Metallic Cord Braided Tie Cords Trim Jewelry Cord

Metallic Cord Braided Tie Cords Trim Jewelry Cord is the perfect choice for crafting your own jewelry. This type of cord is a great way to add a stylish and unique touch to many different projects and can be found in a variety of metals from silver to gold. Not only does this type of cord provide a stunning visual feature, it also provides excellent texture and strength for trim jewelry cords that need some extra durability.

The braiding pattern adds an interesting detail as well, adding a stunning effect to any piece of jewelry or clothing you create. Whether you’re looking for something bold or subtle metallic cord braided tie cords trim jewelry can offer it all.

Variety of Metallic Cords and their Uses The variety of metallic cords available makes it easy to find the right one for your desired project. From stainless steel and aluminum to sterling silver, these cords come in various colors and thicknesses allowing you to choose a material that best matches your project’s color palette.

In terms of uses, metallic cord braided tie cords are ideal for upholstery trimming, handbags, fringe trims, lampshades, bridal decor and even craft projects such as making earrings or necklaces. They feature an attractive braid design which is easy to work with without causing too much difficulty during installation or transportation process.

Durability & Benefits Metallic cord has been known for its durability over time which makes it an ideal choice for many pieces of jewelry which are meant to last over years or even longer if properly taken care off. Durable metal also reduces the possibility of dust accumulation on the surface since metal surfaces are non-porous unlike fabrics or textiles made out of plasticized materials like nylon or polyester which tend to accumulate dust when stored away.

In addition, metallic cords brake ties do not stretch out from constant use like fabrics trim do so they maintain their original shape longer compared to other types of trims used in jewellery making process Besides this,metallic cording is relatively inexpensive compared others more expensive alternatives thus allowing creative makers within any budget constraints access quality materials necessary for their jewellery creation.

History of Metallic Cord

Metallic Cord is a material composed of small metal strands woven together to create durable, decorative and stylish tie cords, trims and jewelry cords. This material dates back thousands of years, having been used in the fashion industry as early as 1500 B.C.

During this time period, Metallic Cord was most commonly used as a decoration for clothing and other garments in Ancient Egypt. The metallic cords were often gold or silver colored and symbolized power, wealth and status among the people.

Throughout many centuries, Metallic Cord underwent diverse changes that allowed it to become widely utilized around the world. During the Renaissance Period in Europe (14th – 17th centuries), Metallic Cord was refined, with different ways of manufacturing introduced; silk threads were added to the mix allowing for more intricate designs and colors to be produced like never before.

As technology advanced in Europe during the 17th century and beyond, so did advances in metallic cord production allowing for much more precision when crafting various styles of cording.

Modern-day Metallic Cord has become a staple when crafting elegant textiles such as draperies or creating beautiful trims for accessories like bags, shoes or jewelry.

Thanks to innovative technologies of today’s age, manufacturers are now able to produce Metallic Cord from almost any natural material such as cotton yarns, wool threads or linen cording; producing light-weight cording solutions perfect for low-profile items like jewelry pieces or more decorative accessory features like coin fringe trimming or ribbon flanges on garments.

Different Types of Metallic Cord

Metallic cord is a type of braided trim or jewelry-making cord consisting primarily of metal elements. The most common types are made from polyester and metal strands woven into flat cords that can be used to make ties, crafts, bags, jewelry, etc. It adds a unique look and texture to your project while having the added benefit of being more durable than regular braided trims such as rayon or cotton.

Benefits of Metallic Cord

Metallic cord offers numerous benefits that other trims may not provide. The shiny nature of the material draws attention to the design, making it ideal for accessories and clothing pieces. Its sturdy composition makes it resistant to tearing and fraying, making it perfect for projects where durability is desired. Additionally, metallic cords are available in multiple colors that can add an extra level of vibrancy to any creation.

Examples of Uses For Metallic Cord

Below is a list of some creative ways to use metallic cord:

  • Creating decorative ties and straps
  • Making embellishments on clothing pieces such as t-shirts and pants
  • Creating jewelry such as chokers, bracelets, and earrings
  • Adding texture and detail to bags, wallets, purses, etc.
  • Making decorative trims on curtains and other home décor pieces.

What Metallic Cord is Used for Jewelry Design?

Metallic cord is a versatile material commonly used for jewelry design. It can be braided, woven, or twisted into attractive and unique patterns to create statement pieces. Metallic cord works well as a trim for other materials such as beads, fabrics, ribbons and other string-based materials in any jewelry design.

Benefits of Metallic Cord

Using metallic cord in jewelry design has several great benefits. Firstly, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from thin to thick varieties, meaning you can choose the perfect type for your jewelry piece.

Secondly, metallic cord is strong yet flexible enough to be shaped and manipulated into intricate patterns with ease. Finally, it is lightweight enough so that it won’t weigh down the wearer’s neck or wrist while being sturdy enough to keep its shape when worn.

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Types of Metallic Cord

Metallic cord comes in a wide range of choices for all types of jewelry design projects. Each choice offers its own unique visual appeal which makes them desirable among designers who want to craft one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are some of the popular types:

  • Braided tie cords – This type of metallic cord is typically used for more formal designs such as necklaces or bracelets.
  • Chain link – Chain link is an ideal choice for creating choker necklaces with an edgy flair.
  • Twisted – This very versatile type of metallic cord works perfectly as an accent or trim for all necklace styles.
  • Weaved – Weaved metallic cords come in various textures such as flat and round links which offer great visual appeal.

Benefits of Using Metallic Cord for Jewelry Design

Metallic cord comes in a variety of colors, textures, and widths, making it a perfect choice for many jewelry and fashion designs. This type of trimmings is used in the production of necklaces, bracelets, ankle straps, t-shirts, clothing accents, as well as many other DIY projects. Metallic cord also adds sparkle and shine to each design making them truly stand out.

This type of cord has a number of added benefits when being used for jewelry design. Here are some advantages:

  • Longevity – Many types of metallic cord are resistant to tarnishing providing long lasting use without any deterioration.
  • Ease of Use – In comparison to typical textile yarns and thread styles, braided metallic cords are more durable and easier to manipulate into various positions.
  • Versatility – Avaialble in a wide array of colors on top of shapes ranging from flat-braided styles to tubular varieties allowing designers endless creativity.

When using metallic cords for jewelry designs they can be looped together or tied with knots paired with intricate weaving techniques. Providing many opportunities for eye popping visual appeal depending on the piece requiring decoration. Many popular trends including multi-layered looks require the use many different strands combined together creating eye catching patterns along the body length pieces.

This type of cord can also be use by itself to make single strand pieces such as hooped earrings or plain choker necklaces. Available in a large selection sizes and lengths makes it very appealing for hats, belts and sashes depending project preference.>

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Metallic Cord

When it comes to embellishing any garment or jewelry item, metallic cord plays an important role in adding a touch of style and glamour. However, there are various types of options available on the market and trying to find the right type can be difficult. Here are some top tips to help you make the most suitable choice:

  • Understand Your Project: Before even searching for the different kind of metals available, it’s important to understand what type suits your project best.
  • Choose Quality Materials: It’s important to pay attention to the quality of the material. If it’s for a garment or accessory that will be used regularly over a period of time, then going for high-quality braided cords is ideal.
  • Look at Variety : It’s always worth looking around as there are so many different colors and styles available; from fully printed spandex cords with silver finishings or metallic texture colors such as gold and copper.

Depending on your requirements and budget, metallic cord can also be bought in bulk or in limited amounts. For example, if you are only interested in creating a few pieces of jewelry, then buying smaller quantities is much more cost effective than purchasing larger quantities.

Another great option is that of wholesale suppliers who have large stocks and will usually deliver anywhere globally. They also offer great discounts when making large purchases; perfect for those working on major projects with tight deadlines.

In terms of maintenance, nylon-coated cord should only ever be washed by hand using alcohol-free detergents like dish soap – never use harsh chemicals which could cause deterioration over time due to wear and tear. Metallic cord shouldn’t need regular cleaning as they don’t normally require frequent wear but ensuring they are dirt free before being added onto any garmentIs always beneficial.

Finally, when storing metallic cords away try an avoid exposing them too much direct sunlight. UV rays can cause discoloration when left out continuously, particularly if left out in strong light. Additionally use storage rooms air conditioning features throughout summer months.

Creative Ways to Use Metallic Cord

Fashion Accessories

Metallic cord can be used to create beautiful and unique fashion accessories that are sure to stand out. Braided cords trimmed with metallic thread or small metal beads can make a stunning bracelet or necklace. The eye-catching contrast between the metallic accents and the plain cord make for an attractive and stylish statement piece. For more of a bold look, multiple strands of cord in different colors with metallic accents can be used to make bracelets and necklaces.

Embellishments for Apparel

Adding elements of metallic cord to apparel is a great way to add visual interest and sparkle. Sleeves, belts, and pocket details on jackets, tops, and dresses can benefit from small touches of metallic cord in contrasting colors. Thin strips of metallic cord can be added around the hemlines of skirts or pants for a subtle but elegant accent. Metallic fringed trim along hems also makes vibrant monochromatic looks really come to life.

Decorative Accessories

Metallic cords are perfect for creating designer-inspired decorative pieces that will bring instant impact into home décor. Tassels made from thin cords in colored thread mixed with even tinier strings of shining metallic threads look great as home accents like tie backs for curtains or wall hangings. Bouncier tassels crafted from thicker cords in bright vibrant colors complemented by gold or silver highlights also make excellent additions to your room’s decoration scheme.

Common Mistakes Made with Metallic Cord

Metallic cord is a popular material for making jewelry, decorations, crafts and more. It is a flexible and durable material that is easy to shape, glue, or manipulate. This type of cord can be purchased in lengths or pre-made into braided, tie cords, and trim. But deciding when to use each type of material requires careful consideration to ensure the highest quality results. Unfortunately, many mistake metallic cord for the same as other types of cording or trim.

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One of the most common mistakes when using metallic cord is mismatching it with fabric garland or tinsel trims. Aesthetically speaking, these two materials look good together, but they are not made from the same material grade so they won’t last as long when used together in a craft project.

It’s best to only combine cording and Trim fabrics that have been specifically designed to work together and nothing else. In addition to being made from different materials, combining these two elements will leave the finished product looking unprofessional since it won’t have the same quality finish as something professionally crafted with the right materials would have.

Finally, many people do not pay close enough attention to measuring out their cord before beginning a project which can cause troubles with fitment later on in production. When creating something with metallic cording it’s important to figure out how much of the cord will actually be needed for the given project beforehand so any potential waste can be avoided.

Additionally trying to cut short any excess ends after they’re glued down can lead to runs in the finished product due to alterations in texture made by improper cutting techniques; thus any errors must me corrected early on so that no further issues arise in completion stages down the road.

Thus you should always plan ahead and obtain accurate measurements prior committing materials for the task at hand since there will be much less backtracking required if this preventative measure is taken first.

How to Care for Your Jewelry made with Metallic Cord

Metallic cord can be used to make uniquely elegant, fashion-forward jewelry. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it an ideal material for crafting jewelry with stunning visual appeal. However, like all types of jewelry, proper care needs to be taken to ensure longevity and retain the beauty of the piece. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your metallic cord jewelry:

  • Whenever you are not wearing your jewelry made with metallic cord, store it away carefully in a cool and dry place.
  • Leave sufficient space between items of jewelry to prevent any abrasion.
  • Keep your metallic cord pieces away from direct sunlight, excessive temperature changes and humidity.

When cleaning your jewelry crafted using metallic cord it is important to use gentle detergents/polishes that have been specifically designed for this purpose as regular household cleaners may contain harsh chemicals that could damage your beads. A soft lint-free cloth moistened with water is usually enough; you can then use a soft bristle brush if necessary. Avoid using too much pressure when scrubbing with the brush so as not to cause any damage.

It is also important to make sure that no moisture gets trapped inside the crevices between components of your jewelry made with metallic cord; this over time can cause corrosion and weaken links within the design. To avoid this you can simply take off any pieces set using metal before showering or swimming or alternatively you could apply a product such as sealant or coatings onto them which will seal out moisture and help protect against everyday wear and tear.

Finally, if you notice that certain parts of your design look worn-out due to oxidation or tarnishing you may need to replace them with new ones in order to restore its original appearance. You can find specific products designed for oxidized metal which should help bring back its shine and color; although beware that they must be very gently applied so as not to affect other components within the piece itself.


The metallic cord braided tie cords trim jewelry cord is a timeless and versatile accessory. This type of cord is ideal for jewelry makers, crafters, fashionistas, and DIYers because it comes in a variety of sparkly colors and shimmery metallics that are sure to make any piece look stylish and distinctive.

The braid design gives jewelry and other accessories an edgy modern look while the shimmering metal threads add a touch of elegance perfect for special occasions. It is also easy to work with as it can be cut into any desired lengths and bent into almost any shape without fraying or snagging.

This type of cord is also durable, making it great for longer lasting pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, headbands, tiaras and many more applications. In addition, it pairs wonderfully with all kinds of beads creating interesting combinations; allowing you to express your own style or take inspiration from pre-existing designs. Not only does this type of cord have an array of uses but its easy accessibility make it budget friendly as well.

In conclusion, metallic cord braided tie cords trim jewelry cord material offers endless creative possibilities in craft projects or accessorizing clothing. Its myriad color options mixed with the look and feel given off by the braid pattern makes for truly unique creations every time you use the material. If anything this kind of material should be considered a must have due to its multi-functionality which can liven up any boring outfit or spark some new ideas for projects.

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