History Of Two Sisters Jewelry

The history of Two Sisters Jewelry dates back to 2005, when sisters Lauren and Ashley Clark created the brand. Both had a love for jewelry and a passion for creating beautiful pieces from a unique perspective. As avid travelers, they also admired diverse cultures and sought inspiration in different customs from around the world. Initially, their jewelry was predominately handmade using glass beads and natural stones gathered on their worldly adventures.

As demand grew, they began to incorporate metal work into their pieces when business partner Darin joined the fledgling company as the head designer. It wasn’t just the designs that evolved; the duo used social media to reach out to customers far beyond their native Los Angeles base and gain an influential following – including high-profile celebrities.

This level of support combined with their unique collections enabled Two Sisters Jewelry to grow into what it is today: one of the most recognizable fine-jewelry names on the market.

Today they produce everything from layered necklaces dripping in colorful stones to lightweight yet luxurious stackable rings – which are some of their most iconic pieces. Their product range has most certainly extended since its beading beginnings, although two things have remained constant over those 15 years: innovative approach to design and seasonal releases full of soulful beauty from around the world – all true reflections of those two talented sisters; Lauren and Ashley Clark.

Customer Stories

Two Sisters Jewelry (TSJ) has been revolutionizing the jewelry industry since it was founded 15 years ago. They specialize in hand crafted jewelry made from recycled metals and precious gemstones from all around the world. TSJ is more than just a jewelry company, they have become beloved around the globe for creating classic timeless pieces that are meaningful to the people who wear them.

For many customers, wearing TSJ evokes a sense of pride and connection. It’s not simply about fashion but more importantly about telling a personal story through the jewelry you wear. Here are some inspiring customer stories that showcase how Two Sisters Jewelry has brought meaning into the lives of people wearing their pieces:

  • Christine, an avid surfer, was gifted her first Two Sisters bracelets by her partner when she moved abroad for a year long surf adventure. Christine said “The bracelets reminded me of my home, my friends and family back in Australia; every time I saw them on my wrist it put a huge smile on my face”.
  • Tanya had always wanted to get a necklace with each of her childrens’ names engraved but thought it would be unaffordable – until she came across Two Sisters Jewelry. She loves how special it makes her feel to be able to keep all of her kids close to her heart and even includes all their birthstones too.
  • Andrew missed his grandmother dearly after she passed away however wearing his grandmother’s locket gave him comfort knowing that he had something so special connected with her memory. Two Sisters Customize Engraving Services allowed Andrew to engrave on his grandmother’s locket “Grandma, you’re always with me” – a beautiful tribute he could carry around wherever he goes.

Exemplary Customers

The Two Sisters Jewelry company has a long history of producing beautiful handmade jewelry for customers of all walks of life, going as far back as 19th century France. They’ve become especially famous for crafting unique pieces using glass, copper, and sterling silver, highlighted by rare gems from around the world.

Throughout the years, Two Sisters Jewelry has been worn by some very notable people, including royals and celebrities. While the list of these notable wearers is too lengthy to display here in its entirety, here are a few examples that have put spotlight on the company’s storied legacy:

  • The Duchess of Cambridge first wore a delicate glass necklace from Two Sisters during her visit to Canada in 2011.
  • In 2012 Princess Caroline of Monaco was seen wearing a matching set of earrings crafted from rare sapphires.
  • R&B star Rihanna donned one of their exquisite chokers made out of various emerald cuts while performing in New York City.
  • Renowned Hollywood actor Idris Elba recently attended the BAFTA’s with a pair of signature copper cufflinks from Two Sisters.

These examples just barely scratch the surface when it comes to all the amazing people who have graced us not only with their presence but also with our jewelry. Some other public figures that can be seen sporting our jewelry are fashion designer Victoria Beckham, famous singer-songwriter John Legend and actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Rare Pieces

Two Sisters Jewelry began in 1995 when two sisters, Lena and Gina Chaplin, decided to combine their love of jewelry, craftsmanship, and passion for creating the perfect gift. From genuine gemstones to precious metals, they have crafted a variety of exquisite jewelry pieces that delight all who wear them. Together with a team of talented designers and artisans, Two Sisters Jewelry has been creating unique accessories for almost 25 years.

The original focus was on fashioning delicate silver jewelry pieces combined with finely detailed designs. Their collection then evolved further into incorporating sterling silver, 18K gold plating, and genuine gemstones.

Each design is individually crafted with great attention to detail and quality materials making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. In addition to their standard collections, Two Sisters also offers rare and hard to find pieces that will surely be appreciated by the lucky wearer or collector.

Apart from their many beautiful collections based in the United States they have developed an international presence. Crafted in sterling silver, gold plated creations and genuine gemstone rings are just some of the limited edition pieces available throughout Europe as well as North America and Canada. Special attention is taken in every piece brought forth by Two Sisters Jewelry whether it is available domestically or internationally – you always know it’s a high quality product made out of love.

Two Sisters Jewelry has worked tirelessly over the past couple decades to refine their craftsmanship so customers can always find something comfortable enough to wear daily as well as exceptional heirloom quality pieces that rival fine jewlers around the world. Whether it’s customizing solitaire Diamond engagement rings or fashioning timeless celtic knot necklaces each piece is designed with longevity in mind accompanied with unique modern touches making it truly special.

Event Attendance

Two Sisters Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand that has gained widespread notoriety over the past several years. By engaging with events, attending conferences, and appearing on major platforms such as runway shows and award ceremonies Two Sisters Jewelry has expanded their presence through being a constant feature of the luxury market.

Recently, the company has focused more on their attendance at professional events, networking and marketing meetings, and jewelry-related conferences in order to make key connections in the industry that could help them grow their business. In addition to these kinds of events, they have also taken part in celebrity red carpet appearances like awards ceremonies such as The Academy Awards.

At such events, Two Sisters Jewelry’s most luxurious products have been seen accompanying some of the world’s biggest stars.

Two Sisters Jewelry also frequently attends numerous craft fairs where local entrepreneurs are able to showcase their brand with distinguished guests. By participating in these types of events, Two Sisters Jewely are able to gain exposure by establishing relationships with potential customers and other brands who may work closely with them in the future.

Furthermore, they have taken part in multiple fashion weeks over the last few years where their designs are presented among some of fashion’s leading trend-setters They often collaborate with designers behind these shows creating unique pieces (pieces that sometimes don’t even appear available for sale afterward). This gives customers an exclusive taste for what’s upcoming from the brand while adding prestige to a carefully curated collection from elite creators in the process.

Making a Difference

Two Sisters Jewelry has a long and storied history of making an impact around the world. From its beginnings as a small family business to its current status as a major jewelry manufacturer, Two Sisters has been changing people’s lives everywhere it goes. Here’s a look at what makes Two Sisters Jewelry so special:

  • Two Sisters began as a jewelry shop in Lima, Peru in 1995. It was founded by sisters Maria and Soledad Espinosa.
  • The first collections the sisters made were sold to high-end retailers throughout Peru.
  • In 2001, Two Sisters launched Porcelain Collection, becoming one of the few producers of handmade ceramic jewelry worldwide.

Two Sisters Jewelry’s global success is due to their commitment to providing ethical and sustainable products that are ethically sourced and produced. All of their pieces are created using an artisanal process that involves using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones whenever possible. They also strive for fair wages for their workers, reinvest profits into conservation projects, and educate people on the importance of responsible production practices.

Two Sisters’ efforts have been recognized all over the world with numerous awards including Eco-Fashion Week’s Ethical Fashion Award and Spain’s International Award for Integrity Inside Social Enterprises. The company has also become an important part of luxury retail network Henri Bendel, being featured in stores across North America including flagships in Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Beverly Hills, New York City and Toronto.

History of Beloved Life Jewelry

Thanks to Two Sisters growing popularity among consumers both locally and globally, they have been able to donate more than $500K USD annually towards various global conservation efforts such as clean water initiatives in Peru or reforestation initiatives in India. In addition to these initiatives they also sponsor yearly research trips where students from local universities can work closely with communities impacted by climate change on research projects focused on finding solutions for environmental issues facing them today.

Behind the Curtain

Two Sisters Jewelry is a small company that has been around since 1969. It was founded by two sisters who had a passion for creating beautiful jewelry and accessories. The company focuses on using recycled materials to create unique and sustainable items, while upholding ethical business practices.

The production process at Two Sisters Jewelry involves both handmade and machine-made pieces. All of their products go through rigorous quality checks before being packaged and shipped out. Their commitment to quality is reflected in their attention to detail when it comes to crafting intricate designs with materials sourced from all over the world.

Every step of Two Sisters Jewelry’s production process follows strict guidelines set forth by the Fair Trade Federation. This non-profit organization’s main goal is to promote fair trade practices in global markets, such as ensuring that workers are paid living wages and given access to safe working conditions.

  • Two Sisters Jewelry has been producing high-quality handmade jewelry and accessories since 1969.
  • Their production process consists of both handmade and machine-made pieces with rigorous quality checks.
  • By sourcing materials from around the world, they create intricate designs.
  • The company upholds ethical business practices by following strict guidelines set forth by the Fair Trade Federation.

Collection Highlights

Two Sisters Jewelry is a major jewelry brand renowned for its elegant designs and ethically sourced materials. founded in 1978 by two sisters, Lily and Daisy Kinelmeier, the brand has grown to international fame with stores across the globe. The signature style of Two Sisters Jewelry is immediately recognizable with its intricate detailing and craftsmanship. Over the past four decades, the brand has created stunningly beautiful collections that feature fine metals, precious stones, and artistry unique to their vision.

The latest collection from Two Sister’s Jewelry brings their beautifully intricate designs to life in new ways. Their collections draw upon classic pieces that can transform an outfit or act as the finishing touches for modern fashion statements.

This newest collection includes pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings, all made with shining sterling silver or colorful rare gemstones. These magnificent items have been enriched with dazzling diamonds or shimmering cz stones making them pure luxury for those special occasions such as engagements or formal events.

The beauty of Two Sister’s Jewelry lies in its classic elegance combined with contemporary details that make each piece unique. They use traditional silversmith techniques passed down through generations to create pieces with character and characterise provenance behind them which are produced by the most seasoned craftsmen from around the world who have devoted their whole lives into becoming experts in this field.

This means that each item comes with its own distinct story of creation, age-old tradition and rich culture – something which isn’t readily available on cheaper counterfeit copies widely sold online today.

Every piece from Two Sisters Jewelry has been designed from scratch taking months of painstaking work from a selection of small family businesses around the world just perfection it – second to none quality ensuring not just so much aesthetic perfection but also quality assurance every step off way too even reach customers hands correctly untouched perfect condition.

This is something most modern fast-paced jewellery brands struggle to obtain while striving all-out quality control speeds up production processes at all costs.

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