Top Jewelry Trends 2018

One of the most attractive and stylish ways to accessorize any outfit is by wearing jewelry. The right piece can be the perfect finishing touch for your look or even be used as the focal point of your ensemble. Many changes have taken place for this year’s jewelry trends and knowing the top styles will ensure that you stay ahead of the fashion curve. So what are some of the top jewelry trends 2018?

Layering Necklaces: Long necklaces are very popular this season, but rather than wearing one alone, it looks cooler layered with different pieces. This trend allows you to mix metals, colors, lengths and textures to create an impactful yet wearable look that adds character to even simplestyled outfits.

Think about pairing a charm necklace with multiple chains in different lengths or a single but thicker chain with thin colliers paired together for a delicate layered look. A great way to get started experimenting with this trend is by using simple items from your collection like chokers or flat leather cords.

Statement Earrings: Oversized earrings play an important role in modern statement-driven looks and there is no exception for 2018 fashion trends – bold colors and shapes are making quite a statement on the runway. From tasseled hoops to over-the-top flower designs (yes flowers.

), earrings this season focus on making the wearer stand out and turn heads everywhere they go. Not only do statement earrings add visual interest, but they also provide formality when paired with something dressy while still giving off a cool vibe unlike anything else.

Colorful Costume Jewelry: If you’re looking to make a more subtle style statement this year then colorful costume jewelry may just be your best bet. Not only does it offer fun pieces that are practical but also interesting enough to make anyone stand out.

Costumes made from stones such as turquiose, rose quartz, opalite and even aquamarine makes eclectic additions to any accessory collection regardless of personal taste and age range. These materials offer timelessness as well as diversity in terms of color palettes which makes them must have this season in order remain trendy without appearing outdated or being overly expensive.

Conclusion: Command Attention & Show Off Your Personality through Accessorizing

The abovementioned trends show that wearers have plenty of options to explore when it comes to accessorizing their wardrobe for 2018. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or daring statements there is something for everyone regardless if they’re into matchy-matchy monochrome looks or flowier bohemian styles. Accessorizing serves both practicality and aesthetics so take advantage of these top jewelry trends 2018and let your unique personality shine through every single item you choose..


Statement earrings have been a trend in 2018, and even though this trend has been on the rise for quite some time now, the rage appears to be continuing in 2019 as well. From bold animal inspired pieces to geometric shapes, this season’s statement earrings offer something unique and stylish for everyone.

Metallic colors and organic textures combine with abstract shapes resulting in eye-catching designs that are perfect for adding a little sparkle and extra dimension to any wardrobe.

Hoop earrings have been on the scene for a few years now, but this year’s styles are elevated above their predecessors thanks to an array of crafted details such as multi-chain strands draped into an interlocking circle or open design found among chunky hoops. Perfect for day to night looks, these hoops exude effortless elegance and will dress up any outfit.

Hoops also offer experimenting when it comes to metals, from gold to rose gold, silver to gunmetal they can improve upon both traditional or edgier looks.

The artfully dangling style of drop earrings is another great way to make a statement without going over the top, no matter what look you’re trying to achieve with your jewelry collection this is one trend looks set stick around long after all other trends have come and gone.

This year’s version sees Bohemian inspired beads paired with chain tassels tapestry-like-embellishments dangling teardrop shaped pieces that deliver an elegant asymmetric feel whether their adorned with gemstones or sterling silver.

Chandelier earrings have emerged as another popular style choice for 2018 giving women a bigger bolder way of making their mark amongst a crowd of fashion forward souls ready to mix it up. From traditional cocktail chandeliers dripping with pearls beads and gems, to simpler versions adorned with bell shapes linear cuts or large faceted stones, taking center stage at special events is what these intricate pieces do best; allowing anyone who wears them gain the attention they desire.


The popularity of bracelets has been trending upwards in the fashion world. From unique design elements, to ease of use and versatility, bracelets are a great choice for an accessory that adds to any outfit. 2018 trends demonstrate that when it comes to jewelry, people are carrying their style with them wherever they go, without the need to take off their everyday jewelry.

A popular trend this year is combining simple style with raw materials like sterling silver and stones like quartz or sunstone. Whether it’s an adjustable looped bracelet or one adorned with a charming pendant, these pieces bring something special to any look. They can be both subtle and eye-catching so you can make a statement whether you’re dressed up for a night out or down for running errands.

Additionally, this year saw many personalized pieces hit the shelves including custom engraving options. Bracelets featuring initials or birthstones have become especially popular among couples seeking something special that symbolizes their union. For those looking for something extra special, crystal encrusted bangles are also in high demand due to the surge in sparkle alike crystals such as Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski pearls gaining traction due their versatility and low cost compared to mined diamond jewellery.

Jewelry Trends 2017 Rings

These trends prove that there is no shortage of stylish bracelet designs available today – from delicate glamourous pieces to bohemian daring styles – bracelets have become must-have items for fashionable modern women who want to add flair and appeal no matter what the occasion calls for. With all these exciting designs available this season, whatever store you choose make sure you have your pick at hand before summer hits.

Charms and Chokers

Charms have been popular jewellery choices for centuries. This trend continues to carry through in 2018, but with a more modern twist. Popular now are charms and pendants that feature quirky designs with geometric shapes, symbolic motifs and vintage-inspired silhouettes.

Charm bracelets are increasingly popular as they enable the wearer to add or remove charms depending on their mood or occasion. Chokers too, are making a comeback this year – but this time they come in all sorts of styles. From classic fine metal chains to beaded styles with trendy wood or turquoise beads, to velvet ribbons adorned with embellishments – there’s something out there for everyone.

Statement Earrings – Large, Bold and Boldly Colored

The earring trend this year takes a positive swing towards larger statement pieces while still embracing playful colors such as aqua and fuchsia pinks. These bold front-facing pieces often sit horizontally across the lobe of the ear and can feature semi-precious stones embedded into silver or gold frames.

Moving away from the usual glitzy jewels of previous years, these earrings bring together subtle materials like shells and coral for an earthy feel which is reminiscent of traditional tribal jewellery.

Stacking Rings & Delicate Necklaces – Mix & Match Styles

Stacking rings allow you to create your own personalised look by mixing different shapes, sizes and colors for a unique mix-and-match style. To add to the stacking trend necklaces can now be layered up with various pieces in petite sizes inspired by music eras past.

Most notably seen in thin metallic layering pieces featuring delicate engravings much akin to antique inspired jewelry; thin bands interspersed with tiny semi-precious stones also achieve an indie vibe adding texture and dimensionality to any outfit.


The popularity of rings has been around since the beginning of time, and it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon. 2018 is no different, as the latest trends have become more daring than ever before. With a lot of color and unique shapes making their way onto the scene, fashionistas everywhere have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to ring trend styles.

At the forefront of the ring trend style is bold and eye-catching pieces that generate a loud statement as soon as you step into a room. From massive gems to one-of-a kind intricate shapes, these pieces of jewelry catch attention with ease without looking too overbearing or gaudy.

For those who aren’t interested in such dramatic designs, there are plenty of classic subdued alternatives. Traditional band set diamonds create an elegant statement that many people still admire today; similar to those “something blue” wedding bands featuring sapphires or classic eternity rings in white gold – all classic looks that stand the test of time.

For anyone looking for something truly special and memorable, you can go for mix-and-match collections that feature various sizes and combinations. Whether you enjoy bridal sets featuring diamond accents on both sides or unexpected design transformations like mismatched gemstones spanning across several fingers – you can make endless unique statements with your own special touches. Not big on diamonds? Many fashion bars now stock gorgeous jewelry pieces made out of semi-precious stones such as moonstones, tourmalines.


Pearls and layer chains will be a popular trend in jewelry for 2018. Although these classic styles have been seen in fashion before, they’re seeing a surge of popularity among women who are into the classic and feminine look. Pearl necklaces are often favored by those who want to add classy elegance to their outfit.

Layer chains, on the other hand, add a bit of edge and flair. They can make any outfit stand out from the crowd. As with any fashion trend it’s important to take into consideration what looks best with the wearer’s style, as well body type and skin tone.

No matter if you choose pearls or layer chains for your necklace this year, either one is sure to make a statement about your personal style. A single strand of pearls that hangs elegantly around your neck gives off an air of sophistication and class wherever you go.

If you’re looking for something edgier, then consider several chain necklaces thrown together in different lengths and colors that mix glamour with an avant-garde aesthetic. Layer chains pair well with casual attire such as jeans but can also bring life to evening wear when paired right.

One way to stay ahead of the trends is by adding a combination of pearl and layer chain necklaces together for a unique look that allows you express yourself through fashion and still remain timelessly stylish. For instance pairing one single cross layered chain necklace with two layers string of pearls lets eye reflect off both the metal from the cross and luster from pearls.

The mix between edgy punk style look meets chic glamour giving an interesting contrast that stands out on its own but that may be interpreted differently depending on how it’s worn or paired off with other accessories or clothing items.


Layering jewelry is one of the hottest trends for 2018 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Layering jewelry involves wearing multiple pieces at once such as necklaces and bracelets, or rings and statement earrings. By layering different pieces together, you can create a unique look that expresses your individual style. Layering compliments every face shape, making it a great go-to trend for all fashion lovers.

Costume Jewelry Trends Fall 2017

Chunky gold chains or necklaces with multiple pendants are some key elements of this trend that are often spotted on runways and seen on celebrities. You can switch things up by combining multiple chains in different lengths to create the perfect layered look. All types of jewelries can be used including tiny everyday items like simple studs and hoop earrings, long necklaces with charms, colorful stone rings, etc.

Another layerable jewelry you may want to consider is arm candy like bracelets. Arm candy usually comes as a collection of bangles that are mixed and matched for an effortlessly cool look whether going out for lunch or on a night out clubbing.

Choose chunky styles or charm necklaces if you want to make more of a statement with your jewelry choice. Regardless of which style you go for mixing several together will have a stand out effect This method makes it easier to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe while still representing individualism too.

Accessories to Top Off the Look

The most eye-catching accessories for 2018 are undoubtedly pieces of jewelry. As fashion trends come and go, there is always a certain style of jewelry in the spotlight. This season has been characterized by statement pieces that stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for the most fashionable items to add to your look this season, then look no further than these top jewelry trends of 2018.

One of the biggest jewelry trends of the year has been chunky necklaces with bold designs and vibrant colors. From pendants with intricate patterns to long bejeweled chains, these pieces are sure to get attention whenever they’re worn.

They can easily make an outfit pop when worn with a plain t-shirt or even dressy attire such as cocktail dresses or evening gowns. Chunky necklaces have the power to transform any look without being too overwhelming – they simply give it that extra bit of sparkle and flair.

Pair a chunky necklace with some beautiful earrings and suddenly you have an elegant yet fun accessory combination that improves any look. Earrings also come in different shapes and sizes this season, so it’s easy to find a pair that perfectly complements both your necklace and your wardrobe as a whole.

Diamond studs are making their way back onto the scene for everyday wear, but don’t forget about oversized hoops or bold geometric shapes that provide plenty of personality whatever style you’re going for.

Last but not least, rings make the perfect accessory for showing off bright colors and gleaming stone details. Whether its knuckle rings fitted close together or single statement rings on each hand, wearing multiple rings gives hands a chic appearance while adding flair to any out fit as well. For a modern look, opt for slim bands featuring dainty stones that catch every bit of light around them – these simple yet stylish pieces never go unnoticed.

If you’re still searching for just the right piece this season, there is no shortage of places where you can find the best styles at reasonable prices; online stores use their connections with international suppliers to offer unique items that would normally be hard to come by elsewhere. Alternatively if you’d like something more customised there are local jewellers who can work on bespoke orders as well – perfect if you want something special made just for you.

No matter what type of jewellery piece catches your eye this season – from classic diamonds to colourful gemstones – one thing is guaranteed: your look will never be boring again.

Wrap Up

The start of 2018 brings a new wave of trendy jewelry and accessories. With distinct colors and modish pieces, your wardrobe won’t have the same dull look that it had last year. Refresh your accessories with the latest trends in jewelry to elevate your style, while rocking a distinctive look.

Layering Necklaces: This popular trend is still a statement-maker. Stack up multiple necklaces for maximum effect, or just one if you want an effortless and uncomplicated look.

When selecting multiples for layering necklaces, opt for various metal colors as well as chain types such as box chains, ball chains and link chains. Have fun with charms and charms symbols from religious symbols to astrological signs like stars and moons or even stones like onyx or turquoise to make extraordinary layerings that are eye-catching.

Earrings Statement: Large dangling hoop earrings were trending in 2017 but have even become bolder this year with more outrageous shapes such as studs & points; lustrous pearls; gemstones; chandeliers; tassels; and ethically inspired designs – all of which add an understated Glam factor to any outfit.

Stacking Bracelets Make an Impact : For those who appreciate the versatility of stacking bracelets, there’s no limit when it comes to deciding what kind of combinations you can make. Trendy details include colour blocking / ombre color effects ; semi precious metals like silver & gold tone metals; leather cuffs; oversized cuffs; delicate woven friendship bracelets & hammered/ burnished metal bangles too create attention worthy styles.

Alternating sizes on one hand is also recommended for added definition for instance several thin bands followed by a thicker bracelet. Investing in bangles or bracelets featuring symbolic motifs like animals , celestial bodies or even primitive designs will prove to be very fashionable in this season.

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