Diy Jewelry Storage Ideas Pinterest

Creating the perfect diy jewelry storage space can be daunting. It’s so easy to let your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings become a tangled mess. Pinterest has a wealth of diy jewelry storage ideas to help you stay organized and also add some personality to your collection.

These ideas come from everyday people all across the world, sharing their creative solutions for optimal jewelry organization. From dresser drawer organizers to DIY picture frames, here are some of the most unique diy jewelry storage ideas found on Pinterest.

Hang it Up – Offer tips on how you can use various items around the home (i.e. hooks) to hang jewelry

One of the simplest ways to store your necklaces is to hang them up. This doesn’t require any drilling or complex installation; instead, all you need are some strong cup-style hooks attached securely to the wall. From then on you can drape each necklace neatly along its own line, depending on coloring or size or other characteristics that would make them easier for you find when in use.

If you have any bigger statement necklaces or longer pieces of jewelry then this is ideal for them since they don’t get lost within a box or container as easily and therefore aren’t tangled together as frequently either. Plus this way it lets you appreciate and admire each piece at their best with ease and convenience.

Picture Frames – Provide an example of how you can use picture frames for an innovative DIY solution for jewelry storage

An interesting diversion from traditional styles is using regular picture frames as holders for your necklaces and other accessories. All you need is a detachable backboard which will act as the main support structure while fairground clips attach themselves over top which provides stability yet flexibility in terms of arrangement too depending on what would be best suited visually per item.

What’s more, due to its ease of disassembly-reassembly features, it makes seasonal changes easier than ever if ever applicable too – making its use far more versatile compared to other stationary options like drawers or cupboards that may stick with one pre-determined layout throughout its usage duration.

DIY Organization

When you’re running out of space and looking to store your jewelry in an innovative way, look no further than the vast selection of DIY Jewelry Storage ideas available on Pinterest. Whether you’re living in a small apartment and are looking to maximize space or simply want a creative way to store and show off your accessories, there’s something for all levels of craftiness and organizational needs.

One simple yet chic DIY jewelry storage idea is to use an upcycled mason jar – they are easily found at your local thrift store and can be turned into unique storage with a little bit of creativity. Start by removing the lid from the mason jar, then use spray paint, liquid gold leaf or wrap it in gift paper for color options.

Then fill with plain rocks, marbles or glitter for the final touch. You could also attach thin pieces of wood along the sides of the jar to hang necklaces from – creating DIY jewels hanging from within your mason jar.

Another upcycled item that makes great jewelry storage is old frames. Give them new life with different layers such as cork boards or pretty fabric sewn together. If you go with the cork board route – make it fun by using cute pushpins such as hearts or geometric shapes to hold back earrings and bracelets.

If styling with fabric – use lightweight dowels across each side that hang necklaces while rings can sit tucked away at either end behind the fabric – much like a soft drawer offering easy access when needed but still keeping items tucked out of sight if desired. Finish by sponging on some metallic paint around the frame perimeter or add a ribbon or creative stitching detail to really showcase your items and make a bold statement on any wall.

Going this route will give you beautiful decor alongside necessary storage all-in-one.

What You Need

Containers: Using containers to store jewelry is a great way to organize your accessories. There are many different types of containers you may use, ranging from small shallow trays, mason jars, or even plastic bins. It’s best to contain items in the same category with the same container.

For instance, rings would go in one container, while necklaces and bracelets can have their own container. This will make things easier for when you want to find a certain item quickly.

Hooks: Wall hooks provide an easy spot for hanging earrings without having to worry about damage or tangles. Consider using eye-level hooks for things you wear often such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You may also use bulky wall anchors or adhesive hooks that stick directly onto walls or the inside of cabinets. These are perfect spaces for storing lighter jewelry items such as anklets and beaded necklaces.

Pegboards: Pegboards take up minimal space but still allow plenty of room for all types of jewelry pieces – from long dangling earrings to chunky rings – by providing a grid-like display where accessories can easily be sorted and hung up with colored pushpins instead of loseling into drawers or boxes. Place pin boards near dressing mirrors so you can try out different looks and play around with different color combinations while getting ready.

Cute Jewelry Storage

Plus, if you ever decide to change it up its super easy.

These DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas Pinterest just offer a few of the possibilities out there when it comes organizing your accessores in style. Armed with these ideas as inspiration ,you’ll be able to create an organized space all your own that shows off your unique style while keeping everything put away neatly.

Pinterest Ideas

Diy jewelry storage on Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular organizational solutions for all kinds of craft spaces. This is due to the fact that Pinterest offers an incredible number of amazing ideas and projects just a few taps away. You can find plenty of DIY jewelry storage ideas for small spaces, easy wall or tabletop solutions, or stylish solutions to show off your favorite pieces.

The first thing to consider when looking at diy jewelry storage on Pinterest is the kind of space you have available in your home or studio space. If you only have limited wall area, then go for hanging options such as coat hangers adorned with ribbons and clips or macramé stands attached to the wall.

Another great option would be to paint an empty box frame with a fun bold color and hang it on the wall like a piece of art. Don’t forget to add decorations inside – hooks and dividers will enable you to sort through your pieces while adding appeal with pom-poms and beads sewn into pockets.

Finally, if you want something more traditional yet still pretty and functional, look towards boxes like acid free paper containers that protect delicate metals from tarnishing; wooden chests that can also be customized; or industrial-style metal lockers where keys provide added security for collected statement pieces. No matter what style of jewelry holder is chosen, it adds style points combined with practicality which makes it perfect for any environment.

Utilizing Pinterest’s endless amount of ideas make it easier than ever to find something uniquely suited for your space and budget.

So go ahead – take some time scrolling through the best diy jewelry storage pins on Pinterest today, many of which don’t take much time (or money.) to make.

Stylish Solutions

For those that love to show off their jewelry and accessories, having stylish jewelry storage solutions is essential. If you want to make sure your precious pieces are kept safe with an organized system, Pinterest is a great platform for discovering the latest in jewelry organization ideas. Whether you are looking for something unique that will match your space or display your pieces in an interesting way, there are lots of jewelry storage solutions on Pinterest for DIY enthusiasts.

A popular option for displaying your favorite pieces is to create hanging wall organizers. This method of storage allows you to organize and store larger items such as necklaces and bracelets in one place using felt, cardboard, hanging baskets or pegs. DIY jewelry hangers can be made from pine boards with metal dowels or existing wall frames. You can even attach a wire gutter screen on peg boards and hang earrings and chains effortlessly.

If you prefer to have everything tucked away neatly in drawers, there are lots of options too. To fully utilize each corner of the drawers, plastic dividers and organizers insert into the shelves can help keep compartments neat if clothing is being stored as well. You may also opt for wooden trays which fit perfectly into a drawer and provide designated space for each item of jewellery.

Multiple trays can be stacked inside the same drawer allowing limitless arranging possibilities. For easier access individual sections can be labeled with labels according to type like rings, earrings etc. Best of all these simple trays come with both lavish decorations ready for use or unpainted wood suggesting customizations depending upon personal preference.

Make It Functional

Every jewelry enthusiast needs to find the most effective way of organizing and cataloging their valuables. Display cases are one great option for showing off and storing jewelry items, especially if you need to quickly check your collection for inspiration when looking for a go-to piece.

Pinterest offers an array of ideas for different types of cases, with varying designs according to personal preference. Suggestions range from antique glass cases to more modern options, allowing wearers to choose the most suitable item depending on occasion or mood.

For those wishing to showcase their jewelry in style and add an elegant touch of flair, antique-style display boxes with intricate features like gemstone-studded patterns on sliding doors or detailed carvings are the perfect choice. Going for wood-based displays is ideal because of its attractive colors that go well with any decor; plus, it adds depth and subtlety wherever it’s placed-an added bonus when considering where you plan to place the box in your home.

Adding some lighting around the box can also create a beautiful spotlighted effect you’re sure to love.

Standing Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage Inside

If you’d rather opt for something contemporary, there are plenty of acrylic display cases available which offer a modernistic feel while still displaying jewlery neatly and stylishly. Acrylic doesn’t have quite as much texture as wood, but depending on how big your collection is these can be great options because they make displaying multiple items easier than ever.

For example; acrylic overhead hangers provide an interesting yet practical solution that can hold plenty of necklaces while taking up minimal space since they don’t hang too low; also perfect if you don’t want it distracting people when in conversation because it’ll stay out of sight behind you. Lastly, acrylic countertop jewelry stands are also ideal if you’re looking for maximum flexibility when sorting through all your pieces at ease.

Whether classic or contemporary suits your taste best – utilizing DIY jewelry storage ideas found on Pinterest will allow us all to exploit any design potential we may have missed without having to purchase pricey pre-made models from stores. With pinning all sorts of inspiring visuals from others’ completed projects or even half-constructed projects meant for inspiration purposes- – adding your own creative flair gives an extra level of pride and satisfaction whenever seeing/using this space afterwards.

Tips From Pros

One of the best diy jewelry storage ideas is to get creative with what little space you have. Instead of opting for larger, more expensive options, look for innovative ways to make use of items around the house.

For example, a small cork board hung on the wall can give you plenty of options for storing earrings, while magazine holders or a hollowed-out book can be used to store necklaces and rings. Book shelves are great for displaying bracelets without taking up too much floor space; simply hang each bracelet from one shelf and arrange them according to your own style.

Another great way to maximize unused space is by utilizing walls. Wall hooks will create an eye-catching feature out of your jewelry collection while helping you with organization as each piece will be readily visible and easily retrieved when needed.

Additionally, over-the-door hangers work perfectly to display pieces even in small closets or walk-in wardrobes. Add a few decorative elements by putting some scones around the mirror or painting the background in vibrant colors that contrast with your collection.

Finally, it’s important to stay organized in order to find pieces quickly and easily when dressing up. Try organizing items into categories–one area for casual pieces like earrings and necklaces; another for statement pieces like cocktail rings; and another still for eveningwear brushes like bangles or tiaras that usually take up more room.

Having everything neatly arranged is not only visually pleasing but also helpful when picking out an outfit set–nothing ruins a perfect ensemble than scrambling among cluttered jewelry boxes all morning. With these tips from professionals, you’ll be able to make use of limited Jewelry storage space in no time.


Creative jewelry storage ideas are becoming more popular on Pinterest. With users always looking for new and creative ways to store and organize their jewelry, it’s not surprising to see various diy jewelry storage pins popping up all over the site.

Ideas range from inexpensive DIY solutions using everyday items such as mason jars and shoe boxes, to more complex projects that require more time and dedication such as repurposing an old cabinet or furniture item into a custom built jewelry holder. On top of that, one of the great things about these DIY pins is that they often don’t require any special tools; anyone can easily create something out of their own home.

For those looking for something a bit less time consuming and have smaller budgets, there are also some great smaller-scale diy projects like earring holders constructed out of branches or pegs used to hang necklaces from. Simple terra cotta planters can also be used as containers to keep your items separated and organized while adding an artistic flair to your bedroom decor.

If you find yourself without any containers at all but still want a way to store your collection, simple hooks strategically placed in walls or behind closets can provide a lovely display as well as keeping them safe and secure.

With so many easy DIY projects available online, creating your own unique jewelry storage has never been easier. Showcase your creativity and make sure all those trinkets indoors get treated with the same love they deserve outside – the only limit is your imagination. So why not give one of these diy jewelry storage ideas from Pinterest a try today? It will surely lighten up any room in no time at all.

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