History Of Lisner Costume Jewelry

The history of Lisner costume jewelry is steeped in luxury and style. Founded in 1942 by Charles Lisner in New York, this company revolutionized the fashion industry by creating exquisite pieces that emulate their more expensive cousins. For over seventy years, Lisner has been making leaps and bounds in the world of fashion.

They are renowned for being the prime supplier of fine yet affordable costume jewelry to department stores throughout the United States such as Macy’s, JCPenney and Lord & Taylor. Thanks to their cutting-edge designs and superior craftsmanship, purchasers of Lisner costume jewelry gain an enigmatic edge every time they adorn themselves with one of these eye-catching pieces.

Lisner costume jewelry features high quality materials such as clear Austrian crystals, simulated diamonds, opals and rhinestones accented with base metals of sterling silver or gold plate – all intricately placed on a carefully crafted base material for maximum impact. The unique luster that comes from each piece is attributed to its superb quality since materials like diamond dust are used to create special effects on many of its creations.

Furthermore, they offer a diverse selection continuing through all fashion trends that can match any individual’s personal style.

From amazing necklaces to ornate earrings and everything in between, it is no wonder why Lisner costume jewelry has become widely known among girls (and boys.) everywhere.

Their long heritage throughout the decades has contributed greatly towards influencing fashion trends globally – still inspiring devotees today with its timeless glamour side-by-side with chic modern styling. Both classic depictions as well as symbolistic contemporary imagery have become an iconic representation of this highly sought after brand, which still draw considerable attention due to universal mass appeal.

Early History of Lisner Costume Jewelry

The history of Lisner costume jewelry began in 1892 when Julius Garfinkle and two partners established the first factory that produced jewelry under the Curtiss Mfg Company name. This factory was located in Providence, Rhode Island and focused on creating costume jewelry that imitated the precious jewels of the era. Although these types of sentimental jewelry pieces had been around since mid-Victorian times, their popularity quickly quadrupled due to increasing demand in America.

By 1919, the company had expanded its production capabilities significantly and was renamed J.Lisner & Co after Julius’s brother Leon became a partner in the business. Following this change, J.Lisner & Co introduced many creative designs that set them apart from other costume jewelry companies at the time. During this period they were innovators in using simulated stones made from glass and plastic as well as enameling techniques which created unique effects to further enhance their intricate designs.

Also during this time period, there was a notable shift within fashion trends for women who adorned themselves with much more decorative pieces such as necklaces featuring various floral motifs or crystal embellishments; all of which were created by Lisner Costumes Jewelers utilizing their signature look of art deco themes such as geometric lines and bright colors.

While early pieces resembled designs typical of European tastes, later styles began incorporating American motifs into their creations either by depicting the flowers native to different areas or even miniature national flags or emblems such as those found on coins like dollar bills which definitely added a personal touch for customers particularly proud to be wearing costume jewelry made within US borders.

As they continued to develop innovative pieces throughout upcoming decades, some iconic design become popular staples with collectors today; namely gorgeous multicolored brooches featuring colorful glass beads, simulated gems and intricate metalwork – destined to become timeless treasures for generations to come.

The Designers of Lisner Costume Jewelry

Lisner jewelry is a brand that has won the hearts of jewellery lovers worldwide. Influenced by its namesake, designer Aubert Lisner, it has been identified as one of the most influential and iconic brands in costume jewelry. Founded in New York City in 1927, Lisner produced stunning yet affordable pieces that were seen on celebrities and graced the pages of fashion magazines all over the world.

The story of Aubert Lisner is deeply intertwined with his contributions to costume jewellery production. Before settling down with the Lisner brand, he created his own version of costume jewellery as early as 1912 at Despertier’s Jewellery & Novelty Company. Over the next few decades with Lisner Jewellery Company, Aubert continued to push boundaries and remain progressive in his craftsmanship thereby bringing some revolutionizing changes to the industry as a whole.

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His most recognizable pieces from this period include:

  • Stunning recurved open link panel necklaces alongside contrasting plated metal necklace with vibrant enamel inlay.
  • Intricately designed bangles featuring molded glass stones fitted within gold-plated setting.
  • Dramatic brooches encrusted with vividly colored Austrian rhinestones accompanied by dainty rose petal scattering
  • Large vibrant stone cocktail rings paired perfectly with lustrous diamonds and cascading pearl clusters

Throughout the years many designers have been drawn to its unique designs. Their attention has provided more opportunity for The Company to spread their iconic style across several renowned museum exhibitions such as Fashion Institute of Technology’s Jewelry As Sculpture exhibition displaying an array of numerous collections from 1940’s to present day.

This timeless brand has survived through time due to its high-end materials, complex design and choice of colors which infuse classic sophistication complimented by glamourous and distinct feminine detailing.

Breakdown of Lisner Costume Jewelry’s Popular Pieces

  • Necklaces: A strong characteristic of Lisner jewelry’s necklaces were their inclusion of unusual stones and creative mounting. They were renowned for their use of different shaped stones such as rounds, ovals, pears, marquise and navettes. It was not uncommon to find the pieces with rhinestones, crystals, simulated and natural pearls. With these various stones they could create unique designs that often included intricate wire-work and open back settings in goldtone or silvertone finishes.
  • Earrings: Lisner earrings followed a similar design ques as their necklaces. Mixed with colorful stone together with goldtones or silvertones created one-of-a-kind pieces with vintage chic appeal. Butterfly clip ons were especially popular thus showcasing details like marquise cabochons intertwined with leaves covered in rhinestones.
  • Brooches: Brooches from Lizner featured standout designs at affordable prices. These worked by combining shakerized glass navette stones in assorted colors along with faux currencies mounted within gold tone and silver tone settings. To add desired flairs Lisner went big bold creating cubic zirconia encrusted coronets for items like angels or flowers.
  • Bracelets: The same elegant detailing went into many of Lisner costume jewelry’s bracelets too which ranged from classic link style, to wide cuff styles with intricate ribbon embellishments. Rhinestone encrusted centerpieces gave the item extra dazzle while other attention grabbing elements included simulated pearls, golden beads, metal wired curls all captured within concave figures crafted in the finest silvertone metals.
  • The Materials Used in Producing Lisner Costume Jewelry

    Lisner costume jewelry is one of the most popular and sought after vintage costume jewelry pieces around. The designs featured by Lisner typically showcased rhinestones, beads, and various metals, often set in a unique artistic manner. The unique design style, along with the expert craftsmanship has made Lisner costume jewelry an attractive item for collectors since its introduction to the market in the 1940s.

    One of the key aspects of Lisner’s production was their use of specialty materials. Unlike some vintage costume pieces, Lisner was known to use materials that could withstand a variety of environments and wear.

    As such, each piece was crafted with high-quality metal elements such as brass or copper which were then topped off with quality enamel coating to add an extra layer of protection. These metals provided excellent durability as well as allowing for creative expression through intricate designs and settings.

    In addition to these cores material being used, some of the pieces were also adorned with semi-precious stones such as rhinestones or colored glass for added visual appeal. As far back as 1941, Lisner began using rhinestones sourced from Swarovski to finish off their signature designs thus adding further impact to designs which were already quite eye catching such as brightly colored cabochons or enamel floral motifs.

    On top of this, all gemstones on Lisner’s pieces were coated in waterproofing liquid meaning they could be exposed to water without risk of permanent damage.

    By taking great care with the materials they chose and constantly refining their craftsmanship techniques over time, it is no surprise why are so many are still attracted by these timeless classic today.

    Current Designs and Trends

    Launched in the year 1942, Lisner Costume Jewelry has long established itself as one of the most influential names in high-end fashion jewelry design. The brand is now celebrating more than 75 years of stylishly sophisticated designs that are uniquely created to meet the needs of modern fashion. From classic and traditional pieces to bold and contemporary designs, Lisner modernizes each collection to meet current trends.

    Every Lisner’s handcrafted designs feature delicate creativity and are made with only the finest metals and stones, making them stand out bright on any chic dress or outfit. Engraved with the brand’s signature fleur de lis emblem, these pieces have their own distinct character that make them so iconic and beloved among generations of fashion lovers worldwide.

    Dubbed as “Lisner Classics”

    Every spring brings new collections from Paris and New York whose jewellery trends define couture season fashion in fragile tones – any piece of jewelry selected by Lisner is declared a true work of art that exudes an edgy aura. Alongside these fashionable designs there lies a mix of timeless statement pieces dubbed as “Lisner Classics” – unique and special designs consigned for occasions or for basic day-to-day allurements which never seem to go out of vogue.

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    The trend continues today with Time Capsule Jewels: small accessories carrying between their lines a bit from every era since the brand was launched way back in 1942, allowing users to experience a renewed yet constant style definition through time. With this collection, you can embody value combined with cutting-edge methodologies while keeping your apparel luxurious in spite fits more dangerously within futuristic sceneries rather than those empowering classical periods signed by previous concept paradigms.

    Collecting Lisner Costume Jewelry

    Collecting Lisner costume jewelry has its own set of benefits as compared to collecting conventional jewelry pieces. It is comparatively inexpensive and much easier to obtain, maintaining & storing these jewelry pieces does not require any special techniques, and it is a relatively fast track to building a large jewelry collection.

    Benefits Of Collecting Lisner Costume Jewelry

    • Expansive catalogs with a wide variety of designs
    • Less expensive than traditional fine jewelry pieces
    • Can be purchased through multiple avenues such as online auction websites, local stores, antique shops or vintage shops
    • Jewelry pieces are easy to maintain and store

    Major Markets for Lisner Costume Jewelry

    One can buy a variety of Lisner costume jewelry from both brick-and-mortar stores and online websites. The good thing about shopping online is that it allows you to see the exact item you’re interested in purchasing before you buy it. Bookstores often have printed books that feature different styles of costume jewelry from the 50’s to 70’s era.

    Antique stores tend to have some vintage collections from the same period but at higher prices than what one would get online or on bookstores. Additionally, there are many independent sellers of Lisner costume jewellery who frequent flea markets or take part in online auctions.

    Tips For Spotting Valuable Pieces Of Lisner Costume Jewelry

    • Check for signs of authenticity such as hallmarks, maker’s marks, logos or signatures
    • Look out for intricate details including the metal content, type & quality of stones used
    • Research prior sales & determine the approximate worth of similar items
    • Evaluate condition before making an offer on any piece


    The history of Lisner costume jewelry is as rich and varied as the designs they have created over the years. As one of the most influential players in the global costume jewelry industry, Lisner has been around for more than a century, providing iconic bejeweled creations to the world. Founded in 1892 by David Lisner in New York City, the company quickly became an innovator of costume jewelry design and manufacturing.

    Lisner’s impact on fashion was felt from its inception. Their use of cast metal and early injection-molded pieces set a standard for what fine costume jewelry could look like. This was further expanded with their introduction of bright colors and intricate motifs, casting them as true masters of design. Through all these advances, Lisner pushed the boundaries and pushed costumes jewelry forward into something modern yet timeless that everyone wanted to wear.

    The reach of Lisner costume jewelry was certainly not confined within the United States or even just to North America. By 1950, they had seen significant success overseas and were distributing many different types of pieces across 23 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

    Today, pieces from both modern collections as well as vintage specimens are beloved by collectors for their appeal on a global scale; no matter where they come from nor how old or new they are – Lisner craftsmanship cannot be mistaken for anything else.

    It is clear that Lisner has made a lasting impression on fashion throughout its long history. They were revolutionaries when it comes to creating original designs using cast metal and early injection-molding techniques, while also exploring new colors and themes that stand out today more than ever before.

    The world-wide reach that they achieved rightfully cements their legacy beyond compare – this never-ending legacy shows in vintage pieces as well as today’s modern designs alike. There is no doubt that Lisner costume jewelry will remain timelessly beautiful for years – if not centuries – to come.

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