Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry

With the recent rise in popularity of wholesale artificial pearl jewelry, it is now easier than ever for consumers to obtain affordable and stylish accessories. Artificial pearl jewelry has become especially popular due to its versatility and affordability when compared with natural pearls. Wholesale artificial pearl jewelry can be found in a range of styles and colors, making it an excellent choice for those looking to update their wardrobe or add some extra sparkle.

Variety of Types & Colors

One unique feature of wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is the variety of types and colors available. Artificial pearls come in the traditional round shape as well as several other shapes such as teardrop, oval, cushion-cut, baroque, and Akoya pearls.

Additionally, these artificial pearls come in a wide array of colors including classic white and cream shades as well as pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, black and multi-colored pearls. With such an extensive selection of styles and colors of artificial pearls available at wholesale prices, it’s easy to find something that perfectly suits anyone’s individual style.


There are several advantages that come along with purchasing wholesale artificial pearl jewelry. Since these items are made from synthetic materials instead of real pearls grown from mollusks they are generally less expensive than real ones while still achieving the desired look without any loss in quality.

Purchasing these faux options also helps reduce the environmental impact associated with harvesting natural gemstones since no animals or ecosystems are harmed during production process. Lastly, because these items have a lower price point than their natural counterparts they make excellent gifts for loved ones without breaking the bank.


All things considered it is clear why so many consumers opt for wholesale artifical pearl jewelry over other types on the market today; one can get luxury without breaking their budget or causing harm to nature thanks to this fantastic faux alternative. Whether you want something subtle for everyday wear or eye-catching for special occasions adding pieces made from these faux gems is sure to make an unmistakable statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

Advantages of Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry over Natural Pearls

Wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is quickly becoming a popular choice over natural pearls. This is due to the numerous benefits that come with purchasing synthetic pearls versus their natural counterparts. While there are definitely advantages that come with buying genuine pearls, like investing in an heirloom or family item, there are equally beneficial reasons for choosing wholesale artificial pearl jewelry.

The main advantage of purchasing wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is that it is much more affordable than genuine pearls. Artificial pearls don’t require any maintenance and are consistently uniform in shape and size compared to natural pearls which have inconsistencies between each type.

This means that they can also provide a higher consistency of color when making fine jewellery pieces, so consumers won’t get very large variations in colors between one piece of jewellery and another. Additionally, synthetic pearl jewellery has an incredible shine and texture that may even be better than the real thing.

Aside from the affordability aspect of buying wholesale artificial pearl jewelry, many people find them to be more useful for everyday wear because it’s practically impossible to tell the difference between a synthetic gemstone and a real one unless you look very closely or have knowledge of gemstones themselves. Artificial gems often also use lower levels of alloys than those used in genuine gems, which can add greater strength and luster without diminishing value or appearance significantly.

Another benefit people appreciate about these types of gemstones is they are usually less susceptible to damage since they’re not as soft as natural ones.

Choosing wholesale artificial pearl jewelry over a set of true gems can save money while still making an excellent fashion statement, plus it eliminates any worry about potential theft or loss since this type of jewelry holds its value despite heavier wear and tear when worn daily throughout different activities or environments compared to their real life counterparts. In addition, many say there’s something special about having beautiful pieces without spending too much on them.

History and Origin of Artificial Pearls

The use of relics found in nature, such as seashells, for jewelry and adornment can be traced back to ancient times. Artificial pearls, however, are relatively new creations and weren’t even thought to be feasible until the end of the 19th century.

Early attempts at creating artificial pearls were made mostly by French jewelers who tried coating beads with fish scales. Unfortunately, these early efforts failed and it wasn’t until around the 1920s that a method successful enough to create a significant demand emerged.

French chemist Jacque Cohen discovered a way of creating artificial pearls from glass or plastic beads coated with layers of calcium carbonate. He named this newly improvised product ‘Astrix Pearls’ and rapidly took part in larger productions that could further distribute his revolutionary product across France and Europe. This new product was also incredibly cost effective compared to natural pearl production as it bypassed the laborious task of harvesting and cleaning out the entire ocean floor manually.

Wholesale artificial pearl jewelry has since become popular among consumers looking for an affordable alternative to typical precious gemstones. Furthermore, researchers were able to improve upon Cohens initial invention by elaborating on its design using innovative color pigments, giving birth to artificial pearl collections featuring almost every single hue imaginable from strong blue to vibrant yellow pieces completely unique to themselves.

It is this immense variety alongside its affordability that has caused artificial pearl jewelry sets have to become some of the most sought after items in recent markets all over the world.

Different Jewelry Items that use Artificial Pearls

Wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is a great way to add style and elegance to any look. Not only are artificial pearls more affordable than their natural counterparts, they also offer the same exquisite beauty and vibrancy. Artificial pearls come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit a variety of styles. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which type will create the perfect look you’re going for.

In addition to the artificial pearl jewelry that comes straight from the manufacturer, there are several different jewelry items that incorporate these delicate gems. Necklaces make a beautiful statement piece thanks to the simple yet bold aesthetic of an artificial pearl necklace. Bracelets are also popular as they allow for experimentation with different embellishments like charms or additional stones.

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Earrings provide subtle flashes of color that accessorize without being too overpowering while rings provide shape and structure. Cufflinks serve as an elegant addition when out on formal occasions such as at weddings or special events.

Lastly, brooches are making a comeback by staying perky and chic while maintaining their classic sophistication and appeal. Perfectly placed on dresses, jackets, scarves and even hats – brooches are an easy way to instantly update any outfit in an instant.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to using wholesale artificial pearl jewelry for any occasion. Now more than ever before people have access to beautiful displays of synthetic pearls without having to break the bank; this makes it easier than ever before for fashion fans everywhere-regardless of budget size-to enjoy adorning themselves with elegant pieces anytime they want.

Types of Artificial Pearls

Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry has been the go-to choice for many fashion enthusiasts for many years. Over the last decade, this type of jewelry has grown in popularity and can now be found in countless stores across the world. This is due to its durability, affordability and attractive designs.

There are various types of artificial pearl jewelry available in wholesale; the most popular being freshwater, Akoya and South Sea pearls. Freshwater pearls are made from a cultured mollusk nucleus with a layer of material around it that forms the pearl’s shape and structure.

Akoya pearls come from Japanese seawater oysters, whereas South Sea Pearls can be found mainly in Australia or other Pacific regions. These cultured pearls may differ in size, quality and even color depending on which type you select.

When it comes to beauty, wholesale pearl jewelry can often look just as stunning as natural pearl jewelry tends to be significantly more affordable than any genuine piece of jewelry from these categories. That being said, one should keep in mind that while they look alike, there will always be some slight differences between artificial and natural pearl beads that can easily be identified by a professional jeweler upon close inspection.

To make sure you invest your money properly when buying wholesale pearl beads online, it is advisable to read customer reviews before making your purchase to discover whether or not you are purchasing genuine products or just imitations of fake beads.

Popular Styles and Trends for Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry

Wholesale artificial pearl jewelry has been in fashion for many decades due to its timeless beauty and versatility. Many classic necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry can be created with this type of material. As styles and trends continue to change in the world of jewelry, people are more frequently opting for wholesale artificial pearl jewelry when it comes to their wardrobe choices.

Currently, one of the most popular trends for wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is the vintage look. This style often involves traditional designs that feature intricate details such as engravings or stone settings. These types of pieces provide an air of sophistication and elegance that is perfect for formal occasions or an evening out on the town. Because these designs are often quite intricate, they are also well-suited for office wear where a classic style is desired.

Another trend that is popular for wholesale artificial pearl jewelry today is smaller minimalist pieces that make an understated statement without being too flashy. These types of items are designed with simple details and can often be used to create a layered look when worn together with other pieces or simply worn alone as a single accent piece. Minimalist pieces are perfect for everyday wear as they provide a toned-down but stylish look without being too over the top.

Additionally, many people also choose to create their own custom jewelry featuring artificially-created pearls mixed in with real precious stones and metals for a unique look that cannot be found anywhere else. This customized option allows individuals complete freedom to express themselves through their own unique designs without breaking the bank on luxury items. With so many options available in terms of design possibilities, there truly is something out there for everyone.

Different Ways to Wear Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry

Wearing jewelry has become an essential part of completing an outfit and making it really pop. Whether you are accessorizing for a formal occasion or adding the finishing touches to a casual look, wholesale artificial pearl jewelry can provide you with timeless styles that never go out of fashion. As one of the oldest forms of jewelry, artificial pearls offer endless styling possibilities.

To create an elegant aesthetic, consider wearing statement pieces such as intricate necklaces featuring chunky white pearls and gold accents. When wearing longer pearl pendants layered up throughout the neck, opt for high-neck or boat-neck tops to best showcase this look.

Keep in mind that less is more when styling with wholesale artificial pearl jewelry and make sure to choose simpler details and fabrics; whether it’s velvet, sequins or even lace – it all looks beautiful when paired with pearls.

When attending a special event, think about picking up wholesale artificial pearl bracelets to accompany your ensemble. These add an extra touch of sophistication and unlike real pearls you don’t have to worry about breaking them before the night is through.

Bracelets made entirely from faux pearls with tiny rhinestones running down each strand give a glamorous effect which can truly separate your look from everyone else’s and many come adjustable so they easily fit around wrists both small and larger. This is also great for those who have metal allergies as many wholesale artificial pearl jewelry pieces are often designed from allergen friendly materials like metal free nickel alloy beads.

For everyday style try mixing together classic faux pearls with more modern pieces like stone chain earrings or layered disc charm necklaces creating an interesting contrast between both classic and contemporary elements. Pearls pairs well with just about any color palette but goes especially well with deep jewel shades like amethyst purple or royal blue adding unique depth to any neutral tones you might choose for your daily attire.

For added impact search out mirrors embedded within some of the larger sized faux pearls these help reflect natural light providing subtle yet beautiful highlights in any lighting conditions.

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Tips for Buying Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry

When it comes to wearable fashion accessories, artificial pearl jewelry is the perfect addition for any collection. Due to their physical beauty and natural-like handcrafted nature, wholesale artificial pearl jewelry pieces always manage to stand out. Depending on your taste and style, there is a variety of different types ranging from necklaces and earrings to pins and bridal accents so take time in selecting the right pieces. Here are a few tips when buying wholesale artificial pearl jewelry.

First, evaluate the source. Today you will find plenty of websites that offer an array of different types of wholesale artificial pearl jewelry pieces; however some come with much higher quality than others. Be sure to take time researching the vendor before making a purchase as this can greatly influence its durability and overall quality over time.

There are also various marketplaces run by local vendors you can visit if physical shopping appeals more to you. Regardless of where its bought from, be sure to push for options that provide better deals along with good customer service.

Second, familiarize yourself with synthetic versus simulants pearls, afterwards decide on which type would fit best in your collection or make for a great gift. Simulants refer to pearls made from several materials such as glass which may not be as sturdy or aesthetically appealing as some other options available like those formed from shells or those made from chemicals like high-grade plastic or acrylics (synthetics).

Both have their own positive qualities and are usually sought after due to convenience while synthetic varieties often seem slightly more natural compared synthetic versions so focus on those depending on preference and budget – simulant being more affordable but frail over time compared to synthetics which provides sturdiness but come at a premium price tag.

Lastly, pay attention when perusing through samples in order identify potential flaws in terms of design or structure before committing. Artificial pearls vary in size shape and hue so experiment with different styles while staying mindful of available discount deals – these often don’t guarantee perfect craftsmanship but can save up significant amounts depending on quantity purchased (or intended gifts).

Similarly attempt double-checking product descriptions including origin if buying online along with delivery policies just incase something needs exchanging/returning within stated periods of time.

Care and Maintenance Practices for Wholesale Artificial Pearl Jewelry

Despite the fact that artificial or faux pearl jewelry is far cheaper than natural pearls, it does not mean that this type of jewelry was manufactured to last forever. Many wholesale artificial pearl items are easily damaged and it is important to understand how to care for them properly in order to make sure they remain in good condition for a long time.

It is important to remember that even though simulated pearls are not as fragile as those made with naturals, they should be treated with special care as well.

The main maintenance practice to adhere to when caring for wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is cleaning. If the artificial pieces have metal bases, be sure to wipe them down periodically with a dry cloth in order to remove built up dirt and oil. Additionally, avoid using harsh chemicals on faux pearl sets or their settings which could cause damage or discoloration over time.

With faux pearl pieces such as necklaces and earrings, which are often made with plastic beads, ensure that you keep them away from heat sources such as direct sunlight and open flames from candles. Should any pieces get wet, be sure all of the moisture has been fully dried before storing them in their protective boxes away from dust and other elements.

Also try and avoid contact with any products containing strong chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, makeup etc., especially if metals are present which may tarnish more easily when exposed to acidic substances like these. Additionally store each piece separately so that no two pieces come into contact with one another as this can lead unsightly scratches on the pearls and adjoining metal components.

To ensure your wholesale artificial pearl jewelry remains looking almost new and beautiful it is important you adhere to specific maintenance practices based on its material composition. Cleaning carefully and regularly using appropriate methods while also avoiding exposure to various types of damage will help sustain its condition for a considerable amount of time.


Artificial pearl jewelry has been a timeless classic for many years, and now with its availability in wholesale, it offers an attractive business opportunity. Wholesale artificial pearl jewelry is an excellent option for investors due to the wide range of benefits it provides.

For starters, it can provide an attractive profit margin, as the cost of production for these items is significantly lower than with natural pearls. Furthermore, there are no shortages; unlike natural pearl collections, you never run out of artificial pearls to sell.

Another bonus of selling artificial pearl jewelry wholesale is that there is a much wider selection than with real pearl varieties. This allows customers to purchase necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in more plating choices and colors than what natural pearls can offer.

Additionally, it’s easier for manufacturers to ramp up their production rates – while still keeping production standards high – as they don’t have to account for taxidermy fees with each item like they would when working with real pearls.

Lastly, the durability of these products is simply outstanding; artificial pearls are almost entirely scratch-proof and will not easily deform or shrink like real pearls may over time when exposed to certain elements such as chlorine or bleach. This ensures that buyers get quality items that last longer and deliver more value per purchase compared to their real counterparts – something which consumers always appreciate both emotionally and financially.

All in all, investing in wholesale artificial pearl jewelry can be a great way for entrepreneurs to tap into this market without feeling weighed down by its associated risks.

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