On Trend Jewelry 2018

On trend jewelry for 2018 is characterized by dramatic statement pieces with an eclectic flair. Dazzling earrings, beaded chokers, and gilded pendants have all had their place in the spotlight. As a fashion accessory, jewelry has the ability to stand out and add a certain “wow” factor to any ensemble. From men’s watches to gold chokers on women, from sophisticated styles to bold statement pieces – this year’s pieces are as varied as they are eye-catching.

This year, designers and jewelry makers have put an emphasis on making bold fashion statements with intricate designs that incorporate a range of natural motifs and materials. Natural colors like green turquoise and brown wood grains create interesting contrast while being soothing to the eye at the same time.

Additionally, organic shapes have made their appearances across catwalks around the world with cool renditions of delicate tassels embellished with pearls and crystal accents; trendy mismatched earrings; chunky chain necklaces; semi-precious stones such as labradorite set in soft yellow gold settings; edgy textured hoops and cuffs crafted from unexpected materials such as silicone rubber and more.

As part of the eco-conscious movement taking over fashion trends this year, sustainably sourced materials in on trend jewelry from 2018 also enjoyed a spotlight. With mindful production processes, ethically sourced precious metals such as recycled silver or palladium are gaining traction in luxury jewellery collections among celebs, influencers and consumers alike that want to make sure their beautiful adornments are also socially responsible.

Choosing sustainable products doesn’t mean going without; sterling silver can be formed into delicately woven eternity rings or studded detailed signet rings for an exquisite finish that wearers can be proud about too.

Aside from sustainability, simple yet striking accessories are everywhere this season-from stackable rings consisting of organic curves to chunky chains layered with charms for extra interest appeal. Mixed media jewelries feature leather cords intertwined with golden beads at necklace length or dangling cascades featuring multiple gemstones for playful coloring effects-providing plenty of options when it comes to dressing up any outfit.

With its fuss-free silhouettes adding texture & volume without appearing excessive – no doubt these simple yet stylish signature pieces will guarantee you some amazing looks this season.

Overall Trends for 2018

The jewelry trends for 2018 are definitely leaning toward statement pieces that focus on bold bright colors as well as unique shapes and designs. If you’re looking to make a splash this year, choosing the right accessories is key. From natural materials to art inspired pieces, there will be plenty of options to choose from.

Colorful Pieces and Art Influences

When it comes to getting noticed, bold colors are a surefire way to draw attention. Whether the pieces feature enamel, gemstones or colorful glazed metals, vibrant hues will reign supreme in the year ahead.

Artistic influences are common in many of these pieces so sculpturesque designs, such as those applicable with pearls and other organic forms, are also widely featured. These type of abstract designs pay homage to various movements and allow us to express our inner creative impulses through our accessory choices.

Statement Earrings Highlighted

One aspect of fashion that remains unbeaten in terms of expression is statement earrings. This time around designer pieces feature super long drops and bigger than life hoops that fill the space within our frames like never before. Fun colors and unique shapes bring out a level of joy when wearing these impressive looking accessories; we love hooped vases for instance or interchanged marquise shapes for personalized combinations with extra flair.

Jewelry Inspired By Animals

Besides their aesthetic beauty animal inspired jewelry allows us to bring certain symbolism along with them everywhere we go; they represent fertility, intuition, wisdom, power and luck among some “labeled” metaphysical properties attributed by some cultures worldwide throughout history.

Animal shaped silhouettes such as turtles or birds being crafted wholeheartedly from polymer clay have been quite popular lately offering endless amounts of color gradients along with 3D design interpretations for even more personalized stories we can tell every day with just one piece.


In 2018, earrings remain popular and stylish accessories. They come in thousands of varieties such as hoops, dangles, studs and chandelle. The themes range from simple geometric shapes to romantic flower designs and abstract contemporary motifs.

Earrings are increasingly becoming statement pieces especially amongst fashion-forward trendsetters and celebrities alike. To help you stay on the cutting edge of fashion, here is a list of the top trends featuring unique and eye-catching earring designs for 2018:

  • Abstract Shapes: Linear curves, strong geometric patterns and creative asymmetry have become important earring elements this year.
  • Vintage Styles: Artisan crafted looks with intricate metal work give an air of sophistication.
  • Floral & Nature Inspired Designs: Flowers are a quintessential feminine accessory – rose motifs especially – but there also plenty of other abstract interpretations from open blossoms to exotic fruit.
  • Mixed Metals: Jewelry mixing gold, silver and rose gold has been popular for years – but new blends, such as titanium and stainless steel alongside precious metalsare garnering more attention.
How To Keep Up With Jewelry Trends

This year’s earrings will lend intrigue and charm to any wardrobe with options suitable for the workplace as well as evening wear. Asymmetric silhouttes are everywhere; pearl drop designs are paired with asymmetrical curve shapes in various material combinations. Colored stones – in deep burgundys or brilliant pinks – can add drama when set against matted surfaces or detaily edging.

Stud style earrings are a great choice for all occasions with bold spherical studs featuring semi – precious stones textured metals or colorful enameled designs giving plain outfits a touch of modernity. Chandelle inspired pieces with organic curves are incredibly trendy right now either understated or embellished with gemstones or pearls across small circular discs larger teardrops or long liners they offer an effortless way off adding glamour to any ensemble.


2018 jewelry trends are constantly in motion as new designers join the world and appeal to different tastes. Necklaces are one of the jewelry styles that have seen a major stir this year. This neckwear offers something for everyone, ranging from funky charm type pieces to beautiful diamond pendants that make for perfect special occasion jewelry.

The fashion world home has embraced necklaces with a modern twist. Asymmetrical bib designs, geometric shapes and raw stone-cuttings have emerged in 2018 as popular statement pieces. On-trend necklace designs also feature fine metalwork, such as 14k gold layering or urban textures like oxidized silver that offer an eye catching look with just the right amount of edge.

Some of the best necklace styles for 2018 include:

  • Layered Pieces – Multi-style layered necklaces created from multiple charms are all the rage this year
  • Vintage Look Chains – Think oversized oval links, rope chains or Byzantine chains in luxurious metals
  • Pearls – From freshwater pearls to Akoya pearls set on exceptional hardware, pearls scream class and style
  • Charm Necklaces – These are still very popular, take classic symbols and embed them onto neckwear for someone personalizing effect.

Additional trendy necklace designs this year incorporate symbols like angels wings or eyes combined with exotic ottoman influenced motifs like evil eye accents giving a bit of mystery to any ensemble. Bracelet style options have also gained more popularity in 2018, with classics like tennis bracelets enhancing sparkle to connect with other jewelry items and some statement large cuff looks creating a bold shape on its own.


Bracelets are one of the easiest and most popular ways to dress up an outfit. This year’s trends in jewelry have been more about personalization and individuality, meaning that you can select stylish pieces that express your own sense of style.

Chunky cuff bracelets are making a strong comeback this season, especially those with textured surfaces and special materials such as wood, bone, ivory or tortoise shell. Layering multiple bracelets is also a trend, which allows for the mixing of textures and colors.

It’s a great way to accessorize with minimal effort. Charm bracelets offer yet another opportunity for personalized fashion statements. As always they can reflect meaningful symbols or even charms featuring personal initials or other items that represent individual personalities.

Another sure-fire way to give your wardrobe some life is to add stackable rings of various materials and sizes. You can mix different metal colors – gold, silver and rose gold – for an interesting aesthetic effect or simply stick with one metal color for a uniform look.

Colorful stones are trending too; gemstones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite and quartz exemplify this vibe perfectly; these days you don’t need a large stone to get noticed – smaller ones work just as well but provide subtlety instead of flashiness if that is your style goal.

Finally let’s turn our attention to earrings; they can be tiny studs or dangling earrings depending on what completes your desired look best. 2018 has seen art deco inspired motifs take off in popularity; geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles seem to be particularly popular at present so give them a try if you’re keen on modern elegance.

However beyond all the patterns earrings made using natural stones have been big news this year – turquoise again wins out in terms of colors but feel free to experiment with any stone that catches your eye (just make sure it is responsibly sourced.) By staying informed on the latest jewelry trends you can ensure that your outfit will never feel stale which could mean all the difference between a good night out and an unforgettable one.


As in all fashion trends of 2018, jewelry pieces are also including modern elements this year. Especially rings are playing an important role to uplift any wardrobe.

Statement rings that add a bit of glamour and bling to outfits, paired accompany delicate rings on multiple fingers, or wearing an oversized cocktail ring-all of these styles have become popular this season particularly due to their chicness factor. Stackable rings play many roles as they while create stunning combinations with other jewellery as well as adding structure to a look are also quite affordable and hence accessible for everyone.

Latest Jewelry Trends Wholesale

Necklaces – Bring On The Classy Yet Delicate Look

This year’s jewelry trends bring us both dainty and bold looks when it comes necklaces. Whether sporting a strong silhouette or looking for something more delicate, there’s something for every style in the realm of neckpieces.

Chokers are trending in pendants form now which come bedazzled with precious stones or charms giving the fresh look to necks while layering necklaces is also one of the best ways to show trendiness without sticking out too much from the rest. Short lariats have also jumped up on the fashion chart with slightly thinner chains that could be hidden underneath a high pointed collar making it stealthy yet playful at the same time.

Earrings – Cascading Craftsmanship Lauded For Sophistication

This season earrings area making major statement, going beyond studs and dangles – cascading elements are stealing the summer trends show this year-often incorporating multiple threads, lengths and charms creating a dramatic flair that packs glamorous punch within some smaller sized earrings. Designers are now aggrandizing earrings designs like carved fruits, flowers and drops resembling ornamentation from days gone by but however bringing modern twist into them by intertwining contemporary artistry and craftsmanship techniques.

In long lengthy earrings layered creations crafted above shoulders stone beads placed together delicately is attracting further attention proving why they’re so desirable pieces that every fashionable woman needs in her collection at present times:

  • Statement Rings
  • Stackable Rings
  • Choker Pendants
  • Layering Necklaces
  • Short Lariat Necklaces
  • Cascading Elements Earrings
  • Carved Fruit Earrings
  • Flower Drops Earrings

Layering & Stacking

Layering and stacking jewelry has become an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world. By combining a variety of pieces, from delicate chains to dramatic cuffs, individuals have the ability to craft unique and stylish looks all their own. This trend emphasizes making a statement that captivates the eye with beautifully layered necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Statement Necklaces

A key element of the layering and stacking trend involves statement necklaces. They are worth considering when it comes to creating extra visual interest through layering as they draw attention to other aspects of your outfit. Statementpieces can come in various forms – from traditional necklaces made with precious stones to unconventional pieces made up of multiple strands or chunky charms. They can be worn alone for a bold look or combined with other accessories for a truly personal style.

Mixing Up Metals

When mixing metals there is no need to stick with one particular metal type; if you want to layer yellow gold with rose gold and sterling silver then do it. The same applies when stacking – just make sure that the overall effect remains polished rather than chaotic by either using larger pieces in similar colors or alternating them throughout your look.

Be sure not to over-layer too many bulky items as this can often appear cluttered instead of coordinated with a modern edge.

Individualized Styling

The beauty of the layering & stacking trend lies in its versatility; no two individual’s styling will be identical which adds an exciting element that encourages personalization and self-expression. Accessorizing never felt so fun (or fashionable.), so don’t be afraid to embrace this look and go with whatever option appeals most for your personality; from minimalism or maximalism – anything goes.

Final Thoughts

This past year has been one full of trends, surprises and reflection. From a fashion perspective, 2018 was a year in which personal style took on an even larger role than ever before. Outfits were not designed for the sake of being trendy, but rather to reflect individual expression and beauty.

Jewelry was particularly unique last year as traditional jewelry pieces such as pearls, hoops, stacking rings and simple strands evolved to become more complex with bold colors and extra-large proportions taking center-stage. Colored gemstones became particularly popular in earrings and bold colored necklaces grabbed attention from many trendsetters.

The key trend seen this past year is that it’s all about having fun with accessorizing while making a look your own. Pieces were now being chosen for their ability to make a statement and create an impact by emphasizing color, texture or pattern rather than rhyming with other accessories within an outfit.

Overall, 2018 was a great year for experimenting with jewelry styles for those who love to accessorize. It allowed us to get creative, try something new and be inventive when it comes to our looks while still respecting our individual tastes and styles. Whether you choose the timeless classic pieces or explore items that are considered daring; remember that the way you dress should make you feel confident – so have fun with it.

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