History Of White Jewelry Company

The White Jewelry Company has quite the iconic history. It was founded in 1845 by Jonathan White, who created the company out of his passion for crafting fine jewelry pieces. From its inception right up to modern day, it is renowned for its luxury designs and timeless craftsmanship. Since Jonathan’s initial ambition to produce exquisite items with artistry and skill, generations of ownership followed with much dedication to creating quality over quantity gems set in precious metals.

Early Years – Cover anything about the first several decades In the early years, White Jewellery was an immediate success. He quickly gained followers due to his unique eye-catching designs that were of exceptional caliber.

Young Jonathan polished each piece until it sparkled with beauty and heability and then finished by setting the stones into precious metals using traditional techniques like hammering or stamping by hand. Over the next few decades word spread throughout Europe and they opened additional stores in Paris, Rome and beyond.

Middle Years – Explain what happened during this time period By mid-century The White Jewelry Company had become one of Europe’s premier providers of high quality fashioned jewelry. They continued to use many traditional processes that were passed down through the generations; as well as introducing cutting edge technologies to ensure their products met modern standards stamped on their platinum necklaces and gold bracelets to guarantee its authenticity for customers.

They launched a premium hair accessory line where each piece included 20 karat gold inset stones extracted from mines locally owned and operated around that time period in Europe as well.

Recent Years – Talk about current developments at the company Fast forward into current times; The White Jewelry Company has kept true to what made them successful all those years ago: craftsmanship experts join forces with technology focused engineers which result in stunning results everytime no matter what type of item you may be looking for.

Their collections are developed without outsourcing any aspect, so from design planning right up until production’s end – each item is carefully crafted by skilled hands ensuring flaws are non existent amidst luxurious goods.

Committing themselves even further, The White Jewelry Company also partnered with female-owned organizations located around developing countries which promote environmental sustainability as well as economic growth initiatives through job proliferation within various towns (and beyond).

History of White Jewelry Company

The White Jewelry Company was established in the early 1900s by a small group of passionate artisans and jewelers. The company’s original mission was to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients, who admired their craftsmanship and attention to detail. Over the years, the business slowly began to grow as more people became aware of the high quality jewelry that was being made.

In the 1930s, the company expanded its product line to include a wider selection of styles and designs. They also started using new materials such as gold and sterling silver in order to create unique and beautiful pieces for customers around the world.

It was during this time that they became known as “The White Jewelry Company” due to their pristine white diamond engagement rings that were a hit with everyone who saw them. This era saw many other firsts for White Jewelry; they opened up shop on the illustrious Fifth Avenue in New York City, becoming one of the first major jewelry companies in the city.

The business continued its growth into modern times as they added new lines of exquisitely crafted fine jewelry items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and more. Through strategic partnerships with leading retailers and ecommerce stores all across America, The White Jewelry Company has also established an online presence allowing more customers than ever before access to their products.

Furthermore, they now have a larger staff including talented gemologists who work diligently on creating some of the finest pieces you can find in any corner or country around planet earth today.

Significant Milestones

1) White Jewelry Company has been on the forefront of luxury jewelry design since it first opened in 1814.

2) Founded by Al von White, the company initially created custom pieces for wealthy customers living in nearby towns.

3) Since then, the company has received numerous awards and recognitions for their designs.

  • 1902: Received The Grand Duke Award from Russia’s top society of royalty.
  • 1914: Commissioned to create jewelry for Queen Mary’s coronation ceremony.
  • 1965: Recognized as one of the best jewelers in Europe by Lux magazine.
  • 1985: Hired as Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jeweler.
  • 2006: Created a royal collection for Monaco’s Prince Albert II at his request.

Success Through Generations

Since its inception, White Jewelry Company has continued to rise in popularity due to its unique style and craftsmanship. The fourth generation of White took on the challenge of leading the business toward a new direction in 1978, following founder Al von White’s passing.

This generation introduced more modern pieces to their repertoire and provided cutting-edge designs that were both fashionable and exquisite. This shift allowed them to obtain additional contracts and increase production levels significantly beyond what was originally thought possible.

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Their success can also be attributed to their long-standing commitment to innovation. Every year, each member of their team devotes their time and resources to finding new ways to create exceptional pieces – experimenting with stones, metals, shapes, and textures – ensuring that they remain ahead of trends while maintaining true timelessness in their works. They also have a history of collaborating with renowned designers on exclusive collections for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries.

Going Digital

In 2018, recognizing that technology is increasingly impacting society as well as how people shop and acquire products, the White family decided it was time to expand into digital markets. With this new initiative they launched an online platform aimed at making purchasing jewelry easier and more convenient for customers all over the world.

Additionally, they established an app where users could follow updates regarding new releases or special offers given throughout certain seasons With this ground-breaking move into digital markets, White Jewelry Company continues grow exponentially with no signs stopping them any time soon.

Unique Impact

The White Jewelry Company has been a leader in the jewelry industry since it was established in 1864. Founded by John White, a master silversmith, the company grew quickly by focusing on high quality jewellery using the finest materials and craftsmanship available. Through its dedication to excellence, the White Jewelry Company quickly established a reputation for creating stylish and contemporary designs that stood out from the competition.

While many jewelers at that time focused on traditional styles such as gold, silver and diamonds, White led the industry with innovative approaches to design. He embraced new mass-producing techniques by introducing technology such as electroplating and die stamping techniques to streamline production. This allowed him to cut costs while still offering customers quality products at competitive prices. By doing so, he changed the direction of the jewelry industry in terms of style and production methods.

White also had a knack for understanding current fashion trends and recognizing what customers were looking for at any given moment. He incorporated modern elements into his pieces like glass or enamel decoration on already familiar forms like signet rings or pendants.

In fact, many of his pieces are cited as having elements of Art Nouveau architecture which made them popular during that time period even today. With his forward-thinking approach, he managed to create designs which still inspire contemporary jewellers alike.

  • John White’s mastery of silversmithing provided exceptional quality in jewellery.
  • He introduced electroplating and die stamping techniques that enabled mass production.
  • White was forward thinking with incorporating modern style elements to classic pieces.
  • Art Nouveau architecture influenced many of his creations.

Contributions to the Industry

The White Jewelry Company first opened its doors in 1868, and has since become one of the longest running jewelry companies in history. Founded by two brothers, Henry and Martin White, the company began operations as a local store on Long Island, New York selling only the finest diamonds and gemstones available.

As it grew in popularity among the wealthier classes of the area, the Whites began to expand their gallery to include accessories such as pins and pendants with diamond settings. The White brothers also began to create custom pieces for individual clients; although due to high demand, they were unable to keep up with these orders and eventually focused on selling already-made pieces from their main location.

In addition to building out physical stores throughout major cities across America, White Jewelry Company’s influence also resonates beyond public eyes. They are known for pioneering new methods of production that allowed them to produce quality pieces at significantly lower costs than competing businesses at the time. This dramatically shifted how other jewelry companies looked at their supply chain processes and made them rethink how they could manufacture higher-end products more affordably.

Furthermore, White Jewelry Company’s dedication to designing fine jewelry that’s rooted in traditional craftsmanship set a high standard that others sought after; making it a long lasting inspiration across generations of jewelers all over the world. Many famous pieces such as brooches or cufflinks remain iconic symbols closely tied with the brand today.

Not only was Henry and Martin responsible for introducing practical manufacturing processes into jewelry crafting but they were also avid art aficionados deeply invested in modernism during their era.

The brothers purchased works from famous artists who would have otherwise been unrecognizedby mainstream society yet showcased in their galleries for locals appreciate such talentand recognize its value.Their business accurately reflects their unique combination of expertise with creative design approaches alongside conservative business principles which has maintained itself until today – after more than 150 years later.

Popular Products

White Jewelry Company was established in 1893 and is one of the oldest traditions in the fashion jewelry industry. For over a century, the brand has been delivering high-end designs that are always up-to-date with current trends – from earrings to pendants, these timeless pieces are inspired by modern life while still staying true to White Jewelry Company’s classic roots.


White Jewelry Company earrings range from subtle studs to statement chandelier pieces that draw attention to your unique style. Delicate, yet daring, White Jewelry Company pieces evoke an air of elegance and style that is perfect for any occasion. Recently they have made a particular focus on sustainable materials such as recycled metals and sustainably sourced gemstones. Their wide range of earrings ensures you can find something stylish but still trendy enough for whatever look you’re going for.

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Rings have become an increasingly popular jewelry staple for women and men alike, and White Jewelry Company offers some of the finest rings today in the form of wedding bands, engagement rings, friendship rings and more. Distinguished yet subtle designs are one of White Jewelry Company’s hallmarks when it comes to rings; their attention to detail is what sets them apart from other brands as they never forget a single sketching or engraving that adds personality to every piece.

Each ring is handcrafted with top-tier materials so you can be sure of its quality assurance without losing sight on being fashionable.

Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces make a powerful statement whether it’s delicate or bold – luckily, White Jewelry Company has both options available in their comprehensive collection. From chokers to sweetheart necklaces and modern geometric pendents – their necklaces feature captivating designs suitable for day or night wear without sacrificing quality materials that will last through time no matter how often they’re worn.

If you want a truly special item, White Jewelry also specializes in custom work which allows customers to design their own dream necklace with complete coverage on material sourcing and craftsmanship.

Behind the Scenes

The White Jewelry Company traces its roots to the tail end of the 19th century when Stephan White established the family-run business in 1895. The business has since grown and flourished into a successful company, producing some of the world’s finest jewelry for over a century.

It all started with Stephan’s sheer passion for jewellery making. With only basic tools like pliers and files, he started crafting pieces for his loyal customers with utmost attention to detail. Trading initially out of his back garden, Stephan’s hard work paid off as he received more and more orders from across the country.

He then moved into adapted stables close by to cope up with the increasing demand. As time passed unsurprisingly, Stephen expanded his little workshop into a full-fledged manufacturing unit where several generations of talented jewellers worked together diligently over the years to make this company one of its kind in quality and craftsmanship.

Today, White Jewelry continues to feed that same passion ignited by Stephan’s initial spark into the hearts of entire families who grapple with creative ideas and transform them into aesthetically pleasing fine jewelry pieces made with meticulous care that last for generations. Through their customer stories and experiences shared on social media platforms, they continue to celebrate craftsmanship while sharing technical features of each piece they create that go beyond ‘just aesthetics’ but tell meaningful stories too.

From a backstory behind their engraved rings which narrates days gone by or funny moments shared between two people who have exchanged unique customizable locksmith keychains or delicate pendants that embrace life through gemstones embedded in them – there is an array of stories presented beautifully crafted jewelry items created from old-world artisanship combined with modern technology at White Jewelry Company.


White Jewelry Company has been creating unique, handcrafted jewelry pieces since 1997. Located in the heart of Tuscon, Arizona, White Jewelry Company was founded by two visionary jewelry artisans who developed the business from a small shop to eventually become a world-renowned manufacturer of fine jewelry. From its humble beginnings, the company quickly grew in popularity due to its exquisite craftsmanship and eye-catching designs that seamlessly blended traditional with modern looks.

White Jewelry Company currently offers an extensive range of products for every customer’s needs, from precious metals such as gold and silver to fashionable pieces like titanium and platinum. Additionally, customers can select from a wide selection of gems ranging from diamonds, sapphires to emeralds or birth stones while having their favorite piece custom created or crafted with a special engraving.

What is so remarkable about White Jewelry Company is the combination of these different elements that come together to create truly stunning works of art.

White Jewelry Company looks forward to the future where it will continue to provide customers around the world with quality handcrafted pieces that showcase their individual style and personality. By focusing on capturing its values – creativity, beauty and perfection – in each one of its products, White Jewelry Company strives to be a leader in ingenuity and always deliver timeless pieces that customers cherish for years to come.

With this outlook on what they can achieve as well as the technology at their disposal, shoppers can rest assured they are getting only the best when they purchase from White Jewelry Company.