Metal Jewelry Work Oregon

Metal Jewelry Work Oregon is a family-owned business in Portland that specializes in custom designs of silver and gold jewelry. For more than two generations, they have been creating stunning pieces made from sterling silver, 14K gold filigree, and other precious metals for individuals, businesses, and special occasions.

Customers can choose from the incredible selection of existing jewelry designs or create their own unique piece to be crafted with skill and expertise by the experienced artisans at Metal Jewelry Work Oregon.

History Metal Jewelry Work Oregon was founded in 1984 by metalworker James Smith. After working alongside his father at his jewelry shop for several years, James decided to open his own business with a focus on one-of-a-kind custom pieces. His son Robert later joined the business and continues to keep up the family tradition of excellence in handmade jewelry today.

Custom Design Process The custom design process begins when customers provide images or descriptions of what they envision as their perfect piece of jewelry. The talented team at Metal Jewelry Work Oregon then works with each customer to bring their dream design to life using only the highest quality materials on the market.

Once approved by the customer, full production is then executed either by hand or with 3D printing technology according to the size, shape, color scheme and other details provided during the initial consultation phase. During production or after completion upon request by customers, skilled appraisers certify each product for authenticity guaranteeing that only top quality materials were used during manufacturing.

After completing production on each order placed Metal Jewelry Work Oregon offers follow-up services such as custom sizing adjustments ensuring an optimal user experience that will leave customers satisfied and ready to purchase again in future should they need it.

History of Metal Jewelry Crafting in Oregon

Metal jewelry crafting has been popular in Oregon for centuries, especially among Native American tribes. From simple earrings and necklaces made from a variety of materials such as shells, stones, and bones to more intricate pieces crafted using silver and gold, Native Americans shaped the art of jewelry making in the Beaver State. Early settlers soon embraced these crafty techniques, later selling their wares at fairs and markets.

Modern Metal Jewelry Crafting

Today metal jewelry crafting in Oregon is still alive and well. The process begins with obtaining the materials from local suppliers. Gold is sourced from Portland area refiners while various grades of sterling silver are imported from distant locations like South America or Turkey. Due to its malleable nature, metals such as copper, brass, bronze gold filled or vermeil can all be adapted for use in creating unique individual pieces of jewelry.

Once the metal is procured it’s time to craft pieces such as rings and pendants using tools like hammers, pliers, saws torches and grinding wheels amongst other items; crafting skills handed down over generations of designers that can make even basic tools a lifesaver when completing complicated projects. Once completed the item is polished by hand to a professional standard then shipped off-site ready to adorn its recipient.

Items Produced

  • Rings
  • Pendants
  • Earring
  • Necklaces & Chains
  • Charm Bracelets

Different Types of Metal Jewelry Found in Oregon

Oregon is home to a vibrant jewelry making and crafting scene, with metalsmiths specializing in creating exquisite art out of precious materials. Metal jewelry work consists of many different techniques, such as jewelry engraving, setting stones and cutting precious metal into shapes. Oregon offers a unique array of different types of metal pieces crafted by local artisan jewelers.

Wire Wrapping

The craft of wire wrapping involves weaving precious metals into intricate shapes without the use of any welding or soldering. This type of jewelry is often made with gold or silver wire which is coiled and twisted together to form rings, necklaces and earrings. These pieces can have an organic feel while showing off the skill and patience it took to create them.


Metalsmithing refers to the creation of objects from raw metals like gold, copper, silver and bronze. The process involves fabricating objects from sheet metal using heating, forging and anvils to work each piece into its desired shape. In Oregon, some metalsmiths specialize in creating complex sculptures and bespoke furniture pieces out of these raw materials.

Lost-wax Casting

Lost-wax casting is a highly detailed technique used to carve designs in wax before pouring molten metal over top to create highly precise replicas. This process allows for intricate details that simply cannot be achieved with any other method. Jewelers in Oregon use this technique to make unique pieces that would not be possible from regular fabrication methods alone.

Benefits of Metal Jewelry Work in Oregon

Metal jewelry making is one of the oldest forms of art in human civilization. It has been used as decoration, protection, and an expression of faith and beliefs for centuries. Metal jewelry is now becoming increasingly popular in Oregon due to its timeless beauty, durability, and stability.

Jewelry Making With Sheet Metal

The stunning intricacy and elegance of metal jewelry give it a timeless aspect that allows it to withstand trending fashions and tastes. You can be sure that much like the rings on your great-grandmother’s hands, the appeal and sophistication of metal jewelry will only increase with time.

Durability is another key feature which makes metal jewelry so popular in Oregon. Metal jewelry is an investment piece that you can often pass down from generation to generation without worrying about major wear or deterioration over time. This makes working with metals an incredibly rewarding form of craftsmanship as well as allowing for stylish decorations rather than costly replacements year after year.

Finally, metal jewelry offers remarkable stability compared to other forms of crafting due to the relatively few materials used in creating these beautiful pieces. Metal products are less vulnerable to changes in temperature or fluctuations in humidity meaning that even if your home’s environment changes drastically your pieces should remain unscathed meaning you don’t have to worry about a precarious collection.

Notable Benefits of Metal Jewelry Work

  • Timeless Beauty
  • High Durability
  • Long-Lasting Stability
  • Adaptable To Fluctuating Environments
  • Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion

The Crafting Process Behind Metal Jewelry Work

Metal jewelry work from Oregon is highly sought after for its attention to detail and intricate design. From pendants to lockets, the skills needed to create one-of-a-kind pieces require experience and skill, as well as the right tools. To produce top-notch metal jewelry work, each process must be performed with precision.


Before a piece can be finished and transformed into beautiful jewelry, it begins with metalworking. This process requires the use of materials such as gold, silver, brass, or copper which are melted down in order to form intricate shapes such as rings or ornamental beads.

Metalsmiths use various tools to cut and shape the metal into specific patterns or designs that will make up the final piece of jewelry. For instance, a silversmith could utilize saws and files in order to shape metal sheets into delicate pendants or anchors for necklaces.

Texture Applications

Once an individual has shaped their desired piece they can move on towards texture application. This is often done by hammering the surface of the metals until it takes on a hammered texture that has more depth than simple polish can give it alone.

Another way a metalsmith could achieve texture is by using textured molds made from specialized rubber compounds that imprint various patterns onto the surface of the metal when pressed together with heat and pressure. Alternatively, some jewelers might choose to etch different designs into metals by utilizing chemical baths or even hand engraving techniques which offer unique results every time making each object stand out even more among other pieces in production.


Finally the last step in completing a fabulous piece of metalwork would be polishing. In this step jewelers get rid off any scratches that may have happened throughout process while also creating an overall sheen and smooth look on tthe finished product.

Jewelers may choose either hand polishing with cloth buffing wheels or automated polishing techniques such as vibratory finishers used for mass production runs where speed is paramount. Through these processes they are able to put on display beautiful pieces of jewelry boasting stunning details and aesthetics unachievable through traditional methods.

Popularity of Metal Jewelry amongst Oregon Residents

Metal jewelry is a popular form of body adornment in Oregon. People have been creating and wearing metal jewelry for thousands of years, and its popularity continues into modern times. The modern craze for metal jewelry making is particularly popular in Oregon – featuring professional and amateur artists alike, creating beautiful pieces with contemporary designs.

Oregon’s creative culture has contributed to the wider adoption of metal jewelry art there; artisanal streets and markets feature vendors who design and showcase their unique pieces, while students at Oregon universities such as Portland State University (PSU) take classes in metalsmithing and jewelry art. In addition to fashion-forward pieces, many artisans specialize in antique styles, with some even handcrafting custom period items for local historical societies.

To accommodate this enthusiasm for accessorizing with metal jewelry, Oregon features both online tutorials from veteran jewelers as well as retail stores offering various products ranging from simple tools all the way up to exotic gems from around the world. Specialty classes for DIY enthusiasts are available throughout the state, teaching participants anything from basic soldering techniques up to more sophisticated procedures like stone setting.

The availability of materials in Oregon is also quite comprehensive. Local suppliers offer a range of base metals including copper, brass, bronze, gold and silver – along with hardware like closures and jump rings.

For those seeking precious stones or beads to adorn their creations there are numerous merchants offering high quality options at competitive prices – some even sourcing their wares directly from foreign countries in Asia or Europe. Many of these vendors can be found across the entire region – offering convenience when each piece needs to be put together right away.

  • Metal Jewelry has existed within Oregon Culture for centuries.
  • Today’s metal jewelry movement in Oregon is driven by both professional and amateur artists.
  • Online tutorials, specialty classes & local stores offer a range of products & services geared towards crafting metal jewelry.
  • Oregon offers an extensive selection of materials such as base metals to decorated stones & beads.
Metal Earth Jewelry

Where to Find Metal Jewelry Work in Oregon

High quality metal jewelry work can be found throughout Oregon. Local artisans and stores specialize in creating unique pieces for customers looking to add an artistic touch to their wardrobe. Whether it’s a special piece of jewelry for a loved one, or an everyday accent that will stand out from the crowd, those looking for metal jewelry in Oregon need look no further than these specialized retailers.

Artisanal Metal Jewelry

Oregon is home to many celebrated artists whose artisanal jewelry features hand-molded metals and unique textures, making each piece one of a kind. Stores like Oregon Chain Metal Jewelers feature bespoke necklaces, rings, and earrings crafted by local makers, featuring everything from tropical motifs to geometric shapes. Their pieces are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

For minimal, edgy accents to add to any outfit, there are plenty of high-end retailers in Portland such as Fifteen Eleven Design Studio who offer a range of sophisticated yet contemporary items made from sterling silver and gold plate metals. Each piece is carefully constructed with layered designs so that they easily catch the eye without being too loud or showy. Their simple lines provide a classic elegance that any fashionista would appreciate.

Gift Shops & Tourist Traps

The Pacific North West is known for its craftsmanship and originality so it’s no surprise that even at some tourist traps – like the Tillamook Cheese Factory – you’ll find metal jewelry that adds character and sophistication to your wardrobe while also referencing some aspect of local culture.

While tourist traps may be less popular among locals when it comes to finding unique gifts or keepsakes they can still prove useful on occasion as you can often find reliable vendors selling quality goods at bargain prices in unexpected locations such as roadside boot sales during summer months.

Shopping centers across the state are also known for stocking specialty items like metal jewelry that usually cost significantly more elsewhere so keep an eye out when browsing boutiques in cities like Salem or Eugene; you may just stumble across the perfect accessory at an unbeatable price.

Finishing Up

Oregon is home to numerous talented metal jewelry artisans, some of whom specialize in specific metalworking techniques. Those who have been trained in the use of traditional tools and processes can create fine metal jewelry pieces of high quality that stand out from the crowd. In terms of aesthetics, many Oregon metalworkers are inspired by nature, creating intricate designs with wood and metals such as brass and copper.

The influence of this natural setting can be seen in pieces which incorporate leaves, stones, and other organic elements. Alternatively, some create industrial-style looks based on steampunk themes or futuristic visions. Overall, no matter what technique or style a metalworker chooses, it’s sure to be an interesting piece of art once finished.

As far as tools go, crafting metal jewelry requires a variety of instruments such as cutters, files, hammers, torches (or laser cutting), presses and cleaners. For those just starting out in the field of metalworking, small handheld tools such as sandpaper are often helpful for creating small details on jewelry pieces without investing in expensive machinery at the start.

Once these basic items are mastered though more complex pieces will require specialized machinery such as biscuit joiners and rolling mills for texturing different materials together into one cohesive object.

Finally there is the cost associated with handcrafted metallic jewelry work in Oregon that should be taken into consideration when pricing products. In addition to buying protective wear such as gloves and safety goggles if one plans on using power tools or torches there are also costs associated with acquiring certain materials such as precious gems or rare metals that may need to be factored into the overall price per item produced.

And while the cost of labor has obviously come down over time due to new technology and increased efficiency within the industry there is still a significant amount that goes into producing hand-crafted items which must be considered before offering them up for sale.

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