Van Dell Corporation History Of Van Dell Jewelry

The Van Dell Corporation is one of the oldest and most renowned names in the world of jewelry, with a proud history that stems from as far back as 1943. Established in Rapid City, South Dakota by Joseph W Van dell Sr., the company immediately made a name for itself for creating beautiful jewelry creations all crafted from being high quality sterling silver, 14 karat and 18 karat gold.

Throughout its 77 years of business, Van Dell has racked up numerous awards and accolades – both nationally and globally – which highlights their level of skill and craftsmanship within their designs.

Production – Bringing Designs To Life With Skill

When it comes to producing reliable pieces, the secret to their success lies within the workmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry. Van Dell’s jewellers are experienced professionals who are highly experienced in hand-setting stones and bringing intricate designs to life.

Each design can take anywhere from days to weeks depending on their intricacy. As part of the production process, each piece goes through meticulous inspection throughout each stage until they meet quality control requirements before being packaged and shipped out to clients across the globe.

Final Thoughts – A Jewelry Legacy Of Quality And Affordability

Over the last seven decades, Van Dell has managed to create a long-standing reputation when it comes to producing stunning pieces of high quality jewelry at competitive prices – something many other brands have failed to match since they began trading.

The commitment they have towards ensuring each piece they release meets solid craftsmanship standards along with an exceptional finish is matched only by their consistency in providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience each time they visit one too many stores across America or online platforms alike.

The Founding Of Van Dell

Van Dell Corporation was first established by the Van Wyck brothers in 1945. Founded in Attleboro, Massachusetts, they brought to the creative table their combined knowledge of jewelry design and manufacturing. Since its origin, the Van Dell Company has become a trusted leader within in the industry, providing beautifully crafted high-grade jewelry to customers around the world.

From gold, silver and platinum pieces of fine quality costume jewelry, to precious metal items set with authentic stones – Van Dell offers a wide variety of product styles and stunning designs that have been enjoyed by generations of consumers. Early on they gained recognition for their innovative techniques not just in production but also in marketing campaigns.

Made famous by featuring an exclusive diamond line whose sparkle was said to “rival true diamonds” – this simple yet surprising statement alone quickly boosted their marketing efforts.

The success of the company caught the attention of prominent figures such as John D Rockefeller who made frequent trips to their store. Word about their high-end products traveled fast among celebrities during this time, leading them to become highly sought after and prestigious must-haves. This shift from regional supplier to celebrity favorite allowed them to expand across North America and soon after into international markets – significantly increasing revenue for generations to come.

However, it wasn’t until later on when inflation took hold that Van Dell decided to focus mainly on crafting affordable costume jewelry lines that could be bought with no interest payments – an idea that truly revolutionized how people view quality fashion accessories today.

Aside from their low price points due to increased efficiency levels at production centers – creating forged molds and automated settings were also added which allowed even more intricate designs while keeping cost at an all-time low compared to other competitors out there at the time.

These drastic changes gave them yet another edge over other beloved brands already well established within this field leading them back up on both quality and innovation despite economic downturns near mid century mark throughout the 1970s.

Van Dell’s Period Of Growth

Van Dell Corporation is a successful company that began in 1940 as a manufacturer of costume jewelry. Founded by two immigrants, Jean Michel Van Dell and his brother Jean Claude, the two were determined to create affordable pieces for everyone. They sought out high-quality designers and craftsmen who followed the Old World techniques, such as hand-setting crystals and stones. With their reputation for quality, craftsmanship and fashion forward designs, they quickly became the leading producer of costume jewelry.

The 1950s was a time when innovative designs and bold colors came into play with the rise of the popular culture movement which encouraged women to show off their unique, individual style. This is when Van Dell’s popularity surged amongst celebrities and everyday people alike; their products being highly sought after for special occasions and any occasion at all.

These early pieces included lava stone necklaces, Venetian glass earrings, vintage pendants and birthstones rings-all incorporating vibrant colors like lime green with hematite gray and light blue accents.

History of Lover'S Eye Jewelry

Having been around since 1940, Van Dell has seen many changes in aesthetics over the decades in tune with cultural movements. With more diverse styles ranging from midcentury modern to religious influences found in Greek icons, nature inspired accents including leaves on earring posts to art deco patterns enameling silver or gold chains – there can be something for all ages in the collection offered by Van Dell Jewelry today.

Whether you are looking for something modern or timelessly classic, these designs can add an elegant touch to any ensemble that won’t break your bank.

Van Dell’s Heyday

Van Dell Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected makers of handmade jewelry in the United States. Since 1951, they have been producing fine quality jewelry pieces, known for their unique designs and timeless appeal. Decades before, founder Van Dell Applewhite began creating stunning pendants, earrings, and bracelets right in his Brooklyn home. By 1912 he had opened a commercial shop located on Oakland Street that quickly drew in admirers of his craftsmanship and eye for detail.

Throughout its history, the Van Dell brand has consistently gained accolades and media recognition. In 1945 they were honored to accept an award from the Council Of American Designers & Manufacturers for excellence in design. Van Dell was also featured regularly in Vogue Magazine between 1955 – 1965 as one of their featured jewelry designers due to their exquisite pieces that bridged the gap between classic glamour with a modern flair.

In addition to being celebrated as a leader in quality jewelry design and manufacturing, Van Dell has also played a major role in philanthropic projects throughout the US. Most notably among them was Operation Smile which donates money to repair facial deformities for children through surgeries around the world.

From 1983 – 1988 Van Dell offered portions of their profits from each piece purchased to contribute towards this worthy cause which was just another way they solidified themselves as more than just jewelers but trailblazers of change too. With nearly 85 years under its belt Van Dell continues to be not just an iconic brand but a proud cornerstone of American jewelry craftsmanship as well.

Signs Of Trouble

Since its inception in 1912, the Van Dell Corporation has been one of the most successful companies in jewelry production. In its early years, the company focused on producing high-end items like necklaces and rings as well as costume pieces such as cufflinks and brooches.

Their master artisans crafted many of the most spectacular examples of their craft from both precious stones and silver. Initially, the company ran a very profitable business selling these exquisite pieces to customers throughout Europe and America, establishing a name for itself in both markets for products that were unrivaled in quality and style.

However, recent trends have not been so kind to Van Dell. The competition among global jewelers has become fierce over the last decade due to over saturation of designs.

As such, major players in the market can offer pieces with a much cheaper cost than what Van Dell can offer given their reliance on manual craftsmanship rather than mass production techniques. Additionally, many customers seem to be more interested in expressiveness and personalization when buying jewelry which is difficult to provide without reducing quality given the company’s limited resources.

To combat this challenge, Van Dell launched an ambitious diversification plan aimed at expanding into more varied products such as luxury watches and fine leather goods. By leveraging decades of experience crafting intricate jewelry designs, they are looking to modernize these pieces while maintaining a strict focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction that has been central to their brand since day one.

However time will tell if these new product lines are enough to turn around their fortunes or if further changes need to be made in order for them to survive against increasingly tough global competition.


Van Dell Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected fine jewelry companies in the United States. With its roots going back to 1890, Van Dell has a long and storied history of providing jewels that adorn people all over the world.

Starting out as a small family business, the company quickly grew into an international phenomenon. After decades of success and building up their reputation through quality, craftsmanship, and customer service, the company’s products were sought out by celebrities and customers around the globe.

Unfortunately, over recent years, Van Dell Corporation has been at the center of numerous controversies regarding their practices related to how they sourced some of their diamonds. This caused them to be blacklisted by established diamond certification organizations such as The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC). As many consider these organizations to be industry standards for reputable dealers, this had a severe impact on Van Dell’s public image and sales.

In addition, several legal proceedings have been pending related to human rights violations concerning the procurement process for gemstones used in Van Dell’s jewelry designs. Though these accusations have not been officially proven against Van Dell corporations yet it still causes them widespread public scrutiny from customers in many countries.

The History of Jewelry

Because of this controversy, many ethical gems buyers have opted for other jewelers like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, or Buchel instead of Van Dell products when shopping for high-end jewelry items. Despite this fact ,the production quality and aesthetic design are two reasons why customers still purchase Van Dell products today; but past events continue to leave a negative stigma on the brand at an international level affecting its potential growth prospects across multiple markets.

Recent Revival

The Van Dell Corporation is a re-emerging jewelry manufacturer in the United States. Their craftsmen have been creating high-quality, low-cost jewelry since the brand’s rebirth in 2006. After falling out of favor with some due to changing fashion trends and the growth of discount super stores, the Van Dell brand has made a remarkable revival with major improvements to their design, materials, and production lines.

Van Dell has made positive changes to keep up with modern industry trends in order to remain competitive. The suppliers and artisans they partner with produce some of the finest pieces available on the market today. All materials used by Van Dell are carefully selected before they are molded into beautiful jewelry that is then brought to life by experienced jewelers. These practices ensure that customers only receive quality jewelry from Van Dell’s inventory.

Van Dell is also implementing several transformational strategies in order to remain successful both now and long term. To start, they are outsourcing secondary processes like plating and engraving so that artisans can focus on making higher quality pieces for customers. They also launched marketing campaigns targeting different demographic groups, such as millennials and wedding couples looking for more unique ideas for their commitment ceremony gift exchange.

The company has invested heavily in manufacturing software products as well as eCommerce platforms in order to secure a better position in expanding markets around the world. They have formed partnerships with prominent buyers across various countries so that their entire catalog of items can be sold outside of U.S borders, allowing for rapid international growth.

Finally, Van Dell continues to invest time and resources into research surrounding new technology implementations like 3D printing which could further enhance their production process going forward.

In recent years, Van Dell has experienced tremendous transformation due to new technology implementation as well as strategic changes throughout their business structure which have positioned them once again at the forefront of quality jewelry production in America. These efforts will continue to drive growth long term and remind consumers why Van Dell was once considered one of the leading producers of fine crafted jewels throughout its peak season before 2006.


Van Dell Corporation has been creating exquisite jewelry since the late 1920s. Since then, Van Dell has been a driving force in the industry, setting the trends and style that other jewelry companies have followed. They have remained an iconic and premium brand throughout their decades of business.

Van Dell’s primary focus was producing high-end silver designs that ranged from rings to brooches and beyond. Over time, they began incorporating Cubic Zirconia stones into their pieces to add extra sparkle, which eventually led to the addition of diamond accents and settings as well. Van Dell quickly earned a reputation for making exceptionally fine pieces with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship.

The influence of Van Dell jewelry can still be seen today in many popular styles among luxury brands. The effortless elegance and timeless designs exude sophistication while capturing a sense of glamour that is work appropriate yet chic enough for more formal occasions. These elements are clearly reminiscent of vintage Van Dell jewelry and often feature gold or even rose gold tones for added appeal.

Van Dell still produces their classic cuts but now incorporates modern materials such as titanium, stainless steel and plated platinum into specific designs to create unique statement pieces that bridge trend and tradition together seamlessly. This has allowed them to stay ahead of current trends while maintaining their signature style of elegance for an ever-evolving customer base around the world.

Their commitment to artistry, quality construction, tasteful design and use of precious metals remain among some of the highest values in their field today. That is why generations upon generations will continue to wear and admire the classic look that is only found in genuine Van Dell jewelry pieces.