History Of Lagos Jewelry

The history of Lagos jewelry began in 1977 with Steven Lagos, a Philadelphia-based jeweler. Before the introduction of his namesake jewelry line, he was highly regarded for making classic pieces featuring diamonds and precious gems. Lagos’s mission was to create timeless jewelry designs that would last generations and stand the test of time.

His skill at blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design earned him a loyal following amongst celebrities and politicians alike. Soon, Lagos transformed from an artisanal craftsman to a leading manufacturer of fine jewelry, with each creation becoming an elegant expression of his passion for innovation.

Today, Lagos remains one of the premier names in high quality fashion jewelry designs, thanks to the brand’s dedication to excellence and commitment to creating unexpected yet attractive pieces. The collection emphasizes balance between simplicity and opulence by bringing elements like architectural angles and curves in harmony with nature-inspired embellishments and modern shapes.

Stepping away from blingy trends, Lagos has created subtlety and sophistication through its use of luxurious materials such as sterling silver or solid 14K yellow gold adorned with diamond accents, gemstones or pearls. Its stunning silhouettes can take you through any occasion from everyday wear to special events while still preserving its ageless appeal.

Lagos is also committed to providing their customers with impeccable service while creating lasting memories. From custom orders crafted exclusively for a special person in your life to interactive experiences built around learning about gemstones or diamonds; they provide multiple services that add value beyond just shopping – inspiring special moments shared between friends and family. With ease of mobile consultations along with effortless online shopping process customers can purchase their desired piece without ever stepping out the door.

History of Lagos Jewelry

Lagos jewelry has always been known for its elegance and timelessness. Over the years, it has also become a status symbol for those in the fashion industry who can afford to purchase these unique pieces. The origin of Lagos jewelry began over five hundred years ago when Portuguese explorers first came to Nigeria and brought with them precious stones and metals.

This jewelry was then traded with African kingdoms and later adopted by kings and other nobles as distinct symbols of their status. Since then, Lagos jewelry has become synonymous with luxurious style, quality craftsmanship, and exquisite textures.

The modern form of Lagos jewelry began in 1973 when a man named Steven Cooper established the now-famous brand of fine luxury jewelry. He adapted traditional Nigerian designs into original pieces and sourced high-quality gems from around the world that showcased the richness of African culture. His visionary spirit set a standard for creative excellence that continues today with each piece crafted to perfection under his watchful eye.

The popularity of this type of jewelry skyrocketed in the 1970s when many new fashion designers entered the market, using Lagos’ exquisite pieces as inspiration for bold statement looks for women around the world. From celebrities to everyday fashionistas, everyone knew what it meant if you wore a piece from Lagos: You had arrived in style.

Soon after, more modern interpretations combined precious metals with light-catching gemstones such as diamonds or rubies to give an even more luminous look for all occasions.

Timeline Of Lagos Jewelry

  • 15th century – Portuguese explorers bring precious stones and metals to Nigeria
  • 1973 – Steven Cooper launches his pioneering line of luxury Lagos Jewelry
  • 1970s – Fashion designers start using Lagos pieces as sources of inspiration for bold statement looks
  • 1980s onwards – Modern interpretations incorporate precious metals with light catching gemstones like diamonds and rubies.

Influences Behind Lagos Jewelry

The history of Lagos Jewelry stretches back centuries and is the product of innovators, artisans and craftspeople. From the time the ancient Yoruba-speaking people settled in Nigeria’s greatest city, they have produced beautiful craftworks that decorated their homes and celebrated important events.

Recognized by its hallmark use of curved edges and fish-scale designs, the style of Lagos Jewelry has been developed over generations to combine old traditions with modern materials. Folklore tells us that Yoruba rulers would carry intricate coral jewelry as a symbol of power or prestige. While some pieces were heavily adorned with gemstones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies, coral often served as the primary element.

A mixture of artistic expression and cultural influences have ultimately shaped Lagos Jewelry. This includes:

  1. Significant cultural symbols – geometric patterns are especially popular because they represent protection from negative energies.
  2. Mixture of materials used – Gold is most commonly used due to its durability but silver, copper and brass allure are frequently added for decorative effect.
  3. Incorporation of traditional African beads – Cut glass beads function as a representation of heritage by connecting wearers to an ancient tradition.
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Though different versions of this type of jewelry existed centuries ago, it wasn’t until recently that Lagos Jewelry achieved global popularity. With world-renowned fashion houses like Louis Vuitton incorporating these bold pieces into collections, more brands are combining advanced technology with indigenous art forms to create unique designer jewelry with unbeatable quality.

Occasions Celebrated with Lagos Jewelry

Lagos jewelry is an exquisite type of craftsmanship that originated in Nigeria, emerging right in the heart of West Africa centuries ago and remaining beloved by enthusiasts ever since. For hundreds of years, Lagos jewelry has been used to commemorate all types of special occasions, but it still rises to the top when wanting to create a personal connection or honor someone at a party or life event.


Birthday bracelets are a classic use for Lagos pieces, with several different designs and shapes available. Choose from cuffs with semi-precious stones and intricate designs or simple silver cuffs that bring an understated elegance – both would be perfect for sending your best wishes and showing someone how much you care. Alternately, treat yourself to something extra special like an eternity ring or a stackable bangle that comes in every color imaginable, with each one custom designed just for you.


For weddings, choose to give necklaces made with precious stones such as diamonds or pearls, they are timeless gifts that say “I love you” forever. Alternatively pick from exclusive earrings set with polished gemstones crafted by expert artisans. If the happy couple prefers necklaces that aren’t too heavy on their day-to-day look, then try out something small like a delicate locket necklace featuring bright sapphires incorporated into its design.


Going off to college? Rewards your graduate with Lagos jewelry. Start them off on the right foot by gifting them one of the newest styles of stackable bangles layered up in a range of gorgeous colors that can be dressed up or down depending on how reflective they feel on their big day. To make it even more meaningful have your graduate’s initials engraved onto their bangle along with an inspirational quote they can keep close to their heart.

Types of Lagos Jewelry

Lagos jewelry has been known for its captivating color, texture, and style since its creation in 1977. The Lagos company has grown from the founder’s original vision into an internationally recognized brand. No matter if it is day or night, the pieces of Lagos jewelry are guaranteed to make a statement. Every piece is crafted with skill and care down to the smallest details.

Lagos jewelry uses a variety of materials such as gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstones. Gold pieces are available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold with karat options ranging from 10k-18k.

Silver pieces are produced using both sterling silver and palladium platinum allowing for limitless design possibilities while staying timelessly stylish. Diamonds never go out of style and Lagos gives watch owners the perfect combination of meticulous attention to detail with hand selected diamonds to ensure the highest quality piece every time.

For those who prefer a touch more color than the traditionally colored metals, learn about all of the unique gemstones found when shopping for jewelry made by Lagos. With such luxurious tones as petal pink topaz, ocean blue turquoise, navy Jasperite stones among many others, you will be sure to find something special fitting your individual style perfectly.

  • Materials used in production: Gold (yellow gold, rose gold & White gold), Silver (sterling silver & Palladium Platinum), Diamonds and Gemstones (Petal Pink Topaz, Ocean Blue Turquoise & Navy Jasperite).
  • Daytime pieces: White Gold with Petal Pink Topaz accents.
  • Nighttime pieces: Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold with Black Diamonds.

Notable Pieces

  • Sterling Silver Classics: These designs are simple yet timeless. Sterling silver items from the Lagos collection range from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants
  • Lagos Caviar: Comprised of 18 karat gold and diamonds; Caviar designs by Lagos follow a simple but highly sophisticated look to give any outfit a glamorous touch.
  • Icon Collection: Pieces crafted in sterling silver with semi-precious stones feature antiqued details inspired by artistic influences from around the world.
  • Diamond Essentials: With expertise in crafting diamond jewelry pieces of exceptional flawlessness, Lagos presents a fine selection of diamond jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

History Of Lagos Jewelry

Lagos is a well-known jewelry brand that has been crafting stunning pieces since 1977. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to creating stylish and luxurious fine jewelry perfect for every occasions. Over the years, Lagos has enjoyed immense success as their unique creations remain popular among customers all over the world. From plush department stores to small boutiques located in major cities throughout the US and Europe, you will find authentic Lagos pieces everywhere.

History of Making Art Out of Old Jewelry

The brand offers a wide variety of collections that each contain breathtaking pieces crafted with skilled excellence. Examples include Sterling Silver Classics which offer timeless pieces ranging from necklaces to earrings; Lagos Caviar which feature eighteen karat gold along with diamonds; Icon Collection featuring sterling silver crafted with semi-precious stones; and Diamond Essentials which showcase expertly crafted diamond jewells like earrings, necklaces or pendants.

Regardless of what collection you choose each piece adds an element of sophistication and charm to your wardrobe.

When shopping for jewelry from Lagos you can always trust that you will receive top quality pieces as they consistently exceed industry standards on their craftsmanship, authenticity and durability of materials used such as eighteen karats gold and precious gems like sapphires or diamonds. Each item also comes with a complimentary certificate of authenticity guaranteeing its value should you ever want to repair it or resell it at a later date.

Popularity Surge in Recent Decades

Lagos jewelry began as a family business in Nigeria in the 1970s. Founders Steven Lagos and his wife Sybil introduced unique collections of handmade jewelry to the market, focusing on quality craftsmanship and intricate designs inspired by the culture of Africa. These earliest creations were crafted out of 14K gold and sterling silver. Over time, they expanded their product lineup to include 14K yellow, white and rose gold pieces, as well as gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires.

In recent decades, Lagos jewelry has exploded in popularity due to increased demand and social media exposure. Although the company’s philosophy remains rooted in quality materials and strong customer service, they have also adapted to changing consumer demands in order to gain more visibility worldwide.

For example, since customers now prefer light weight yet durable designs with a modern twist, Lagos has begun producing pieces using titanium or 18K gold for extra strength. Similarly, their design team innovates with alternative metals like palladium or chrome plating for various effect combinations.

Social media platforms like Instagram have been key drivers of the brand’s growth over the past few years. The platform is used to showcase creations by upcoming “Lagosists” – influencers from around the globe who wear designer pieces from Steven Lagos himself or lesser-known collaborations between him and other artists specializing in jewelry production and art form technologies like CAD/CAM design implementation (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing).

What’s more, official pages on various websites provide accessible information regarding pricing, shipping policies, warranties and stores that carry exclusive Lagos products across countries; thus introducing potential new markets to the brand name on an international level.

Realism in Lagos Jewelry

Since 1977, Lagos Jewelry has characterized its brand with a signature look of timeless, clean modern lines and an authenticity of precious metals and gemstones. In perhaps their most popular collection, Caviar, the jewelry is created with small sized caviar beads of silver or gold which are individually wire wrapped together to appear as one continuous piece. This 18K gold metalwork allows for a deep and lively texture playing off the colors of the stones.

The Caviar Collection exemplifies the true craftsmanship of Lagos Jewelry. As opposed to casting which is simply pouring liquid metal into molds to form objects, all Lagos jewelry involves techniques perfected by master artisans who combine handcrafting and computer technology.

The name Lagos implies this artist-driven quality; in Portuguese it means “lakes” or “pools” that are roped off for handcrafted detail – much like the beads in the collection which will never be exactly identical due to each artisan’s individual touches.

The branding for Lagos takes a unique effect in its minimalism compared to other jewelry brands. It puts itself ahead as corporate but still personable, simple yet luxurious solutions by following along with trends but not quite leading them.

Every piece conveys distinguishable emotion and ties into their message that you can express yourself through fashion while staying sophisticated. With prominent social media presence such as Instagram @lagosjewelry they continue to create campaigns with hopes of engaging customers through intriguing imagery and videos that invoke emotion-focused story-telling ensuring that those who come across their compositions create a stronger connection with the product line.