construction and woods are used for this product?

  • Durable Construction: The 10 wooden jewelry drawer storage white West Emory is crafted using durable, high-grade materials that are designed to last years of use without showing wear and tear. The frame is constructed from solid wood and metal along with MDF panels covered with laminate paper achieving a glossy finish.
  • Quality Wood: For additional strength and durability, this item features resistant engineered wood made from natural oak grain comprising several thin layers laminated together crossways under heat pressure utilizing special resins as the adhesive agent.
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleanup: This product requires minimal maintenance from general dusting with a dry cloth periodically. Cleanup after extended spruce ups can be accomplished with mild soap and water solution.
  • Accessories

    Purchasing the Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage is a great product that can help store and organize items. There are additional features to this product that makes it even more useful. Here are some of the accessories you can use with the drawer storage:

    • Lockset – Adding a lockset to the wooden jewelry drawer storage is great protection for any valuable items stored inside and can give feeling of security knowing all contents will stay safely put away.
    • Velvet lining – With velvet lined drawers, your jewelry and other pieces have an extra cushioned layer of protection from scratching or other signs of wear from being in contact with the inner wood surfaces.
    • Small trays – Organizing drawers further can be made easier with small separate trays which can fit within the drawers to help organize smaller items like rings or earrings.
    • Support bars – Having support bars underneath your drawers gives them extra strength should you need access taller stacks of jewelry pieces.

    The product comes in White West Emory wood finish, giving a lightweight yet strong durable finish. The smoothness of the wood, combined with its simplistic design make it look attractive when opened in any room.

    The superior white colour is sophisticated looking, great for matching other white tone décor pieces in bedrooms or closets. With enough space to store large amounts of jewelry it’s comfortable to maneuver around due to its four rolling wheels at each corner adding stability while reaching for your desired item quickly from the spacious top section drawers.


    The 10 Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory is a product which is known for its high durability. This drawer storage unit is made out of the highest quality wood and possesses an expertly crafted finish that ensures the longevity of this product.

    The dovetail joints found on this jewelry drawer storage are designed to keep everything secure while looking beautiful and stylish at all times. The felt lining inside each drawer reduces friction, allowing items to be easily placed and removed as well as aiding in protecting the contents from dust and scratches.

    Design – What type of design features does it have?

    • High Gloss Finish
    • Dovetail Joints
    • Smooth Drawers with Built-in Stops
    • Felt Lined Drawers for Added Protection
    • Finished Hardware for Increased Durability
    • Available in Multiple Colors

    Quality – How well is the product constructed?

    The10 Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emoryis carefully composed out of durable material that can withstand wear and tear over time. Each joint has been expertly crafted to ensure locking holds, while the finishes are applied with utmost care to preserve its original beauty for years to come.

    The drawers offer smooth movement thanks to their built-in stops, enabling easy placement and removal of items stored within them. Additionally, the felt lining provides additional protection for delicate items such as fragile jewelry against any potential damages caused by dust or scratches.

    Future Upgrades

    The 10 Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory has seen great success in the jewelry market. Its impressive design, robust construction, and elegant styling makes it a great jewelry organization solution. With its current design – comprising of ten different drawers with four dividers for easy keeping – it offers the perfect way to store your jewelry collection. While this product currently provides excellent storage solutions to help organize jewelry collections, many customers have expressed an interest in seeing future upgrades.

    What Upgrades Are Being Considered?

    Manufacturers are considering several upgrades to this beloved product ranges which could include:

    • Expanded drawer compartment sizes
    • Incorporating LED lighting for easier visibility when accessing stored items
    • Different colors for customization choices
    • Integrating temperature & humidity control features that will ensure optimum tracking safeguarding conditions for priceless pieces of jewelry or other treasured valuables.

    Making Shopping More Accessible

    The company is also looking at making shopping online for this range even more accessible by exploring various online purchasing platforms, as well as integrating new payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. These initiatives would make checkout transactions far more secure and efficient than ever before.


    When purchasing the Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory, one of most important aspects to consider is the warranty information. Knowing the details of any warranty will help customers make a more informed buying decision. With that in mind, it is important to know exactly what type of coverage is included with this product.

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    Manufacturer’s Warranty

    The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory includes a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of up to one year from the purchase date.

    During this time, should any issues arise with the item due to manufacturing defect then it can be exchanged or repaired at no additional cost. This provides consumers with peace of mind knowing that if there are any problems with their product they will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

    Return Policy

    This item also comes with a return policy for added customer satisfaction. According to White West Emory’s return policy, customers have fourteen days from receipt of the item to request a full refund for any reason as long as it has not been used or damaged.

    This ensures that customers can purchase this product without having to worry about being stuck with an item they don’t want or need anymore. If for some reason they do need to return it they can do so hassle-free within this two week period with no problem.

    Order Cancellation

    Another important aspect is order cancellation options should customers decide not to proceed with an order after placing it. Thankfully, White West Emory offers its customers the ability to cancel their orders at any time prior to shipment for items purchased directly through them or their authorized dealers online and in store locations On top of that, if any payment has already been received then full refunds will be provided as long as the cancellation is requested before shipment.

    Customer Support

    The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage from West Emory comes with a number of customer support options. The first is a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page that can provide answers to many common questions about the product. This can be accessed on the company’s website and includes topics such as product dimensions, care and maintenance instructions, shipping, returns, and more.

    Live Chat and Telephone Support

    If customers are unable to determine an answer to their question through the FAQ page, they can contact West Emory directly by using the live chat or telephone support options available on their site. A customer service representative will be available during regular business hours to provide answers and advice if needed. They will also be able to help customers with any issues related to their purchase or use of the product such as tracking orders and understanding warranty terms.

    Customer Reviews

    Potential customers may also choose to read customer reviews for this product in order to determine how happy other users have been with it. The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage from West Emory receives consistently positive feedback from those who have purchased it, so potential buyers can rest assured that it is built to a high standard and performs well according to real-world needs.

    Customers who are unhappy with their purchase or experience are also encouraged to get in touch directly via the website or telephone in order for the issue to be resolved quickly and efficiently.


    The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory is an essential piece of furniture for any jewelry collector or store. Featuring ten drawers with metal drawer glides, the piece is constructed with durable white painted melamine and have full picture framing along all edges. With a large, solid construction and smooth surface, this storage unit provides an optimal level of utility and security for your entire collection.

    The delicate flower motif on each knob adds a touch of elegance to the unit, and its adjustable feet make it easy to reposition in any home or office environment. Finally, its robust design ensures durability for years to come.

    The Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory offers a convenient solution to enjoy and protect all of your treasured jewelry pieces. Its drawers are designed to accommodate items of different sizes and textures so nothing is left behind when you travel or put away seasonal pieces.

    The lockable lid allows you to keep your collection secure from curious eyes; meaning that you don’t need to worry about who might be around when you’re showing off your newest acquisition. You can easily assemble the pieces quickly with minimal tools required, making it perfect for small spaces where every inch counts.

    You no longer have to stress about displaying what jewelry pieces you own – the Wooden Jewelry Drawer Storage White West Emory will take care of that for you. If aesthetic appeal coupled with efficient storage is what you need in a furniture piece, then this could be just the perfect option for you.

    Whether it’s storing rings on one shelf while keeping necklaces hung neatly on another shelf or organizing earrings into separate compartments – this wooden beauty brings a modern twist to an age-old tradition providing both form and function for showcasing your precious accessories at any given time.

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