How To Hang Beaded Jewelry In Picture Frame

When it comes to hanging beaded jewelry in picture frames, there are several options. The most popular and classic method consists of simply tying the strands into a ring and screwing that onto the back of the picture frame. This is great if you want to create a classic boho look in your home.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to make holes in your wall or paint over any exposed nails, you can use a photo stand with adhesive hooks that allow for easy removal and installation of beaded pieces onto the inside of the frame.

Finally, if you would like something more intricate without having to commit to permanent alterations on walls or frames, consider using thin wires suspended from a wooden dowel rod between two points inside the frame and then strung through individual beads for a breathtaking effect.

In terms of choosing materials for your project, a simple string can suffice but if you tend to hang heavier pieces frequently, then thicker yarn or cord might better suit your needs. Additionally, while thread may seem more prone to knotting than wire or yarn, it will provide flexibility when arranging pieces as well as give an obvious appearance should it ever break due to wear and tear – allowing you to quickly repair any pieces.

Additionally waxed cotton is always great option as it’s very user friendly and naturally dyes with plants, minerals and other natural materials – perfect for those looking for color options.

No matter which option you choose all that matters is that they match your aesthetic preferences while allowing sufficient space between each bead so they can properly hang without straining too much. If tension is given too much importance at any point during the process due to excessive weight from the beads; your hanging device is likely going to fail after some time.

With this knowledge anyone looking into how to hang beaded jewelry in picture frames have now have all of the basics necessary for making informed decisions about their project.

Setting the Scene

To hang beaded jewelry in a picture frame all you will need are two identical frames with glass, string for hanging and for making the beads into a necklace. A flat backed frame, like an old-fashioned shadow box, is especially suitable because it has a space behind the glass to fit the necklace.

A nice selection of beads will brighten up any picture frame, but if you wish to create something unique choose semi-precious gemstones such as freshwater pearls or rose quartz.

Clear faceted glass beads also work well with jewelry to catch and reflect light in the frame. To prepare your project choose an appropriate length of jewelry string and add quite a few of the beads onto it in whatever design pattern that you’d like. The end of the cord can be tied off with a simple knot and passed through the small loop provided on the clasp attached at one end or use wire wrapping techniques if desired.

Creating Your Jewelry Piece – Expand further on how to make this beaded craft piece by talking about how long it should be and ways to preserve its quality after completion.

The size of your jewelry piece is really up to you – aim for something between 24 – 30 inches for hanging. When finished threading on all your desired beads cut off excess string off using scissors or wire cutters then slip this through either side of the clasp/clamp used at each end or secure it with crimp beads instead.

Make sure to test out your finished product before fitting it into the back of your chosen picture frame; adjust as needed (if strands are too loose re-tie them).

For longevity consider sealing your bead necklace by coating it with a spray sealant made specifically for jewelry making projects. This will help protect against dirt, dust and moisture damage while also preventing discolouration over time.

Inserting It Into The Picture Frame – Talk more about how much time it’ll take to properly insert the jewelr piece into its designated area as well as tips on other ways make sure its stabled installed inside.

Now that everything is ready, slide your completed necklace through one side of the loop attached onto its spokes so that when clipped together everything is snugly protected from slipping out or falling off (note: check what type of connectors were included in original purchase).

Now position both frames on either side in order to match up these holes perfectly with one another – this will take some patience but result coming quicker if taking very small steps when sliding each object together.

If necessary add extra adhesive such as glue dots onto inner edges once fitted together nicely before mounting frame using hooks or nails onto wall surface; save any extra clips from original spine assembly kit just incase needing reposition again at some point down line.

Last step is adding decorative touches around picture – items like ribbons wrapping up outside edge give extra colour highlight inside surrounding areas while also concealing enough area where joins between objects remain hidden while still holding securely place.

Measuring and Marking

It is important to take precise measurements when hanging beaded jewelry in a picture frame. Create evenly spaced displays by first measuring from the center of the frame to determine how many pieces can fit across the width and length of the frame. Then, measure from either side of the frame and mark those points onto the backing of the frame so you have an even spacing throughout.

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This will allow for consistent focusing on each piece rather than it being overcrowded or offset from one side compared to another. Also, ensure that every bead hangs in line and has enough space around it so all pieces are visible no matter where viewers stand or sit.

Attach Beads to Backing – Talk about what type of material could be used and further differentiate between single rows or multi-rows.

Next, attach your beads to a fabric or felt backing that can fit within your picture frame. A fabric like muslin or tulle is ideal as it’s lightweight and easy to cut into a shape that fits nicely with your frame while still having enough strength to hang each bead securely.

As you attach each bead, consider creating single rows or multiple rows that form patterns such as a chevron formation while keeping them hanging at a consistent distance apart from one another. Make sure too that all weights and sizes match if opting for multi-row arrangements in order for the overall look to be balanced correctly and aesthetically pleasing in its display.

Hanging Inside Frame – Describe how everything attaches together with screws, nails and other materials like velcro

Finally, hang your completed beaded necklace associated backing inside your chosen picture frame using nails, screws or strong adhesive like velcro – whichever option works best for you based on your specific materials need careful consideration before making any decisions. Take extra time laying out the materials beforehand so you know exactly what’s required for attaching without causing unnecessary damage since you may be working with glass frames which necessitates more caution as opposed to using plastic frames instead.

Once complete then step back and enjoy your creative handiwork.

Arranging the Beads

The first step when creating beaded jewelry is to arrange your beads. It can be fun to create a symmetrical pattern that provides an end result of equal beauty in each direction.

This will come in handy as you begin to hang your piece since it allows for easy placement of the hooks. By having the beads arranged ahead of time, you don’t need to guess where to place them and can ensure that they will all fit perfectly in the picture frame or display case.

Layering – Explain how working on multiple layers gives more depth and design to the piece

Attaching Hooks – Include tips on anchoring evenly spaced apart securely
To assemble each layer and hang them from a picture frame or display case, use individual hooks from a craft store. Make sure each hook is anchored into each bead securely ─ leaving enough room between them so they are evenly spaced apart when hung up on the wall.

Depending on the size of your project, you may want to use multiple hooks spread out across several points in order for it to support the weight correctly without compromising its structure in any way. Once complete, take a step back and admire how beautiful your creation turned out and wow family and friends.

Adding the Hooks

Hanging beaded jewelry in a picture frame is an excellent way to display and preserve treasured pieces. It also can add a unique decorative touch to any room in your home. To begin, you will need hooks of various sizes, as these will ensure that your jewelry is displayed correctly regardless of its weight.

The process of attaching the hooks is relatively simple: start by inserting the end that looks like a small screw into the image frame’s edges or, if this isn’t possible, insert it into one of the holes created for hanging your artwork (note: try to space them out evenly).

Once secure, attach wire from a thicker type of string to the hook using either a looped knot or a square knot; refer to diagrams and tutorials online if needed.

If you want an even more secure hook attachment and your hooks are not self-threaded, use heavy-duty adhesive instead – but only when necessary..

Once all your hooks have been attached firmly to the frame, it is time to hang up your jewelry pieces. Depending on their size and type, you may need additional traces of string or wire clipped onto each hook – make sure they are sturdy enough so that they can support the weight in case some pieces are heavier than usual.

This step may require varying techniques depending on how you want displaying speed wish: For instance, if individual chains are hung off each hook with small pieces of thread tying them together at the top along with clips separating each chain.

Alternatively, dangle multiple strands of jewelry together by threading them onto several sections of thicker string then securely attaching it to the one hook after which letting more G loops hang down accordingly will create an interesting layered display effect.

Do bear in mind that for bead necklaces you might find yourself needing two separate frames side by side because those tend to be quite massive items when placed horizontally; it should still be easy though since both frames should follow roughly similar setup steps mentioned above. Lastly remember safety first when it comes installation – make sure none children or pets can reach any dangling pieces around their faces neck level.

Final Touches

Adding the final touches to beaded jewelry that is placed in a picture frame can vary slightly depending on the design, shape, and size of the beads. For example, larger, round beads may need to be placed further apart from each other to balance out the design of the frame with its content. However, small, intricate detailing found in many beaded designs needs to have some degree of fluffing or adjusting in order for the design to be seen properly.

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First and foremost, start by holding up both side of the picture frame and check for any puzzle-piece looking spaces that feel empty or gaps that are undecorated. If any empty spaces are spotted these should receive extra attention during the next step of fluffing and arranging.

Focus on positioning where it is needed while being sure not to take away from any areas where major attention has been applied. This is typically accomplished best by spreading out smaller details such as tiny seed beads evenly across a section of necklace and pulling them more towards one another gently instead of pushing them into position all at once.

It is important when fluffing this type of jewelry in a picture frame to pay close attention to how different pieces flow together in terms harmony as well as aesthetically. When all sections have received adequate attention you can then choose to add one or two more items such as feathers and charms if desired.

Take a few steps back occasionally and re-examine your hard work for now spots that might need additional embellishment then don’t forget about putting the glass cover back over the completed product before hanging it on your wall.

Tips and Advice

Creating a beaded jewelry display in a picture frame is a fun and creative way to make use of your small accessories. With just a few steps and minimal materials, you can create an eye-catching decor item that doubles as both art and storage. Here’s how to do it.

First, select a picture frame. Make sure the frame is large enough to fit all of your beaded jewelry; most typical wall frames measure around 8×10 inches which are ideal for displaying smaller pieces of jewelry. Once you have the perfect size, remove any backing boards from the frame, turn it over so it is face down, then lay out your beaded jewelry on top with at least 1 inch between each piece.

Next, you should secure your beaded jewelry by hammering nails into the frame around each individual piece of jewelry. Before doing this step, be sure to double check the depth of each nail just to ensure that none of them protrude too far through the back side of the frame or into your jewelry pieces.

Also, if you’re feeling extra crafty try using a small scrap piece of paper as a template for where you would like each nail – this will help to keep everything aligned when hanging up multiple pieces in one framework. Finally, once all your nails are secured hang up your new decorative display using two picture-hanging strips along the backside – this will allow for easy removability whenever you need access to any individual pieces.

In conclusion, creating a decorative beaded jewelry display in a picture frame is easy and fun – plus it allows for more creativity beyond hanging random objects on blank walls. By following these easy steps and tips you can easily have beautiful and functional storage solution that also makes great wall art.


Hanging beaded jewelry in picture frames is a timeless and rewarding craft project. Whether you’re hanging one of your own handmade jewelry pieces as a way to preserve the memory of its creation or placing a special piece by another artist in the frame to admire, this type of craft project can bring beauty and depth to any décor or environment.

When it comes to creating this project, the first step is selecting materials that will fit well together. The size and scale of the frame should be in proportion with the size of whatever jewelry piece you are planning on hanging.

If your item is too large for the frame, clipping out some of the excess material at either end can help create balance without having to look for a new frame. An oversized piece also makes for an interesting asymmetrical design if you want to make something unique.

The second step is stringing the beaded item onto twine or thread, making sure there’s enough excess string on either side so that you can easily attach it to a pre-drilled hole in the backside of the frame when it comes time.

You might also consider adding decorations such as tassels or ribbons along with soft backings like felt fabric which offer additional color and texture options as well as protecting your artwork from scratches and dirt while they’re being displayed and stored.

Overall, hanging beaded jewelry in picture frames is an exceptionally simple process that works especially well with items made out of naturally vibrant materials such as beads, crystals, or fabric. Be mindful when selecting both your frame and your jewelry subject so that you end up with an attractive display piece that truly stands out.

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