Metal And Precious Stone Jewelry

Metal and precious stone jewelry, a timeless classic, has been around for centuries. It is jewelry crafted from precious materials, such as silver, gold, and platinum metals, and inlaid with gemstones like diamonds and rubies. The combination of these two elements creates an item that is both beautiful to look at and often a priceless investment as the value of the metal and stones increase over time.

There are many different types of metals used in making metal and precious stone jewelry pieces. Gold is one of the most common metals; it is second only to silver in popularity. Gold comes in various colors – yellow, rose gold, even white gold – depending on its karat weight or the other metals blended into it.

Platinum is another popular metal which purists may prefer due to its strength (it does not tarnish easily) and sheer elegance – when polished properly it looks a shimmering pale grey/white hue that sparkles beautifully. Silver is an affordable choice that blends easily with other materials making custom pieces easier to create; copper can also be seen in jewelry pieces due to its vibrant color.

When it comes to gemstones, there are dozens available ranging from familiar favorites such as diamonds and rubies to lesser-known ones like tourmaline or aquamarine. However not all stones used in jewelry necessarily have to be “precious”; synthetic gems like cubic zirconia look similar however their cost contribution per piece would be much lower than those using real stones.

The beauty of pairing gemstones with any of these metals means each piece can be unique since every stone has a unique cut or color variation that will enhance whatever base metal it sits upon creating dramatic effects with little effort.

Aside from being good investments due to fluctuating prices for both metals, gemstones also have some interesting benefits when worn by individuals: certain birthstones supposedly carry particular meanings or energies related to them giving wearers comfort or success; stone amplifies human energy which will induce different vibrations according to the type of stone worn (such as amethyst for prosperity).

There’s no doubt that including metal and precious stone jewelry into daily life helps give us more confidence – by adding classic classiness accompanied by beautiful energy participants are reminded of a connection between body, mind and soul no matter how small each piece may be.

History of Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Ancient artifacts of metal and precious stone jewelry found around the world have been dated back to the Paleolithic era, which was believed to have taken place between 28,000 BC and 17,000 BC. Jewelry made with precious metals like gold, silver and copper were a sign of status in ancient cultures. Jewelry also served as functional pieces that could often hold items like blades or currency for protection during burial rituals.

These ancient pieces of jewelry were adorned with semi-precious stones and crystals. It was thought these stones had mysterious powers capable of protecting their wearer from evil forces and providing body healing.

In many cultures from the Ancient Egyptians to the Spartans, metalworking techniques developed over generations. Ancient Greeks are known to have had intricate metal jewelry decorated with sea-inspired motifs. The Romans preferred more opulent pieces complimented with pearls and cutstones that showed off their wealth and political power by incorporating images that represented their gods such as Jupiter, Juno, Vulcan and Apollo on their pendants, rings and bracelets.

In Europe during the Age of Discovery during 15th-17th centuries, advanced techniques created new styles of jewelry using enameling and engraving with expensive metals such as gold or silver set with precious gems such as emeralds diamonds or rubies. This gave rise to a sophisticated set of skills when crafting high-end jewelry pieces for wealthy European families who wanted something unique that demonstrated their class distinction.

Even now jewelers worldwide use some similar processes when creating intricate designs featuring metal combined with semi-precious stones like citrine, amethyst and opal. Today this old art form has become the basis of modern methods used in most fine jewelry houses throughout the world.

Different Metals Used in Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a beautiful and timeless treasure that has been treasured by people for centuries. The metal has had an iconic presence in human culture throughout history, associated with prestige and wealth. Gold allows for a large variety of styles, shapes, and settings making it highly versatile.

Given its relative durability, gold can even be worn during vigorous activities like exercises or sport without fear of tarnishing or damaging the piece. It is, however, a softer metal than other options which gives it a relatively shorter lifespan than similar pieces made from other metals.

Silver jewelry conveys a classic look with its shiny yet subtle presence that never fails to impress. Its visual appeal does not take away from its durability as many silver pieces can last for generations if well kept and detailed in their forging process.

Custom Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

Due to its affinity towards oxygen silver is naturally prone to forming tarnishes on its surface which may require periodic cleanings or polishing to maintain it in good condition but this is nothing the average user cannot handle at home when necessary.

Platinum’s white hue makes it one of the most desirable precious metals used in jewelry designing today due to its otherwise rare characteristics; such as extreme resistance against scratches and heat (perfect for diamond setting).

Because of platinum Jewelry’s expensive nature some pieces may require more frequent professional maintenance like cleaning and rhodium plating than other metals due to wear from everyday use over long periods of time however these measures are taken underscore Platinum’s already long-life expectancy.


  • Gold jewelry is beautiful and timeless; however the metal is softer than others.
  • Silver jewelry has a classic look but may require periodic cleaning.
  • Platinum’s white hue makes it very desirable; however professional care may be needed over time.

Types of Precious Stones Used in Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Metal and precious stone jewelry can be a beautiful and practical form of adornment. Various types of metals and precious stones used in craftsmanship can give brilliant colors and tones, as well as lasting beauty. Below are some of the most popular types of stones used for metal jewelry making:

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are among the world’s most expensive gems, often associated with worth and luxury. They have a hardness that makes them perfect for engraving on metals.
  • Rubies: Rubies are some of the most sought after gems due to their stunning deep red hue. These emotional and passionate stones are believed to bring protection from harm in many cultures.
  • Sapphires: Sapphires come in an array of colors, ranging from pink to blue and even yellow. They help promote peace between couples or friends while also promoting serenity.

Emeralds are another type of precious gemstone used for metal jewelry crafting, usually associated with rejuvenation and love. It is believed that emeralds bring good luck as well as wealth to its wearer, so many opt for this unique stone when deciding on a piece of metal jewelry. Also commonly used is topaz which helps promote happiness along with wealth, making it the perfect item for those looking to add positive energy into their lives.

Amethyst is known as one of the rarer gems due to its unpredictable nature; this helps make it one of the more unique pieces available when crafting metal jewelry. Opal on the other hand has long been connected with creativity while also providing feelings of faithfulness and loyalty towards others who wear it in their jewelry. All eight of these special points combine together beautifully when creating stunning pieces out of metal and precious stones.

Where to Find Quality Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Online shopping has become a popular pastime and with the rise of the internet, there is no shortage of online sellers offering a great selection of metal and precious stone jewelry. Whether you’re looking for timeless gold-plated pieces or statement-making gemstone rings, an online seller may be the best option to find what you need. They typically offer more variety than your local jewelers and will often have deals and discounts that make them even more appealing.

Local jewelers are excellent sources for purchasing metal and precious stone jewelry due to their personalized service, expertise, and trustworthy buyers. Jewelers who specialize in this type of jewelry tend to be highly knowledgeable about research gemstones and metals used in manufacturing.

Keeping up to date on industry trends is also another plus point as a customer, since they can help advise on upcoming fashion shifts so that each special purchase makes perfect sense when it comes time to show it off.

Specialty boutiques are another great source for finding metal and precious stone jewelry. Boutiques often employ staff members who love working with customers to help think outside the box when selecting their next jewelry piece. Specialty boutiques also have unique collections from designers all over the world showcasing the latest styles and trends in metal and precious stone embellishments. Typical amenities may include complimentary champagne, coffee, photo shoots, styling consultations, polishing services-and much more.

Here is a list outlining 3 Sources providing quality Metal & Precious Stone Jewelry:

  • Online sellers
  • Local jewellers
  • Specialty Boutiques

Different Ways to Wear Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Metal and Precious stone jewelry is a classic fashion staple, and pieces like earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be worn for both everyday engagements as well as special occasions. Here’s a list of different ways to wear your favorite metal and precious stone jewelry.

  • Everyday: Wear simple pieces such as small hoop earrings or dainty chains on a daily basis to add some sparkle to your outfit.
  • Work: Dress up work wardrobe by adding sharp-looking pieces such as statement earrings that show off your style, or delicate pendants for a more professional look.
  • Special Occasions: Go glam with larger cocktail rings or chandelier earrings for attending a special event – the options are limitless.
  • Layering: Incorporate layering techniques into your outfits with gold chains in different lengths or unusual designs for added depth and texture.

Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry adds instant sophistication to any look, from subtle accents, like charm bracelets or stud earrings, to eye-catching gems like rings or pendants encrusted with diamonds – the possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s rings and watches engraved with special messages for special occasions; statement necklaces that bring focus to an ensemble; bold color pairings to brighten up an outfit; intricate details like filigree artistry; or simple gemstone charms paired with sterling silver settings – metal and precious stone jewelry spans all styles.

Jewelry Making With Precious Stones

When choosing the perfect metal and precious stone jewelry piece, ask yourself these questions: What metal color do I prefer? (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold); What kind of gems fit my personal style? (sapphires, diamonds etc); Should I choose blush tones which evoke a timeless femininity; Or would edgier metals like blackened steel enhance my look? Having answers to these questions will help you make an educated choice when shopping.

Caring for Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Caring for jewelry that contains metal and precious stones is an important part of owning jewelry. Without proper care, it can quickly become dull, tarnished or even scratched. Proper cleaning and storage helps to keep jewelry in great condition for many years to come. Investing in Insurance is also a great way to protect your valuable investment.

Cleaning Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Keeping metal and precious stone jewelry clean should be a priority. Following these easy tips will help ensure that your jewelry remains sparkling clean:

  • Use a soft bristle brush to gently clean the surface of the jewelry.
  • Dip into a cleaning solution such as soapy water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Remove any debris using an old, soft toothbrush.
  • Dry with a lint free cloth.

It is best not to use commercial cleaners on metal or precious stones as they may contain abrasives which could scratch the metal or damage the surface of the gems. Jewelry needs to be handled carefully when cleaning, especially if they contain multiple pieces; as this could cause them to snag onto each other and break apart from the piece entirely.

It is important to remember to also clean any settings where stones are held as dirt or dust can accumulate around them which can affect their shine and sparkle.

Storing Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Storing jewelry correctly also plays an important role in keeping it looking pristine for years to come. When storing properly, items of metal and precious stone are much less likely to become tarnished or scratched. The following list details how best store items made out of these materials:

  • Store in dry locations where there should not be sudden temperature changes.
  • Use airtight containers like pouches when possible.
  • Place necklaces flat inside drawers – avoid hanging as this can put strain on the chain links.
  • Avoid having too many pieces in one box/bag – instead group similar material items together eg – all pearl, all gold etc
  • Do not allow contact between different metals (gold & silver Jewellery) – store each type separately

In addition, storing away from elevated areas (high shelves) helps protect jewellery from falling objects which could cause permanent damage, resulting in costly repairs being necessary.

Trends in Metal and Precious Stone Jewelry

Popular styles in metal and precious stone jewelry include layered necklaces with simple pendants, simple and elegant rings, and metal bracelets with semi-precious or precious stones. These pieces bring the beauty of natural stones with the elegance of fine metals. Layered necklaces are great for everyday wear and look amazing when they showcase an assortment of different gemstones or crystal beads.

The combinations of metal colors – such as gold, silver, bronze, brass – also add a unique look to each piece. Rings are also very popular in this style – from stacking rings to chunkier statement pieces; rings lend themselves well to combining different color metals and incorporating distinctive semi-precious stones.

Bracelets can be worn alone or layered with other wrist accessories for a more stylish look; these pieces often come in various sizes so that each lady can find the perfect fit.

Adding color is what really ties these styles together, natural stones come in a variety of hues like earth tones such as browns, greens, purples etc., as well as brighter tones such as yellows, reds and blues. Blending these different colors along with various metal tones allows one to create eye catching ensembles. Pairing various toned blue sapphires with rose gold creates an alluring duo; likewise juxtaposing white opals with yellow gold could provide an interesting contrast.

Alternatively mixing pearls and black onyx with sterling silver works to create elegant sets that go perfectly with any outfit choice. No matter what type of color combination is chosen for a particular piece, it’s sure to stand out.

Combining metals with precious stones has become popular because it encourages you to express your personality through your jewelry selection while still looking crafty and classy at the same time. With so many possible options it’s easy to create something entirely unique that stands out from the crowd – just remember to have fun.

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