Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal has been specializing in fine jewelry for over 30 years. Established in 1984, the store was the vision of a small group of local artisans who wanted to make exquisite pearls and precious stone jewelry accessible and affordable to their community.

Their mission is to bring a selection of timeless and unique pieces to their customers that will be cherished for generations. The team are committed to providing customers with uncomplicated consulting and expert advice on any piece they select based on quality and value.

The uniqueness of Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal lies in the source of its components. Many of the stones are locally sourced from some of Canada’s most beautiful regions: Labrador, the Maritimes, or even Baffin Island gems. Each stone has its own character reflecting upon the varied landscapes from which it originates – evoking an imprint upon its wearer’s soul. They strive for excellence by selecting ethically crafted timeless offers that will truly become heirlooms for many generations.

The team at Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal have built a reputation for offering exclusivity and quality combined with personalized customer service with each one-of-a-kind item coming with its own certificate of authenticity. Above all, they pride themselves on being able to offer fair prices that ensure no customer is overcharged; giving them value which far surpasses their money’s worth.

Whether it’s a rare pearl necklace or intricate set of earrings, no two pieces ever look exactly alike – ensnaring its owner with experience that cannot be found elsewhere – capturing their hearts as much as enchanting the eye.

Customers can expect nothing but supreme care and attention from both knowledgeable staff members or when browsing items online before purchase or collecting orders in store safely amidst Covid-19 restrictions Visitors can also enjoy ample parking available free-of-charge outside the chic store located in Ville St.-Laurent which carry tantalizing surprises within.


Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is a unique and iconic jewelry brand with a timeline that dates back to 1966 when Malcolm Stillman started crafting expensive pieces of upscale jewelry. He started this business in the city of Montreal, which was known for its chic designers and artisans, who crafted beautiful pieces of jewelry by hand.

The first pieces ever created in his workshop were top-dollar pearls and gems. This became the bedrock of what is currently known as Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal.

As his business grew, Mr. Stillman continued to source quality materials from around the world in order to create exquisite items for his clients. His attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship quickly earned him a reputation among elite customers around the globe. With each piece of jewelry he made, he not only created a work of art but also crafted timeless memories that would accompany people for life, making them feel cherished and loved by their loved ones.

In 1975, he opened up his first flagship store located in Hong Kong and expanded operations internationally into Singapore and Europe as well. In 1976, Mr. Stillman decided to expand his range of products by introducing an extensive array of fine watches, all meticulously crafted with precision and skillful artistry inspired by classic designs from the past yet modernized with contemporary technology.

Over time, he took on more creative endeavors such as designing leather bags and belts using fine leathers sourced from South American tanneries along with creating stylish accessories such as money clips made out of sterling silver or 18k gold that had been personally hallmarked with the designer’s hallmark “PS” logo

Today, Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal remains true to its roots while continuing to grow its collectiont by introducing different materials such as titanium, stainless steel, rhodium-plated diamonds amongst many other luxurious elements used in their creations all rising up together with timeless design aesthetics that have inspired generations over time.


Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is a must visit location for everyone looking to buy exquisite jewelry pieces and accessories. Located in the bustling downtown area of Montreal, this shop is open Thursday to Saturday from 11AM – 7PM. The store itself is an experience as soon as you walk in; taking in the sight of unique jewels handcrafted by their on-site artisans and carefully curated partners.

The beauty of Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal lies not only in the physical items they produce but also with the personalized service each customer gets when visiting the store.

Each one of their knowledgeable staff members provides tailored advice according to each customer’s needs – whether it’s simply advising them to decide on what gift may be best suited for that special someone or helping them design a custom piece – a key feature that sets this jewelry shop apart from others.

When it comes to shopping at Pearls Before Jewelry Montreal, you can expect variety and quality. They carry anything from wedding bands, pendants, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and many more items perfect for different occasions.

While there are options available online, nothing beats passing by the shop and finding a newly released collection you won’t find available anywhere else – much like discovering a hidden gem. And if you ever need help selecting something specific during your visit, once again their staff are readily available to assist with whatever type of query may arise.

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal has something for everyone; walking into this shop guarantees satisfaction with every purchase.

Types of Jewelry

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal offers an impressive array of different types of jewelry pieces. Each piece is crafted to be of the highest quality, and customers can find pieces in a variety of collections. The pearls before swine collection offers simple yet elegant, timeless pieces, such as their classic pearl shell necklace.

This necklace is made with freshwater pearls and looks beautiful when paired with any outfit. Another popular collection from Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is the Celtic collection, which features intricate knotwork designs combined with precious natural stones such as quartz or turquoise. These unique pieces look especially stunning when worn to represent Irish culture and heritage.

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Other collections available at Pearls Before Swine include sparkly rings featuring colored gemstones set in sterling silver or gold; chunky statement necklaces made with bold pendants; beaded bracelets adorned with rare gems like opals and moonstones; and Sets comprising of multiple items like earrings, necklaces, and rings. For even more choices, customers can explore the unique Collection Independent Pieces.

Here they will find surprising styles, such as bold spikes fashioned into statement earrings, sparkling charms hung gracefully from delicate necklaces, fiery opal teardrop pendants – just to name a few possibilities.

Regardless of what type of jewelry style or material customers are looking for to express their unique personality in an up-to-date fashion sense, Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal has something special for everyone to choose from. For example, if someone wants a beautiful custom-made gift for someone special on their special day – they can simply send out an inquiry for assistance through the company’s website contact page.

Care and Cleaning

Caring for and cleaning Pearl Before Swine Jewelry products will help ensure the longevity of each piece. Depending on its material and construction, your jewelry will require different methods of care. Follow this guide to keep your jewelry looking its best.

Pearls Before Swine offers a wide variety of jewelry made with numerous materials including sterling silver, brass, rose gold, and pearls. To ensure their quality, here are some tips to care for your pieces:

*Before Gently Cleaning: Inspect the surface of the pearls for signs of damage or discoloration. Avoidany harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that could ruin the luster of the pearl. Handle your jewellery gently when wearing and when storing them in a separate box/bag from other objects.

*Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry: The most effective way to clean sterling silver is through mild soaps like dish detergent or fabric softener mixed with warm water (around 40-43°C). Then use a cloth to gently rub it over the surface area in circular motions until all dirt has been removed. Follow up by using a soft cloth to dry off any excess liquid before putting it back in its box/bag away from moisture and air contact.

*Cleaning Brass Jewelry: To maintain bright brass jewelry, use 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts warm water mixed together in a bowl. Use this mixture to soak your brass jewelry pieces for 10 minutes, followed by a light scrubbing with mini soft bristles brush on all visible surfaces.

Rinse off with cool running water and pat dry with a clean cloth before returning it back to its box/bag away from potential sources of moisture or air contact which can cause oxidation spots as time goes along.

By following these steps, you should be able to easily care and properly clean your Pearls Before Swine Jewelry products. Remember that proper care should be taken every now and then so these pieces remain beautiful for years to come.

Jewelry Trends

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry has always been a leader in the Montreal market when it comes to being on top of the latest trends and styles. From the vibrant colors used in traditional Indian jewelry to intricate filigree designs of North African pieces, Pearls Before Swine is a go-to source for customers who want their jewelry to be truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

But their commitment to staying ahead of the curve doesn’t stop there – they also keep up with what’s happening on the international fashion scene.

One of their bestsellers this season is their collection of statement necklaces inspired by Korean pop culture. With fun colors and shapes, these necklaces are sure to make any outfit stand out.

Another trend that Pearls Before Swine is an expert on is Scandinavian jewelry design. They specialize in delicate pieces with minimalist designs that echo the style of Nordic countries like Denmark and Sweden.

Their sterling silver pendants feature simplistic designs that honor nature, reminding us of far away landscapes without being too flashy. As a result, these pendants have become popular amongst modern day women who appreciate timeless designs that harken back to classic eras while still keeping a contemporary vibe.

Finally, Pearls Before Swine has also stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to rising trends from other parts of the world. The store recently began carrying line crafted by artisans from Colombia as well as India; both cultures are known for craftsmanship that reflects traditional methods and age-old traditions dating back centuries ago.

The Colombian items have bright colors like yellow, pink, purple, and blue stones which add unique accents to any piece. Meanwhile, inspirations from northern India have brought a new range of elegant yet ornate styles crafted with semi precious stones including amethyst, topaz, quartz crystals and pearls strung together with wire wrapped techniques.

Special Events

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is renowned for holding unique and creative events to showcase their stunning selection of jewelry. Over the years, the jewelry store has sponsored or held a variety of events that have been widely attended by people from all walks of life.

The Pearl-a-Thon event is an annual one-of-a-kind event hosted by Pearls Before Swine Jewelry that showcases their handmade and unique designs with a parade. People are invited to purchase or rent any piece of jewelry from Pearls Before Swine Jewelry, who also provide up to 15% discounts during this event. Additionally, music performances, refreshments, and other activities associated with the festivities ensure it’s a lively and enjoyable celebration enjoyed by all.

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry have also partnered with other local businesses over the years to host seminars related to fashion, style consulting services, and networking nights where local artisans can show off their work. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for visitors in Montreal to learn more about what’s happening in terms of fashion and arts while connecting with likeminded individuals in the area.

The jeweler has also recently started offering workshops on jewelry design and various techniques used in creating some of their pieces. These hands-on learning opportunities allow attendees to hone and develop their creative skills related to making unique pieces of art as well as discovering meaningful stories behind each design through conversations with the jeweler.

These workshops generally include demonstrations from some of the most experienced designers at Pearls Before Swine Jewellery as well as tips on how to spot faux precession stones versus real ones. Overall, these events offer insight into the world of high end designer jewellery while allowing attendees not just knowledge but experience as well.

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Local Impact

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal has made a giant impact on the Montreal community. Founded in 1998, by husband and wife duo, Gordon Tucker and Jennifer Horvat, this jewelry business has been transforming pieces of jewelry into works of art for over 22 years. The couple is passionate about responsibly sourcing quality materials from their local area and creating unique pieces inspired by Montrealese culture.

Since its founding, Pearls Before Swine Jewelry has taken pride in enriching the lives of locals through their creative pieces. One such recent customer was Susan Legault, who sought out a custom-made engagement ring that reflected her relationship with her now-husband perfectly-featuring two intertwined hearts to signify the strength of their connection.

After designing the piece together and consulting with a local goldsmith to make it come alive, Susan had a beautiful ring that she has treasured ever since.

There are countless other customers that have benefited from Pearls Before Swine’s capabilities to create meaningful pieces of jewelry for customers from all walks of life. Mary Lamoureux recently bought one of the store’s signature pendant necklaces made from an ancient Greek coin for her daughter’s birthday; the purchase was special not just because of the uniqueness and beauty but also because it symbolized paying tribute to Montreal’s rich cultural history.

Another customer reached out to Pearls Before Swine to find custom cufflinks as gifts for his groomsmen for his wedding day; each cufflink featured an individual engraving with a special message from him – something his friends were able to cherish long after the big day had passed.

Pearls Before Swine has been making memories in Montrealers’ lives for over two decades, contributing significantly to improving the community as well as serving up meaningful pieces of jewelry – every artistically crafted item both celebrates and commemorates life’s moments, forever entwined with meaning and significance within its creations.

From special occasions like weddings or birthdays, to heartfelt gestures that cap off long summer evenings spent reminiscing over dinner – there’s no doubt that this store continues to bring smiles upon faces each passing day.


Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal has earned rave reviews from customers since its inception. Every item of jewelry is handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail and care, ensuring quality craftsmanship. Customers can be sure that when they purchase any item from Pearls Before Swine Jewelry, they are getting something that will last for years to come.

The selection of jewelry available at Pearls Before Swine exceeds expectations. There is an amazing array of necklaces crafted in an innovative minimalist style, featuring dainty mint green stones and unique pendant designs. In addition to necklaces, there is also a variety of bracelets, rings and earrings which can be customized according to customer preferences. The design options are endless so customers have plenty of choice to find something perfect for them or a loved one.

The service at Pearls Before Swine Jewelry stands out as customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. The staff members are always friendly and helpful when it comes to finding the best product, helping customers with custom orders or accommodating special requests. Both online and in-store support have been praised by customers for their professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond in making sure everyone gets exactly what they want.

Overall customers have had nothing but positive experiences with Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal and often highly recommend their products not only for their quality but also for the excellent service that accompanies them. The company values feedback from its clients in an effort to continuously improve on their offerings while maintaining the same level of high standards that keeps customers returning time after time.

Final Thoughts and Call to Action

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is a fantastic local business that offers quality crafted products for the local community. They offer an array of jewelry pieces, all handcrafted and unique. Their selection ranges from necklaces to bracelets and earrings to rings, and everything in between.

With each piece being carefully designed to fit the customer’s style, Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is sure to be a favorite among locals looking for an extra special something for their wardrobe. Not only is the jewelry beautiful and well made, but by shopping here customers can also feel good knowing they are directly supporting skilled craftspeople in their community who provide superior service with each item they make.

What’s even better about Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal is their commitment to supporting the local economy. Product materials are sourced from local companies whenever possible, and employees receive fair pay for their hard work crafting each piece of jewelry sold in the store.

This dedication to boosting local businesses has contributed positively not just to those employed at Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal but also to other organizations in the surrounding area that have benefited from increased customer traffic due to its presence.

Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal creates excellent craftsmanship, beautiful pieces of jewelry, as well as having a positive effect on its local economy – what’s not to love? If you’re ever in town looking for something special or just want to show your support for a fantastic business with a great mission, make sure you visit Pearls Before Swine Jewelry Montreal.

They’ve provided outstanding service within our community and it would be wonderful if people could take some time out of their busy day-to-day lives to show appreciation for this wonderful small business by giving them more recognition and support with purchases or by following them on social media.