How to Hang Jewelry Diy

Properly displaying and organizing your jewelry can make a significant difference in not only the aesthetics of your space but also in the ease of finding and choosing your favorite pieces. In this article, we will explore various DIY methods for hanging jewelry to help you maximize storage, showcase your style, and maintain the longevity of your precious accessories.

When it comes to hanging jewelry, a haphazard approach simply won’t suffice. Not only does improper hanging lead to a tangled mess, but it also increases the risk of damage or loss. Properly hung jewelry allows you to easily see and access your collection while adding a touch of personalization to your living space.

Before diving into the practical aspects of DIY jewelry hanging, it’s essential to assess your space and find the best location for displaying your accessories. Whether you have a designated dressing area or limited wall space in a smaller apartment, there are creative solutions for every situation. By strategically placing hooks and utilizing wall space effectively, you can transform any area into an organized haven for your treasured jewelry collection.

To achieve optimal results when hanging jewelry, you’ll need a few must-have supplies. From hooks and adhesive strips to racks and decorative displays, investing in proper equipment ensures both functionality and style. By gathering these essentials beforehand, you’ll be well-prepared for organizing and sorting your jewelry before hanging them.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we’ll guide you through each step of the process – from installing hooks for different types of jewelry to displaying necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in creative ways. We’ll provide tips and tricks for maximizing storage in small spaces while maintaining the integrity and longevity of your favorite pieces.

By following our DIY methods for hanging jewelry, you’ll not only create an organized display that showcases your unique style but also simplify your morning routine as you effortlessly choose accessories that perfectly complement your outfits. So let’s dive in and discover how to hang jewelry DIY-style.

Assessing Your Space

When it comes to hanging jewelry, finding the perfect location is crucial. Not only does it serve as a functional storage solution, but it can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your space. Here are some tips on how to assess your space and determine the best location for hanging your jewelry.

  1. Evaluate the available wall space: Before you start hanging any jewelry, take a look around your room and identify the wall space that would be suitable for displaying your collection. Consider walls near your dressing table or vanity mirror, as these areas are typically where you get ready and accessorize.
  2. Take into account lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in showcasing your jewelry collection. Look for spots with adequate natural or artificial light that will highlight each piece effectively. Avoid areas with harsh shadows or direct sunlight, as they can cause damage to certain materials over time.
  3. Keep accessibility in mind: It’s important to choose a location that allows easy access to your jewelry while getting dressed. Consider picking an area near your everyday essentials, such as clothing racks or drawers for quick outfit assembly.

Once you’ve assessed your space, you can move on to gathering the essential supplies needed for DIY jewelry hanging. By selecting the right location within your living space, you’ll not only ensure that your jewelry is easily accessible when you need it but also create a visually appealing display that reflects your personal style and taste.

Gathering the Essentials

When it comes to DIY jewelry hanging, having the right supplies is essential for a successful project. Whether you’re organizing your personal collection or creating a space to display and sell your creations, having the proper essentials will make the process much easier. Here are some must-have supplies that you’ll need:


Hooks are an important component for hanging jewelry. They come in various sizes and styles, so it’s crucial to choose ones that are suitable for the type of jewelry you’ll be hanging. For instance, small hooks are ideal for earrings, while larger hooks work well for necklaces and bracelets. Consider using decorative hooks to add a touch of style to your display.

Wall Mounts or Stands

Depending on your available space and preference, you can choose between wall mounts or stands for hanging your jewelry. Wall mounts are great if you have limited space or want to utilize vertical wall surfaces. They come in different designs such as racks, boards with hooks, or mesh wire frames. On the other hand, stands are more portable and versatile as they can be placed on countertops or tables.

Jewelry Organizers

To keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free, investing in jewelry organizers is crucial. There are various types of organizers available that cater to different needs. You can opt for individual compartments or trays to store earrings and bracelets separately. Alternatively, consider getting a necklace tree stand or a velvet-lined drawer insert specifically designed for necklaces.

Adhesive strips or putty

To prevent your jewelry from shifting or falling off its display surface, adhesive strips or putty can be useful tools. Place them strategically on hooks or stands to secure delicate pieces in place while adding stability to the overall arrangement.

By gathering these essential supplies before starting your DIY jewelry hanging project, you’ll set yourself up for success and create a visually pleasing display. Remember to consider the type and quantity of jewelry you have, as well as the available space, to ensure you choose the right supplies for your needs.

Preparing Your Jewelry

Before you begin hanging your jewelry, it is important to take the time to properly prepare and organize your pieces. This will not only make the hanging process easier but also allow you to showcase your jewelry in a more visually appealing way. Here are some tips on how to organize and sort your jewelry for easy hanging.

Firstly, it is important to sort your jewelry based on type. Separate your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings into different categories. This will help you have a clear idea of what types of hooks or holders you need for each type of jewelry. Additionally, by keeping similar pieces together, it will be easier to find specific items when you need them.

Once your jewelry is sorted into categories, consider further organizing by color or style. Not only will this create a visually pleasing display but it can also help you easily coordinate outfits or find the perfect accessory for any occasion. Consider using small storage containers or trays within each category to keep individual pieces separate and prevent tangling or damage.

When organizing your jewelry for easy hanging, it is also important to consider the size and weight of each piece. Lighter items such as delicate necklaces or stud earrings can be easily hung on smaller hooks or stored in individual compartments within a hanging organizer. However, heavier pieces such as chunky bracelets or statement necklaces may require sturdier hooks or even wall-mounted organizers to ensure they are securely held.

By taking the time to properly organize and sort your jewelry before hanging, you can create a stylish display that showcases all of your favorite pieces while making them easily accessible. By categorizing by type, color, and weight, you can ensure that each piece has its own designated spot while preventing damage from tangling or getting lost amongst other items.

With these organizational techniques in mind, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step: securing the hooks for your jewelry display.

Securing the Hooks

When it comes to hanging jewelry, properly securing the hooks is essential to ensure that your precious pieces are displayed beautifully and safely. Installing hooks for jewelry can seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools and technique, it can be a simple and rewarding DIY project. In this section, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to secure hooks for jewelry.

Before you begin installing the hooks, gather the following supplies:

  • Pencil or chalk for marking the wall.
  • Tape measure or ruler for precise measurements.
  • Level to ensure straight installation.
  • Electric drill or screwdriver.
  • Appropriate screws and anchors, depending on your wall type (e.g., drywall, plaster, etc).
  • Jewelry hooks or small decorative knobs.

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, follow these steps to securely install hooks for your jewelry:

  1. Assess your space: Determine the best location for hanging your jewelry by considering factors such as accessibility, lighting, and overall aesthetic. Use a pencil or chalk to mark the desired spots where you want to install your hooks.
  2. Measure and level: Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the distance between each marked spot. This will help ensure that your hooks are evenly spaced. Use a level to make sure the marks are straight.
  3. Pre-drill holes: Depending on your wall type and size of the screws, you may need to pre-drill holes using an electric drill or screwdriver. This step helps prevent damage to the wall when inserting screws.
  4. Insert anchors (if needed): If you are installing hooks in drywall or other fragile surfaces, it is recommended to use anchors for added stability. Insert anchors into each pre-drilled hole before proceeding with screw insertion.
  5. Attach hooks/knobs: Screw-in each hook or knob firmly into place using your electric drill or screwdriver. Ensure that they are securely fastened and level with the mark on the wall.
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Once you have completed these steps, you will have successfully installed hooks for your jewelry. Now it’s time to organize and hang your precious pieces according to their type. In the following sections of this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks for displaying necklaces, creative methods for hanging earrings, and unique ideas for showcasing bracelets.

Supplies NeededTools Needed
Pencil or chalkTape measure or ruler
Electric drill or screwdriverLevel
Screws and anchors (appropriate size)Jewelry hooks or small decorative knobs

Hanging Necklaces

Necklaces are a popular and versatile piece of jewelry that can often become tangled or lost if not properly stored. This section will provide tips and tricks for displaying necklaces in an organized and visually appealing way.

  1. Choose the Right Hooks: When it comes to hanging necklaces, choosing the right hooks is crucial. Opt for small, sturdy hooks that won’t damage your necklaces or cause them to slip off easily. Consider using adhesive wall hooks or decorative hooks that complement your overall decor style.
  2. Utilize a Jewelry Organizer: Using a jewelry organizer specifically designed for necklaces can be a game-changer. Look for organizers with multiple rows of hooks so you can hang several necklaces at once without them becoming tangled. Some organizers also come with additional compartments for storing bracelets or earrings.
  3. Create a Statement Display: If you have a collection of statement necklaces or want to showcase a few special pieces, create a dedicated display area on your wall. Install a stylish wall shelf or decorative hardware where you can hang your favorite necklaces individually or display them in groups based on color, length, or style.
  4. Incorporate Alternative Hanging Methods: Think outside the box when it comes to hanging necklaces and consider alternative methods such as pegboards, driftwood branches, or vintage window frames with attached hooks. These unique displays not only add visual interest but also offer practical storage solutions for your necklaces.
  5. Prevent Tangling: Necklaces have a tendency to tangle easily, especially those with delicate chains. To prevent this issue, consider using jewelry stand trees with multiple branches, which allow you to drape each necklace separately. You can also attach small adhesive hooks behind a closet door and hang individual chains from them to keep them separated and tangle-free.

Remember, proper organization and display of your necklaces not only make it easier to find and choose the perfect accessory but also ensures their longevity by preventing damage. Take the time to assess your space, gather the necessary supplies, and explore creative display options to showcase your necklaces in a way that reflects your personal style.

Displaying Earrings

When it comes to organizing and displaying your earrings, there are several creative methods you can use to showcase your collection. Not only will these methods keep your earrings organized and tangle-free, but they can also add a decorative element to your space. Here, we’ll explore some ingenious ways to hang earrings that go beyond the traditional jewelry box.

One popular method for displaying earrings is to use a decorative frame or mesh grid. You can find these frames at craft stores or repurpose old picture frames. Simply remove the glass and backing, and attach a mesh grid or wire across the frame using staples or hot glue.

Then, simply hang your earrings by inserting the hooks through the mesh or wire. This method not only allows you to see all of your earring options at once but also adds an artistic touch to your space.

Another creative way to display earrings is by using a corkboard. Attach a corkboard to a wall in your bedroom or closet and push earring studs directly into the cork. For dangle or hoop earrings, instead of pushing the hooks into the corkboard, use small pins or thumbtacks as hooks for hanging them. This method allows you to easily see and access all of your earrings while adding texture and interest to your space.

If you’re looking for a more unconventional way to display earrings, consider using a wooden branch. Find a sturdy branch with multiple twigs that can support the weight of your earrings. Clean the branch thoroughly and varnish it if desired for added durability and aesthetic appeal.

Once dry, hang it on the wall using hooks or nails, then simply hang your earrings from the twigs. This nature-inspired display not only adds visual interest but also brings an organic element into your space.

Decorative Frame or Mesh GridAttach a mesh grid or wire to a frame, allowing you to hang earrings by inserting the hooks through the mesh or wire.
CorkboardAttach a corkboard to a wall and push earring studs directly into the cork, using small pins or thumbtacks for dangle or hoop earrings.
Wooden BranchHang a sturdy branch with twigs on the wall and hang earrings from the twigs for a nature-inspired display.

Showcasing Bracelets

Bracelets are a beautiful and versatile accessory that can be easily showcased using creative hanging methods. Whether you have an extensive collection or just a few special pieces, finding unique ways to display your bracelets can enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. In this section, we will explore some creative ideas for hanging bracelets that will not only keep them organized but also turn them into a decorative focal point.

One approach to hanging bracelets is by utilizing a decorative stand or holder specifically designed for jewelry display. These stands come in various styles, materials, and sizes, allowing you to choose one that matches your personal taste and complements your space.

From sleek metal stands to intricately carved wooden holders, there are plenty of options available to suit different aesthetics. Not only do these stands provide an elegant way to showcase your bracelets, but they also make it easy for you to see and access them whenever you want.

Another unique idea for hanging bracelets is to repurpose everyday objects as display holders. For example, you can use vintage teacups or candleholders with slender stems as bracelet holders. This not only adds a touch of whimsy to your display but also gives new life to old items that might otherwise be forgotten. You can arrange these holders on a vanity table or shelf, creating a charming and eclectic display.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist approach, consider using wall-mounted hooks or pegs as bracelet hangers. This allows you to create a clean and streamlined look while keeping your bracelets easily accessible. You can install the hooks in various patterns or designs on the wall, creating an eye-catching arrangement that doubles as wall decor.

Bracelet HolderAverage Cost
Decorative Jewelry Stand$15 – $50
Repurposed Objects$0 – $20
Wall-mounted Hooks/Pegs$5 – $15 (per hook)

By exploring these unique ideas for hanging bracelets, you can turn your collection into a stunning display that adds personality and style to your space. Get creative and have fun experimenting with different holders and arrangements to find the perfect solution for showcasing your bracelets. Whether you opt for a traditional jewelry stand, repurpose everyday objects, or choose wall-mounted hooks, these ideas will help you create a one-of-a-kind display that truly reflects your personal style.

Utilizing Wall Space

When it comes to organizing and displaying your jewelry in small spaces, utilizing wall space is key. By hanging your jewelry on the wall, you not only save valuable surface area but also create a visually appealing display that showcases your collection. In this section, we will explore various options for hanging jewelry on the wall in small spaces.

Pegboard Displays

One popular option for hanging jewelry in small spaces is using pegboards. These versatile boards can be customized to fit your specific needs and are easy to install. Start by measuring the available wall space and cut the pegboard accordingly. Once installed, use hooks or pegs to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

You can also attach small shelves or baskets to hold rings or other accessories. The best part? Pegboards come in different sizes and colors, allowing you to add a decorative touch to your space.

Picture Frame Displays

Another creative way to utilize wall space is by repurposing picture frames into jewelry displays. Choose a frame that complements your style and remove the glass and backing. Attach a piece of fabric or mesh wire to the back of the frame using staples or glue.

This will serve as a backdrop for hanging earrings or securing pins for necklaces and bracelets. Hang the frame on the wall using nails or adhesive hooks, making sure it is secure before arranging your jewelry.

Mounted Hooks

For a minimalist and sleek look, consider mounting hooks directly onto the wall surface. Opt for decorative hooks that complement the style of your space while providing functionality. Arrange them in an organized pattern or create an abstract design depending on personal preference. Remember to leave enough space between each hook so that your jewelry pieces have room to hang freely without getting tangled.

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By utilizing these hanging display options for small spaces, you can transform your jewelry collection into a stylish focal point that adds personality to your room. Whether you prefer the versatility of pegboards, the creativity of picture frame displays, or the simplicity of mounted hooks, there is a solution that will suit your needs and showcase your jewelry in the best possible way.

Maximizing Storage

Utilizing Wall Space

When it comes to maximizing storage for your jewelry, utilizing wall space is key. Hanging your jewelry on the walls not only saves space but also adds a decorative element to any room. There are several DIY solutions you can incorporate to make the most of your wall space.

One popular option is using a pegboard. A pegboard is a versatile and easy-to-install solution that allows you to hang various types of jewelry. You can find pegboards in different sizes and styles to suit your preferences. To hang your jewelry, simply insert hooks or pegs into the holes of the board and arrange your pieces as desired. This allows for easy organization and accessibility.

Another option is using a hanging jewelry organizer. These organizers typically have multiple compartments or pockets where you can store different types of jewelry. They often come with hooks or loops for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, making it convenient for you to find and grab what you need quickly.

Maximizing Vertical Space

To further maximize storage for your hanging jewelry, consider utilizing vertical space in your room. Install hooks or adhesive strips on the back of doors or inside closets to hang necklaces or bracelets. This not only keeps them organized but also prevents tangling.

You can also take advantage of empty wall space by installing floating shelves. Floating shelves are an excellent way to display and store various accessories, including jewelry boxes or trays where you can place smaller items like rings or earrings.

Additionally, consider using wall-mounted hooks or racks specifically designed for hanging multiple necklaces or bracelets vertically. These racks typically have multiple pegs or hooks at different heights, allowing you to showcase your collection while saving valuable tabletop or counter space.

Creative Display Ideas

Incorporating creativity into your DIY solutions for hanging jewelry can add a unique touch to your display. Consider repurposing everyday items such as picture frames, tree branches, or vintage drawers.

For example, repurpose an old picture frame by removing the glass and attaching hooks or pegs to the frame’s backing. Hang the frame on the wall, and you now have a beautiful and functional jewelry display.

Another fun idea is using tree branches. Find a sturdy branch in nature or purchase decorative branches from a craft store. Paint or stain the branch to match your room decor, then attach hooks or wires to hang your jewelry. This natural and rustic display adds a charming element to any space.

Maintaining and Caring for Hanging Jewelry

It’s not enough to simply hang your jewelry, you also need to take care of it to ensure its longevity. Proper maintenance and cleaning can help prevent damage and keep your pieces looking their best. Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for hanging jewelry:

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your jewelry regularly is key to keeping it in good condition. Dust, dirt, and oils from your skin can accumulate on the surface of the jewelry over time, causing it to lose its shine or even tarnish. To clean your jewelry, use a soft cloth or a gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for that type of metal or stone. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the jewelry.


Proper storage is essential for maintaining the quality of your hanging jewelry. When not in use, store necklaces, bracelets, and earrings individually in soft pouches or compartments to prevent them from tangling or scratching each other. You can also use small zip-top bags with anti-tarnish strips to protect silver jewelry from tarnishing.

Avoid Exposure

Protect your hanging jewelry from exposure to harsh elements that can cause damage. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming in chlorinated pools or hot tubs as chlorine can discolor certain metals and corrode gemstones. Similarly, remove jewelry before showering or bathing as soaps and shampoos can leave residue on the pieces. Additionally, expose delicate gemstones like pearls and opals to a minimum amount of sunlight as extended exposure can cause them to fade.

Professional Care

If you have valuable heirloom pieces or complex designs that require special attention, it may be wise to seek professional care at times. Jewelers have the tools and expertise to clean intricate settings, repair any damages, and restore the brilliance of your precious gems if needed.

By following these tips for maintaining and caring for hanging jewelry, you can ensure that your collection remains in excellent condition for years to come. Taking the time to clean, store properly, and avoid exposure to harmful elements will help preserve the beauty and value of your favorite pieces.


In conclusion, properly hanging jewelry not only adds organization and functionality to your space, but it also allows you to showcase your style and personality. By following the step-by-step guide in this article, you can create a DIY hanging jewelry display that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Assessing your space is a crucial first step in finding the best location for hanging jewelry. Consider the available wall space, lighting, and overall room decor to determine the most suitable area. Once you have chosen a location, gather the essential supplies needed for DIY jewelry hanging, such as hooks, rods, or frames. These supplies can be easily found at hardware stores or online retailers.

Preparing your jewelry before hanging is important for easy accessibility and organization. Take the time to sort and organize your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets according to length, style, or color. This will make it easier for you to select and hang your jewelry when creating your display.

Remember that creativity is key when displaying necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Experiment with different methods such as using decorative hooks or repurposing household items like picture frames or mesh grids as earring displays. Be sure to utilize wall space efficiently in small rooms by incorporating options like hanging organizers or vertical displays.

Lastly, maintaining and caring for hanging jewelry is essential for its longevity. Regularly dusting your displays and inspecting hooks or other hanging mechanisms will ensure that your jewelry remains secure and in good condition.

By following these guidelines, you can create a personalized DIY hanging jewelry display that not only showcases your style but also keeps your collection organized. So go ahead and unleash your creativity while adding functionality to your space with DIY hanging jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use as a jewelry hanger?

When it comes to finding alternatives for a jewelry hanger, there are several creative options you can consider. One popular choice is using a decorative tree branch. Find a sturdy and visually appealing branch, clean it thoroughly, and use it as a unique display for your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Another option is to repurpose items such as a vintage frame, corkboard, or pegboard by attaching hooks or small nails that can securely hold your jewelry. Additionally, you can use a wall-mounted coat rack or towel rod with hooks specifically designed for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

How can I hang my jewelry?

To effectively hang your jewelry, there are various methods you can employ. One practical way is to utilize decorative hooks or knobs mounted on the wall at different heights. This allows you to easily hang necklaces, bracelets, and even rings in an organized manner while adding visual appeal to your space.

You could also explore the idea of installing a wall-mounted jewelry organizer that often combines hooks with compartments for smaller accessories like earrings or rings. Alternatively, if drawer space is available near where you dress each day, consider placing small trays or dividers within the drawer to separate pieces, preventing tangling and providing easy access.

How do you hang a necklace without a jewelry box?

If you don’t have access to a jewelry box but still wish to hang your necklace without causing any damage or tangling them, there are some simple techniques you can try. One method involves using adhesive hooks stuck on the inside of your closet door or bedroom wall.

By attaching these hooks along with some space between them horizontally or vertically depending on the length of the necklace(s), you’ll be able to carefully drape your necklaces over the hooks without risking entanglement. Another option is using a removable adhesive putty like poster tack; simply shape this putty into small mounds on your chosen surface (again leaving enough space between), then press one end of each necklace lightly onto the putty so that it remains securely hung.